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  1. Bottomless pits. I hate those stupid, cheating, fall-here-and-you-die things, especially when you are rocketing along with no idea what's up ahead and miss making a jump because you are going so fast. It's just cheap and makes me want to throw the game at wall. But it's not just Sonic games I hate those in, they annoy me in any game.
  2. JD!

    Doctor Who

    Doesn't Who continuity give you a headache I remember when a friend and I had a two hour long conversation about how the Classic series continuity works with the new series continuity. Oooh, boy, that was a mind trip! But I love it! It'll be interesting too to see what happens when it's the Doctor runs out of regenerations....if the series lats that long. (Which I hope it does). And yes, Fear Her was terrible. I actually feel Series 2 is the weakest of the 4
  3. This is by far my favorite design and the one I always associate with Robotnik. Honestly, though, the thing that bothers me the most is that they are now calling him "Eggman". Yes, I know it's original name but IMO it just sounds so stupid. "Robotnik" suggests a character, and is kind of threatening which suits him. "Eggman" sounds like a Disney cartoon.
  4. They are very simple, and the dialogue is soooo cheesy. But then I don't play Sonic games for the story, I play them for the action stages. If I wan a really good, full Sonic story I have the comic (which I know some people here don't like, but I love it). So, for me, the story isn't a huge issue, it's the game play.
  5. JD!

    Well, if you find them and want to sell then give me a shout :D

  6. JD!

    Doctor Who

    When you say "instances of EVERYBODY LIVES" are you referring to The Empty Child/ The Doctor Dances from season one? If so I really have to disagree with you because that is a HUGE moment for the Doctor. In all his adventures, from the William Hartnell (First Doctor) adventures right up to now there is always a body count, and often it's high. For everyone to survive in those episodes is EXACTLY what the Doctor is always trying to archive. Yes, he can be harsh - he has to be - but really he wants everyone safe. Why do you think he always offers to help the Master and Davros make a better life? That episode was, arguably, the highest point in the Doctors life.
  7. JD!

    Doctor Who

    Come on, the Daleks ROCK! That is kind of the point of them though. They KEEP coming back.
  8. No, you are probably right. I'm my paper I covered titles such as Sandman, Watchmen, Spider-Man: Kraven's Last Hunt, Marvels, Bone etc. I didn't even look at Archie's books.
  9. One thing that really bothers me is Robotnik's name change to Eggman. I think I read somewhere is that it was originally "Eggman in Japan and was changed for a Western release, but I've always known the character as Robotnik and Eggman just sounds too, too silly. However, the following info from Wikipedia is how I like to look at things;
  10. Comics not art? Thems fightin words! (Seriously, I wrote a majour paper on comics as art while at art school.) Sorry if my post caused ofence. Im not denieing anyone their opinion, appologies if I came accross as such. Maybe because Ive not played all the games I dont see the issues with the comic. Still, Im surprised Segas approval process is so lax.
  11. For me he's useless because I'm too rubbish to collect all the Emeralds to be able to play as him and I've no idea how to manage it in the DS games
  12. JD!

    G'day Jake,

    Indeed it is Might Max. It's from a series of photos I did called Many Maxes. Max has always been my favorite toy line, I still collect them, trying to get the sets I missed out on as a kid.


  13. Oooh, someone is interested in my opinion. That's a rare occurrence. I think that in both situations it's OK to download the issues, BECAUSE you plan to buy then later. If that intention wasn't there then I'd probably be a bit iffy on the idea, but as this is just a stop-gap until you can get the actually item then yeah, I think that's OK. We are fans, so we are going to get our stuff any way we can. As you've hate gathered from my posts I prefer legitimate methods, but people will do whatever it takes to get something they love. I actually run a fan site for the comic hero The Phantom. In the Phantom's 70 year publication life a LOT of things have been released to collect, many of which are very hard to track down. Because of this fans will go to bootlegs to experiences those hard to find items. A perfect example is a series of the How To Vote publications the Australian government made education indigenous Australians on the voting system which stared the Phantom. These publications are interesting not only because the Phantom is in them but because they are part of Australian political history - especially of the time when Aboriginals gained the right to vote. However, they are very hard to find nowadays. On my site's forums there are people who sent scans of those books to folks who have never seen them so they can experience such a historic collectable, and that's cool. However, I've also had a member try to sell illegal digital copies of the Phantom newspaper strips to forum members. This is wrong because absolutely no money is going to the creators and this guy would be profiting from the creators loss. Also, it's very easy to get hold of legitimate copies of the strips; either buy buys an on-liner service to read them on-line, buying the newspapers they are printed in or reprints in various comics/ trades. Basically, what I'm saying is that if downloading is THE ONLY OPTION then, yeah, that's ok. However, if there are legitimate avenues to take, then I feel they should be taken. Was that directed at me? Sorry, I must have missed when you posted them. I'll go back and have a look. Again, I think that's fine because they very well might go and buy the issues. It's if they continue to download and not buy where I see a problem. If you don't like them why take the time to download them in the first place? The difference here is that the bookstore would have put those books out for people to look at. I do that at bookstores as well. But with illegal downloads Archie has absolutely no say in what is or how it is presented and they have control over what is, essentially, their own product. Then, again, I ask; if you don't like it why bother spending the time to download and read it when you could be dedicating that time to something you enjoy? Your logic is a bit sqewed there. I actually very much enjoy the current stories. For all the reasons I posted in my previous message. If you are truly a Sonic fan you wouldn't be intentionally hurting the company who produces Sonic products. If you don't like it, don't buy it, but don't punish the company or the people who do enjoy the series by illegally downloading. Again, I'd like to stress these are just personal opinions of mine. I'm not trying to force them onto others. Awesome discussion, by the way. Cheers, guys.
  14. Oooh, this sounds cool. I'll be interested to see how much it'd cost to import.
  15. If they are bought from an on-line comics store like Graphic Action then, yes, the money IS going to Archie. The store would have bought those issues from Archie in the past because they knew they would sell. Even though they are back issues they are showing the store that there is interest in the series and thus will continue to order new issues, so Archie will continue to get money. However, if people download the issues then the store isn't seeing that interest in the series there and so could decide it isn't worth them stocking the series as not enough people are buying this issues which causes Archie to loose money. Even if the issues are bought from Joe Average on eBay this will still impact Archie. Why was the Archives series of trades started? Because Archie knew there was interest in the older issues. They would have got this information from retailers, cons and sites such as eBay. So, again, if you download the back issues rather than buying them the interest is not seen to be there and we wouldn't get things such as the Archives and, again, Archie looses out. So, basically, it doesn't matter where you buy the issues, it's that you buy them that makes the difference. If you don't buy them then the series may be seen as un-viable in any number of way and may be canceled and, honestly, who want's that? What people choose to feel is right or wrong is up to them. However, I'm of the mind that downloading comics is wrong for many reasons. Not only are you cheating the creators out of their money, you are also affecting that series and everyone/thing involved with it in ways that could lead to cancellation and loss of jobs. Also, for an industry that is constantly struggling to stay afloat against all the other forms of entertainment it's like you're assisting it to die. And no, that is not over exaggeration. I'm not going to force my views on anyone here, and i doubt my words will stop anyone from downloading comics in the future, but maybe take the time to think about it next time...
  16. JD!

    Thanks for the welcome, Foxboy! I'm glad to be here!

  17. I've not played many of the 3D games so I can't really comment on them, however I think Sega just need to make a good game, rather than reboot the series. The only way for a game to be successful now, sadly, is for it to be 3D. 2D doesn't seem to be accepted anymore. Once Sega figure out how to make a good 3D Sonic game hopefully all else will fall into place.
  18. Bootlegging/ downloading comics is one of life's biggest sins in my book. I'm a huge comics fan, have been for all of my 24 years, and it just goes against my fan boy morals to not buy the books and in doing so jip the creators out of their well earned money. And yes, I actually want to own them.
  19. The music in Sonic Rush is great, I play the game sometimes just to listen to the music. Is there anywhere you can download this stuff?
  20. Sorry to change the subject guys, I've just a quick question regarding the Archives trades. Has Archie stated at all what issue the Archives will go up to? The name suggests that there will be a finite number of issues collected, and I'm wondering what that might be. My collection starts at #171 so I'm wondering if I should start buying back issues or wait and see if either the Archives or a future trade series will collect the issues I need. Any have any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  21. JD!

    Doctor Who

    I'm too tired to read through seven pages of posts, but "Hello, fellow Doctor Who fans!" Awesome to see soem Who-lovers here. Unfortunately here in Australia we won't get any more eps until near the end of the year, but I'm sure it'll be worth the wait!
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