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  1. happy birthday~!

  2. "If I get angry, maybe the issues will come sooner." Yeah… doesn't work that way.
  3. The latter implies the former, so it's a bit of a redundant question really.
  4. Personally, I think way too many people put way too much importance on story in a Sonic game. I can only speak for myself, but when I play a Sonic game, I'm not playing it for the story; I'm playing it because I want to run fast, collect rings, and smash a fat man's robots. If I can get a few chuckles from the story, then great; if not, who cares? I don't. As far as I'm concerned, the three priorities are, in order: Gameplay Music Story And if I'm desperate for a game with a good story, I'll fire up Metal Gear Solid, Mass Effect, or GTAV.
  5. How many times have they actually genuinely teamed up though? The only time that springs to mind is Sonic Adventure 2, but that wasn't really Sonic and Eggman working together; everyone chipped in, and the decisive battle was Sonic and Shadow working together.
  6. Welcome back man!

  7. No game before 1998 had dialogue, yet most told a story, especially S3&K
  8. In terms of the regular cover, isn't it just the first part in a four-part cover? That leaves three covers for her to appear on.
  9. Why wouldn't they use the name of a defunct German aircraft maker?
  10. I don't think that'd stop him; remember, we're talking about a guy who thinks he owns what is essentially a carbon-copy of Sonic, but with sunglasses and a leather jacket.
  11. But Sonic's not the only franchise aimed at teens (though it seems recently it isn't anymore). And given the nature of the characters, it does seem less likely to inspire 'adult special interest' material than something primarily involving humans. So why does it seem so prevalent in this particular franchise?
  12. And not forgetting sending all those ridiculous tweets w.r.t. Archie Comics.
  13. Not at all; one of the reasons I like Amy Rose is down to shared personality traits. Not that I'm necessarily proud of those traits, but they're there, and it's a disservice not to acknowledge them.
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