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    I been doing it since I could hold a pencil steady, and it seems to be the only thing remarkable about me. Until I saw the internet I thought I was "Pretty good" ...that said it's still the best way for me to grab attention on the internet. Too bad I can't do it here.

    Yes, I must be passionate about games or I wouldn't sign up for a forum about Sonic the Hedgehog. Ever since I was little the colorful characters found within the worlds of video games interested me. To this day I won't play very many games if the characters aren't fantastic or colorful, with few exceptions.

    Comics and animation
    In reality we can only do so much, but in the animated world, anything is possible. I don't mean slapstick looney tunes jokes. I speak more along the lines of Batman blasting his way out from the innards of Clayface. With all the CG advancements though the line between animation and live action is fading. Though I doubt my skill, one day I'd like to make a paperback, black and white, comic book series.

    Yeah. I love em. Dogs cats and birds are all you will ever see on a near daily basis. But Bats, Jelly fish, Tortoises, and Geckos are a rarity that entertain me. I don't have any real way of explaining it.
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