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  1. Okay, then put Speed Highway in the 3DS version and swap Radical Highway for Metal Harbor.
  2. Let's play Sherlock and use some deductive reasoning. Actions speak louder than words, and Sonic very clearly recognizes Classic as his younger self in Generations (a game which does indeed "count" because it's a direct sequel to a canon game and its ending might be a crucial backdrop for the story-heavier Project 2017). Remember the context that SA was born in. The video game industry was chugging forward much more quickly back then; the 3D transition made any mascot's hiatus seem like an eternity (Donkey Kong 64: "he's finally back to kick some tail" just 3 years after DKC 3). In every territory outside of Japan, Sonic was nothing more than a blip on the radar for 5 years! So when making a 3D game with deeper lore, the general mindset may very well have been to unofficially reboot things. But as things developed, it became clear that there was no need to separate the two canons, and here we are now with them combined. Sans the Super Emeralds.
  3. Pure headcanon, but I'm thinking as of Lost World, Modern Sonic is about 4 years older than Sonic circa Sonic 1 (Generations' Classic Sonic). I think the 16-bit titles and Mania take place over a year-and-a-half time frame. Half a year goes by as Sonic goes isometric and Eggman researches Chaos. Sonic Adventure takes place, and then SA2 just a month or so later (Tails being rewarded for saving Station Square is news to Eggman). This is followed by Heroes and Shadow, which also take place that year. Secret Rings happens that winter. At this point we're three years in. Unleashed happens during the following spring, followed by Black Knight and Colors early that summer. In late June, Generations takes place. In August, Lost World takes place. Im a psychopath.
  4. Agreed. I've pretty much accepted that classic sonic will be here with his own stages. My only hope is that they've made a game so big that it has a huge number of Modern levels regardless. And then they ditch Classic forever.
  5. Here's a question: would you prefer Classic Sonic to have his own levels, or be a skin of Modern Sonic?
  6. Sonic Generations: My favorite Sonic game overall, but what were they thinking with the stage choices? Instead of going for the wacky variety that we love about the series, they chose absolute redundancy. Imagine how much more cohesive it would've been if they'd traded Sky Sanctuary for Ice Cap Zone (and imagine the remixed music!), Speed Highway for Emerald Coast, and Seaside Hill for Casino Park. Three levels, huge improvement.
  7. The principle of giving Sonic segregated 2D and 3D levels, as if Sonic can't carry a game on his own (with ample development time, he certainly can), bothers me. At the same time, though, I just want this to be fast, fun, and good. I've made bold predictions in terms of tone, but for gameplay I can only hope for the best.
  8. This is going to be seen as a nitpick, and yeah, it is, but I don't like Sonic's sprite in this one. From Sonic 3 onwards, he was always that darker "modern Sonic" blue, which always gelled nicely with my OCD. But with Mania we have a sequel that reverts him back to sky blue before Adventure where he goes back to the darker shade. It was kind of cool to be able to say Sonic's quills and fur got darker during the months where Eggman repaired the Death Egg and manipulated Knuckles. I don't really have that anymore. Life is pretty tough sometimes
  9. One thing SEGA is generally good at doing is conveying the gist of their games through their teaser trailers. Sonic Colors' tone is exactly like its teaser. So is Generations, and Lost World. Precedent tells us that the overall game is probably going to reflect the teaser. We will see the "darkest of times" ie Eggman having a significant and violent foothold. We will see Sonic fighting an uphill battle this time around. He'll smile and retain that optimism and attitude, but there are bigger implications here that by nature make this darker than what we've been seeing. We aren't in space, we aren't in a white void, and we aren't on the Lost Hex. We're in the civilized world where Eggman has already gotten away with heinous things. Of course there's going to be an element of inference regarding the true extent of the damage, but a burning city very much implores one to infer. Sonic can free animals and wisps. He can't repair ruined lives.
  10. It's all relative, though. I'm expecting something like Unleashed, but with more of the emphasis on the end of the world and less on moments like "want some chocolate?" Im really not expecting them to make it as dark as Shadow the Hedgehog or 06, but then again we haven't seen any attempt to be dark since the latter. And as you're pointing out, now that they're openly attempting to be dark, we probably will see something erring towards SA2's space half in terms of tone. Still not expecting much in the way of outright angst, though. We aren't going to see an innocent person getting gunned down.
  11. There's a way to have both comedy and darkness, you know. Again, imagine a hub world with a dark, smoldering cityscape in the background. There are soldiers everywhere, but they're quirky and cartoony and amusing to interact with. Think G-rated Team Fortress 2 characters in fatigues. The writers could have a lot of fun with the concept. Maybe there's one who's always stiff and overly formal, another who's lazy and always looking for a way to slack off, a snob who doesn't think Sonic can deal with Eggman, and so forth. I kinda went off on a tangent there, but the point is this darker setting could actually lend itself to several elements of levity.
  12. It'd be interesting if Sonic Team were to make a special edition of Unleashed, a Mark II for current gen consoles with 1080p, 60fps, a few more stages and some small control and physics tweaks. That would probably require more effort than SEGA is willing to put in right now, though.
  13. We can tell from the state of the city (reeds growing through the street, barbed wire and tire fences) that this place was at one point a war zone and has not been properly kept up in a while. This points to long-term domination by Eggman. I think this will be about as serious as Unleashed, especially if it's being written in Japan. Not expecting any teenage girls to get shot by government agents, though. In fact, they probably will work around showing people with guns at all, or maybe they'll be nerfy cartoon guns. Im picturing some kind of a hub world where youre surrounded by tents and goofy-looking soldiers. Kind of like Unleashed. That would fit with the post-06 thing they've been doing.
  14. We can point out legitimate flaws all we want, but there's a sheer scope and ambition to the whole thing that you probably wouldn't normally associate with a 2 and a half year development cycle. While some areas are rushed, you have to look at the levels and ask yourself how they did this. I know we all love Mario examples, but imagine if a glitchy, unstable version of Super Mario Galaxy came out just two years after Sunshine. Two years! I'm just repeating myself at this point, but it blows my mind.
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