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  1. I tend to fade in and out of full interest with franchises I enjoy, but I never give them up. I am more interested in Pokemon and a couple bands than I am Sonic right now, but I still like it, I just don't spend every day living and breathing it, only sometimes, other times other things take over, you know?

    1. krazystitch


      I totally know what you're saying. I took a break from Sonic stuff recently and I spent more time into the Zelda series and Star Wars. There's nothing wrong with it, I was just kind of burnt out on it for a little while. I never quit it though, came right back and now I have more things to watch, play, and read, which is cool.

    2. Bolt


      Yeah, it's nice sometimes to take breaks while still liking the franchise, as you can enjoy it more passively for awhile as you focus on something else, and then enjoy all the stuff you missed before, both for some stuff being good, and some being bad I suppose?

  2. "What's on your mind?"


    1. MegasonicZX


      ^Me every single day (this one right here's been invading my mind for quite a bit now):





    2. Bolt


      If we're gonna play that game, this is mine.



    3. MegasonicZX


      Oh my god that was amazing.

    4. Bolt
  3. Haven't you heard that I'm the new cancer?
    Never looked better, and you can't stand it

  4. plz eBay, let me win just this one time.

    1. Strickerx5


      Just stay on it and be ready to pay a bit extra if someone comes along. eBay is strange that way.

  5. I hate how the few times I don't watch something I wanna buy badly on eBay, expecting it to go high above my price-range, it ends up going for the perfect amount...twice, and I missed both of them.

    I wanna kick people.

    1. Place


      Me first

  6. I guess my references are lost on everyone here.

    1. Hui
    2. Bolt


      My last status update.

  7. Give me envy give me malice give me your attention.

  8. I don't like how I can't just click on the top banner to refresh the forums anymore. Also I'm gonna still use the retro Sonical theme until I can't anymore as I can't stand white.

    1. Ming Ming Hatsune

      Ming Ming Hatsune

      Give them time, they are aware of the issue...

  9. A lot of my recent posts end with "..." making me look sad and depressed.

    I'm really not, I guess I just fell into a habit.

  10. I hope your Christmas turns out better than mine will. As long as everyone is happy...

  11. no i don't need to sleep, leave me alone

  12. That feeling when you try to help someone, and it doesn't work for them, so they just blame you, and then you feel bad in the end, even though you did nothing wrong.

    1. Kiah


      I know that feeling. I know it all to well and it's awful.

      I take solace in the fact that I did try to help as opposed to doing nothing at all as I feel like that is the worst thing one can do.

    2. E-van


      I'm always afraid of this happening, to be honest.

  13. Was anything changed in the way PS3 discs were made after they switched to the second logo design (example, like on Sonic Generations box versus Sonic Unleashed box) as my PS3 doesn't seem to load any newer-box discs, but runs all older box discs just fine. Am I just crazy? (probably)

    1. Haalyle


      Uh... I don't think there's any difference. Both my PS3s run both types of games (judging from going back in 2007 for Sonic '06 as that's a really old type, but I have Generations downloaded, so I can't really say).

      But most of the discs that we have over those times don't appear to be different and work fine. (I know PS3 is usually region free, except for Japanese games I believe, but I usually make sure I get my games in the PAL region).

    2. Bolt


      How strange, maybe it's just a bunch of coincidences. (or I truly am crazy)

  14. I now own a Sonic The Fighters Sonic plush...

    ...Completely tagless, worn, rather dirty, and well-loved with age.

    I just wanted him cause he was cute, cheap, and I wanted to clean him up and make him nicer again. c:


    1. Komodin


      Well, hey, at least you were able to find and buy such a relatively rare thing.

  15. "Fever does not stop"

    "Taking advantage should be too unconventional to be, but to kill too rare!"

    Automatic translation is fun sometimes. Yes, there is a reference here.

  16. My name does not make for good festivities.

    1. Haalyle


      Neither does mine xD

    2. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      Just call yourself Blitzen and go from there. 

  17. Another day, another person (elsewhere) making fun of me for my interests. :/

    1. The drunkard from space!

      The drunkard from space!

      You're not alone. I get made fun of for my interests too.

    2. Bolt


      And by people who I've talked to a lot before too, and got along with, I wasn't even directly talking to them.

  18. I lied, think I'm gonna nap for a few hours anyway.

  19. The dead hours.

    -dusts off the cobwebs-

  20. Which Sonic character has the best tail? (Excluding Tails, for obvious reasons, sorry, buddy!)

    1. TailsTellsTales


      Tails Doll.

    2. Hui



  21. How much reputation do I need to upgrade from Chaos? can i have shadow plz

    1. Hui


      you need 500 for gamma and 8000 for shadow

    2. Bolt


      The lack of formatting on the main page makes me look desperate and stupid. :v

  22. It's way too cold to do anything. :[

    1. TailsTellsTales


      It must be brutally cold in your area.

    2. Bolt


      Just not used to cold yet this year. >.<

  23. It's hard for me to casually listen to music I like in the background because I tend to focus too much on it and lose track of what I was doing, then I spend hours just listening to music and go so far away from what I was doing that I forget what it even was.

  24. Not enough people remember/care about Sonic Battle, but it remains to this day in my top ten Sonic games. It felt more like an RPG than Chronicles (lel burn) the story was interesting and serious while silly, the gameplay was mostly rewarding (but a bit repetitive) and the art-style was very cool and I wish we got to see it again. Same with the sprites, very fluid and well done.

    Also it had an actual roster of characters and had a good number of the modern cast at the time.

    1. The Tenth Doctor

      The Tenth Doctor

      I adore Battle. Heck, a few years back when I made cartoons people begged me to do several Sonic games but I said "No. I'm giving Battle my attention."

    2. DarkDefeater


      Well said, I also appreciate the tie-ins with advance 3.

    3. Ruby Havoc

      Ruby Havoc

      intiating recovery mode

    4. FriendBot


      Battle is a really dope game, Emerl is probably my TOP favorite one-off Sonic character.

    5. Bolt


      Battle was the second Sonic game I ever played (Advance 3 was my first) and even before I became much of a Sonic fan, I played this game over and over again, mostly to level up Emerl and give him good abilities. (Mostly Tails and Shadow's attacks) It was a gift from a friend in school too.

    6. DBZHedgy


      @Ruby Havoc I hated that crap so much xD

    7. FriendBot


      Chaos Gamma is a dick.

    8. Ferno


      Even though they were short clips, I always thought Battle and Advance 3 had the best sounding performances of the original SA1-Heroes voice cast.

    9. Shaddy Zaphod

      Shaddy Zaphod

      I could never get the hang of the dodging and I fucking HATE Knuckles's story with all the fucking guard robos, but it was still a pretty fun game

    10. C.J


      I loved Battle. I wish I still had the game. I never actually owned it though. I borrowed it from my friend years ago and both me and my cousins had a fun time with it.

      I still secretly wish I kept it for longer cos I'm certain my friend had forgotten that I borrowed it. Lol

    11. DarkDefeater


      My only regret with Sonic Battle is that not once was I able to play with someone else. I even have the Gameboy link cable, but I never knew someone else that did. :/

  25. Now that I got a new charging cable for my PS3 controller, I can play Unleashed for once, or I can play Sonic 06 again instead.


    -plays Ratchet & Clank instead-

    1. Haalyle


      Me all the time.

    2. The Deleter
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