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  1. Man, remember that time when in the middle of one of their adventures, Sonic and Tails straight up went to another planet for a single zone?


  2. The live-action Sonic adaptation we need: 


  3. Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling - which was released on PC back in November - just came out on consoles. For those unfamiliar, Bug Fables is a turn-based RPG that's very much in the vein of the first two Paper Mario titles; low stat numbers, timed action commands in battle, playable partners with unique attacks and on-field abilities, and an intricate "badge" (in this game medals) equip system that allows a great deal of customization over your characters' stats. Like Paper Mario, your characters have three stats - Hit Points, Teamwork Points (Expended to use special attacks), and Medal Points. Each Medal in the game costs a certain number of MP to equip, so leveling your max MP and collecting a variety of medals with different effects can lead to some pretty varied builds for your party. Players have a lot of choice in what strengths they want to focus on, and since Medals can just be swapped out on a whim, you don't have to commit permanently to these buffs; If you'd rather trade higher immunity to poison for higher max HP, or swap out boosted defense for boosted attack, just open your Medals menu and equip as desired. Unlike Paper Mario, you will not be recruiting 8 or so partners. You play as a team of three characters for the entire game, each with their own special ability. Vi the Bee can hit flying enemies, and throws a boomerang on the overworld. Kabbu the Beetle can pierce enemy defenses, and on the field can use his horn to slice through objects. Leif the Moth wields ice magic, which is useful both offensively and to freeze water and enemies on the field to solve puzzles. You can swap out the party leader with the press of a button to utilize each member's unique field ability, which is a bit like the Mario and Luigi games. Of course, that's just their gameplay applications. As characters, your playable party is quirky and memorable as well. Vi is a bit selfish and prideful, but never to the point of being unlikable. Kabbu is a levelheaded warrior who frequently has to reign Vi in, and he's also got a bit of a soft side for cute things. Leif is dignified and noble, even going so far as to use the royal "we" when speaking - and also proves to be a knowledgeable, scholarly type. The three of them play off each other's personalities well, and really do feel like a group of traveling friends. Also, this game has tons of optional dialogue. You can have party conversations for every map, nearly every NPC, and each of the three party members has their own unique commentary for every enemy in the game. I feel like this kind of thing goes a long way to fleshing out the characters while still making it something the player has to "opt in" to; if you want to just breeze through the main story, you totally can! But if you take the time to enjoy all the side conversations, you can really dive deep into the characters and world, and so far I've found it incredibly charming. If you enjoyed the early Paper Mario games at all, I can't recommend it enough. Links: Bug Fables Official Website Get Bug Fables on Steam Anyway, I just thought I should start a thread for the game. If you've played it, are playing, or are just interested in playing it, this could be a fun place to discuss the game! Whether it's the game itself, the story, your favorite characters (mine's Kabbu so far), or anything else related to Bug Fables. I'm only about a chapter and a half into the game so far, but I can say that this game absolutely lives up to classic Paper Mario's pedigree in terms of both gameplay and writing. So far the battles have been a decent challenge, and the first dungeon had a lot of interesting setpieces and puzzles that take advantage of your parties' unique abilities. I'd say that so far, Bug Fables is more demanding than the original Paper Mario games in terms of difficulty; not unreasonably hard, but it doesn't hold your hand either. (And if you want extra difficulty, you're able to get a "Hard Mode" medal early on that makes enemies extra tough, but offer more EXP) I'm definitely psyched to get back to it and play more!
  4. NPR: Trump Signs Executive Order To Weaken Social Media Companies So, uh, what legal ramifications - if any - does this actually have? Is the president trying to say privately-owned websites aren't allowed to set their own terms of service and must allow all user-posted content? What does this actually mean?
  5. Does anyone know what time on release day Switch games actually become available?

    It's May 28th now, I want to play Bug Fables.


    1. Polkadi~☆


      Early morning. 7AM-9AM.

      When about, specifically? I'unno. Whenever, in that timeframe.

  6. Bug Fables releases on Switch tomorrow.

    It's finally time for another classic Paper Mario.

  7. When Peach bakes Gourmet Guy's cake, she reaches into the oven and takes it out with her bare* hands.

    *Technically she's wearing dress gloves, but I don't think those meet oven mitt regulations.

    1. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile

      Being fair, she survives in Bowser's Castle whenever she gets kidnapped despite that being filled with and surrounded by lava.

      Her clothing is probably really heatproof out of necessity by this point.

  8. Could "two worlds" have been mistranslated or overly literal or something?

    Like, what if Iizuka meant something more like "two societies" rather than two distinct planets?

    I'm probably grasping at straws here, I'm just trying to make the Sonic universe less dumb.

    1. Jack at Home

      Jack at Home

      I interpreted it as "one game we built in a realistic environment, the other was thought to be set in a fantasy world". "No connection or lore or anything". But no, they insist on that, so I just give up, sorry, 2 worlds are canon I guess.

    2. Dr. Mechano

      Dr. Mechano

      But the Mystic Ruins clearly has ancient echidna architecture. Augh, it's so dumb.

    3. Lord-Dreamerz


      SonicTeam has liked the 2 worlds idea ever since Sonic X I read. So no, it isn't a mistake, they retcon the series later for humans & animal folk to originally be from 2 different worlds because they were inspired by Sonic X to do so.

    4. Diogenes


      i think it has been confirmed to be two separate worlds.

      honestly it's dumb but i don't see a need to worry about it. it was a thing for a while before we even knew about it so it's not like it's having some huge effect on the series and you can handwave most of the problems with it just by assuming there's been more travel between them than just the heroes and eggman.

    5. Plumbers_Helper


      Ian Flynn said that it is two-worlds, apparently it's been a thing since Sonic Adventure.

      It's been said there is an old interview with Yuji Naka where he says the humans prefer to live on the continents while animals, like Sonic and friends, tend to prefer living on the various islands scattered across Earth. However, I've found no evidence yet that Yuji Naka ever said that. No one who ever claims this leaves a source and I've scoured the internet going through interview after interview to find this statement from Yuji Naka, but I've been unsuccessful. Unless it's in a very obscure magazine that has yet to be documented, or I just somehow missed it, it's likely this was made up. If anyone can help me on this I would really appreciate it.

      The only problem with two-worlds is not the concept itself, but the entire way it's been implemented. There are so many questions this two-worlds concept raises: How does travel between these worlds happen? Can anyone travel between worlds? How long have both worlds known about the existence of each other? That's not even getting into game specific questions. If they would just give us something, like a three page comic explaining how everyone travels between worlds, then I think most fans would be satisfied. I know Sonic fans could come up with a satisfying headcanon to explain how the two-worlds concept fits in with each game, but we need some foundation to build these theories on. Right now, we understand and know nothing about it.

      Also, I feel Sega should come up with a better name for the planet Sonic is from then "Sonic's World". It's not like they don't have a planet name already well established with Sonic, just call it Mobius. It's not like details from the old-disbanded western continuity haven't crept their way into the main Japanese one before, the Robotnik name and Sonic's love of Chili Dogs are probably the most notable examples.

      All fans want is a little thought and care put into this...and don't think that's asking for too much.

    6. Jack at Home

      Jack at Home

      @Lord-Dreamerz That's different I think. That was Sonic X and it was more like "different dimensions", you see that around season 2-3. Episodes 50-53.

      2 worlds in the games... I assume it's different planets, because of what the movie did, I - again - assume they want to follow that, makes more sense, or at least they did it well in the film.

      In IDW, Zavok also explicitly says "Eggman has bases on other planets". So Planet Wisp, Earth, etc. In TSR, they are in space with Dodon Pa, and they get warped to different locations as well.

      They just need to canonize everything but I think it's like in the movie.

    7. Lord-Dreamerz


      I did say Sonic X "Inspired" the new direction, not that they copied the show fully.

  9. Y'know, Eggman was the only one of SA2's Team Dark not overtly shown to be plotting to double-cross the other members.

    He was upfront about wanting to take over the world and probably would have been content to let Shadow and Rouge be high-ranking officials in his empire if they'd been loyal.

    1. Kuzu


      Well Rouge probably doesn't care about taking over the world, and Shadow only cared about Gerald's will.

    2. Plumbers_Helper


      The only time Eggman showed any animosity to Rouge or Shadow was in a cut line of dialogue where he says "We may be partners, but this doesn't mean I trust you." I can't think of a time, in the games at least, where Eggman betrayed someone that was willingly subservient to him. It's possible Eggman was telling the truth when he told the Chaotix they would be "rewarded handsomely" for helping him in Sonic Heroes.

  10. Okay, the attacks being actual weapons and not consumable items makes a huge difference. Even if the special skills are still item-based, that's not the worst thing in the world. The later Mario & Luigi game used "Bros. Items" for skills and I still had fun with those. I'm just happy we can jump and hammer (and hopefully use partner attacks too) as much as we want.
  11. I feel like the point of silent protagonists is to keep their personality vague enough for the player to kinda project anything they want onto them.

    ...But Mario isn't like that. He has a defined - if simple - personality, and in some games (Mario vs. Donkey Kong, Fortune Street, etc.) gets full-fledged dialogue beyond simple grunts and catchphrases.

    So I honestly wouldn't mind if they let him talk more.

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      I don't think the Mario Sports Mix example works because it's using such a sterile presentation format - an interviewee scenario - to give Mario, a cartoon character, more lines to talk through. Cartoon characters with exaggerated voices are usually at their best when every word they say is emoting something, but for that same character to do that constantly in a format where drawn out sentences with a single message are conveyed, it comes off as needlessly irritating.

      If he had fully fledged voice acting in something as snappy as a Popeye, Loony-tunes, or a donald duck short, I'm sure he'd sound much better off as a result

    3. Dr. Mechano

      Dr. Mechano

      I think Popeye is honestly a great comparison, and is similar to the Mario vs. Donkey Kong cutscenes I posted above.

      Very light dialogue, with a bit of gibberish thrown in (Popeye's mumbling and Mario's faux-Italian) as a sort of filler. So they still both talk less than their co-stars, while still getting more substantive things to say.

    4. Dr. Detective Mike

      Dr. Detective Mike

      I'm trying to think of a time where I've played a game where I liked the silent protagonist only to realize that I don't think I've ever played a game with one before. I guess I just... unconsciously steer clear of them. I don't really have much interest in grafting my personality on a character. Usually, what I would do is pretend I'm there, having the adventure with the characters I liked. 

    5. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      How is it that the pink "baby" blob, whose most used words include "Hi!" and "Poyo!", is somehow allowed more of a real "personality" than Mr. "Hoo Whoohoo" Man and the Legend of "Ha Hiyah"?



      That video's a poor example honestly; the stale, forced scripting of it all kinda sells Charles short on his full potential. He practically sells himself with Wario once he gets full dialogue, and the man has a much wider range than what Nintendo ever let him use. The moments where he can go more off book with Mario is where he really shines. 

    6. Blacklightning
    7. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      Also @Dr. Detective Mike @Dr. Mechano I think you're kind of missing the point of why the "silent protagonist" angle works and is used. Most of the time people cite the reason for allowing the player to project or self insert themselves into the game, as if that's a unique selling point, but that always exists in games in the first place.

      The differences is where when a blank slate character has a role and personality established, the priority of the character as a whole takes a backseat to the player's actions and adventure, whereas with a speaking protagonist, things like the character's story arc, their drives, their character progression, all have to work in tandem in order for the player to enjoy them, otherwise they'll be stale or uninteresting as protagonists you yourself should want to follow along with.

      The point is never to give the players some sort of unique outlet to be whoever they want to be, as they'll do that regardless whether link wants to spend hours on finding korok seeds or not. The point is to keep the player's character in the background for the more important aspect of the game - such as the world, puzzles, playgrounds you're given the chance to explore - to be allowed to shine unhindered, as the main focus of the game.

      And I think that's the reason why I find rpgs with silent protagonists so mind-numbingly stupid. I'm playing a game for the story, to follow along their characters and their story, to see how everything progresses in the story; why on earth would I want to operate off of my own agency when there's literally nothing else to do but follow someone else's story, whether they're the protagonist or not, and my character already has a defined role and feelings that the side characters acknowledge all the way throughout the game anyways. It makes no sense

    8. StaticMania


      RPGs are birth of the silent protagonist though.

    9. The Deleter
    10. Cayenne


      @Supah Berry

      I loved his Wario voice in WarioWare Gold. It was perfect. 

      And I really liked the Instagram videos! They have that funny but more moderated voice that I wish Mario had in his games.

    11. E-122-Psi


      That's the thing really, they want to keep them silent so they can be an insert, so the player can insert their own personality into them....but they bothered to give Mario a personality so it doesn't really work. People like Mario for his quirks, keeping them downplayed doesn't make him possible to express through, it just makes him bland yet still defined. I keep seeing moments they seem to get this, like they get it doesn't really work and want to give Mario a full character (Luigi's Mansion 3 is another key example where he properly interacts), but they keep dithering, like it's a Nintendo tradition and they don't want to fully break it. Kirby can get away with it for example since his personality can vent through pantomime, but Mario games tend to have dialogue so it seems weirder Mario doesn't often converse outright.

      I think many developers seem to get this doesn't really work when you make the character too iconic. Naughty Dog for example seemed to change their mind about Jak after the second game (they went on the record saying they regretted making Crash silent as well).

    12. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      I don't understand the criticism levied at Mario for being bland in his games because there isn't any way to make him not "bland" storywise that would actually enhance the game though

      Mario Odyssey and Mario Galaxy were both a breath of fresh air not because of whether they added to the personalities of the characters, changed the goals of the game, or evolved the series storytelling over time, but because of the new scenarios, elements, or tropes they turned on their head or threw into the mix of the same basic formula. The best ideas the series has had in forever were just new ways to tell the same story beats with an added dash of freshness and adventure, in a way a classic cartoon series would iterate upon itself.

      I really don't think Mario would be better as a Ratchet and Clank or Jak-esque series. It'd just be different.

    13. Plumbers_Helper


      Fully voiced Mario is always a joy.


    14. E-122-Psi


      @The DeleterI don't think it's the case of development but more endearment. Keeping Mario coldly detached from the story makes his character feel like a non-entity and like a potential bit of warmth is lost, similar to how Sonic displays his own sense of empathy to a situation, or hell even just DiC cartoon Mario as basic as those plots were.

      Luigi's Mansion 3 shows how much more endearing the games' universe can be by even just the mildest bit of interaction between Mario and the others. The two way brotherly dynamic between Mario and Luigi is quite cute there.

    15. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      Well in that case I guess it just comes down to presentation style, as the more reserved reactions that the Mario characters usually have towards stuff in the official games feels a lot lesser than the more exaggerated/robust interactions Intelligent Systems made for the Luigi's Mansion games. Though they seem to be getting a lot better at it in recent years; the ending of Mario odyssey is pure distilled shenanigans in Mario form and is easily the most memorable Mario cutscene in recent history as a result imo

    16. E-122-Psi


      I definitely think they've gotten better as time went on, though it's concerning since even earlier they were a bit erratic. Mario Sunshine shown a bit of Mario's jolly layabout personality in the first cutscene, but in all others he's practically a zombie staring into your soul.

    17. Plumbers_Helper


      Mario even had fully voiced dialouge in one cutscene of the Japanese version of Mario Sunshine. It was very hard to hear, which is why they probably muted him for the English release.

    18. E-122-Psi


      @Plumbers_HelperIt only further keeps this feeling that the creative team are at odds with each other and whether Mario's personality is iconic enough to matter.

    19. StaticMania


      That didn't stop them from having hard to hear dialogue in other games.

    20. Plumbers_Helper


      We know Shiguru Miyamoto has some sort of vendetta against story in his games, so it only make sense. It always seemed to me that he had something to prove, to show people that games can be fun without cutscenes or dialogue. He never seemed to fully understand that while that is true, a narrative can enhance a game rather then distract from it.

      When film was first invented, people used to pay to watch something as simple as a clip of a man sneezing, kind of like arcades. But as time progressed so did film, now there is more to a movie then just the act of seeing movement, just like there is more to a video game now then just gameplay. But just because things have advanced doesn't mean things have changed completely. TikToks and other short clips are still enjoyed by viewers to this day, while mobile games especially show that games devoted to nothing but gameplay have their place as well. Mr. Miyamoto has mostly resided to being a creative consultant these days, but his philosophy on games has carried on through other developers for better or worse.

      I don't think Mario exactly needs a 20-hour length story full of cutscenes, but I feel like Nintendo should put more thought into stories for Mario then this:

      "They always want to have these dramatic scenes where Princess Peach gets kidnapped, but I always tell them, no, it’s fine — Princess Peach likes cake, so you can just have them use cake as bait to kidnap Princess Peach, and that’s enough. [...] I was thinking they could have these big ships come in, and they’ve got these big chains all over them, and they drop a plate down with cake on it."


    21. Cayenne


      There's a certain thing that most people don't know about Mario: Nintendo and their branches treat the Mario franchise very differently from each other. Japan has many licensed manga comics and strips that expand Mario's personality and the plot of his games (Super Mario-Kun is Mario's IDW/Archie Sonic, Go Go Mario Kart is Mario Kart as a Shonen manga, KC Mario is SM-K but even more weird, etc.), but Nintendo didn't want to make anything for the western audiences after Super Mario Adventures. The most recent Mario comic we have is a very short one-shot Skylanders comic with Bowser and Donkey Kong.

      Some official sites for the games are very different between territories as well. The japanese site of WarioWare inc.: Mega Microgames!, for example, had fictional blogposts written by Wario and his employees. Each post expanded their personalities and had interesting information about them: Dribble has a married daughter, Kat and Ana are from the Iga clan (Hattori Hanzo's ninja clan), Mona and 9-Volt played and traded Pokémon, etc. 

      The North American site didn't have those posts and focused on Wario and the weird aspect of the microgames. For NoA (and maybe Nintendo themselves), learning more about the characters isn't something very interesting for us. 

    22. E-122-Psi


      I don't begrudge Miyamoto's love for simplicity, only when he insists on NOTHING AT ALL.

      The Golden Age cartoon characters can be iconic by just simple characteristics and scenarios. Luigi's Mansion is not defined by some 'epic' story, just by giving the characters enough smidgeon of life that they give the game an extra bit of charm when playing it, a little more incentive to play through their story.

      Princess Peach being kidnapped with cake instead of some dark complicated scheme isn't a bad thing at all, but where's the fun expressions and reactions to compliment such a silly but enjoyable scenario?

      It's weird really, you'd think with all the Smash hype, Nintendo of all people would know fans' attachment to their characters besides as gameplay devices.

    23. Maxtiis


      Nintendo should do more Mario games that are akin to the style of that Super Mario Adventures comic. Mario characters already have established personalities, there's no reason not to utilize them.

      Mario himself isn't a blank slate like Link, even though for some reason he's still a piece of wood.

    24. Plumbers_Helper



      The Super Mario-Kun manga is mostly a gag filled parody of the Mario games, the closest thing I can compare it to is SMG64. The Super Mario Galaxy adaption for example, if I remember correctly, begins with Mario stripping naked during the Star Bit Festival to catch them...for some reason. Not exactly the action adventure-style Sonic has with his comics.

      Things are a tiny bit better now, Professor E. Gadd's Research Journal was translated for the English website. Even Super Mario-Kun is getting released in the west in some form. Besides those live events where you can talk to Mario, the last time Nintendo's western branches did something with their characters was with Wario's "Crowdfarting" campaign to "fund" his game, it might have even inspired the fully voiced cutscenes for WarioWare Gold. It's not the first time Wario was fully voiced, there was this interview and the old Wario Land 4 website(It surprisingly still mostly works if you enable Flash.). Besides that short Skylanders comic, last time Mario was in other media in the west was Mario and the Incredible Rescue, a short chapter book released all the way back in 2006.

    25. Cayenne


      @Plumbers_Helper Kodomo humor is something...strange. I've yet to read a Kodomo manga where the stories aren't a rain of random jokes and silly puns.

      And I should have explained myself better: When I compared Super Mario-Kun with Archie/IDW Sonic, I wasn't talking about the tone, but the longevity. The first Super Mario-kun manga was published in the early 90s and the series is still ongoing today. 


    26. Plumbers_Helper


      I can understand that, it is surprising how long Super Mario-Kun has lasted.

      If Archie's Sonic the Hedgehog is the longest lasting comic to be based on a video game, is it possible that Super Mario-Kun is the longest lasting manga to be based on a video game?

      I wonder...

  12. My (un?)popular opinion: I really want playable Eggman in a story capacity, like a platformer or RPG or something, not just a sports/racing/party spinoff title. As a Mario fan, I feel like whenever we get to play as Bowser in an actual adventure (Super Mario RPG, Super Paper Mario, Yoshi's Island DS, Bowser's Inside Story, etc.), it's awesome. Getting to take the main series antagonist for a spin ourselves and unleash his might upon hordes of enemies feels incredibly empowering. And it's been a long time since we've gotten that with Eggman. SA2, Advance 3, and Chronicles. Those are really the only "adventure" scenarios where we get to play as Eggman, and in the latter two it's a pretty limited capacity. I'm not saying it needs to happen every game or anything; certainly not. But I for one would be 100% for another game where we get to blast our way across the land as Dr. Eggman. It's been over a decade since the last time, and I say we're overdue to see story-playable Eggman again.
  13. Almar, I feel like you're ignoring or misunderstanding peoples' arguments here. I've mentioned already that even Steven Universe, who you keep bringing up, isn't as much of a pushover pacifist as you keep making him out to be. And certainly Sonic isn't, in the games, comics, or any other official media. Not being down with killing a dude (or letting him die) isn't the same thing as Sonic being some namby-pampy "power of love" platitude-spewer. Sonic has been fine smacking Eggman around, letting him fall from great heights, and even letting his machines literally blow up in his face - all things that result in slapstick inconvenience, rather than death, mind you. He has no love for the guy, but still has enough basic compassion for his humanity to draw the line at his life. Eggman has, after all, helped save the world multiple times. And by this point, so has Metal Sonic, thanks to Rivals 2. Not everything is this extreme dichotomy; There's a nuanced view of Sonic somewhere between total pacifist and bloodthirsty killer (or even apathetic death-allower).
  14. Pictured: Steven Universe on the offensive You can be the type of hero who doesn't wantonly kill villains or even leave them to die, and still not be a total pacifist. Your example of what Sonic isn't doesn't work, because "wouldn't have been on the offensive" doesn't even apply to Steven. As I said in an earlier reply, Eggman has survived worse, in Mania. Eggman can strut out of the ruins of his base with only minor scuffs and covered in ash, and I think Sonic knows that already. I reiterate: The man was sucked into a propeller and his clothes exploded in the very same game.
  15. Yeah, and I think that Eggman's racked up a lot of credit with Sonic by helping save the world over and over (even if half the time he instigated the catastrophe in the first place). This is even Sonic's justification for showing Eggman compassion in IDW; "Well, the guy did save the world a bunch of times." It wasn't even just that he had amnesia. Sonic believed that Eggman's life (not just Mr. Tinker's) had value. I mean, in the classic games and in Mania especially, Eggman's a damn tank. He gets sucked head-first into a propeller and then his scuba suit starts exploding while he's wearing it, and he's no worse for wear. I don't think Sonic in Mania even once thought that Eggman's base collapsing around him would do him in. If Mania Adventures is canon (it was made by people who worked on the game), Sonic does almost show Eggman enough compassion to spring him from a trap in episode 1, before letting him get hoist by his own petard after all once he learns what he was up to. (He's still fine though, because Eggman's indestructible)
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