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  1. Eggman Strategy RPG. Take control of Eggman, and customize your own mech for him to pilot. Use spare parts and funds to build Badniks for your army. Level them up with upgrades, expanding their stats and attacks. Include major Eggman Empire personnel as playable characters, like Metal Sonic, the Hard-Boiled Heavies, and more. Have support conversations between Eggman and his robots, or his robots with each other, to develop their characters! Obviously, status quo is god, so the game can't exactly end with Eggman taking over the world. But Eggman and his army saving the day from some big existential threat could still be cool, right?
  2. I want to emphasize that I don't hate the Deadly Six conceptually. I just feel like they were poorly executed and were usually way less funny than the writers were going for.
  3. Grodus's humor comes from his interactions with his underlings. He tries to present himself and the X-Nauts as a super-serious evil force... but is constantly frustrated with the incompetent Lord Crump and the overly casual nature of his own grunts. Grodus is a classic "comically serious" character; He's not funny because he's zany and wacky, he's funny because he tries so hard to be serious and focused despite being surrounded by idiots. The Shroobs are weird, in that most of them don't really have dialogue - and even the few who do don't say much of substance. From Elder Princess Shroob down to her minions, all of them are pretty much just "generic evil aliens" without much else. They're basically Mario's Black Arms, and I feel like they're among the weaker Mario villains because of this. That's why I wasn't exactly singing their praises earlier. Even Mario drops the ball occasionally. Antasma is fine. We see him struggle and deal with adversity and inconvenience throughout the game, and this prevents him from feeling like a boring overpowered villain. I won't spoil it just in case someone doesn't know what hapens, but I think it's fair to say that a certain other villain stole the show in that game anyway. Also, the Mario platformers usually don't use other villains besides Bowser. To date, we've had Donkey Kong, Tatanga, and Wario. I guess we can count Mario himself as a platformer villain in Donkey Kong Jr. as well. The RPGs are kind of a necessary well to draw from, and are the closest parallels to "modern Sonic games" in terms of tone and story scope.
  4. They were, but they weren't built up to be anything more than just a squad of bosses to defeat, while the Deadly Six were built up to be the (red herring) main antagonists of Lost World. And for nothing but a bunch of stage bosses, they had more personality than is typically expected for that role. Different context, different expectations. Heavy King is an exception, as he tried (and failed) to usurp Eggman, but the game didn't really focus on him enough for him to leave that much of an impression - which is kind of a weakness for that role. Still, that could be at least one reason people might give the Heavies a bit more leeway. It helps that they were generally received as more likable and fun than the Deadly Six were too. That's subjective, sure, but it doesn't seem like a rare opinion either. Both groups are pretty flat characters, but I think it just could be that the Heavies were simply better-executed and didn't overstay their welcome, as opposed to the Deadly Six who spent an inordinate amount of time standing around and attempting to exchange funny banter with each other - much of which fell flat for many people. Maybe less is more, you know?
  5. Shadow Queen, I'll give you, but in her defense she still had minions with personality, which is more than I can say for Mephiles. Beldam, Marilyn, and (prior to her reformation) Vivian served the Shadow Queen directly rather than Grodus. Doopliss was one of her direct henchmen too, and he was hilarious. So I still think that the Shadow Queen is aided by having extensions of her will still have personality. In that sense she's kind of like Smithy; Not terribly engaging herself, but supported by likable underlings. Dimentio was a literal clown. He was brimming with personality and had great one-liners throughout the game. He was far less sympathetic than Bleck was, but he was anything but bland. I don't count Tabuu. Tabuu is terrible. Get him out of here. Also, 90s movie Koopa was constantly frustrated with his incompetent minions and had an entire running gag involving a pizza order. Also, this: The guy was a goon. Because their quirks solely defined them and they had nothing interesting beyond that. They didn't even have any real motivation. Characters like Bowser and Eggman are quirky, but they're not one-note (usually). The Deadly Six had surface-level quirks but not much else. Essentially, they had the same problems a typical one-shot Sonic villain has, except they were played for comedy instead of drama.
  6. Sonic Mania Nominated for Several E3 Awards

    A Sonic game making it onto several top games lists? Man, it feels surreal to see after so long, but it's damn satisfying to see the ol' hedgehog high on the charts again.
  7. The problem with Mephiles is that he's dry and humorless. He's boring. He has no personality. The Mario series has occasionally dabbled in "darker" villains, some of whom wanted to plunge the world into darkness or even achieve total universal destruction, as opposed to merely conquering the Mushroom Kingdom. Yet in most of these cases, the villains still had memorable, likable, and fun personalities. Villains like Fawful, Count Bleck, the X-Nauts... These weren't just bland, dark-and-edgy sticks in the mud who just stood around being evil all day. They had quirks, foibles, a certain humanness about them that made them endearing to the audience while feeling right at home in the Mario series. Even Smithy, one of the more low-key and "serious" Mario antagonists, had a freaking sentai team under his command - so he wasn't totally without any humorous bells and whistles. The Wario spinoff series had some downright twisted and weird big bads as well - Rudy and Terrormisu both hit the "godlike existential threat" qualification, but they still had personality and charisma that made them more than just flat generic obstacles to foil. I think that characters like Mephiles or Black Doom just feel out of place, because they have nothing to their personalities other than how dark and evil and scary they're supposed to be. They're the epitome of generic one-note villains, and they stick out in the Sonic series like sore thumbs because of that.
  8. We believe players will feel a sense of pride and accomplishment when they purchase the ability to use Super Sonic.

  9. Man, I wish Konami still made Goemon games. That was such a fun series.

    1. Shiguy


      I've only ever played Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon and could never beat it.

      Couldn't get past the first Mecha section.

    2. King Koopone

      King Koopone

      I've only played a bit of the first N64 Goemon game and liked what I playedhowever the rest either stayed in Japan, a couple of the weaker entries or in the case of its sequel pretty expensive to get.

      There are a lot of series that I wish Konami would still make but they'll be on a Pachinko machine somewhere...

    3. Space☆Yeow


      @Shiguy Same here.

  10. MOORE (HUH.)

    1. RosaRosaRosalina



      (LISTEN TO ME)

    2. Dr. Mechano

      Dr. Mechano

    3. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile

      Moore child molesting.

  11. Regardless of my thoughts on the game's visual style, it is exciting to see Mega Man again after all these years.

    Looking forward to seeing what creative Robot Masters we get this time!

    1. Shiguy


      Is it sad to say i'm excited for the amount of side-by-sides the game is gonna get to MNO.9 when more info gets released?

    2. Forte-Metallix


      I still have high hopes for Spiked Wall Man.

  12. Sonic Forces SPOILER Thread

    I do. I'm just saying that I don't find Forces Eggman's accomplishments terribly important, especially since most of them are off-screen and informed through text blurbs anyway. He may have done more here than he did in Colors, but it's not like it was treated with much more gravity. It was also easily undone within the span of a single (and short) game. So Eggman finally conquering the world, which should have been a monumentous event in the Sonic franchise, just feels like another passing plot of the week. So yeah, Forces Eggman technically did more things. But I'm saying those things leave so little of an impact that they barely even matter.
  13. Sonic Forces SPOILER Thread

    I don't care if he's more competent, really. I care if he's a better character. Colors Eggman just has so much more personality than Forces Eggman does. As far as I'm concerned, this makes Colors' portrayal of Eggman far and away the better of the two. He utterly steals the show in the former, and just kinda feels like he's along for the ride in the latter.
  14. With Mega Man 11 being announced and how it looks...

    I really don't agree there. Like, a lot of custom assets had to be made for both games, and I think they honestly look really good. Again, I'm not opposed to games that don't use the 8-bit style. 7 and 8 didn't, and they were still fine games (though, I have some big issues with 8 that have nothing to do with the graphics). I'm fine with 11 not doing it. But I do hope 10 wasn't the last 8-bit Mega Man game. I'm fine with them mixing things up sometimes, absolutely.
  15. With Mega Man 11 being announced and how it looks...

    I think they did do an evolution, with sprites. The sprites are shinier and more detailed than the ones on the Genesis were, after all. Everything visually "pops" a lot more. The characters have far more detailed animations, and even the backgrounds are fare more visually interesting. And I think they can continue to evolve the game visually while still using sprites as their medium. Especially if the next game has all original zones instead of "re-imagined classics."