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  1. As a Mass Effect fan, should I ignore the reviews and give Andromeda a go, or does it pale in comparrison to the original trilogy and is not worth my pay day monies? 

    1. Boomer


      I'm finding it ok so far, nowhere near as good as the trilogy, but as a fan I think you'll enjoy it.

  2. Poor Bomberman. He was looking quite awesome until I came to glue his arms and bombs to his body. Glue seriously has a bonding issue with paint. It refused to stick, and when it actually did it would unattach and crack the clay. This is as far as he got; Working on this has been a great experience before starting my main sculpt. I've found I prefer matt paint to gloss, I hate painting with brushes due to getting bristles stuck in the paint and so I'm going to give air brushing a go, and parts need gluing or at least baking together before painting! Starting the other sculpt now...
  3. I haven't attempted sculpting in 8/9 years but have decided I want to give it a decent go this time around. There's something I really want to have a go at sculpting, but thought a practice sculpt would be a good idea first. PRACTICE SCULPT - BOMBERMAN Should hopefully be finished tomorrow.
  4. Finding myself singing random lyrics to Force's theme.

    1. JosepMelloZSM


      I don't see Johnny singing it... It doesn't fit.

  5. I'm sorry, but this is just awesome. Looks brilliant and loving the music.
  6. It's time

  7. I need that instrumental right now haha

    1. RosaRosaRosalina
    2. Stasis


      Thanks so much!

  8. Finished work! Now where's my stream dammit

    1. Soni


      This is as good as it gets

  9. Is it 11pm yet? *eye twitch*

  10. ROLLING...

    1. Stasis



    2. TCB


      That's great

      But do you feel the heartbeat at the line

  11. The radio station I was listening to this morning played Casino Night Zone music :)

  12. Can't wait to play Sonic on Switch!

    1. TailsBot


      Can't wait to switch on Sonic!

    2. Soldier: 76

      Soldier: 76

      Can't wait to play Sonic Switch on Switch Sonic!

  13. Quick thoughts -it's a lot better than I expected. The screen is decent, as is the overall look and feel of the console. I've taken a liking to use of buttons for a d-pad. They just feel right but I'm not quite sure why. Decided to give Bomberman a blast(!) both online and off and have found it to be fun but with a small issue regarding control input. Offline there feels like a very slight button delay that is noticeable but doesn't really effect gameplay, however it's worse when playing online. Playing in handheld mode but will try in docked mode and see if there's any improvement. Can't post screenshots to facebook currently but dunno why. Friend codes are easy enough, game updates are quick, the volume is nice and clear... erm that's it at the min SW-5726-7020-3333