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  1. Lest anyone accuse me of 90s bias, I disliked SatAM too, and don't really understand the heaps of praise it gets.

    I think that show was an overhyped furry melodrama, and not a good representation of the Sonic franchise. Robotnik in particular was an in-name-only shell of the character he was based on, and lacked any of his game counterpart's whimsy and personality.

    I dislike it for many of the same reasons I dislike Forces' story.

    1. DanJ86


      I already knew that. You said it once before.

      I don't really like SatAM either.

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Sounds like you have 90s bias.

    3. Tornado


      SatAM was pretty well in line with what SoA was trying to push for Sonic in general.




      Though the only outside media that really attempted to work the games as actually presented until Sonic X was AoStH.

    4. Dr. Mechano

      Dr. Mechano

      The OVA was pre-X too, and it got... well, some things right.

    5. Sonikko


      I agree 100%. I feel like what SoA wsas pushing for Sonic back then was nothing but a bastardization of the original product.

      Kinda like what happened with many franchises back then. SatAM was a result of that process and I really don't appreciate it. I felt alienated as a kid when I watched it the first time. I kept looking for the games characters to appear but they were nowhere to be seen, and I kept asking myself "who the heck are these guys, I don't like them, where's Knuckles?"

      And for some reason Eggman was ugly and scary, and the colorful world was nowhere to be seen.

    6. Osmium


      SatAM in general is an extremely poor representation in the series, coming to the point of being name only. 

      Despite this I like series 1 somewhat as a standalone thing removing the context from it being Sonic as I think it has a genuinely nice atmosphere. Series 2 I detest through. 

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