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  1. Right... yeah... this was thought out well. So very hard...

    1. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET


      That was insanely hard!

      I can't believe you kept being nuked by EVERYDING!

    2. Haalyle


      360 no scope mate.

    3. Kiah



      My thoughts exactly, Sonic. That was way too hard! ;)

    4. Person


      The Team Attack Amiigo DLC's "Blaze Aquatic Base" is the hardest level in 06 because none of the platforms work.

      Also all of Omega's stages for that DLC, which just consist of "here's a flood of enemies and a 10 FPS framerate"

    5. Haalyle


      Oh yeah, I haven't gotten past that, pretty much rage quit.

    6. Blacklightning


      The funny thing is that first transition trigger is still active in the standard Sonic campaign even outside of the whale sequence - it doesn't check for which character you're using, so Tails can just fly straight into it and it skips you to the machspeed section straight away.

      I only know this really because somebody exploited it in this year's SGDQ. Don't ask me how the fuck there's a speedrunning community for this game.

    7. Haalyle


      This is very hard mode. You start here. There are TWO triggers to the mach speed section. They were just too lazy to get rid of this trigger.

      Oh and I know, because I talk to that speedrunner and am using his guide for when I speed run the game.

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