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  1. I recently got Until Dawn and did a playthrough of that the other day. While I had fun, I absolutely hated the Don't Move parts because it would drift off even when I knew it wasn't moving (even when I had the controller set down).

    I also finished my 6th playthrough of Persona 5 and have yet to even get half way through Persona Q2, because it kinda bored me.

    Off to the side, I play Slime Rancher to relax, Team Sonic Racing with my friend when it doesn't kick us out (seriously, I had looked forward to the online in that game and it's still really bad), somewhat 'blind' playthrough of Resident Evil 5 with said friend as I've never completed the PS4 version and various odd 'challenge' playthroughs with that friend on Resident Evil 6.

  2. Usually depends on how I'm racing, but I always usually use speed types unless I'm racing with friends in a custom lobby.

    A lot of the time I just use Sonic or Shadow, but I don't mind using Blaze sometimes. I usually just main Shadow though. (Though I pretty much have Sonic and Shadow's the same stat wise, which is why I just go between the two.)

  3. After I played Detroit: Become Human almost all of last year, got four copies of that and eventually grew bored of it, my friend got me into Persona 5 through Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight, so I've been playing those two games as of recently, with some Sonic Forces (I was going to try and platinum, but I basically quit as soon as I collect all the moon rings) and Resident Evil 6 off to the side.

    I am looking forward to Team Sonic Racing, have it pre-ordered and am ready for when it comes out.

  4. Personal favourites:


    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (European Cover)


    Resident Evil 4 (European Wii Cover Art)


    Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed


    Probably the worst (in my opinion)


    Resident Evil 6


    Spyro The Dragon (Japan Cover)


    Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City


    I don't really think much about cover art, but The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild's European Cover Art is my favourite.

  5. Just now, Meta77 said:

    Wasn't the first time to try and catch Eggman

    Yeah, that's what I was saying. 'Trying', but failing because Tails tells you how Elise was moved to another location 'lets head back to the city'. So, basically it was for nothing. (Quick fact, the location the cutscene takes place in is at the beginning of Wave Ocean after doing the loops.)

  6. While the gameplay was one of the main issues in 06, I don't feel like Sonic 06 'Remastered' is really going to fix it a lot. There's really not a lot to fix unless you want to completely change things around.

    To me, it's the story and the way the game progresses that puts me off. Visiting Wave Ocean twice in Sonic's Story for no reason  (first time was basically for nothing) doesn't sit right with me.

    And if the PC demo is anything clear to me, I'm just plainly not interested. There's not enough change in it to get me hooked.

  7. Ugh, hard to put this in words. It just felt... disjointed and once again, I'm going with the plot here, there was no point in the plot, at least I knew what was going to happen from the very beginning making it so I didn't really feel like watching it to begin with. And the only real funny parts to me had nothing to do with the point of the episode as it was. I don't like the way it was structured and it didn't really keep me into watching it.

    At least there were no lighting errors in this like the last.

  8. Wow, it's been a whole year since I've updated this thread. Decided I post some sketches I've done over the year, mainly as jokes.

    Things I drew over the last two months:



    And what I drew today:


    (This was a joke in a Discord server I'm in, since everyone was drawing this one pose in different styles, so I did it in my terrible sketch style.)

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