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  1. Denver, the last dinosaur!

    1. TheOcelot


      he's not afraid and a whole lot more.

  2. Did anyone actually receive one of those signed Sonic Mania Collectors Editions or are they still out there?

  3. Just been thinking about 'Amazing Sega' and how the company now aims to make quality content and not rushing games to meet deadlines. Forces didn't use the new opening, so maybe it wasn't included in these plans resulting in what we were given?

    1. JoyToTheWorld


      I said this before but this new SEGA initiative seems to have come in the middle of Forces' development, slightly into the later half where it would've been too late for it to have any impact.

      The results are gonna be whatever the next Sonic turns out to be. Between "Amazing SEGA" and the Sonic hub at SOA there's no excuses for a lack of understanding with what the issues are with the brand. They have everything at their disposal, it's just a matter of being willing and smart enough to pull it off.

    2. King Koopone

      King Koopone

      Until we get at least a few years worth of games outside of the usual safe series such as Yakuza or Hatsune Miku that took their time and show the results for it, I just see it as a PR stunt. If next year, the next Football Manager and Total War as well as any other of their games and future Sonic games don't have complaints or a ton of bugs, then they did right.

      Sega have been historically known for rushing games from classics to disasters and everything in between, even Mania was rushed despite being delayed. Only game that I can recall that was delayed for quality reasons was Shinobi 3 and that was decent enough as it is. Sonic 4 Episode 1 was as well but only a few parts got changed and the mobile versions were pretty much the original version of the game.

      We'll see...

  4. Rocket League on Switch anyone?

  5. Download the patch from the 'The Expo' link at the top. The patch is only for the US version of the game, so; Needs to change it to the Genesis label and colours but this is the finished design.
  6. So was Forces made in just over a year minus engine development? If so that's pretty good effort on their part despite the issues the game has.

    1. Ernest the Snowpanda

      Ernest the Snowpanda

      It's been in developement for four years.

    2. Stasis


      Just saw this in the development topic but don't have time read everything just yet.

      2013 - Sonic Team begins Hedgehog Engine 2 development
      2014-2016 - Sonic Forces concept development with Nakamura's small team
      2016-2017 - Actual Sonic Forces game development

    3. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      @Ernest-Panda You're a little behind on that.

      @Stasis It's not really a particularly good effort. The game recycles its engine (physics/gameplay) from Generations are is almost unchanged. None of that concept development between 2014 and 2016 went into refining the gameplay at all. I'm willing to be bet that most of those two years were spend on market research, focus groups and development of the custom avatar mechanic (not the gameplay).

    4. Rusty Spy

      Rusty Spy

      It's a good effort if they made it using their elbows

    5. Mad Convoy

      Mad Convoy

      Yes and no. Its a good show of just how far Sonic Team has come considering that the technical aspects of the game and overall playability are executed much better than, say, the last time a 3D Sonic game associated with an anniversary that got a year of development and was for consoles Sonic Team hadn't worked on before. Yes, I know "Better than Sonic 06" isn't anywhere near "At the level of quality I want," but these days we really do tend to take for granted that Sonic games will not have severe technical problems and be nearly unplayable. The fact that people clearly want more than just a technically competent, playable Sonic game speaks to this. And yeah, we really should get that more than just technically competent, playable Sonic game, but its important to appreciate just how far Sonic Team has come to the point where what was once lauded as a glorious miracle became considered the status quo.

      That and if my last games did as dismally as Lost World did, and my publisher is freaking out over all the money lost on games like Rise of Lyric, I'd probably want to do some thorough, long market research too to see if its best for my next game to refine parkour, do another boost game, or something else. The problem with Sonic Team is that they tend to overdo it. That and do stupid things like try to adapt the Boost gameplay on the Sonic Lost World engine (which is like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole-- Lost World engine is not designed for Boost and it shows in Forces, particularly with Classic Sonic).

      I guess it annoys me when people assume that works that are lesser quality than what we would have liked is always the product of laziness. Very few developers set out to make a bad or mediocre game. While I have heard of publishers pressuring or outright ordering developers to churn out something quick so they can make good on their investment, I wouldn't really blame the developers for that because that's on the publisher's end. I do see the effort in Forces too-- Sonic Team may be a stupid company that does stupid things, and Sega a stupider company that orders Sonic Team to do stupid things, but I don't get the impression that a lack of trying is the problem.

      This is from the perspective of somebody who likes Forces, btw.

    6. King Koopone

      King Koopone

      It is actually impressive that for a year that a full 3D Sonic game was made and is considered quite stable with only some signs of cut corners. Could it be better? Yes it could especially on the physics and level design however we are dealing with a company that is known for rushing games for the past 30+ years, it is lucky that Forces didn't end up like 06.

      @Ernest-Panda A game can be in development for a while but sometimes it takes a bit longer because there is no engine that could have been used to make the game and Sega had some issues around that time probably delaying them (2012 and 2015 I can recall some restructuring). It is why many developers just use an already made engine such as Unreal or Unity but some companies such as Sega, Konami or Polyphony Digital have too much pride to use someone elses and make their own. Good example is Metal Gear Solid V. Most of the development on that was for the Fox Engine that because it took so long to make and is still half finished that a PES game was the first to use it (and that was a bit unfinished as well but the next entry quickly fixed it and made it for PS4/Xbox One too). I think the game took about 5 years just to make the engine.

      Also on the Japanese trailer it said Project Sonic 2017 starts development.

  7. I'm doing it without help for now but hopefully this will help those who need it.
  8. Mania was a good game, but every time I go back to it I get bored.

  9. Ex-RESISTANCE, 1st Class


    1. Alienrun


      I fIgHt FoR mY fRiEnDs!!!! :o

      ...oh wait...

  10. Girlfriend is playing Forces and has no Sonic experience. First thoughts - This game is good and why does Sonic sound so hot? haha!

    1. goku262002


      don't correct her and keep her for life man.

    2. Mad Convoy

      Mad Convoy

      Will have to protect your relationship from one of my friends lol. One of his conditions for a long term romantic relationship with him is willingness to play Sonic the Hedgehog games and discuss them with him.

      Glad you guys are able to enjoy Forces together.

  11. Sonic Forces Spoilers


    0.01% left of the Eggman Empire but I have 104%? Interesting...


    1. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile

      There's nothing here -_-.

    2. Stasis


      Check again haha

    3. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile

      You clearly used Infinite to retroactively add that back in.

    4. VEDJ-F


      Well, you can never claim all of his territory because Eggman owns his personal space at the end of the day. 

    5. Osmium


      @VEDJ-F what if we kill him

    6. VEDJ-F


      @ShroomZed You'd still have to dispose of the corpse. 

    7. Osmium


      we'll just push his body past neutron degeneracy pressure and he'll evaporate as a micro black hole. simple shit 

    8. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile

      @ShroomZed But what if the micro black hole expands? Then you'd just create Black Hole Eggman instead. He'd be even more of an attention grabber.

    9. Osmium


      Eggman has so little mass that if he was condensed into a black hole he would evaporate like instantaneously. 

  12. I think they unlock more levels. No sign of Chaos Emeralds yet either. STAGE 2 - Spaceport Edit: Just downloaded Sharefactory to make editing easier.
  13. Completed the main story? Time to start collecting those stage rings! Red Rings are collected first in a stage which then unlock Number Rings. Collecting these then unlocks Moon Rings. These can all be hard to find or easily missed, so this topic is to track their locations. Time stamps in description. There will be SPOILERS! STAGE 1 - Lost Valley
  14. Sonic Forces - OST Thread

    bgm_wars - guess it was Sonic Wars at some point then?