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  1. I like everything about it. Edit: it would appear one line of my message was all my phone wanted to post (on holiday with shit WiFi/signal. Will edit when stable connection is available.
  2. Tried looking on with various extensions (ru, gb, us) and nothing. Even translated Sonic in to Russian and nowt. It must be available somewhere.
  3. How quick the excitement for this game died.
  4. I see the Java version for £3 when accessing the site from my phone. The Android version I have no idea although I have seen the screens.
  5. Is it Android or Java or both?
  6. I'm guessing that boss is based on Generations Death Egg Robot with the arm thing and jumping on it?
  7. Pre ordered the F4F Sonic statue. Now to wait a year for it.

  8. Can anyone here recommend a decent monitor graphics tablet around £400 - £500? XP Pen? Huion? 


  9. Took a while but got there eventually. Seem to be on a url hunt. 888? Image filename: generic_hero.png Edit: 888 could be an indie band, but it's 3am and I can't be arsed right now. Cya!
  10. I'm actually really looking forward to the character creator. It's been a good while since I've dabbled with one.
  11. Loving the Create a Character

  12. Imagine if Forces goes the Skylanders Imaginators route and lets you 3D print your custom characters.
  13. Also "OVER 9000!... Original Characters"