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  1. JD!

    G'day Jake,

    Indeed it is Might Max. It's from a series of photos I did called Many Maxes. Max has always been my favorite toy line, I still collect them, trying to get the sets I missed out on as a kid.


  2. JD!

    Indeed it is Max. Thanks for the comment :D

  3. SOnic & the Black Knight gets SO much better after defeating Arthur!

    1. Shrek


      Arthur deserved it. He can burn with his annoying sister.

    2. Strickerx5


      Sonic and the Black Knight, otherwise known as the last real attempt sonic team took at giving a story actual depth.

  4. JD!

    Thanks for the welcome, Foxboy! I'm glad to be here!

  5. JD!

    Well, if you find them and want to sell then give me a shout :D

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