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  1. I always liked to think that when Eggman is in the Mystic Ruins at the start of the Super Sonic story in Adventure, when he says "But I bet he can't foil my master plan!" he was talking about going to the military base to free Shadow. He sounds quite surprised to see Chaos, after all, so he could be referring to anything and it felt like a good way to bridge the two games.
  2. The Adventure games were not successful attempts. Far, far from it. There is a reason games like Mario 64 and Ocarina of Time became instant classics, and that's because Nintendo gave them love and attention and while they're not perfect, they're far better planned-out than Adventure or Adventure 2 which are full of collision issues, camera problems and a ridiculous amount of bugs. The very first level of SA1 features some of the worst automation and collision issues I've seen in a 3D game of that era. They're fun to play but they are not a 'successful attempt' at putting Sonic in 3D. Half-way at best. That's my opinion, and, sorry man but you're giving me an opinion and calling it a fact and while I'm up for discussing the former, I'm not naive enough to think I can reach a consensus with you so I really don't feel like continuing this discussion. Go off if you like, though.
  3. Apologies for assuming there, I felt my comments could be interpreted as 'Sonic can't work in 3D' but that is completely unintentional if so and I felt the need to clear any potential misunderstanding up. With the second part of this quote you answered the point I was going to make to the first - that is just how those games were designed. We both know that, but it's just our own subjective opinions informing which is better than the other. It should come as no surprise that personally, I'm more a fan of Unleashed/Colours/Generations as I feel they do a fantastic job of translating some of the ethos of the classics into a modern, 3D game engine - a lot of the stuff that made Sonic work in 2D is, in my opinion, hard to directly translate to 3D so I can see how the boost and your ability to hold onto it for longer periods with repeated plays is intended to be akin to 'earning your speed', especially when combined with alternate routes. Again though, these are subjective differences in opinion and we could run circles all day discussing what it is we like about each style. Don't get me wrong though, I still really enjoy playing Adventure 1 and 2 and, in the right mood, maybe even Heroes - but back to the point at hand, are Colours and Generations considered 'bad games' now? No, I really don't think so, I think it's just arguable as to which style people have an appetite for now.
  4. Cool, just casually toss in that anyone who has a difference in opinion to your own doesn't know anything. Great way to maintain a polite dialogue. Also, wrong on the second point (camera being the main one I can think of, an entire extra dimension of movement and positioning maybe) and even if you weren't... They weren't there in the 2D games so it's a moot point. Tara, I have a feeling you're referencing my post and with all due respect, I never said that Sonic can't work in 3D. I said SA1/2 had the unenviable task of trying to do that and we seem to have reached a consensus on that being difficult at the time. I even touched on the idea that it could possibly be done better now, so we're somewhat on the same page I think, just reading slightly different parts of it. Also, to address something else you mention, I don't believe that 'narrow corridor format' and 'linear level layout' are necessarily design problems. The levels are that way by necessity as they service that game design and I would also argue that Generations levels at the very least, despite being glorified corridors, are still less linear than Sonic Adventure 2's levels. But would you really argue that either Colours or Generations have more automation than Sonic Adventure 1 or 2?
  5. It's simple, light-hearted fun with some jokes that hit, some that miss and it doesn't take itself too seriously. That's enough for me. I'm sorry you disagree.
  6. That does not necessarily have to be a bad thing. Some find that the attempts at more serious stories the franchise has had over the years come off as overly campy in the worst way and consistently fall flat, hence the appetite for more simple stories. A lot of people feel that suits the series better and I'm inclined to agree with them. Even Forces, with all they've supposedly learned over the years, felt really weird - maybe it had something to do with the flip-flopping tone of the game but something tells me any time Sonic tries to attempt more serious subject matter it goes wrong. That aside, in terms of gameplay I'm really not a fan of this constant attempt to gain a majority consensus one way or the other. A ton of people loved Colours and Generations and they were arguably far more polished and focused than the Adventure-era games which had the unenviable task of trying to make Sonic work in 3D as, at the time, it was a new concept. I can forgive them a lot of flaws for that and I've no doubt that with a similar level of focus and refinement, a more '3D' formula akin to Adventure could work - but enough people like the new style that there's a heavy contingent wanting more of that too. How do you satisfy everyone? I hesitate to say it's impossible as I truly don't think it is but it's a gargantuan task, especially for a franchise that has proved time and time again it has difficulty knowing what it wants to be. To answer the question posed by the topic in brief, I wouldn't say so. A lot of people like to postulate on what the mood was during a certain time in the community and while I can't accurately convey every possible opinion people had at the time, the consensus was overall incredibly positive and I don't buy for a minute it was just because of the dross that came before them.
  7. Some serious aesthetic right there. Glad to see there's a Switch version, hopefully we get it as I'm rather keen to play some bullet hell games on the system.
  8. Happy Birthday!

  9. So I just finished downloading Super Dimension Fortress: Macross. Watched an episode, it's pretty awesome - reminds me very heavily of early Gundam and of course, Gunbuster. Also, watched The Girl Who Leapt Through Time yesterday - goddamn, that movie was amazing. :V
  10. Nova

    Good News

    I can't help but agree. Particularly on the blast at MTW; it is a bit HIGNFY-lite.
  11. Green Hill Zone Act 2 (Ranking mode): Rooftop Run Zone Act 2 (Ranking mode): You can find me on the X360 leaderboards as omgNova.
  12. man thats one oooold photo! How the devil are ya deary?

  13. http://www.joystiq.com/2011/02/10/harmonix-issues-statement-on-ending-of-guitar-hero-franchise/ Phew, good news at least. Harmonix have gained a lot of respect from me at the very least for such a tasteful response.
  14. How could I not comment on this? =P While I've become more of a Rock Band fan in the past few months, particularly thanks to the brilliance of Rock Band 3, Guitar Hero was showing signs of recovery. While it may not be completely wrong to say Activision were milking the franchise a little, the dip in quality seen by World Tour and Guitar Hero 5 was swiftly rectified with Warriors of Rock. So much was added and the setlist was the best yet, not to mention the wealth of available DLC. I don't get all the hate towards the games though. The criticism "it's nothing like a real guitar" is a mindless one - of course it's not. It may be shaped like a guitar, but it's a five-button peripheral at the end of the day. It will never approach the complexity and difficulty of a real instrument, but who really cares about that? It's nothing more than a bit of fun. Challenging fun at that. Of course, this is all my own opinion and anyone that's seen me play will know that I've invested considerable time and effort into practicing. The sense of accomplishment I felt when I finally managed to clear Black Widow of La Porte was reason enough for doing so. It's a shame, but as long as Rock Band continues then I guess it's not a major loss. I assume this will also affect the addition of new DLC for Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, too? :<
  15. Okay, I'm finally going to speak up about the idea that Shadow The Hedgehog massively split the fanbase now. No. It didn't. It created some drama where a lot of people on a lot of forums were having a lot of arguments. There were no massive, sweeping changes bought about by the game at all. Purists got angry, Shadow fans defended the game to the hilt, everyone else just went 'derp'. The scene was a far, far more volatile place further back. Fansite wars did far more damage to this community than you give them credit for. In a way, what happened back then shaped the sites we have today. Many people made a name for themselves on being assholes and that happens far less frequently these days then it did way before Shadow The Hedgehog was even a glint in Sega's eye. Read up on some of the older community haunts like Sonic 2 Beta, Sonic CulT, SSRG and Area 51. Hacking was rife, webmasters were at each other's throats and they weren't afraid to drag their entire communities with them.
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