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  1. Hey there Teoleulbogo! ^^

  2. Wow, I can't believe we've had 25 years of plumber action, but it's really not surprising, if anyone ever asked me what video game franchise would survive forever, my first answer would be Mario. No other franchise is so remembered and enjoyed that even it's worst moments are fun to see. As for my favorites, my favorite game has always been Super Mario Bros. 3, a close second would probably be Super Mario 64. My favorite moment, was probably, playing SM64 with my brother on the N64 we had just got for christmas.
  3. One time my friend bought a game from Gamestop(I don't remember which game)and the game was cracked into 2 pieces, the only thing keeping it together was the front tape.
  4. Today, I've officially been on the forum for a year!

  5. Teoleulbogo

    Regular Show

    I liked Mad better, but this was okay. Kinda tied with Adventure Time, but way better than chowder or flapjack. In the end it's just an okay show thats worth a couple chuckles
  6. Not bad, it was definently better than I thought, hopefully this will be the first of more better shows from Cartoon Network(I refuse to call it CN, it's just stupid).
  7. In terms of domestic animals, I'm kinda more of a cat person. In terms of any animal, I'd probably say the fox, I just like how they are symbols of cunningness.
  8. I just finished playing Sonic 2 from my ultimate genesis collection game. and it was a pretty cool gaming session. I had planned on playing Ecco the Dolphin when I started up my PS3, but then I decided to play Sonic 2 because it was the only Sonic game left on the collection I hadn't tried out yet. Sonic 2 was never really my favorite Sonic game and I never played it enough to get really far, but this time I got the farthest I had in Sonic 2(Hilltop Zone)...and then I got game over on the boss.
  9. With all the re-releases, and "back to his roots" stuff we've been getting lately, I'm almost sick of the classics. They were good games, and I'd be lying if I said this idea doesn't sound interesting to me, but instead of leaving the evolution of the series at a standstill, I'd like to see something new and fresh thrown at us.
  10. As a character, I really do like Big. He, for some reason, kinda reminds me of Forrest Gump. He's not to bright, but he is committed to his friends, and will to do what ever it takes for anyone he sees as a friend. In terms of game play though, Big really got the Short end of the stick(Puns!!!). When he was introduced with a fishing gimmick, that didn't even seem the best implemented, it didn't really help his character, and in heroes he was really just the token power type, with very little originality. Despite this, I do believe he could be implemented well into the series. Perhaps if they combined the two different styles of game play he was given, something like a beat'em up with fishing peppered in every now and then. At least you'll be able to say that it's not like any other beat'em up on the market.
  11. I too have a habit of not playing games all the way through, the first time. Out of my 11 PS3 games I've only beaten 1,Arkham Asylum, and even that I've yet to 100%. Most of my games I will play for a week or two, but once I get a new game or reach a point where I don't feel like playing the one I'm on, that game gets shelved. And it can stay on that shelf for quite a while(Simpsons Game holds the record for about 6 months of non-play). Unlike you though I don't really play multi-player that much. I don't know why but multi-player just doesn't interest me that much. Probably because most multi-player is pretty much the same, features can be added and there'll be different controls. But most of the multi-player on the PS3 is just you running around an arena, killing other players. Thats also probably why I've still been holding off on buying FPS games, especially ones like MW2 where I would really only be playing it for the multi-player. So far the only multi-player I've really used has been LBP.
  12. Teoleulbogo

    Top 5!

    5) Sonic Adventure-Militant Missionary(Egg Viper/Egg Walker theme) This theme does a good job capturing the mood of the battle, which is, "Oh my god final boss time! EPIC!!!." 4)Sonic & the Secret Rings-The Palace that was Found(Evil Foundry) Secret Rings is not my most favorite game, and choosing a favorite level from it(considering all the levels seem to have their ups and downs)is a pretty hard thing to do, but if I had to, it would probably be Evil Foundry. Partly because I kinda enjoyed the dark factory atmosphere of the level, and partly because of this song. This song really fit the level with its awesome guitar and light violins in the background , plus this song reminds me very much of the songs from Rush(which has too many good songs for me to put in this list). 3)Sonic Unleashed-Arid Sands Day This song just has a fast and crazy rhythm that really fit the day stage well, plus the instruments used did a good job making this song feel very middle-eastern. 2)Tie--Sonic Adventure 2-Wont Stop, Just Go(Green Forest)/Escape From the City(City Escape) These songs did a good job fitting Sonic perfectly. They both sound wild, reckless, and FAST, plus they fit the level perfectly and really made you see what the level was all about. Green Forest was about getting there as fast as possible in order to save your friends and yourself from the bomb. City Escape was about, well, escaping into the city. And the songs did a good job conveying that. 1)Sonic & Knuckles-Flying Battery Zone This is my favorite song, favorite level, and favorite game all in one. The song just sounded great and really gave you a great tune to listen to while jumping around a giant airship full of spikes, spinning tubes, missiles, flame-throwers, and egg prisons full of rings, enemies, and mini-bosses. It's just a rocking techno tune that been a favorite of mine for a long time.
  13. I actually enjoy playing the Werehog just as much as much as playing as Sonic himself. The Werehog was one of the best implemented gimmick in a Sonic game, I have ever seen. The platforming sections sections were fun and challenging and were worth sitting through repetitive fighting segments, in my opinion.
  14. I think I should point out that Emerl was never Eggman's "henchman". The closest thing to that was Gemerl, but as Diogenes said, he was reprogrammed by Tails. Plus the Metal Planetoid is blue and as I recall Emerl was Brown(Gemerl was black with a gold trim, I think). So, while I'm not quite sure what the Planetoid really is, I think it's safe to assume it's not Emerl.
  15. Saw Toy Story 3 recently and to put it simply Toy Story 3 was the absolute best part of the year so far. E3 comes in at a pretty close second, but nothing can top this touching, hilariousness, and fast-paced, work of art. And looking at some of the upcoming movies it's probably safe to assume that nothing will for a while.
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