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  1. Reading it again, the post was made in August but the user says they played 'a couple of months ago' so it's even earlier.
  2. Really interesting that it was also play tested in August as well as January. Plenty of time it seems to fine tune and build upon what they've got.
  3. So with the press release also revealing the name Sonic Rangers before being omitted for being "an old version", from that could we say the game was delayed to next year and that the press release was for this year after the game was to be teased at a cancelled event last year? 

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      No. We have no idea how old the previous press release was. The trailer dates back as far as June last year because such materials are made very far in advance, but the press release was likely written up much more recently.

      There's no actual indication that SEGA had ever planned a reveal last year. I think it was probably supposed to launch in 2021 originally too, but SEGA quite quickly delayed a ton of projects when the pandemic brought the world to a halt.

  4. Oh yes, I understand the name is from the metadata and was mentioned in an article. I'm just wondering how going off what they have shown us would we have figured out it could possibly be called Sonic Rangers?
  5. So, how do we now get Rangers from that logo/symbol?
  6. The only thing I can see from that teaser is that Sonic activates the power just before dodging the tree and then we see him jump over some plants/flowers in his path as he slows down.
  7. So the digital version gets all the extras? Trailer song -
  8. lol Zippo

    1. Thigolf


      Get fucking fucked lol

    2. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      the only good thing to come from this... zippo is a hack CONFIRMED

    3. Nix
  9. 1 minute intro, trailers for most Sonic games have been around the 2 minute mark so Colours Ultimate, Collection, new 2D game at 6 minutes, 5 minutes for events/tie ins and the last 30 or so seconds for CGI teaser of main game. 

  10. Need my boy Sonic on PS5

  11. Really looking forward to tomorrow and luckily have the day off work! 

  12. Dimension Heist is a banger

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      It's a great track. Mania so easily has the most enjoyable Special Stages in the entire series. 

  13. Anyone good with insurance fraud? Someone has accused me of reversing in to them in a city I've never visited. Called my insurance and told them it wasnt me. Not sure what will happen next.

  14. So it's Friday 23rd and I'm sure some guy on reddit said we'd get Colours and Generations remasters announced today. Let's go!
  15. Might just read the novel and play the soundtrack in the background while doing so. Sounds like a better experience. If only we got one of these for Balan. It would have been great.
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