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    I been doing it since I could hold a pencil steady, and it seems to be the only thing remarkable about me. Until I saw the internet I thought I was "Pretty good" ...that said it's still the best way for me to grab attention on the internet. Too bad I can't do it here.

    Yes, I must be passionate about games or I wouldn't sign up for a forum about Sonic the Hedgehog. Ever since I was little the colorful characters found within the worlds of video games interested me. To this day I won't play very many games if the characters aren't fantastic or colorful, with few exceptions.

    Comics and animation
    In reality we can only do so much, but in the animated world, anything is possible. I don't mean slapstick looney tunes jokes. I speak more along the lines of Batman blasting his way out from the innards of Clayface. With all the CG advancements though the line between animation and live action is fading. Though I doubt my skill, one day I'd like to make a paperback, black and white, comic book series.

    Yeah. I love em. Dogs cats and birds are all you will ever see on a near daily basis. But Bats, Jelly fish, Tortoises, and Geckos are a rarity that entertain me. I don't have any real way of explaining it.
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  1. Happy birthday. I don't know you, but I like your username!

  2. Save for the last secret world, I finished the game about two nights ago. I actually really enjoyed it. That lengthy review one page back kind of sums up how I feel, though not completely. I do like the environmental design. It reminds me more of Genesis games art style more than any attempt to mimic it so far. I'll actually be a little dissapointed if the Lost World play style doesn't carry over to the next non-boom sonic title. That said, I think it does need a little more refining.
  3. I'm going to go with Team Chaotix. They were the most amusing characters in Heroes and Shadow to me, and I feel like if any characters fit into the series current style of writing, it's those guys. Not sure what kind of game I'd like it to be. Certainly not a detective simulator. But I wouldn't want it to just be Sonic with a Chaotix skin either.
  4. I would not be surprised to see this as a separate canon, considering Sonic has like ten or twenty canons among his many comics, cartoons, and his anime movie. What's one more? As far as im concerned, this isn't the first time the games have tied in with the cartoons either, when you consider sonic spinball and mean bean machine.
  5. I come from the dead to give my impressions. First thought upon seeing the images: NO! NO! NO! BLUE ARMS AND BEEFCAKLES! I DON'T WANT IT! two minutes later I'm thinking I can get used to Sonic, Knuckles doesn't look as gross as I expected, but I'll never get used to it. And two minutes after that I'm thinking I can totally get used to that Knuckles.
  6. Happy Birthday! Hope your pocket is receiving Birthday Cake.

  7. There is no question about it, Sonic has definitely become more of a kid's character than ever before as of the modern era. Maybe if their attempts to pander to older fans weren't so poorly received, the writing wouldn't be what it is now. Given the choice between the two of them, I'd actually choose the Adventure era writing, but both styles are equally embarassing to play in front of people. I'd much prefer a balance. As someone said, Unleashed as a pretty good balance, but Chip and Professor Pickle's dialogue pushed it a little more towards childish imo.
  8. I'm not a fan of the direction the music has taken lately. With Jun Sunoue I actually liked nearly every track in each game, but with Unleashed onward, i've only ever liked two or three tracks per game. I'd like to go back to something like Sonic Adventure 2, where there were multiple styles of music, depending on the level/character... but I guess that would only work in a game that has more than just Sonic.
  9. I dunno, it seems like they're trying to space out time in between Sonic's big platforming outings. I think the third game might be some sort of spinoff. I'd like to be wrong, because I personally don't have any interest in the All-Star racing, or Mario and Sonic at the Olympics games, and can't see the next spinoff appealing to me either. If it is another platformer, and im sure this is going to be said a hundred times, I hope they get some stones and take a risk on Sonic's friends being playable again. And I hope the parkour is here to stay, it looks too good to be a one game deal.
  10. Well shit, I never actually thought about Sonic, a guy who runs around saving animals, eating things made from said animals. I don't think Sonic has been told that hotdogs may contain trace amounts of Picky.
  11. I'm loving the gameplay footage, though I'm not a fan of the mach speed zone.... though I can easily say it looks better than Sonic 06's mach speed. I just really like the 3D levels, and want much more of the parkour and platforming... Which, by the way, doesn't look like it can only work in a galaxy style game, so I hope we see more of this in future games. Big red kinda gives the final boss vibe, but only if he were to bulk up somehow. I don't forsee any fusing. Another possibility is that the six of them are working toward reviving/awakening their own monster of the week. Some deity of the lost world or something... And I think they'll end up regretting it later on, and offer Sonic some apologies and handshakes once this guy is dead. It's still possible Eggman could take their thunder at the end, but I'm not getting that impression this time..
  12. I dunno, I love CG when it's in motion. It can be really beautiful stuff. But for still artwork, not so much. 3D renders of game characters are a dime a dozen, I still prefer traditional 2D art. Especially when the style it's drawn in can be instantly recognized, much like Classic Sonic, and Adventure Sonic style. Unfortunately, Adventure style didn't do much, apart from a few drawings of the characters in some crazy poses. You didn't see anything like Sonic the screensaver at all ( not counting those special christmas drawings. )
  13. I got one. Really recent one... I find myself mildly attracted to... what do you guys call him? Slumpy? The new Deadly six that looks like a purple haired Ghirahim with fish lips.
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