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  1. its crazy how the main Egg Fleet ship is several times larger than the Egg Carrier yet never gets as much recognition. Guess thats an important lesson in how something is framed, given that the Egg Carrier was given lots of cutscene/ plot importance, while the Egg Fleet ship was just a stage/ boss arena/ backdrop so it felt smaller even though it was larger. This also extends to Colors in a sense, taking place on like five planets vs Unleashed which only took place on one, yet Colors still felt smaller despite that.

    1. Diogenes


      I mean Color's planets are meant to be, like, micro-planets or something

    2. Kuzu


      The Whale-Shark flagship is literally only seen once, and has no other significance otherwise. The Egg Carrier has way more presence as the game actually makes a big deal out of it. 

    3. Soniman


      The flagship of the egg fleet was only seen as a jpeg at the start of final fortress so yeah 

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