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  1. Can we stop complaining about traditional cartoon animation techniques and go back to bitching about how terrible a character Silver the Hedgehog is? Because holy shit, he's bad
  2. Fuck your reasonable intelligent nonsense EXshad, I'm entitled to Sega giving me Hang Castle or Egg Fleet. OR Frog Forest
  3. Fuck ya'll, Frog Forest was good. *is the only fan of Frog Forest in Sonic fandom* :/
  4. And I hope you like a half a dozen freakin' chase sequences! Holding the boost button, so exciting and challenging!
  5. Ice Cap zone, the one zone from the Genesis Sonics I will never understand all the music. It's third only to Launch Base Zone and Sandopolis Zone as the worst zone in Sonic 3 and Knuckles
  6. The first two gifs just seem to highlight everything wrong with this modern Sonic approach, the braindead, hold boost to win, empty spectacle masquerading as gameplay. The special stage looks great though, like Sonic Heroes but with controls that don't feel like you're using a bar of soap going around a toilet bowl.
  7. Like, its SONIC, for Christ's sake, not rocket science. Most of us were playing Classic Sonic games when we were small children, and we didn't have tutorials.
  8. KayoPolice has taught me a valuable lesson that I shall not soon forget. There are traps EVERYWHERE
  9. NSMB is so bland and boring, but 3D Mario Land doesn't look too much better. Now NSMB Wii? Ugly, plastic, souless art direction aside was a great game, with some of the best 2d platformer level design I've seen this generation.
  10. Its hard to get hype about the future product of classic Sonic, when you give us a demo as flawed as the E3 one, with the promise of "oh its not finished, things are gonna change!"
  11. Welp, here's somebody competent playing annnnnnd... ...still looks like a boring boostfest. DIMPS...do you want us to hate this game? I almost feel sorry for them.
  12. Man, that modern MHZ zone video was depressing. Casually strolling on the ceiling, asshole placement of bad guys, and just really ugly, flat texture. The original that came out in 199-fucking-4 looks better. DIMPS hasn't learned a damn thing
  13. Now I can only imagine how this could actually be good on the console.
  14. His voice annoys the hell out of me, really portrays that self-entitled nerd schtick that's so popular thanks to Linkera and Angry Video Game Nerd. But he has some valid points, namely way too many damn automated sections and the way too damn good spindash.
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