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  1. Happy Birthday~!

  2. Happy Birthday man, hope you're doing well

  3. I bet this has already been up, but I keep on seeing people mention Marine from that one art leak, at least on other forums/discussions, but it's like everybody is ignoring this guy in the concept art. A purple weasel with a cowboy hat... Nack the Weasel/Fang the Sniper? I mean, wouldn't that be him? Isn't that a bit too coincidental? I'm sure someone else has brought it up, but I just haven't seen anyone else mention it.
  4. Embargo date is tomorrow morning, 8 AM EDT.
  5. From what I've heard, I need some of the Dusty Ruins 1, Sky Road 1, Lava Mountain 2, and the final boss music when it's available. I haven't heard the whole OST, but from what I saw those four tracks have stood out to me.
  6. To be fair, that's only one level in Sky Road. The other four are composed of a Japanese-style stage with giant dragon robots, a Sky Chase-esque stage with Sonic free-falling, the Desert Ruin rip-off with the Stormy background change, and the hidden stage composed entirely of cubes. I'm honestly not too bothered about it as the rest of the game provides more variety than almost any other entry in the series to shake things up per zone.
  7. And the video now fully processed, just segment of the stream from earlier, but YouTube'd:
  8. The second half of Sky Road and all of Volcano Mountain and Hidden World from the stream on YouTube:
  9. I want to throw something out there. The game is much more fun to play than it is to watch. I made this verdict when I played it back at PAX, played 6 levels. I had seen those six levels before, but they were much more fun to play than they were to watch, I discovered. They felt different than I had expected, and I had much more fun playing them than I had expected from all the videos done of them before PAX. The streamer, the actual person playing, seemed to have really enjoyed the game, outside of some rough difficulty spikes. I think that speaks more to me than those that watch as I feel this game is a game more fun playing than watching.
  10. Keep in mind I haven't actually fought any bosses in the game, but from what I observed, the bosses look better than Generations, and a tad better than Colors, but the difference seems marginal. I don't know why they've had such a hard time with bosses recently, though. It's kind of been like this since Shadow the Hedgehog (I liked some of the bosses in Heroes, shhhhh). This game has more bosses though, but then the bosses themselves all seem relatively short, so I guess I can say it's better than being trapped in an overly long and tedious boss fight. It's just weird since the bosses looked so easy compared to the game's stages. Bright side is that no boss looked Time Eater levels of terrible, though.
  11. I meant designed, not written. I was under the impression Lost Worlds started development right after Colors by the Colors team, but then after Generations was released more full focus from people working on Generations also went into Lost World. This is based on a recent interview with Iizuka, and since the people working on it were the same people who worked on Colors at the core of the team (the people with the idea and concept and the game very much reminds of Colors), that would mean it's the same people who worked on Black Knight and Secret Rings at its core. It could be the end,and that's fine (outside of unlockables and such, with the red rings and hidden stages per world), but something doesn't feel right. And I compare it to Black Knight's ending as that's what the ending felt like, which is also similar to the Erazor Djnn fight in Secret Rings. It's the boss fight from Colors stylized, but digressing it's just thoughts, nothing concrete, and I may be overthinking the dome but it's the only thing like it in any of the stage maps so it strikes me as suspicious. (here's the interview with Iizuka: http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2013/10/interview_sega_on_bringing_sonic_lost_world_to_wii_u_and_3ds )
  12. I'm in the boat that there's gotta be more than that, that almost felt like the fake ending to Sonic and the Black Knight, the whole final boss and sort of rushed ending scenes, some plot strings completely left unexplained (what happens to Lost Hex? They just leave it there? What happened to the Zeti? Why just leave the machine capable of destroying the whole world right there... On the planet with the Zeti, who were using it to destroy the world!?). The worst part is that I actually was kind of enjoying the story for what it was, it was amusing and had a few actually better-than-expected scenes, but then the 'ending' felt so incomplete. I've got a theory it may have to do something Black Knight related, Black Knight was composed of the same team who made this game so it wouldn't surprise me, but not quite sure what. I'm also suspicious since on the lava map there's a dome that's just kind of... there to the right of the final boss level. I think that's the Badnik Factory that several scenes take place in, but it's highly suspicious to me. Game does look good though, happy to have pre-ordered. Also it looks like there's a lot of secrets to unlock still, and didn't see a lot of the hidden stages in each world. Dome to the right of the final stages: Dome on the bottom-right: Mustacheless Eggman: Gerbil Pacman, the True Villain:
  13. I pop into the stream to see a stealth level, and Sonic getting caught by search lights and carried off by bats to his death. And goddamn, the music in that level is wonderfully dorky (sounds sort of French-ish polka). Life is good.
  14. Possibly, I'll mess around with that level a bit more later today. One correction, while the game is technically slower than boosting I would argue that the game gets much faster than non-boost gameplay. And I like the rails in Silent Forest too, for the same reasons as you mentioned but also it actually takes skill to switch rails in this game as you have to jump and land on them manually ala' Adventure 2 rather than switching between them freely, which I prefer and helps make the sections a lot more interactable. I think I might of enjoyed the rail section more in a full game than just the demo though, as I was figuring rail mechanics as I was having to dodge things and maybe enjoyed it less because of that.
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