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  1. Guest

    Happy Birthday!

  2. happy late birthday! :)

  3. I tend to fade in and out of full interest with franchises I enjoy, but I never give them up. I am more interested in Pokemon and a couple bands than I am Sonic right now, but I still like it, I just don't spend every day living and breathing it, only sometimes, other times other things take over, you know?

    1. krazystitch


      I totally know what you're saying. I took a break from Sonic stuff recently and I spent more time into the Zelda series and Star Wars. There's nothing wrong with it, I was just kind of burnt out on it for a little while. I never quit it though, came right back and now I have more things to watch, play, and read, which is cool.

    2. Bolt


      Yeah, it's nice sometimes to take breaks while still liking the franchise, as you can enjoy it more passively for awhile as you focus on something else, and then enjoy all the stuff you missed before, both for some stuff being good, and some being bad I suppose?

  4. If I had a dollar for every time someone laughed at me for saying I like Sonic 06 and Shadow's game, well, I'd probably buy every copy of those games I could find. >:P
  5. "What's on your mind?"


    1. MegasonicZX


      ^Me every single day (this one right here's been invading my mind for quite a bit now):





    2. Bolt


      If we're gonna play that game, this is mine.



    3. MegasonicZX


      Oh my god that was amazing.

    4. Bolt
  6. Haven't you heard that I'm the new cancer?
    Never looked better, and you can't stand it

  7. plz eBay, let me win just this one time.

    1. Strickerx5


      Just stay on it and be ready to pay a bit extra if someone comes along. eBay is strange that way.

  8. I really want a dark theme, but it'll be nice seeing Two Foxy for the first time since like...2007...so I'm looking forward to it.
  9. I hate how the few times I don't watch something I wanna buy badly on eBay, expecting it to go high above my price-range, it ends up going for the perfect amount...twice, and I missed both of them.

    I wanna kick people.

    1. Place


      Me first

  10. I guess my references are lost on everyone here.

  11. Give me envy give me malice give me your attention.

  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  13. Honestly I've always had a thing against a lot of main characters for the same reason, the universe bending to them and making them always the center of attention. Granted, I am aware this is more a feature of main characters versus a bug or something, but eh, opinions. I don't always dislike main characters, and some just get on my nerves more than others! I never watched all that much of Sonic X in the end as it always made me angry.
  14. No, I have plenty of reason. I always found him to be an arrogant asshole, and it felt like the universe worshipped him, just to name a couple. It's been several years since I have watched the series, so I can't recall any others or events in detail, but Sonic's massive ego has always been a negative towards him in my eyes. Yes, that's his character, but a lot of media inflates that a bit too extremely for my taste! Sorry if I seem a bit jaded or something, just bad at explaining.
  15. A lot of people hate characters for no reason at all, let me have an excuse at least. ;P
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