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  1. I just finished the story portion of the game the other night and I have to say the only thing I was really disappointed by was the story. So much more could have been made of Sonic and friends struggle in the war. As for gameplay etc I really enjoyed it. The only thing that really upset me, as much as a game can, is the retcon of Classic Sonic.
  2. I know most of you probably won't care, but I'm leaving the forums. There is just SO much hate here it's ridiculous. Truly, this should be an anti-Sonic/Sega forum rather than a fan one. I've been a life long Sonic and Sega fan and am truly disgusted at the amount of bile on these forums. Yes, I know that fans have the right to voice their displeasure with various things, but people on this forum go WAY past that to actually make time to be negative. Don't you have anything better to do with your lives? It's sad and somewhat pathetic. I'm sure that someone such as Mogtaki will post in incredibly witty insult about me being a baby and not being able to handle criticism of the character and company I've enjoyed for 20 odd years. Honestly, I couldn't care less. The point of this thread is that the mods/ site admin see it and perhaps think about how this forum portrays not only the site it's a part of but Sonic and Sega fans in general. And it's a type of fan I do not with to be associated with. I'll be looking elsewhere for my Sonic/ Sega news. Ok, now feel free to slander my thoughts and opinions in the juvenile way this forum relishes.
  3. I don't get it. Why do you even bother reading the comic if you hate it so much. Do something else with your life rather than just constantly hating on everything.
  4. I agree with Ian. There is nothing he or us can do about the case so just enjoy the comic. It'll be sad if any characters do vanish, but it might mean some interesting stories down the road.
  5. Thanks for clearing that info on that boss up. As I said, I'm not that familiar with the games ATM. And to answer your other question I've always used the technique in that video. As another aside, I REALLY enjoyed the re-imagining of that boss fight in Sonic 4, one of the best parts of the game IMO.
  6. It's lasted a lot longer than many of the "the world will never be the same again" changes in DC and Marvel's comics
  7. I remember having a lot of trouble with the big robot of Robotnik's that would try to crush you with its fingers and then would blast that huge beam at you. I think that was Sonic 3 though. I'm not that familure with Sonic 3 and S&K as I didn't have my own copy until fairly recently. I bloody love the game though, especially when the two are linked.
  8. Mate, you completed Secret Rings. You have my respect. I couldn't even get through the tutorials before I wanted to throw the controller through the window. I looooooaaaath motion control.
  9. I'm going to state here my absolute love, LOVE, for Archie's Sonic series, both of them. I'm continued to be amazed at how ready so many people here are to belittle it, do they really understand how hard it is to make a comic as successful as Archie's, albeit one based on a (generally seen as by the uninitiated) kids videogame? I mean, Sonic Universe is about to hit its 50th issue, that's a milestone for comics from Marvel or DC, let alone one from a small publisher aimed at a nice market inside a nice market. Archie's comic is actually what reignited my love for Sonic. I have always been a big Sonic fan but, as happens in life, my fandom waned a little after the 'death' of the Dreamcast and my move to PC gaming. Then a few years ago I was looking for a new comic series to pick up as one I was reading had recently ended. I spotted Archie's Sonic on my comic store's shelves and decided to give it a go (I hadn't even looked at an issue since the early 90s). Upon reading it I was instantly struck by just how well realised this world was and how solid the characterisations were. All of the characters had well defined personalities and motives. Sonic might be the hero, by Ian Flynn isn't afraid to show that he can sometimes be reckless and arrogant, pissing off his friends and the Kingdom at large. I LOVED the issues when Tails finally got sick of Sonic treating him like a little kid and put him in his place. Really, the nuances of the characters are so well done and believable. It's also nice to see that Flynn makes changes that stick for a good length of time, such as the recent Naugus rule. I really enjoyed how he displayed the people of New Mobotropolis so quickly turning on Nicole, it was a great social comment and we've seen this kind of thing happen in the real world recently. I agree with some that the art can be a bit of a mixed bag, and I do feel that Yardley is one of the weaker artists. I really enjoy Steven Butler's art, and of course Spaz (when he does stuff, which isn't as often as I'd like). I read a LOT of comics from many publishers and Archie's Sonic continues to be one of my favourites and one of the first I read when I get my shipment of books each month. Going back to it reminded me of how much I loved, and missed, the Blue Blur. It had me pulling out my Mega Drive to play the games again, got me into retro gaming and started me collecting Sonic stuff. And it's all been WAY past cool!
  10. Try Comixology. If you have an iPad or Android tablet you can get the app on that and buy the comics directly through it. As far as I'm aware you can buy the comics no matter where you are (I'm in Australia, but we get Archie's physical comics here) so it's worth a try. And the quality of the digital comics is great.
  11. What ARE you talking about? Minority of what? You seem to have a fairly low oppinion of the series, is what I was getting at I know that ESTABLISHED readers won't not buy the next issue just because of the cover is dodgy, however new readers ver well might. That's why publishers often have their best artists on covers, so that the cover catches the eye of browsers and peek their interest. Regardless, these seem to be a lot of folk here more than ready (and willing) to kick Archie's efforts to the ground. Just surprises me.
  12. Well, Archie's Sonic is still one of - if not the - most successful all ages comic, so I'm guessing your in the minority.
  13. I agree that #247's cover doesn't look great, but how can you say Archie is "known" for bad covers? Even the early ones had a kind of Naïve charm. (And yes, Naïve is an art style).
  14. Taken from Destruciod's preview of Mega Man #20. The new issue looks pretty interesting what with elements from Mega Man 3, Mega Man II for GameBoy and The Wily Wars Another variant I'll have to pick up, yay . It's a very cool cover. I'm really looking forward to this event!
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