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  1. Human/Animal separate planets is and will always be dumb.

    1. Polkadi~☆
    2. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      Humans are animals too... 🤔

    3. SonicWind


      Agreed. I'm not a fan of that.

    4. StaticMania


      Until it's not

    5. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Human and Anthro harmony:

      The Virgin Sonic the Hedgehog vs the Chad Animal Crossing + Crash Bandicoot

    6. Dr. Mechano

      Dr. Mechano

      There is no not.

      Dumbness is eternal.

    7. Sapphirine Wind

      Sapphirine Wind

      Tbh, at the least they could have mentioned it from the start/when SA came along.

      It's still silly nonetheless, but knowing about it would have kept it from looking like a pointless retcon that complicates things (if it was planned that early, anyway).

    8. Strickerx5


      I do wonder who ST thinks they're appealing to with decisions like that.

      Did anyone look at this series about a blue hedgehog that breaks the sound barrier and go "Ok, I dig it. But don't mix the animals with the humans society. That'd be crazy"?

    9. Dr. Mechano

      Dr. Mechano

      They didn't mention it when SA came along because I'm certain they didn't have it in mind back then.

      SA1 has Angel Island. A person in Station Square references and remembers the Little Planet incident from Sonic CD. Ancient echidna architecture is all over the Mystic Ruins.

      Clearly they were meant to just be the same planet back then.

    10. Polkadi~☆


      If only. Apparently, Yuji Naka came up with that idea around the time of SA1?

    11. Dr. Mechano

      Dr. Mechano

      Then he either didn't tell anyone or didn't enforce that idea at all.

      Like, unless the train from Station Square is a SPACE TRAIN that goes to the Mystic Ruins which are on Sonic's world, explaining the presence of Angel Island and the echidna ruins.

    12. Ferno


      I love worlds like these


      animals, people, everything in between, all on equal footing

      The Dragon Ball universe is similar to that as well

    13. Dr. Mechano

      Dr. Mechano

      AoStH got it right all the way back in 1993. Humans, animals, and weird bizarro creatures who weren't quite either.

    14. Thigolf


      @Strickerx5 I'm convinced this is a overreaction to 06...again. Like the whole multiple characters thing. People didn't like the execution of one thing because it was shitty and Sonic Team just burns everything to the ground instead of attempting to fix it.

      Unleashed is the outlier there, of course, but I wouldn't be surprised if the whole "traveling real life locals" concept was already too far into development or the reaction was just delayed. Either way...yeah, I think it boils down to 06.

    15. G-Force


      It can't have anything to do with Sonic 06 because Sonic X was obviously built around it, and the last episode of X came out in 05.

      If it is an overreaction to something, it's probably the Adventure games and the whole "why is Sonic surrounded by humans now?" backlash.

    16. Soniman


      If they're gonna stick with it I wish they'd make some interesting lore with it but they don't even do that, it's not even brought up in the games period, so dumb 

    17. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Oh, you'll get over it. 


      I seem to recall all you fans saying that "every single human in Sonic sucks except for Eggman."

    18. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      @Soniman I thought they had something going on with Sonic Riders ZG with the reveal that the Babylonians were actually aliens that crash landed on Earth thousands of years ago, explaining the existence of walking talking animals alongside humans.

      If they wanted to do a "two worlds" thing, they could have it that their original planet was "Mobius" or something, and that ended up being the mysterious planet that Sonic and friends warp to on occasion. 

      But can't expect Sonic Team to come up with anything that creative, apparently their story writing peaked with Sonic having a talking sword and telling a magical girl "it's okay to die sometimes".


    19. Dr. Mechano

      Dr. Mechano

      @Supah Berry

      Nope. I was defending humans even before we had any idea they'd be gone, and I have the receipts.


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