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  1. Happy Birthday! Hope it's good one! c:

  2. In heroes her thing was "marry me or die." I wouldn't actually call that "make him respect me" in unleashed she was more reserved, which is progression to her character. so she is on the right track now. we can only wait and see what happens to her.
  3. Amy had a regression from SA1. She decided at the end that she would make sonic "Respect" her, and what happened in Sa2? She reverted back to a fangirl. I don't think it was Amy's fault as a character. I think the creators just needed her to be that way to fit the story. I have no idea what to say about her in heroes. ^^;;
  4. Oh blast, I thought I post my choices. Oh well, I'll post again. Best: Amy Rose Why? She isn't your average damsel in distress. She's strong, independent and wise. She may have her moments, but I feel that she is sometimes dumbdowned to fit the story. You know how for example, in sonic X, sonic can defeated a whole hoard of robots, but when face with something seemly inferior to that, he can't win. Basically when the story needs sonic to be weak, he's weak and vice versa. I think in some games they have to portray Amy as ditzy or else it wouldn't fit the direction of the story. She is smart, strong-willed, fiery, yet friendly and she is always looking out for what's best for her friends and even people she doesn't know. Not only that, she has a huge flippin' Hammer that she hides up her skirt. That is best female character material. 2nd best: Blaze the cat, for reasons most people have touched on already and because she can run in heels. 3rd best: Wave the Swallow, she has always intrigued me, and I wish I could see more of her. How many female characters in the series can rival the smarts of Dr. robotnik/eggman? Not very many. She's confident, a little sneaky and selfish, but so is so many other females. *cough cough rouge the bat cough* Just because shes' only been in 2 games, doesn't make her any less of a good character. Worst: I want to say Elise and Fiona Fox For anyone who's read the archie comics, she most vile kind of fox there is. I don't want to spoil anything for those who haven't read that. She is backstabbing and ruthless, and that is all. Elise is selfish, she wanted to give up the whole world to be with Sonic. The whole human/animal relationship is just distrubing. She may be kind hearted, but she is completely underdeveloped and bland. Not to mention since her father is dead she should be "Queen" Elise and not "Princess", but whatever.
  5. This thread may cover characters from the archie comics as well as the games and television show. Please refrain from going off topic too much. We all won't agree with the other, so please keep the debates friendly. Who, In your opinion, is the best female sonic character? Why do you like them? What makes them better then the rest? Do you wish they had more appearences/roles in the games/comics? Who is the worst female sonic character? Why don't you like them? What makes them the worst in comparison to the rest? What would you wish would change about them?
  6. It's a trivial thing really. It's there for the fans who used to watch the cartoon obviously, and I couldn't have laughed harder at the into of SATBK. Why not give sonic a favorite food? Even though it is an out of date relic from the 90s? Sonic was born in that decade, so I think it's appropriate for him.
  7. Hey, you're new? Your avatar is pretty awesome, it's like a full cast Knight rush.

  8. I completely understand were you're coming form, i feel the same way. however, my quote wasn't defending the sonic/amy arguement. It was defending against the "amy is one of the worst characters" claim. Just so you know. XD I don't support this pairing either. It's not because I don't like amy, it's just because I can't picture sonic doing "romantic" things with anyone.
  9. Shadonic XDD i never heard it called that way. It's usually called, "sonadow" Well every character has their down points. Amy can be very annoying and Sonic can be very corny and so on and so forth.
  10. "one of the worst sonic characters ever made" Whoa That's a bit harsh, IMO. Save that for princess elise. She is the one of the worst sonic characters ever made. she IS a sonic character no matter how hard you try to deny it.
  11. Note that this thread is refering to the GAMES not the Comics. Let's face it, Archie characters probably won't be in the games, So Sally doesn't exist outside of the comics. Do you think Sega should make Amy and Sonic a canon couple? Amy has been chasing Sonic for years, in the comics and games. Do you think Sega will eventually ship them? Or do you think true blue should be a bachelor all of his life?
  12. We've been off topic for awhile XDD I will be the bring it back. So does any of you think if silver were MORE popular that a game starring him and possibly another new character would be acceptable? If enough people liked him sega would surely notice this. They have a virtually blank character that they could develop with out messing up the sonic timeline. Why not take the chance?
  13. @Dr. Mechano, we can complain all we want. You remember that ryan drummand thing? Fans threw a fit to get that man back, did it help? Nope. Sega didn't budge on that. My point is, Sega will ultimately decided the direction in which sonic goes. We as fans can either go with it or leave the series. What else can we do? About the multiple group thing, perhaps it would be best if sonic were given to one set group. A group that actually remembers the old sonic games and tries to intergrate them into the newer 3d games. It seems that very few of the next-gen characters remember their 2d adventures. Well atleast chilidogs are canon now...
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