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  1. Radio One have just been raving about Sonic Mania. 

    1. Stasis


      Game of the week and a must buy for fans and families!

  2. I can't forget that my first reaction to completing Mania was "...what?"

  3. Sonic Mania SPOILERS Thread

    So many questions and the answer is most likely cut content. Were the HBH's normal Egg Robos who were transformed by the Phantom Ruby? The online manual says Eggman dispatched the HBH's to retrieve the Ruby but clearly he sent normal Egg Robo's? Is it just Knuckles who fights the Heavy King? I thought it odd Sonic doesn't fight him at all in his story and then he's in a random form in the true final boss? Knuckles does but there's no special transformation in to what we see later. Regarding the true final boss, what mech is Eggman in? It looks like one he has previously battled in based on the damage and it being held together with tape. What is the importance of Little Planet? After being teleported there it somehow becomes a big part of the story that we don't see. Was the WIP animation of Sonic dodging the Heavy King scrapped? What was the Titanic Monarch? It just appears to be a big robot that does nothing and has no purpose? What flies out of the Titanic monarch and leave Little Planet at the end? I'm sure I've got more but this will suffice for now. Edit: just abused debug mode to get the Chaos Emeralds on no save mode to see if the HBH's can be killed in the final boss. Nope. Wonder why we can damage them though.
  4. Easiest Chaos Emeralds in a Sonic game but fun levels none the less. 

  5. Completed my first run of Mania and I've no idea what happened in it lol 1 more chaos emerald to go

  6. Still on first play through, loved every minute so far,  just got to a certain point after a mini boss and thats it - Mania, I fucking love you.

  7. Its a good thing I downloaded Sonic Mania at 12am as it's now 5:20pm and no sign of my collectors edition. It was out for delivery at 8:10am. 

  8. WHERE IS MY CE AMAZON?! I'm sad 😣

  9. No glitches for me on PS4. 4 Emeralds down

  10. Chaos Emerald woop woop!

  11. 11 minutes to ship my CE on the 14th, Amazon...

  12. I swear, this has been the longest day ever! Unlooooooock!