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  1. Everywhere I go, it's all about Mario this and Mario that. And the cloest thing Sonic gets to a mention is him being under the fat plumbers butt. It used to be different, back 7 years ago. Sonic had some light on his nose, and the Sonic fanbases was one of the biggest ones in the internet. Now, Brawl came out then their was Mario Galaxy and Mario Wii and people sudden;y forgot about poor ol Sonic. What happened?
  2. His role is obviously Sonic's arch rival and polar opposite obviously, his purpose is to show a different side to the Sonic world instead of happy go lucky speed and adventures with more gritty and edgy adventures. I think his plot is decent, he came from a space colony intructed by his creators to avenege Maria, then he played a part and fleshed is character in Shth which made him into a psuedo half life character. And create more plot holes? True. Shadow has the abilty to warp and manipulate chaos energy and perform chaos control flawlessly while conducting his own body into a various weapon using chaos emeralds and drives. That good enough for ya. Not more so than Sonic.
  3. I said IMO didn't I, besides you can't deny Knuckles has more hardcore fans than Shadow. It gets annoying after a while. Especially what Dabnikz said.
  4. Like what? Knuckles IMO is in the same boat as Shadz, reluctant friendly rival to Sonic. Except Shadow would kill Sonic on a good day if he wanted while Knuckles would go and pout in a corner after being tricked by Eggman again.
  5. I think it's time they replaced Knuckles with Shadow.
  6. Metal Sonic can't compare to the new characters, he's way to weak.
  7. Some how I feel the least favorite character thread was created out of spite because of something I did. So I wanted to clear the air between us and see what indiviual character is more popular with the fans on this forums. The main characters are the pivitol ones who have more apperances or plays a vital part in the franchise as a character. The list includdes Sonic the Hedgehog Miles "Tails" Prowler Amy Rose Knuckles the Echidna Shadow the Hedgehog Doctor Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik And the questionable Cream the Rabbit. So which of the main characters are your favorite and most liked of a cast?
  8. He didn't, his job was to kill Sonic not stop Sonic from doing whatever, he said it was too late in the aftermath and left it up in the air for the heroes. Doesn't mean he lost to him. I say it's a tie because Sonic and Shadow both had a score to settle and somehow they made up in battle while Sonic had gotten motivated to save the earth not defeat Shadow. Each ending has a branch of possible outcomes, it depends on what you choose.(the point of the game) Eggman dying was never shown remember? The true ending just concludes the games purpose of making Shadow find a resolution to his past and problems, but all endings hold a cannon aspect to them. Because he's the ultimate life form maybe? He lives up there because he was created from there. And GUN is his bitch, because he kicked their asses and reminded them they don't own him. So you admit it then? Shadow's the most powerful character? Devil Doom. Black Doom he was more than one guy. He's a entity or a plague. Actually a legion. Black Doom is the only villian besides Mephiles who's ruled over the universe and planents and had the world in his grasp with no one but Shadow doing anything to stopped it. It proves something because even for a couple minutes Black Doom had the power to kill Sonic and his friends if Shadow didn't come. It was Shadow who saved the world, not Sonic. Call me when Knuckles does that without Sonic's help. Did you even play the game, he had haloesqe giants and worms that needed shadow's best weapons to kill. These dudes took control of everything, nothing could bring them down because BD had them spawning from even the floors and cc every area in the game. Name them? Black Doom was the ruler of the universe and destroyer of planents, think Galatus without the insane size. He could use any part of his body or his minions to overtake and overpower anything and has a high level of telekinsis that rivals Silvers. He was basically invivcible because his toxis gas, chaos control and his legion of aliens would cause apoclyliptic damage to the world. Sonic could take him down, but he could not overcome his black doom hold on him via gas. That and the fact, he was overpowering Sonic and pals before the game was finished means he was the most powerful of all of Sonic's villains bar Mephiles, not even Metal Overlord could beat him. Numbers and mastery of time/space manipulation on the cosmic scale and all that. His final form is call Devil Doom, so he is the equivilant of a supernatural godly being. Shadow with a gun is like adding a Hollow Mask to an already Bankai powered Shinigami or any other super powerup to an already super powered character. Shadow with guns can practically beat any character in the Sonic verse. They do if there already super fast and agile and as alarmingling dangerous with their abilites on par with another certain hedgehog. Think about it, a super sonic black hedgehog skating at more than the sped of sound shoots you with a weapon that travels half the speed of sound with precise accuracy. Shadow can do chaos control without an emerald you silly. Thats what I said, if your talking about Shadow he speed blitzs them and shoots arrows out his fingers at you. Yes, just like in Sonic 3 and Knuckles? AM I rite? In Sonic 06 Shadow only needed 3 things, his powers, his brains, and his will power. Upgrading them to their full extent of course. Shadow only needs those things because the gameplay wants him to be more fun and exciting compared to boring ol Knuckles. Wolverine Scowls, Al Simons Scowls, Kratos Scowls, and Solid Snake Scowls. [
  9. Sonic had already gotten to the eclispe cannon before Shadow, Shadow just wanted to kill Sonic for being the rival to his on ultimate title. And so IMO tied with Sonic somehow knowing that it was pointless because the earth was going to be annilated via biolizard crash. How do you know that? Any cannon ending is made to be a ultimate conclusion depending on what the player chooses. In the end all the scenes have Shadow getting the chaos emeralds and deciding his fate. Thats the biggest load of crap I've ever heard. Maybe because you hate Shadow or something Shadow in all of his apperances has been hinted to have an sligt edge over Sonic in strength, power and possibly speed. Or their equal. But Shadz is always the stronger one of the two when it comes to fighting at base without an emerald. Shadow owns it because he saved the world and is GUN's biggest agent and weapon with a little exception. Shadow also does what he wants, no one on the earth would challenge him in his actions accept Sonic, so if he wants the Ark, he's gonna have it. SA2 was ages ago, Shadow's power level is doubled since then. in Shadow, he can use a epic chaos control a comet warp and still have enough energy to fly to his home. LOL Knuckles. Well Shadow is the main character and the character you play mainly, but plot in the game says Black Arms > Eggbots. And that is why he > other villains. It doesn't matter what would had happened if he had no posion gas, he still made Sonic the Hedgehog his bitch. What does that have to do with anything, he got owned to. The fact he had to follow Shadow around and fail to actually one shot a being twice his size without Shadow means he's a cunt. Thats the point, gods aren't like ghosts. And yet he still lost to Blaze, Shadow(Sonic X) and Rouge. He beat the pants off of Team Sonic, Sonic, Metal, Eggman, his own clone and yes his father, I didn't know chaos emeralds where people. I did the same thing to Knuckles as Super Tails, does that mean he's a badass too? Falling means you lose dude. I guess. It's hardly relevant nowadays. It's all about chaos emeralds now. Didn't Locke and Knuckles admit, Shadow was their equal when it came to tapping into the chaos force? Of course hell he scared the crap out of hope for being more badass than any echidna. I said he beat Knuckles in the cartoon.
  10. First of all, Shadow did beat Sonic, in the first encounter, Sonic was panting faster than Shadow. Meaning Shadow was overwhelming Sonic. Sonic didn't beat Shadow in the second encounter, it was a tie. Maybe you like to say so, but Shadow would still be in the same place beat up if he was defeated IMO. It's Shadow's game, any ending can be cannon. But the Sega made Shadow beat the skin off of Sonic in his own game. It's Shadow's home and property, so yes it is his own. Super Shadow better at chaos control than Sonic, giving him the chaos emeralds all eight of them makes him beyond Sonic's power. It doesn't matter what design it copies. AN alien that technically came close to world domination than Eggman has ever done and actually defeated the main cast with Shadow being the only exception. Black Doom has more threating resources than Eggman does, hell he over came Eggman fort in a matter of minutes. In the game, Black Dooms army is stronger than Eggmans army. Not only the fact he has the power of time/space control, he also is a demi god considering he can be everywhere and any where with extentsions of his eyes or pawns. And Shadow beat him. If Black Doom is more badass than Knuckles, he's the only person who can own people with his eyes. Shadow beat a god. God > Ghost. He's lost to Sonic in his first game and in chronicles. SHadow beat Knuckles, non cannon but still has a showing of beating the Echidna. He has won against every character in the franchise except Sonic. Actually he sucker punched Sonic. Thats not manly. Shadow did the exact same feat in Rivals 2 where he owned an upgraded Metal Sonic with the M.E. He beat Metal Sonic troopers in the comics with one chaos control. Yeah ignore the fact he has Sonic's powers and guns. That is proven. Shadow is Chaos Cotrol, you can't take away something that he's naturally bestowerd(or created). Thats like taking away Knuckles strength, he's weak to by your logic. Take away is emerald, he gets made fun of by everyone. Can he beat Shadow? No. Yeah, because he's stronger than Knuckles he needs less equipment. As for the rest, it's no my fault you guys are stuck on stupid when fapping to a guy who stopped being cool after Sonic Adventure and is only flamebaiting because He's old school and Shadz is not. Super Strength? Shadow has that. Tough Attitude? Shadow has that. Badass scowl? Shadow perfected it. Hoes? Rouge and Fan Girls Showings? He beat two gods, one main character and the robo copy of said main character, this is in the games. Knux Showings: Pussy licked Super Sonic while he wasn't looking, got beaten by same guy, got knocked over by female bat, got his ass kicked by another chick named Blaze and is the comic relief of the team. Wow
  11. We all know that Green Piece of Fake Jewerly is a onscure plot device hardly used in the games anymore. Shadow holds on more than Knuckles does when comes to being rich, owns a space colony, works for the world goverment, and also makes more use being a walking chaos emerald than an actually emerald. Actually 5 times, two in SA2, his game, and the anime. Shadow owned a alien god with a simple chaos control. Super Sonic is nothing like Super Shadow btw. Unlike Sonic, he doesn't chuckle. Shadow in the same siutation would warp Knuckles head from his body. When Knuckles defeats a shadow of a omnipotent being in his normal form, then I might consider Knuckles more manly.
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ggM_Fvf6pPU Beat that Knuckles. Discuss.
  13. I loved their speed in SA2, I wish Sega brought that back. Do you agree?
  14. Sonic can be fun and orchestraed. Alot of shounen series with a score sound just like a fun experience. One Piece and Soul Eater for example.
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