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  1. Save for the last secret world, I finished the game about two nights ago. I actually really enjoyed it. That lengthy review one page back kind of sums up how I feel, though not completely.  I do like the environmental design. It reminds me more of Genesis games art style more than any attempt to mimic it so far.


    I'll actually be a little dissapointed if the Lost World play style doesn't carry over to the next non-boom sonic title.

    That said, I think it does need a little more refining.

  2. There is no question about it, Sonic has definitely become more of a kid's character than ever before as of the modern era.


    Maybe if their attempts to pander to older fans weren't so poorly received, the writing wouldn't be what it is now. Given the choice between the two of them, I'd actually choose the Adventure era writing, but both styles are equally embarassing to play in front of people. I'd much prefer a balance.


    As someone said, Unleashed as a pretty good balance, but Chip and Professor Pickle's dialogue pushed it a little more towards childish imo.

  3. I'm not a fan of the direction the music has taken lately. With Jun Sunoue I actually liked nearly every track in each game, but with Unleashed onward, i've only ever liked two or three tracks per game.


    I'd like to go back to something like Sonic Adventure 2, where there were multiple styles of music, depending on the level/character... but I guess that would only work in a game that has more than just Sonic.

  4. I dunno, it seems like they're trying to space out time in between Sonic's big platforming outings. I think the third game might be some sort of spinoff.  I'd like to be wrong, because I personally don't have any interest in the All-Star racing, or Mario and Sonic at the Olympics games, and can't see the next spinoff appealing to me either.


    If it is another platformer, and im sure this is going to be said a hundred times, I hope they get some stones and take a risk on Sonic's friends being playable again. And I hope the parkour is here to stay, it looks too good to be a one game deal.

  5. The comics aren't canon though. In the games it's implied that the small animals are feral, so I'm pretty sure they aren't able to talk. Kind of a good thing too, otherwise where would Sonic get chili dogs?


    Well shit, I never actually thought about Sonic, a guy who runs around saving animals, eating things made from said animals. I don't think Sonic has been told that hotdogs may contain trace amounts of Picky.

  6. I'm loving the gameplay footage, though I'm not a fan of the mach speed zone.... though I can easily say it looks better than Sonic 06's mach speed.  I just really like the 3D levels, and want much more of the parkour and platforming... Which, by the way, doesn't look like it can only work in a galaxy style game, so I hope we see more of this in future games.


    I've been thinking.


    When you look at the Deadly Six, does any of them strike you as being a 'final boss' candidate? Not really.


    So the final boss then.... Eggman? Or New Monster of the Week? Or will the Deadly Six be fused together into some kind of 'deadly diddly' monster of the week?


    Big red kinda gives the final boss vibe, but only if he were to bulk up somehow. I don't forsee any fusing. Another possibility is that the six of them are working toward reviving/awakening their own monster of the week. Some deity of the lost world or something... And I think they'll end up regretting it later on, and offer Sonic some apologies and handshakes once this guy is dead.


    It's still possible Eggman could take their thunder at the end, but I'm not getting that impression this time..

  7. Everyone seems to prefer CG now, whatever happened to good ole fashioned handdrawn.


    I dunno, I love CG when it's in motion. It can be really beautiful stuff. But for still artwork, not so much. 3D renders of game characters are a dime a dozen, I still prefer traditional 2D art. Especially when the style it's drawn in can be instantly recognized, much like Classic Sonic, and Adventure Sonic style.


    Unfortunately, Adventure style didn't do much, apart from a few drawings of the characters in some crazy poses. You didn't see anything like Sonic the screensaver at all ( not counting those special christmas drawings. )

  8. Since you can just find rings spinning suspended in the air. and usually in groups, why is that currency? You don't work for it, you don't earn it you just... pluck it out of the air... or hit the switch in station square over and over for infinite rings? (  I guess this question goes out to Mario, Zelda, and any other series that also has money just floating around ) 


    Do small animals talk too or is it just the bigger ones like Sonic and Co? What's even the difference between Sonic, The small animals in the Eggman machines, and other animals like froggy and the huge crocodile of frog forest? I seriously want to know the nature of Sonic, and the other talking animal's race. And what their relation to humans, and the smaller, dumber animals are. I mean they obviously can have a working relationship, seeing as how Rouge worked for the president. But we've yet to see any NPCs outside of Rush Adventure, which was in a different dimension anyway.


    Was black doom always just a floating torso or did something happen to his legs? The other black arms have legs so... ?

  9. Unpopular opinions thread eh? Let's see what I got...


    I actually really liked the stories we got from Sonic Adventure right up until about Sonic 2006. That was the first time I ever felt the story was too much. Everything else, from Tikal and Chaos, To Shadow, the Ark, and the Black Arms, I kind of enjoyed, and I'm sad to see that it's probably gone for good outside of some nostalgic throwbacks like Generations. The only thing I ever cringed at, were some terrible voice acting, and one liners, mostly from Tails and all of Team Rose. It'd be nice to see what a game with an Adventure style story, but colors animation and voice acting could be like.


    Sonic Advance 1 is probably one of the best 2D Sonics I've ever played. I really wish it got more recognition. It may have had a story pretty much identical to Sonic 1, but it certainly is more of a Sonic 4 than the actual Sonic 4. It even added a new playable character, as per the tradition at the time, and I actually thought Amy was a blast to play as.


    Sonic Generations 3DS was actually very good. The best handheld Sonic I've played since Advance 1.( Keep in mind I skipped colors DS, and all PSP games. ) Both modern and classic Sonic control like a dream, and classic Sonic feels like a perfect replica of classic physics, unlike lead ball PS3 classic Sonic. The only real gripes I have are with the first three classic levels being perfect copies of their genesis counterparts, and with the "still pictures with dialogue" story telling.

  10. I finished Seasons and I have to say it's easily become one of my top 5 Legend of Zelda games. It's everything I like about oldschool Zelda, but with plenty of new ideas.


    Ages on the other hand im not really digging as much as I have seasons. Though I'd say it's better than either of the DS titles so far, so it's not the worst.

  11. Picked up the Oracle games this morning, currently finished with the second dungeon of Seasons. It's the first time I've ever played them, which leaves Minish Cap as the only Zelda I don't have.


    I'm absolutely loving all the Zelda 1 throwbacks. 

  12. Played the video hoping to see Vyse, from Skies of Arcadia... I was dissapoint.


    I was also surprised that I didn't see NiGHTS on that list.


    EDIT: I think I wandered into the wrong board, so im deleting a chunk of this post. 


    I can't recall if it's a Sega owns the characters or not, but I really like Shion from Wonder Boy in Monster World.

  13. I miss the chao. Boy do I miss them. But I agree with the people saying they'd work best as their own game than as an extension of Sonic.


    I've always been fascinated by virtual pets as a kid, and still today have a strong urge to look into the genre, it's just that they don't really make any kind of virtual pet game that appeals to me the way chao did. ( We got Nintendogs and the like, but I'd rather take care of something a little less worldly? )


    I feel Sega could make a pretty good virtual pet series of games with the Chao. People recognizing them as a spinoff from Sonic would get them brand recognition right away, and without that pesky, Sonic portion of the game, there'd be more room to expand and add on to what the Chao gardens/karate/racing already were. 


    That said, I'm not against the idea of them returning to Sonic games or anything. I just think they'd work best as their own thing... I wouldn't mind seeing them outside of chao gardens though. Sonic Adventure had chao as a part of the plot, and Shadow the Hedgehog showed wild chao. I'd like them to be more of a recurring thing in Sonic's world, like Toads or Yoshis in the Mario world. Till something like that happens, I guess I'll settle for billboards, and Cream's companion, Cheese.

  14. Signature is picture of SATAM Sonic I did for a "Draw a cartoon character" thread on an old, dead, art forum I used to frequent, below it are Links to Tumblr.


    My avatar is a drawing of Link from the Legend of Zelda 1, which I made for the classic Zelda blog linked in my sig.

  15. Really looking forward to the Wind Waker remake. Hope they add significant new content, though I won't be to broken up if they don't. Is it just me or does it look like they have improved the art since the last screenshot mock up ( assuming this reflects the look of the game and isn't just stock art ) ...it looks a bit less plastic to me... And they fixed his eyebrows not showing through his hair, which really bothered me in the old screens.


    What im looking forward to more though is A Link to the Past 2. Despite Wind Waker being the first Zelda game I owned, I much prefer the older,  pre-ocarina games. ( Which makes it significantly hard for me to relate to most Zelda fans. ) Really hoping elements from modern Zelda don't bog down the pacing of the game, but I'll try to stay optimistic. 

  16. My pet peeve, and I may be the unpopular opinion here, is the artwork of Sonic and co. that's drawn deliberately grotesque, for humorous effect. I never thought it was very funny, and I'm not one of those fans who can't take a few jokes at the expense of my favorite series or anything. I just think it's lazy humor that's not very humorous. Then again, some people's disgust for it is probably what makes it funny to the people who make it, so I guess that's mission accomplished?

  17. I feel the same way about the recent Sonic games attempts at humor as I do with the old Sonic cartoon: Eggman is the only legitimately funny thing in the series.


    I'd love to actually laugh with/at the good guys once in a while, but they feel too corny to me. I feel like they could do better by putting the "cool" characters in more awkward/embarrassing situations instead of just having Sonic berate the bad guy or playfully joke on Tails...


    That or more Sonic face plants. I guess I enjoy a good Sonic face plant too. But where's my Shadow/Knuckles/Espio face plants?

  18. Sonic's world is really weird. Like, we got surreal places like Green Hill, Hilltop, Hydro City... And then we got some more earthly stuff's still somewhat of an oddity, like Pumpkin Hill and Mushroom Hill... more realistic parts of the world like Soleanna and pretty much all of unleashed, Countless Casino and Carnival themed cities, civilization of varying technology such as Central City Vrs. Grand Metropolis, more ruins than you can shake a stick at, more highways in the sky than the world of F-Zero, and things that don't even seem like you're in the right dimension anymore, like Hang Castle.


    They all just seem like video game level tropes to me for the most part, but I do like when things come together to give you a sense of a real world, like Sonic 3, where we actually see our characters getting from location to location, or the Sonic Adventure where the worlds are literally connected. We even see signs of a connected world in Sonic Adventure 2, with the world map, and pumpkin hill structures being view-able from Rail Canyon.


    I'm pretty content with most of Sonic's world. I just wish it would do more with the people in it. Do more with the animal friends maybe... dare I say, make them speak? I thought the animal friends were supposed to be the same kind of creature as Sonic, despite size differences.


    Not that I dislike the humans in Sonic's world or anything, but they don't give off any kind of charm like a more colorful race of talking animals would.

  19. I got a Wii U a few months back, but the SD card slot on my Wii was busted, so I have to get my data back the old fashioned way.


    I was playing Mario Galaxy recently... Got all the stars, and was going to do a second run of it with Green Mario. 


    But then I saw the trailer for Sonic Lost World, and I suddenly needed a Sonic Fix, so I started playing Colors again. About half way done with it. ( I haven't done a 100% run of a Sonic game since Sonic Adventure DX: Directors cut on gamecube. I don't think I'll be starting back up unless the rewards start improving. )


    Ah.. and Last Saturday I did this.


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