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    Whelp, I'm attending school so I can get into the Fire Dept. - I'd love to save lives at the potential expense of my own! Not... it's really because all my brothers were in the Fire Dept. as various positions so I figured there's no reason I can't do it.

    I like Sonic the Hedgehog, albeit my enthusiasm for the franchise has waned considerably in lieu of recent installments (starting primarily in the year 2006 and on). For the most part, I stay in the fanbase because I've been into it for almost a decade now so it's hard to go, especially since I have made so many close friends from it, not to mention I've been working on a gigantic epic novel that I plan to submit and make a site for once finished.

    Otherwise, I dabble in fitness/amateur bodybuilding, and I LOOOVE cars, particularly classic or modern muscle cars. I don't get out much because I when I am not working, I am either home working on the novel, at the gym, or in school, so I haven't much to lend to a social life (couldn't guess that already considering my presence here?)

    I come off to most people as incredibly vain, boldly honest and dripping with sarcasm but if you get to know me, you'll find out I'm quite a class act! ... .. right!
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    Homestead, Florida

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My name is Robert Spadaro. I'm a vain greaseball with an unhealthy obsession with my appearance. But I'm not from Italy, I'm from a backwash redneck town.

I'm a begrudged oldbie who farts in the general direction of every uninspired decision made by Sonic Team as of late for which I am loathed by many. I started out a head-bobbling moron in the RP world to a head-bobbling moron in the forum and media outlet of the fanbase.

Oh, and I used to own Concept: "Mobius" - let the record show that I provide no stake in the site's current status.

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