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  1. On the bright side, now you don't have to play this game anymore!
  2. This games feel like a undercooked hodgepodge trying to appeal to classic Sonic fans, modern Sonic fans, AND Mario fans all at the same time.
  3. Consistent with my experience. A game with a lot of half-baked ideas and weird design decisions. Honestly, it feels rushed. Something that could have used an extra 6+ months in the oven to figure itself out and nail down what it wanted to excel at. Its something you just kinda play in a daze, with nothing particularly special about it in any way.
  4. At the end of the day, I'm not sure what the game itself is intended for, or what it wants to do. It seems to be a set of concepts that Sonic Team slapped together into a game, but it just lacks cohesion and even its own sense of identity. I can almost see the assets being reused simply because it's a string of concepts put together until they realized they were making a game and needed to add level tropes. You can see some sort of sense that they knew they were doing with some of the gimmick stages (ie: the casino stage and the dessert stage) because they related directly to the Deadly Six Member of the Current World (ie: dessert for Zomom and casino for Zeena since it matches their personalities a bit). But other than that, you don't have a lot of that sorta thing going on. I'm struggling to figure out what the game overall is simply trying to do. I'm certain that when I do completely finish, I still won't know. It's odd that after three games of knowing exactly what roles those games served and what the design intents were for those games, Lost World just leaves me feeling puzzled. Its a competent, average, 6/10 game with no real identity of its own, trying to cater to a variety of tastes and excelling at nothing. 15+ years later, Sonic is still floundering around for an identity in 3D, and that's just kinda sad to me.
  5. It just a bit frustrating how inconsistent this franchise is. It feels like its one step forward, one step back. with every entry.They'll make the controls less finicky, but with lots of slow ill-fitting 2D platforming and dumbed down 3D sections in Colors. We'll try to do the best of both worlds, but in a tiny slight package full of filler side activities, mediorcelevel design, and a shit last boss. We'll finally hire some good writers and voice actors, and we'll waste them on Baldy McNosehair and insubstantial childish storytelling. They'll fix the homing attack having a mind of its own, then introduce LOTS of different targets for your homing attack to get confused in Lost World. They'll tiered speeds, but with zero momentum in-between the speeds, just hard stops that breaks up the flow. And just a hundred other different things they seem to be constantly improving and breaking and introducing Like FUCK can they just do one game where they get the vast majority of it right? One game we can all agree was awesome? Is this franchise cursed to be various levels of "mixed bags" forever?
  6. All games are flawed. Some severely more than others. A lot of those happen to be Sonic titles for a lot of reasons. It'd be great to live in a world where Sonic got unanimously praised game created by top tier developers that are polished to a sheen, but we don't. Those days are loooong gone, and this is the franchise we now have. The only question is how much of the bizarre design decisions, rough edges, bad storytelling, dumb level design, etc you're willing to forgive and embrace the parts of the game you feel it does well. I've seen several people proclaim their love of Sonic '06 of all things. Take all kinds, but the general reception is what it is.
  7. People have a split opinion on this entire franchise post-1994. I'm saying don't call something a "consensus", because there is never going to be one with this character and his largely mediocre video games.
  8. Should've got that 25 lives pre-order!
  9. Another mediocre Sonic game with a mix of good and bad ideas... I thought the Unleashed days were over
  10. The NiGHTS DLC is literally a bunch of easy boss reskins lol
  11. At least the boost games had their own style that was distinctively Sonic. This is...vapid, this is nothing, this is a bunch of half-ass ideas from other, better platformers all rolled into one with a Sonic logo on it.
  12. It's trying to be Mario Galaxy, but not nearly as clever or interesting. Going by the actual level design, many parts are built to be counterproductive, cheap, and frustrating. If you move the screen upwards by ascending and then fall down, everything below is now an instant killzone as if it were a pit despite you being there not two seconds ago. More instant deaths exist outside of crushing and pits and many go through invulnerability frames. Enemies are finally dangerous which is great, but the game never tells you what is effective and what isn't. It would have been as simple as a crosshair icon changing, but instead you have to try things until it works. It's unintuitive and doesn't communicate with the player well. Some areas you can die after beating a boss if you end in the wrong place and the game stops taking input. At one point a miniboss shows up and it's unclear what you are supposed to do since its shooting things at you, which you assume will hurt, and the timer is running down. The wisps are awful or one off gimmicks. It's just this big fake-ass Mario/minigame collection, with the occasional Sonic style stage thrown in like a treat to a hungry dog. and with a final boss straight out of Colors, its just lazy horseshit
  13. No spoilers, but the bosses in Lost World are crazy underwhelming. The ones they didn't rip straight out of Super Mario Galaxy, they rip straight out of Colors. Very disappointing.
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