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  1. Even though I had a lot of bad memories with this I still had a lot of good ones too, So this is kind of sad. I wish they could make it offline at least in case I want to play it later but I guess not. But in the end at least I enjoyed it.
  2. It's been a while but I'm back and yes I've quit too. It's to much work and it started to get old and you guys may not know but it take alot for me to get sick of something and I mean ALOT. I just felt like they didn't care enough to do like what they use to do that it wasn't fun anymore. and sorry if I'm ranting just letting you know and why I haven't been on here. I agree it would be much more worth playing if it was like that.
  3. The game had a patch today and it fixed the frame rate everywhere but the menu it's a little slow in some places. But now i can play the game, about time.
  4. Well I did 21 spins and 2 special spins and got three characters that I don't want. I got ESP Sliver, Tikal and Rogue. But I wanted Mephiles or Shadow or Omega. Tails to limit break him again. But my brother spins 2 times and gets what do you know Mephiles!! But I have to say at lest I got to play as him. ? I'm happy I got 3 new characters it's just not what I wanted. ?
  5. I'm back and forth weather or not I should spin because of the buddies, But then again I've got 3 good chances for Mephlies. :/
  6. Should I spin on the roulette or not I have 1 premium ticket and 22 eggs and 800 or so rsr. I want to save it for Mephiles because, I mean come why wouldn't you he's never been playable. What should I do?
  7. Wait it updated a few days ago and I was taking a week hiatus. Its seems better but I haven't play a lot yet. You know like something to happen like it did.
  8. So I guess Purple Papurisu is a login bonus now. o-0. And of course credit where it's needed :).
  9. We can finally buy them? YES Charmy here i come. Good thing I save my rsr for mephiles and now I get charmy instead. But I'm still saving them for him too I mean really he's awesome. ?
  10. Well ten spins got me Christmas Knuckles, but I wanted Christmas Tails, But hey Christmas Sonic would be worst for me, Cuz I'm not so good with speed types and I wouldn't be able to enjoy him all that much. And I hate when it says the drop rate is "GREATLY INCREASED", it isn't. ??? they have the same thing but 50% to 75% on their bonus.
  11. So if you stay in the s*** division you'll get shara again and they'll give you 1 special egg if she's at level 10 already. in case your wondering.
  12. I have him and yes he does!!! ???? Love it when he does and his spikes wiggles real nicely.
  13. Ohh ok I wasn't sure if it was or not, but you know just in case. ?
  14. Here's the tweet for what I think is a event of some sort or they will probably do like they did with the fantasy zone event. https://mobile.twitter.com/SonicRunners_JP/status/673697209024512000
  15. No I'd save them for the Christmas thing they're probably going to do or until they release super sonic and or the monster gear smash event that's being released the 15th. I'm not too sure but I did lose that big run last time. Did anything happened to you?
  16. Lol, Are they watching me? ? Although I'm not complaining.
  17. I'm not, but I payed for boom boost a while back and didn't get ads and since the update I'm getting ads again ?
  18. it's probably the ring event cuz it adds big ring bonus.
  19. The worst part is idk when it's going to happen if it happens.
  20. Well I gave it the benefit of the doubt and I'm quitting until they fix this ?.It was a fun time killer when it was ?.
  21. NEW HIGH SCORE!!! Rank 193, Lv.79 H.Rouge, Lv.35 Metal Sonic, King Boom Boo and Shara got me this. ?
  22. That's awesome, I'm saving in hopes for charmy sorry if I missed spelled it.
  23. Thanks, I think it's like a rank thing like some of the other people are saying. I think of it as a wwe games in the online mode for some reason even though they don't do a roulette thing ? Or give you rank bonus.
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