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  1. Teen Titans Go to the Movies aired on CN earlier. DVR'd it and gave it a watch when I came home from work. Probably my favorite TTG-related thing now. I wish Slade had his original voice but other than that it was a solid outing. I miiight've been underwhelmed if I actually saw it in theaters but on TV it felt just "big" enough for what it was. Also the colors, while just as neon-y and bright as the TV show, somehow felt more coordinated and easier on the eyes overall.

    1. Strickerx5


      Imo, it has an overall cleaner and saturated version of the same flash art-style which works really well for it. Remember enjoying it quite a bit in theaters iirc.

      And yeah, imo it's still one of the better things DC's movie division has put out in the last half a decade (honestly only beat by Joker or one of the few animated movies I haven't watched yet). It is honestly the show at its best from what I've seen. Even as a huge fan of the original, I quite enjoyed it.

      Though, that tease of the original show that they did at the end still pisses me off. Only led to a direct-to-TV movie. Like... they knew what they were doing there.

    2. Ferno


      Oh yeah, the TTG vs TT TV movie is a prime example that when people ask for an old art style to come back that they need to remember to ask for the old animation too. Goes hand in hand. The old Teen Titans designs moving in the more tweened TTG style was pretty jarring, especially since the tease of the original show at the end of TTGttM showed that the animators can still replicate the old animation style perfectly if they chose to do so.

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