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    Haalyle reacted to Tracker_TD in Can't find unused Western names for Eggman?   
    A quick google search of the only one I could remember turned up this list:
    Dr X Dr What Dr Gloom Fatty Lobotnik Mr Badyear Mr Badwrench At the very least I know Fatty Lobotnik is indeed one of them - it was actually referenced in LEGO Dimensions' Sonic pack, of all things. 
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    Haalyle reacted to thumbs13 in Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game   
    Sonic as a youtuber was something I never knew I needed, but it works.
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    Haalyle reacted to Ryannumber1gamer in [EVENT] - The Sonic Musical Spectacular 4 - Celebrating SSMB, 28 Years of Sonic, and 4 years of Motobug! - (Submissions Closed) Main Event Stream Premiere - (New dates) - 3rd and 4th August - 7pm GMT/2pm EST   
    Apologies for it being a bit late, but it's now officially a wrap on Sonic Musical Spectacular 4. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, we had to cancel this year's celebration video, but the event itself went off without a hitch. First things first, here's the intro made by @Polkadi~☆
    Here is some of this year's stats as well - 
    This year was the longest of all years - a ten hour playlist compared to last year's record of 9 and a half hours. 34 members took part in the event this year! 5 new song categories this year Mania, Forces, and TSR tied for most songs individually Smash was the first crossover category to get as many song requests as the newer games So, already the forth year of the event has passed (time certainly flies, right?), and this year was quite a bit different from last year, with the Motobug crew aiming to try change things up a lot more, compared to previous years, not only for the simple convenience of everyone, but to allow a lot more games into the running this time, especially ones with a strong connection to the Sonic series in some way. We were pretty iffy about doing crossover stuff to begin with, wanting to keep it strictly main series, but I think in the end, it all worked out.
    As for the event so far, we've heard the feedback in regards to how we ran this year's event, which I was pleased to see such a positive reaction to the changes. The two day split for the event in particular was one of the best changes in my opinion, making it easier to run the event, allowing a break between days so it isn't a marathon, and more importantly - allowing us to shift the format of the event by allowing four requests per person, as opposed to the previous years' 3 requests. Plans for another event next year is still pretty uncertain, but we're almost definitely going to keep sticking with this format of splitting the event between two days, and potentially looking into other song categories to add. In general, how things progress from this point onwards for the future of Sonic Musical Spectacular is anyone's guess.
    All that said, the event itself went absolutely swimmingly, with many members from SSMB tuning in to listen to the music live, talk about random stuff, and throw out some good times the whole day throughout, and in general, provided a very relaxing, and very chill atmosphere, which IMO - is the perfect kind of atmosphere for tuning into a music marathon. 
    Unlike previous years where I usually get pretty wordy with these finale posts, I think this year I'm gonna try to keep it short and sweet, for risk of repeating myself, but as I said before, as the event host for the fourth year running, it really does surprise me just how much the community on SSMB comes together for it. So many people coming together to enjoy an event based around one of the best aspects of this entire series, lending their contribution to the event. From art pieces from @DanJ86 and @blueblur98, to the excellent intro video provided by @Polkadi~☆, to the Motobug team that spent so long helping me prepare the event and host it this year, to all the SSMB members who came along to the event and listened to the music for an hour, a few hours, a day, or even the whole event, and even those who popped in with their contributions in this topic, and gave us some of the best beats that Sonic has to offer. 
    Sonic Musical Spectacular isn't a one-man event, nor is it even really an event that's made by just a small team of people, it's an event that involves many people from this community coming together to throw in their contributions, to have a good time, and to make the event in general a reality, during the good times, and the bad times this series runs into, and personally, I think that's pretty special. In a way, Sonic Musical Spectacular is only so much of a fun event because the SSMB community makes it such a fun event, and for that, I can't thank everybody enough. Massive thanks to the Motobug crew who pulled together to make this happen, a huge thanks to @Strickerx5 for sponsoring the event this year, and of course - a massive thanks to you for contributing and making the event as fun a time as ever.
    With that said, myself and Strick are currently in the middle of discussing badge distribution, so they should hopefully be with everyone soon enough. Until next year SSMB, stay cool! 

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    Haalyle reacted to Ryannumber1gamer in [EVENT] - The Sonic Musical Spectacular 4 - Celebrating SSMB, 28 Years of Sonic, and 4 years of Motobug! - (Submissions Closed) Main Event Stream Premiere - (New dates) - 3rd and 4th August - 7pm GMT/2pm EST   
    Big thanks to everyone who found the time to attend the event either yesterday or today. While the main Sonic Musical Spectacular show is now over, there's still one more thing before the event is truly complete. This year's celebration video will be making it's premiere on Saturday August 10th at 10pm GMT/5pm EST!
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    Haalyle reacted to Ryannumber1gamer in [EVENT] - The Sonic Musical Spectacular 4 - Celebrating SSMB, 28 Years of Sonic, and 4 years of Motobug! - (Submissions Closed) Main Event Stream Premiere - (New dates) - 3rd and 4th August - 7pm GMT/2pm EST   
    Everyone - apologies for the late notice, but there's been a rather last-minute update - we need to delay the event date of the stream til next week (That would be Saturday 3rd August, and Sunday 4th August retrospectively).
    The Motobug team is currently hard at work compiling this year's celebration video and we want to be sure it's the best it can be for release, so we're gonna need another week to get it up to scratch. Again, for the new date - it is:
    Saturday 3rd August at 7pm GMT/2pm EST, and Sunday 4th August at 7pm GMT/2pm EST!
    Super sorry for the last minute announcement, looking forward to seeing everyone for the stream next week!
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    Haalyle reacted to Ryannumber1gamer in [EVENT] - The Sonic Musical Spectacular 4 - Celebrating SSMB, 28 Years of Sonic, and 4 years of Motobug! - (Submissions Closed) Main Event Stream Premiere - (New dates) - 3rd and 4th August - 7pm GMT/2pm EST   
    Big update everyone - the time for the streams on both nights have changed. This is because due to it being split into two nights, and me compiling each night's playlist, it's nowhere near as long as it was in previous years. So with that, the stream will be on this Saturday and Sunday at 7pm GMT/2pm EST!
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    Haalyle reacted to Strickerx5 in [EVENT] - The Sonic Musical Spectacular 4 - Celebrating SSMB, 28 Years of Sonic, and 4 years of Motobug! - (Submissions Closed) Main Event Stream Premiere - (New dates) - 3rd and 4th August - 7pm GMT/2pm EST   
    Alright everyone, that's it for submissions. Thanks to everyone for participating!
    Tune in this weekend for the stream!
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    Haalyle reacted to Zaysho in [EVENT] - The Sonic Musical Spectacular 4 - Celebrating SSMB, 28 Years of Sonic, and 4 years of Motobug! - (Submissions Closed) Main Event Stream Premiere - (New dates) - 3rd and 4th August - 7pm GMT/2pm EST   
    Thought I'd throw in a few at the last minute since I noticed some other games needed filling in
    1. Sonic and the Secret Rings - Poison Spear
    2. Sonic Mega Collection - Manuals theme
    3. Sonic Runners - End of Summer
    4. Remix: Sonic Battle - Emerald Beach (Li'l Boulder)
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    Haalyle reacted to DabigRG in What game are you currently playing?   
    Oh yeah. Hated those in Telltale Jurassic Park as well. 
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    Haalyle got a reaction from Nina Cortex Jovahexeon in What game are you currently playing?   
    I recently got Until Dawn and did a playthrough of that the other day. While I had fun, I absolutely hated the Don't Move parts because it would drift off even when I knew it wasn't moving (even when I had the controller set down).
    I also finished my 6th playthrough of Persona 5 and have yet to even get half way through Persona Q2, because it kinda bored me.
    Off to the side, I play Slime Rancher to relax, Team Sonic Racing with my friend when it doesn't kick us out (seriously, I had looked forward to the online in that game and it's still really bad), somewhat 'blind' playthrough of Resident Evil 5 with said friend as I've never completed the PS4 version and various odd 'challenge' playthroughs with that friend on Resident Evil 6.
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    Haalyle reacted to Knight56 in [EVENT] - The Sonic Musical Spectacular 4 - Celebrating SSMB, 28 Years of Sonic, and 4 years of Motobug! - (Submissions Closed) Main Event Stream Premiere - (New dates) - 3rd and 4th August - 7pm GMT/2pm EST   
    1. Unawakening Float - Sonic and the Secret Rings
    2. The Chosen One - Shadow the Hedgehog
    3. Jungle Joyride [Night] - Sonic Unleashed
    4. Knight of the Wind - Sonic and the Black Knight
    5.(Remix Slot) Dreams of an Absolution [2011 Remix] - Sonic the Hedgehog 2006
  12. Fist Bump
    Haalyle got a reaction from Ryannumber1gamer in [EVENT] - The Sonic Musical Spectacular 4 - Celebrating SSMB, 28 Years of Sonic, and 4 years of Motobug! - (Submissions Closed) Main Event Stream Premiere - (New dates) - 3rd and 4th August - 7pm GMT/2pm EST   
    Song 1: Adder's Lair - (Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed)
    Song 2:  Cutthroat Swamp - (Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice)
    Song 3: Emerald Coast (Act 1) - Sonic Generations 3DS
    Song 4: Vs Sticks (Sticks Theme) - Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games
    Remix: Green Light Ride (Rmx by Tyler Smyth) - Team Sonic Racing
    I tried to read it carefully and not choose anything that has already been chosen, @Ryannumber1gamer.
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    Haalyle reacted to Ryannumber1gamer in [EVENT] - The Sonic Musical Spectacular 4 - Celebrating SSMB, 28 Years of Sonic, and 4 years of Motobug! - (Submissions Closed) Main Event Stream Premiere - (New dates) - 3rd and 4th August - 7pm GMT/2pm EST   
    Exclusive to Motobug

    For the forth year running, Sonic Musical Spectacular is making it's yearly comeback! The event was originally created as a celebration of Sonic's 24th or 25th anniversary, as well as a celebration for Motobug's first anniversary event (Motobug being a event stream exclusively for SSMB members) - the event is designed to take a look back at the greatest musical hits to come out of the Sonic series from the very beginning! In previous years, the event has been a massive success and seems to be a lot of positive fun for everyone, so we're very happy to be bringing it back for another year!
     This year, the event is being hosted by myself, and the Motobug crew as usual, but also @Strickerx5 will be sponsoring and helping out this year!
    That said, there are some changes to the rule set this year around, so please read the OP carefully! We're hoping the changes reflect an overall better experience for everyone involved with Sonic Musical Spectacular 4!

    For the event itself, there's a few changes to the event this time around, but it is largely the same as previous years. In this event, you can request your favourite Sonic songs and they will be added to the general playlist found in the topic OP.  This playlist is a massive playlist that will be complied from requests from every single SSMB member who takes part in the event, and will cover the majority of Sonic's games. Nearly every game will be listed in the playlist below with three to four regular song slots - depending on game popularity, and an additional remix slot. 
    For the regular song slots - these are just regular versions of the Sonic songs, for example - Open Your Heart, Green Light Ride, Escape from the City. The remix slot is a slot reserved exclusively for either a official, or fan remix/cover from a specific game - for example - Fly in the Freedom Remix by MiatriSs would be placed into Adventure 2's remix slot. 
    As an example of how each game is laid out: 
    Sonic Unleashed:
    Now, one of the changes this year is that everyone will receive four regular song requests, and one remix request, making up a total of five song requests per member. The only catch to this is you can't use multiple requests on the same game. For example - you can't choose two Sonic Mania songs to submit, you can only choose one. This is in the interest of fairness so no one can just use all of their requests to take up the entirety of one game. 
    Now, a major change to this year is in exchange for the additional games we're adding, as well as a few changes to the general rules, there will be no extensions this year, generally because there's so many games in the series that you can choose from, and because in previous years, it just ends up being a rather large hassle to have to decide which games should get extensions. This time around, based on game popularity, we'll deem if it gets an extra song slot or two from the beginning and leave it at that. If the game's song list is filled, you're just gonna have to pick another game to submit a request for.
    As songs are submitted, the OP of the topic will be constantly updated with your requests (Specifically - the songs section). Please keep an eye on it, and check to make sure there's available slots for your song request, or that your request hasn't already been chosen.
    Another change this year is for linking songs - if you are linking songs - you do not need to submit the actual link, writing out the name of the song will do just fine. The only real time we might need a link is for remixes. But if you choose to add a link, please use the hyperlink option found in the text box options whilst writing a post (The little chain icon). Embedding your videos can cause a lot of page slowdown, and make it incredibly difficult for myself, and mods to access the page to keep the OP regularly updated. Finally - if you decide to link your songs - PLEASE - use only non-extended versions of the songs. 
    Further more - make sure the linked version of the song is the actual legit song and not a parody version - for example - Silvagunner videos. While Silvagunner songs can be accepted as remixes, they will not count as regular versions and will not count as a request.
     Next - after the playlist is compiled from everyone's requests, we will be streaming the entire playlist on SSMB's streaming channel - Motobug:
    Finally, it is currently planned that a celebration video will be made that will credit EVERYONE who had a hand in the event, including everyone who submitted requests. For an example of the celebration video - 
    We will also be bringing back the option for you to create a remix of a Sonic song and have it aired on Motobug live during the event! - Keeping in mind - this part is not mandatory and is strictly for song creators who want to do so.
    IMPORTANT: And to make it clear as there has been confusion on this before - You do not need to make and submit your own remixes. The main event itself is based around you picking your favourite songs from the long line of songs in the Sonic series and requesting them here. Same with requesting a remix made by someone else. While making your own remixes is fine, that is not what the event is about.
    I repeat: simply request your favourite Sonic songs and a remix request (A remix made by someone else). That is all you need to partake in this event.
    IMPORTANT: In terms of the actual stream of the playlist itself, there is a big change this year - in previous years, we had the entire playlist streamed over one day. However, since the playlist last year nearly totalled to eight hours, we decided that this year, we want to split the event stream into two days - this allows for more requests, and more games to be added to the playlist this year without making it a marathon run.
    So, what else? The time and dates of the event!
    Request Submission Deadline: 21st July 2019
    Stream Air Date: 27th and 28th July - 6pm GMT/1pm EST

    To summarise the changes to Sonic Musical Spectacular this year: 
    Everyone now has four regular song requests and one remix request, making up a total of five requests Some franchises with a strong connection to Sonic will be given their own slots this year Extensions will not be made to song lists, if a song list is filled, you need to pick another song for another game. The deadlines are set in place this year, so there will not be extensions to them. Please get your requests in on time. The main stream of all of the songs selected by SSMB members will be split into two days now as opposed to how it's usually one day. This allows for a lot more slots, a lot more requests, and without causing massive marathon runs of songs. Submitting songs, you do not have to link it, and can just list the name of the song, as well as the game/version of said game it's from. If you do decide to link the song, please link a non-extended version, and use the hyperlink option instead of embedding the video.
    This is where the song lists will be kept and updated. Check the spoiler tags for a specific game to see which slots are taken and which song has taken up a slot, and if you notice a missing game, feel free to let me know and I can add it. 
    As with last year, some games have been lumped together while others have gotten their own lists due to feedback and research. Also, if you see a (closed) beside a game, that means all the slots are taken. If an extension is added to a specific game, it'll be mentioned here in the topic. With that said...
    Classic Era: 
    Sonic the Hedgehog (Closed): 
    Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Closed):
    Sonic CD (JP) (Closed): 
    Sonic CD (US) (Closed): 
    Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (Closed):
    Sonic & Knuckles (Closed): 
    Master System/Game Gear Titles: 
    Sonic 3D Blast: 
    Sonic Spinball/Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine: 
    Sonic Jam: 
    Sonic the Fighters (Main slots closed, remix open): 
    Knuckles Chaotix: 
    Sonic R (Closed): 
    TV Shows/OVA (Closed):
    Sonic Adventure (Closed):
    Sonic Adventure 2 (Closed): 
    Sonic Shuffle: 
    Sonic Advance: 
    Sonic Advance 2: 
    Sonic Advance 3 (Closed):
    Sonic Battle/Sonic Pinball Party:
    Sonic Heroes (Closed): 
    Sonic Mega Collection(Plus) (Closed): 
    Sonic Gems Collection: 
    Shadow the Hedgehog (Regular slots closed, remix open): 
    Sonic Rush (Closed): 
    Sonic Riders Series: 
    Sonic The Hedgehog (2006) (Closed): 
    Sonic Rush Adventure (Regular slots closed - remix open): 
    Sonic Rivals/Rivals 2/Chronicles: 
    Sonic and the Secret Rings (Closed): 
    Sonic Unleashed (Closed): 
    Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games (Series) (Main slots closed, remix open):
    Sonic & the Black Knight (Closed):
    Sonic the Hedgehog 4 (Ep 1/2):
    Sonic Colours (Closed): 
    Sonic and SEGA All-Stars/Transformed (Main slots closed, remix open): 
    Sonic Generations (Console) (Closed):
    Sonic Generations (3DS): 
    Sonic Lost World:
    Sonic Jump/Dash/Speed Battle:
    Sonic Boom: 
    Sonic Runners: 
    Sonic Mania (Closed): 
    Sonic Forces (Closed): 
    Team Sonic Racing (Closed): 
    Fan Made Sonic Games (E.G Time Twisted, Before the Sequel): 
    Super Smash Bros (Closed): 
    Jet Set Radio: 
    Notable Additions this year: 
    -Team Sonic Racing
    -Smash Bros
    -Jet Set Radio

    In line with previous years since there's a few song creators on SSMB, you can create your own remix and submit it to be premiered live during Sonic Musicial Spectacular 4 - however as said before - this is not mandatory.

    Not only are we bringing the event back for another year, but we've got another exclusive prize to go with it! Here's this year's SSMB award/badge for taking part in the event!
     - Speedy Blue DJ - Used up all song requests for Sonic Musical Spectacular 4!
    And as previously mentioned - by using your requests, you will be added to the celebration video being made to celebrate the event!

    As usual, there's a set of rules to the event. First things first, as I've done with previous events, I want to state the most important rule of the event from previous years:
     This event has been made to be a fun and positive time for everyone, so please be considerate of others. The standard Motobug rules also apply: 
    And in terms of rules specifically for the event:
    Last year, a few people did their requests in-character in a role-play fashion. This is fine, but please do not use images as we had an issue last year where neither myself or mods could access the OP to update it due to the massive number of things to load.   Please ensure if you are linking a YouTube video, it's linked as a NON-EXTENDED version of the song in question. When compiling the playlist for the stream itself, it creates a lot more work hunting down non-extended versions.   Please be aware that while I will be doing my best to keep the song list above updated, and Stricker likely will too, please look at recent posts to ensure your requests haven't been taken up and the lists weren't updated yet. Also in general, please take care to look at the song list to ensure you aren't entering a song that's already been submitted or a song for a closed game.  Please make use of the topic for your requests, and any questions regarding the event.  Not a rule, but we'd definitely appreciate feedback on the event after it's over. We love hearing about the time people had during it, and how we can improve. This is in fact how we improved and added to the event so much this year.
    This will be updated as questions are asked. 
    As always, I very much hope you'll consider taking part in the event this year. It's gotten tons of positive feedback in the past for being a really fun kickoff to Summer, and being a blast to watch the playlist that everyone worked together to make. Motobug staff, myself, and Strick have put a lot of work into organising the event for everyone this year, and it's overall been a huge team effort. If you've got any questions or queries, be sure to let me know!

    -Event Coordinator - @Ryannumber1gamer
    -Mod Sponsor - @Strickerx5 
    -Art (Logo, Badge, and Banners) - @DanJ86
    Motobug Staff:
    You, for taking part!
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    Haalyle reacted to Badnik Mechanic in Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game   
    So been playing this for around 16 hours now and... Got a few more thoughts.
    TSR is a good game. In fact it's potentially a great one... but... the main issue with it is this.
    The idea of having a team based mechanic actually works, as absurd as it sounds it really is great when it just clicks.
    But the main gripe I'm starting to have... is that I keep comparing it to ASRT and that game just comes out on top every time.
    Characters, tracks (transformed nature) but mainly the overall presentation.
    Like in ASRT every menu feels alive. Even little things like when you complete a GP you get a small podium sequence. In TSR it's all near still imagery.
    Some have asked about single player content... thing is... this game is bloody hard at times. If you're going for 100% completion. It takes a very long time to get every star in every stage.
    Then to unlock all the mods, decals and horns will also take ages... mainly thanks to the loot box nature of that system.
    So you potentially have a very long and challenging game here that is fun...
    But is is lacking in virtually every comparison to ASRT.
    And... I keep having to remind myself that this shouldn't be an issue and is an unfair comparison.
    Because ASRT at launch was £39.99.
    TSR is £20-£30 depending where you shop. It's almost half the price and that's without factoring in most new games now cost £45 depending where you go.
    It's a much cheaper game compared to ASRT and even ASR.
    Now if it were the same price that ASRT was, I think there would be a much stronger argument for the same number of characters, the same final quality of the menus. To have a game at the same level or better in every area.
    Basically. ASRT was going for the full higher end blockbuster type Triple A show that was a lot of fun.
    TSR is going for a budget experience which is equally as fun...
    But I want TSR to be that higher end type experience that ASRT was, but it's not. It's budget.
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    Haalyle reacted to SSF1991 in Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game   
    I cannot remember the last time I rocked out this much to a Sonic game's music. It's so gooooood! About time that SEGA returned to this kind of Sonic music!
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    Haalyle reacted to BlueSpeedster in Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game   
    There goes my message.
    Still, good job on cleaning up the chat after the sudden reveal of the game being leaked.
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    Haalyle reacted to Chris in New Moderators   
    It's that time again! Due to recent departures, we have been looking for a few new moderators to add to our team. Please join me in welcoming @Blacklightning, @Pawn and @Strickerx5!
  18. Nice Smile
    Haalyle reacted to Maxtiis in Badass game covers(and just...bad ones)   
    Some of the best I can think of:
    Some of the worst:
    I could do more but there's just so much. Maybe I'll edit this if I think of more.
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    Haalyle reacted to JezMM in Who dies in Forces?   
    During the lead-up to launch, there was an obviously fake rumour that Tails would die, and that became a kind of running gag amidst the fanbase, where people would talk about it as if it was a real thing.  The Sonic PR team sort of played along with it which added to it's spread (for example, one of the tags on the tumblr post for the Fist Bump (Piano Ver.) upload said "this song is used in the scene where Tails... oops no, spoilers".  In the end of course, the song was nothing more than menu music for the cut-scene theatre).
    It was 100% a joke but sadly the Sonic fanbase is filled with a lot of people who really can't tell the difference for one reason or another, which further muddled things up.
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    Haalyle reacted to Sean in Super Sonic DLC for Forces out Dec 22 - €1.99, Free Until Jan 23   
    God damn. This game is just one disaster after another, even post-release.
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    Haalyle reacted to Harkofthewaa in The Topic of OMG FREE STUFF!?   
    This looks like a simple visual novel at first glance, but without giving too much away, let's just say it gets crazy. It's one that really could use it's own topic. And at the moment, it's free, but be warned...
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    Haalyle reacted to Monkey Destruction Switch in Official SSMB Theme for Firefox   
    I've created a Mozilla Firefox browser theme based on the Sonical (default) theme of SSMB. You can check it out here.
    Here's some images of what it looks like installed. There are two different images because how it looks depends on you customize Firefox  (the first one is on the Normal density with the Menu Bar and the second is on the Compact density with no Menu Bar). Note that these images are actually taken from the beta version of Firefox 57, which I'm using and is due to come out of beta in mid-November. The current non-beta Firefox has some differences in its UI appearance and I don't believe it has the density options.

    Enjoy browsing in Sonic Stadium style! (If you want to, that is =P)
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    Haalyle reacted to Kiah in Sonic Forces 2: A possible Sequel (Game Idea)   
    The only thing that is wrong here is this post.
    Just because you disagree with or dislike the ideas presented that doesn’t mean it’s okay for you to be dismissive, unconstructive with your criticism and mean-spirited. Express your thoughts and criticism in a respectful and constructive manner even if it’s something that you disagree with. 
    Please never discourage anyone from expressing themselves here at the SSMB. Regardless of overall consensus and provided the rules are followed one should be able to express their thoughts and opinions whether it is widely accepted around here or not.
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    Haalyle reacted to Speeps in Who/What Are You Going To Make First In Sonic Forces?   
    I feel like there's going to be this contest between Boom Sonic, Coldsteel and Sonichu.
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    Haalyle reacted to Badnik Mechanic in Did everybody who bought the CE get their themes and avatars?   
    Never said they would be part of it.
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