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  1. I tend to fade in and out of full interest with franchises I enjoy, but I never give them up. I am more interested in Pokemon and a couple bands than I am Sonic right now, but I still like it, I just don't spend every day living and breathing it, only sometimes, other times other things take over, you know?

    1. krazystitch


      I totally know what you're saying. I took a break from Sonic stuff recently and I spent more time into the Zelda series and Star Wars. There's nothing wrong with it, I was just kind of burnt out on it for a little while. I never quit it though, came right back and now I have more things to watch, play, and read, which is cool.

    2. Bolt


      Yeah, it's nice sometimes to take breaks while still liking the franchise, as you can enjoy it more passively for awhile as you focus on something else, and then enjoy all the stuff you missed before, both for some stuff being good, and some being bad I suppose?

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