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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. So I just finished downloading Super Dimension Fortress: Macross. Watched an episode, it's pretty awesome - reminds me very heavily of early Gundam and of course, Gunbuster. Also, watched The Girl Who Leapt Through Time yesterday - goddamn, that movie was amazing. :V
  3. Nova

    Good News

    I can't help but agree. Particularly on the blast at MTW; it is a bit HIGNFY-lite.
  4. Green Hill Zone Act 2 (Ranking mode): Rooftop Run Zone Act 2 (Ranking mode): You can find me on the X360 leaderboards as omgNova.
  5. man thats one oooold photo! How the devil are ya deary?

  6. Buster amigos? :v

    To be fair, I haven't seen Gunbuster in a few years so my memory is kinda foggy. It was incredible, though.

    Regardless, I've got the Revoltech figure preordered lol

  7. http://www.joystiq.com/2011/02/10/harmonix-issues-statement-on-ending-of-guitar-hero-franchise/ Phew, good news at least. Harmonix have gained a lot of respect from me at the very least for such a tasteful response.
  8. How could I not comment on this? =P While I've become more of a Rock Band fan in the past few months, particularly thanks to the brilliance of Rock Band 3, Guitar Hero was showing signs of recovery. While it may not be completely wrong to say Activision were milking the franchise a little, the dip in quality seen by World Tour and Guitar Hero 5 was swiftly rectified with Warriors of Rock. So much was added and the setlist was the best yet, not to mention the wealth of available DLC. I don't get all the hate towards the games though. The criticism "it's nothing like a real guitar" is a mindless one - of course it's not. It may be shaped like a guitar, but it's a five-button peripheral at the end of the day. It will never approach the complexity and difficulty of a real instrument, but who really cares about that? It's nothing more than a bit of fun. Challenging fun at that. Of course, this is all my own opinion and anyone that's seen me play will know that I've invested considerable time and effort into practicing. The sense of accomplishment I felt when I finally managed to clear Black Widow of La Porte was reason enough for doing so. It's a shame, but as long as Rock Band continues then I guess it's not a major loss. I assume this will also affect the addition of new DLC for Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, too? :<
  9. Okay, I'm finally going to speak up about the idea that Shadow The Hedgehog massively split the fanbase now. No. It didn't. It created some drama where a lot of people on a lot of forums were having a lot of arguments. There were no massive, sweeping changes bought about by the game at all. Purists got angry, Shadow fans defended the game to the hilt, everyone else just went 'derp'. The scene was a far, far more volatile place further back. Fansite wars did far more damage to this community than you give them credit for. In a way, what happened back then shaped the sites we have today. Many people made a name for themselves on being assholes and that happens far less frequently these days then it did way before Shadow The Hedgehog was even a glint in Sega's eye. Read up on some of the older community haunts like Sonic 2 Beta, Sonic CulT, SSRG and Area 51. Hacking was rife, webmasters were at each other's throats and they weren't afraid to drag their entire communities with them.
  10. As are you! We should be friends, as Gunbuster bros need to stick together.

  11. Just going to take this time to say, Too cool for school is summing up everything that I feel is wrong with the community as it stands. Kneejerk reactions, ad hominem attacks and excessively defensive behaviour. Seriously man, chill, people aren't out to make you look an ass, but you're doing a perfectly good job of that yourself. Telling people to 'be quiet' and to 'shut the fuck up' (that cheeky edit won't hide anything) is considered bad form by the majority, so it would be wise not to accuse people of acting in a similar fashion. Also, I've been around in the community since late 2002 and ChaosSupremeSonic speaks truly about when some really major splits happened, though I wouldn't say they were all in relation to those games. The splits that occurred in the earlier days of Sonic CulT spring to mind, specifically the Sonic CulT vs. SSRG incident. The fanbase is generally a lot more unified now and this is partly due to inter-site bickering being reduced to nothing more than background noise. I'm actually happy with where we're at now, as people have different enough opinions to allow good discussions to form but not so wildly varying that major drama happens anywhere near as frequently as it used to.
  12. Did anyone else feel like they actually become momentarily less intelligent for reading that? Seriously, it feels like I've been thinking really long and hard for about an hour. Ugh. Now I have a headache. I was going to write a longer post but... I just can't.
  13. Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock and Rock Band 3, as per usual. I'm also dipping in and out of Sonic Colours and I think I might go back to GTA IV: The Lost and Damned. This time, I should really give completing it a go.
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