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In case you don't know me yet, here's a little info. I live in Ventura, California(U.S.), a quiet yet enjoyable small city. I am in high school and do average in class. I love school because it's the only place I really hang with my friends. I'm quiet but I'm always ready to talk if it's about something interesting. I dislike having to re-explain thing and running. My favorite thing to do is to play video games(PS3, Wii), and surf the web. I'm a major Sonic fan, and have been since I first played Sonic & Knuckles at the age of 5. I enjoy listening to bands such as Gamma Ray, Creature Feature, or The White Stripes. I don't watch movies often, but my favorite is a tie between The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, or Sleepy Hollow. I enjoy dark humor and ironic jokes, and my jokes are FAR from politically correct. I tend to expect the worse and can be a little pessimistic, but I'm always ready to laugh and have a good time. Well, that's all you really need to know about me. Bye for now.

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