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  1. happy birthday if you ever come back :D

  2. 21, and staying sober. ^~^ Fuck alcohol!

    1. Wentos


      Your name says it all.

    2. Ferno


      Welcome back!

    3. KrazyBean


      I've never drunk Alcohol before and I'm almost 19...I don't see the appeal of Alcohol really, and beer smells like crap IMO =P

    4. Uraraka


      good for you! :D


  4. Haven't chatted in like forever but, Happy Birthday!

  5. A bad performance can drag writing down. And if writing is essential to a story, then the story could end up sucking. And if the story sucks.... well.... it damn better be a FUN ASS game to play. Aside from being a game geek... I'm also a theatre/film nerd. And I've taken acting classes. So for someone like me, who has such interest in performing and acting, it does kinda make me cringe a little inside when I hear some bad spoken dialogue. But, like... I'm kinda aware that when video games first started voice actors, they weren't movies, they weren't going for voice acting. It was just the gameplay... and clearly they didn't want to spend a bigger budget on great voice actors than on the game. So they went for what they could get. But now... since video games these days are getting so much more complex story-wise. So much more theatrical with so much more dialogue and story driven elements that hooks you on just about as much as the game... It would definitelly start helping to see more convincing actors to set that right mood and tone that a complex story needs. To just make it feel more natural and real besides scripted and being payed to come to studio and say lines and go home. When it comes to campy Mario games or other cartoon games, it doesn't matter to me. But if it's a serious story-driven game, I will be bothered a slight tad. Would I turn off a game because of it? No. It depends what it is. I guess I must not have played those kind of games yet.
  6. SA2 wasn't shit. My opinion. There are more games to go off on than this. This game is better. Doesn't deserve shit title in game series, goodness.
  8. I think it's kinda gay that some theaters around the world are already canceling the premieres to this movie in fear of a copycat killer striking on those nights. To those who think they should cancel those premieres... The man who shot John Lennon did so because he wanted to be famous. He wanted to be part of The Beatles legend and realized the only way he could do that was to kill John Lennon. Out of nothing more than a desire to be famous, he committed murder. We now remember his name as the man who shot John Lennon. He's won. The man who committed the murders of 77 people in one day in Norway last year did so because he wanted to be famous. He hasn't used those exact words but he committed those crimes so people would pay attention to him. That's pretty much what it boils down to if you read about his motives. He has a warped "manifesto", an idea that he thinks is right, and he believed the only way to get people to pay any attention was to kill people. We now remember his name as the man who killed 77 people and his "manifesto" and beliefs have thoroughly studied, scrutinized and examined. He's won. The man who carried out the senseless attack on the cinema in Denver? Well, it's too early to say so for sure but I bet part of his motives would be a desire for attention - a desire to be famous. Nearly every spree killer has the same motivation somewhere and I bet this guy is no different. And right now, we know him as someone who killed 12 people in a disgusting, violent, unwarranted attack. Pulling the movie from cinemas ... this would give him a LOT more fame. He would no longer just be another killer, another deranged individual, he would forever be associated with this movie and with Batman - forever. He would be associated with all midnight screenings, with all big blockbusters. His fame would be meteoric. You really want to give him another victory? Empathize with the victims, feel sorry for the wounded, pray for the dead if you believe, fly the flag at half-mast ... but do NOT give this sick little man more fame. Do NOT give him a victory. Do NOT let him win.
  9. That SSMB moment when you view someone's profile and you don't know them, and then they see you did and they view yours back.

  10. Let's do it, Tails.

    1. Blue Wisp

      Blue Wisp

      *unzips pants*

      LET'S DO IT.

    2. Shiluku


      I get the feeling that this has NOTHING to do with the real superpower of teamwork.

    3. gato


      @Blue WisP: WTF!?

      Tails wears pants!? O_o

    4. Meemz


      Come on Sonic, we need to get busy!

    5. Blue Blood
    6. A Match in Oil Ocean Zone

      A Match in Oil Ocean Zone

      Can I ride with you, Sonic?

    7. KHCast


      Whoa my heads spinning!

    8. azoo


      Woah! That was incredible. I've never seen anything like it.

  11. Definitely anyone who reviews for IGN. Their reviews are completely biased and unfair. Games that are good and deserve higher scores don't get the scores they deserve (especially games that aren't from major developers that make tons of money). It's like the games that do get really perfect scores or really high scores on that site are from people who wanted the game to do good. You can tell the people who comment on that site aren't very appreciative of IGN's reviews just by looking.
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