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  1. Finally just attempting to grow a backbone and telling the same difficult commissioner I've worked with off and on in the past that I can't work with them anymore after they've completely changed their mind for the 3rd time on a piece that should've taken a week at most but instead has dragged on for about 3 months now that I could've spent taking on several other commissions instead.

    1. Sean


      Hell yeah fuck that dude

    2. Ferno


      i haven't even been paid yet. a few weeks ago I went hungry for a few days before pay day because I miscalculated when they said they were finally sending money over for the piece but didn't because they changed their mind and wanted something different instead

      *fun fact but that one person was single handedly the reason why i kept limiting how often i'd reopen comms, and also why i may take a longer break from them after this plus raise my rates when they do come back

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