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  1. Why are you apologizing? If people get offended, who gives a shit? You're not breaking any rules by expressing your dislike of the 360. They might think you're a douche, but don't apologize for that shit. Stand behind your opinions.
  2. Damn, niggas getting mad at douchebags over the internet. Over SONIC VIDEO GAMES, ya'll. We have clearly reached the point of no return.
  3. Yes, must remember the positives heavily outweigh the negatives here. Unless Werehog is IN Sky Sanctuary Zone 0_0
  4. Once again, we are in agreement. EXPLAIN THIS BULLSHIT, SEGA
  5. Surely this is a bannable offense to put those words so closely together. Hell, I'm offended.
  6. Guys Guys GUYS Sky Sanctuary Zone in HD Who gives a shit about anything else?
  7. And you guys thought Sonic Spinball wouldn't get in the game
  8. I'm mostly postive. My complaints are the same as everyone else: -Sonic's jump is ass -Spindash >>>>>>> everything else -too many scripted scenes -PS3 version runs like a crock of shit
  9. As long as we still got embarrassing videos like that Sonic Boom thing where people dress like giant furry mascots and dance to cheesy buttrock songs, the answer is gonna be yes.
  10. On one hand, it looks more like a Sonic Colors level then anything Classic. On the other hand, ZOMG ENDLESS MINE
  11. Man, screw this noise, I'm gonna go play Darksiders. I'm sure if there's anything interesting I can just see it later without all the buffering.
  12. LOLOL I love all the backlash in the comments about no chili dogs.
  13. So basically, hope for the best, although going off their past history with the series, I think I have a valid reason to remain skeptical.
  14. No way can they do a direct port. At the very least, there would be some severe graphical downgrades.
  15. Man, Roger Smith is Sonic, Ezio, AND Chris Redfield? None of those guys sound alike lol
  16. You really want Labyrinth Zone? Nigga...you crazy
  17. Eh, I'm fine with it, although I'm with EXshad in my preference for the Colors approach. This one seems less interesting, and a bit less challenging.
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