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  1. I for one would be quite disappointed. This is especially considering how easy it is to think up some new ideas but cater them to a more classic atmosphere.
  2. Even though this goes sorta hand-in-hand with the 'Initial mechanical city zone' criteria, I've always wanted a nuclear power plant as a Sonic zone. Call it the Nuclear Plant Zone or Radioactive Rally Zone or Radiocide Zone. I mean come on: Imagine that superimposed in size, more surreal and devoid of any civilian presence with twisting runways and pipe-transports. Tell me that wouldn't work. And it would be best as the daytime counterpart to Chemical Plant. Bah, who am I kidding? A long time ago me and a few of my friends were working on a fangame called "Sonic 2 and a half" that was to take place after Sonic 2 and between Sonic 3 (this was before we knew Sonic 2 goes RIGHT into Sonic 3) and we designed some zone sketches. Here's to show you some neat ideas I always had: Autumn Hill Zone was the first level: Then there was Geyser Woods Zone (my old friend ShokRabbit designed this one): Incartopolis Zone was the city level: And of course Nuclear Plant Zone: And I love this one, Quaintshire Brook Zone, it was inspired by Greenlandic hill towns and Bridge Zone. Its music was supposed to sound like Bridge Zone meets Endless Cave: The game in general was supposed to be a break from the Tropicana-theme of most Sonic games and take place exclusively at North Island, South Island's less interesting counterpart and featured three new characters. Man, I miss working on that game... it would've been so neat if done. We were all intimidated by the level art, though, we didn't know how to approach it.
  3. Are we absolutely certain that Angel Island is in the air at the start of Knuckles' story? Afterall, Sonic & Knuckles picks up where Sonic 3 left off which is when you saw the Death Egg plummet back down to Angel Island again, presumably keeping it in the ocean.
  4. Yeah, I know, WTF is up with that? I'm boycotting. Alright, I know I am flip-flopping here more than John Kerry, but I hereby rescind my erstwhile bitchiness and hold my reservations for this game. For one, I hate first levels in Sonic games anyway, for two, well, green eyes ain't worth a damn if what matters is what sucks (gameplay/level design/mechanic - all of which you cannot fully assimilate through three seconds of beta footage).
  5. Yes, and if you follow the direction of the shading on the grass, you'll notice that it doesn't dip into a direct vertical drop, it slopes. How many times have you rolled along slopes in classic Sonic games? (Hint: more than once) Problem solved - next complaint, the foliage in the background isn't geometric.
  6. Actually, 'Sonic' is a term that is more relevant to the audibility of something than its speed. A Sonic cannon in fiction is not fast at all, but it sure is loud.
  7. And the epiglottis is the small slab of membrane that protects the larynx from any obstructions that could accidentally enter it. I think you're over analyzing the 3 seconds of development footage. I hate to side with this game but meh, I'm going to try keeping my reservations and hope for the best. Hell, that might not even be the final running animation.
  8. That picture's a little misleading. It's hard to tell if it's a direct vertical ascent because if you watch the video, you can barely catch a glimpse that he's rolling along an incline that leads to the bend. Besides, the old games hosted dozens of segments in the levels where Sonic seamlessly transitions from speed gimmick to speed gimmick. See this picture from the maniacs at Retro: http://img42.imageshack.us/img42/541/slope.png
  9. Yeah, but it doesn't take a genius to see that you clearly read my post. (Lmao.) I'll give you that, man, I'll give you that I am jumping the gun a trifle quick, but if there are any profound similarities between the look and feel of the stages in Sonic 1/2/3, then they're scarce except for maybe general theme. Of course Wing Fortress and Flying Battery are of the same 'airship' theme but one exhibits entirely different obstacles, color scheme, and appearance than the other. Saying they're alike in every way but general theme is just wrong. What I'm saying is that they could have made a starting level that doesn't have be so similar to past design. Jeez, why not make a diamond pattern on the walls instead of checkers? Hell, let's escape the tropical theme - make a coniferous forest ____ Hill zone! Instead of the Mobius-strip speed gimmick, why don't they show Sonic's speed by letting him run upside down or along the walls? I dunno, dude, I can spout on all day about how I am worried about this game, but in the end I guess you're right that I shouldn't jump to conclusions. My hopes will probably go right up when I see the industrialized factory level since I love those. I just don't understand why they can't be more original when it's so fucking easy to be... at least for me, but then again I've always been part of the visionary sect of the fanbase.
  10. I don't really know about this, man. While it is rational to keep my reservations about something I've only seen 3 seconds of, it's really hard not to jump to conclusions and wave my fist like a rampant Pro-lifer. The homing attack does little to faze me; for its inclusion is probably going to be subtle and its role nominal such as in Sonic Advance. Who really used it? What bothers me with this video is the... well, blandness. The classic games built off each other, they didn't just rehash the same tried-n'-true formula. I would like to have seen a game that looks like the classics and plays like them, but doesn't look like them in a way where they're just re-using the same ole shit. Does that make sense? The badniks for example - yeah, redesign maybe a couple old ones, but so far we've seen three badniks return and not a single new one. How about a NEW badnik that looks like it would've worked in the old games? How about a NEW first stage that looks like it could be compared with the older games instead of a Green Hill-meets-Emerald Hill-who-had-an-affair-with-Green Grove with seven coats of polish? The passion is there but the creativity and originality isn't. I applaud them for their cause, I understand what they're trying to do, but these three seconds look very discouraging. Oh, and don't even get me started on that abysmal running animation. All in all, this is Sonic the Hedgehog 4, a title that should adhere to what its prequels did in the following respects: new stages, new badniks, several new gimmicks, same tried n' true gameplay. It shouldn't be... Sonic 1/2/3 in a blender. I dunno, man. My excitement has been kicked down a notch, but I do await more footage. They can still make the save with me.
  11. Don't forget the Archie-hustler who's gonna come kicking the door down to yell that NACK is just a weasel and nothing more. But yeah, jeez Maruyama - a sparkle? Dude, if this is any indication of your posts' usual subject matter, then it's no wonder you seldom post at GHZ anymore.
  12. I very seldom have a hard time in Metropolis Zone mostly because I open my Sonic 2 ROM JUST to play Metropolis Zone. It's my favorite of all time, the apperance, the music, the ambiance... just awesome. Out of all my time spent playing Sonic games over the last decade, the most annoying things to me (other than Blue Marine Act 2 in G-Sonic) are those stupid freakin' lobster badniks in Aqua Lake Zone in the 8-bit Sonic 2. That one part where you're using the bubble to rise and the little fuckers come right at you and 99.99% percent of the time, you're moving to slow too divert them. GOD I hate those things.
  13. Finally, my post showed up. (Lol) And I'm still the only one who drew Flasher. Awesomely enough, I'm comment #100 too!
  14. I didn't. I just typed, "Flasher, y0:" then the link. What is that, swearing?
  15. Dude, srsly, WTF is wrong with that blog? My comment has been 'awaiting moderation' for almost six hours now and even on other computers, my post won't show up at all.
  16. BTW, how long does it take for a comment to go past moderation and actually post on that blog? Because mine has been on that status for 15 minutes now.
  17. Obvious Flasher is obvious. I decided to take him before anyone else does. For some reason, he's always been my favorite badnik so I had to do him.
  18. I actually gave into Sega of America's marketing strategy of the early 90's and thought the game continuity and SatAM were one in the same. Shit, I thought Silver Sonic/Mecha (whatever) from the Death Egg in Sonic 2 was Uncle Chuck!
  19. My favorite informational source was Sonic HQ.
  20. Of course. Only the Sonic fandumb's most honorable weirdos get their own ED page: *snip* not safe for work, love SSMB staff. God, I'm surfing all the big boards and it's rather unsettling seeing how emotional everyone is getting over this game. It's got a lot riding on it, there's a very ominous ambiance blanketing the fanbase right now. I've personally never witnessed this much fervor. Oh, and I'm with everyone else when I say that 'screenshot' is dreadful.
  21. A facepalm, but that's about it. It's not like I'm expecting the Messiah to come.
  22. That's how Sonic is going to look on his 30th Anniversary - huge, fat, creepy, and reliant on hard liquor to suppress his morbid past.
  23. I say we go for a compromise and meet halfway! Massive Sonic convention in Reykjavík, Iceland. Anybody? We can have it on the Ice Flats, it'll be like Die Another Day meets Icecap Zone.
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