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  1. Its not that I'm against the idea of cutscenes in Sonic, its just that 95% of the time they're incredibly juvenile, unfunny, and have really annoying voice acting. Just because your a cute furry character in the main role, doesn't mean you have to follow that template. Ratchet and Clank have great characters, good voice acting, and a funny script. Mario talked way too damn much in Mario vs Donkey Kong, so in Super Mario Galaxy he doesn't talk at all, and that story worked fine.
  2. 1. Awesome name, I wish I thought of it first. 2. *talking about Shadow/Big the Cat/Gay Sonic*"this will never be anywhere near Project Needlemouse." Thats a sigh of relief right there.
  3. Don't fuck this up, Sonic Team

  4. "Hmm, 2d Sonic game, HD graphics, 14 levels with two Sonic 3/Knuckles length acts each, clever boss fights, fantastic soundtrack...I think we need to add some Big the Cat fishing levels and Shadow railgun sections. Ya know, FOR THE KIDS" "Ya know, I was really hoping we could get Lady Gaga and her producers to do the soundtrack this time." "We have to extend the gameplay. I'm thinking about a Guitar Hero-minigame every 5 minutes, because thats really popular nowadays and Sonic is totally hip, son."
  5. Potentially, it could work in 3d. Buts its been a whole decade of 3d games anywhre from halfway decent to absolute garbage. Some things just work better in 2d. Metal Slug, Contra, Street Fighter(still played on a 2d plane), Castlevania(ALTHOUGH THIS COULD CHANGE SOON), etc. Sonic's could be one for that list as well.
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