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  1. I'm only going off Voyant's exegerration
  2. Classic Sonic in Generations is an improvement on Sonic 4 Congrats guys, we have reached the fucking promise land! No more complaining about anything, lest you want people outside the fanbase thinking we're craaaazy!
  3. If you honestly and truly believe those are really the only two options, do me a favor and stop talking to me. This is obviously a lost cause.
  4. He's been acting like this weird little cheerleader this whole thread and adding absolute nothing to the discussion. This place has an ignore function for useless posts, yes?
  5. Welp, you heard it here first guys. If one of your favorite series/characters/shows goes in a direction you don't like, don't complain about and immediately drop all connection to it!
  6. Got my Modern time down to 1:58 My conclusion is that Modern Sonic is really boring, at least from the GHZ the demo has gave me. Now to play the classic side
  7. Tuesday is Arkham City day, so I'm in no rush to play a five minute demo
  8. You seen that new Spryo character design? FUCKING HIDEOUS
  9. I also rather liked the sub-plot with Peach and the robot computer. It was cute and funny, but it was surprisingly warm-hearted and the way it's built up over time in complexity and intimacy made me look forward to every prelude to see how their relationship would evolve. I'm not too familiar with the Avatar: The Last Airbender beyond the first season, but I always thought Sonic could be like the X-men comic by Chris Claremont. Its a series that has epic apocalyptic sagas, aliens living inside people, samurais, ninjas, crazy robots made to kill them and all that jazz, but there's also plenty of issues where they do baseball games or go to the mall or talk and develop relationships between the various characters. It let the reader get more attached to the characters, letting them do non-superhero stuff and just do fun things where the world isn't in peril, that this cast is a family of friends that have lives outside saving the world. Not that I want to see Sonic and friends sitting around eating ice cream cones all day, but something that grounds these characters in relatable terms so the audience can come to care about these wacky animal types and their motivations, so we have some sort of emotional investment when the action DOES go down. Of course, we're gonna need some good writers and voice actors and animators and man now I've gone off-topic talking about sonic storytelling, not what i had in mind today.
  10. The humor in Paper Mario/Mario and Luigi series is actually very clever, IMO, with a lot of great characters and scenes that enrich the world. Of course, its all very story-heavy and they're much bigger games then Sonic platformers are, as JRPGs tend to be, but I think Intelligent Systems and Alphadream do a wonderful job of creating a cutesy all-ages universe that's still charming and involving enough for the older audience.
  11. Being off-topic is officially on-topic in TSS. I find it hilarious how every 3-4 pages, some guy/mod comes in and is like, "Hey guys, stop the conversation flowing naturally from one subject to the next, go back to that other thing you stopped talking about!"
  12. Don't you dare insult the majesty of Sonic R's soundtrack. TERRIBLE video game, hysterically awesome OST(a lot of Sonic games seem to follow this formula!)
  13. Time Eater looks like that fake ass "Galactus" from the FF: Silver Surfer movie. LOL Sega Other then that, looks good. Even Perfect Chaos got some of his water powers back
  14. You can make your narratives for everyone without having facepalm-inducing corniness like BBBE and Baldy McNoseHair, and the condescending, silly music whenever its jokey time. Pixar movies can be enjoyed by everyone, from 4-year olds to 40-year olds, and work on multiple levels. You don't have to dumb down your story with fart jokes like a Shrek film. Be more like Pixar, less like Dreamworks(pre-KFP, that is)
  15. Sonic 3 and Knuckles of course. None of the awful, melodramatic, 12-year old shonen anime bullshit storytelling the series has been using off and on since Sonic Adventure, none of those crappy animations, the various bad voice acting performances, no "so bad its good" rock music to go along with the storytelling, none of that shit. Just charming little interludes integrated in the actual level, where the actions spoke for the characters instead of any terrible dialog, just enough to give a sense of continuity to the epic adventure and let the player handle the rest, like a good videogame should.
  16. ...Yeah, I'm not touching this one, especially when their username sounds like an attack from some kid's favorite JRPG
  17. That is what the fanbase demands!
  18. I don't understand why they constantly need to keep making crappy rival characters for Sonic anyway. Can't they just be content with Metal Sonic as Evil Sonic Clone thing, and not Shadow and Silver and Sucky the Hedgehog?
  19. This is good news. The demo worried me, but now I'm feeling much more confident in the PS3 version.
  20. Fuck second chances, they should spend time making new characters that don't have baggage of being a third-rate DBZ Trunks rip-off from one of the worst games of the past 5 years.
  22. I don't think that's being lazy, in fact I think the continual usage of a terrible, misplaced character like Silver speaks of plain ol' stubbornness and not realizing your own mistakes. On a concept level, he's just above Shadow the Hedgehog in awfulness and makes me wonder why he still shows up, especially since the one game he made any sense in got erased from continuity(but unfortunately, not from existence entirely).
  23. But of course! Silver is one of the most unnecessary, terrible characters in the Sonic series, and it warrants discussion. It can't be all OMG SONIC circle-jerk, ya know. Its funny, because Silver isn't even supposed to be part of the Sonic franchise. His gameplay was copied over from another title that never got out of planning before Sonic Team was abrputly assigned to making a next-gen Sonic game. He was originally designed as a mink, but the team got worried about introducing a genuinely new character design and opted to recycle Shadow instead (hedgehog, golden bracelets and anklets, chest hair, ridges around the eyes; and that's not even getting into Mephiles the Copy/Paste Job). Also like Shadow is the fact that he makes sense in the context of one game and one game only, and has since lingered on in an increasingly confusing fashion without rhyme, reason, or purpose. His story arc is a straight knockoff of DBZ. He's characterized as being a cocky guy with a strong sense of justice (Sonic), while still being naive and uncertain of himself (Tails) and more than a bit gullible (Knuckles). He was an ill-conceived addition to an ill-conceived game, and it's time to let him go.
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