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    Bolt got a reaction from Splash the Otter in Downsizing   
    Shoved into games for no reason still? Where? I'd like to see this game where they all get shoved into, as Generations barely even acknowledged they exist, and it felt like they only appeared there so people wouldn't feel they forgot about them. Aside from spin-offs, everyone seems to have pretty much been ignored in fear of any fans getting upset that another character could possibly dare to take spotlight away from Sonic himself for even a second, so anyone playable anymore that isn't Sonic is just...another form or variation of Sonic, because of course it is.
    Archie comics do a good job of remembering everyone, and merchandise sure does too! Variety is nice, and not everyone else's life revolved around Sonic, and it's nice to see them do things not 100% influenced by, involving, or related to Sonic's life.
    Also this, I realize why it was done, (but that doesn't make me happy about it) but it's been too long now, and it's a shame that only spin-offs or mods will be able to let us play as anyone that isn't Sonic anymore, there's not even any bonuses, and I have little hope that the next main-game will even pretend they exist.
    Personally, I say screw the Sonic-only, I never enjoyed it and it's a shame that it's been so prevalent since Unleashed Secret Rings. (The latter came out a year before)
    Also if all of the extended cast still makes money through merch, why just send them there only when being in important games again will gain more fans and thus more money. :v
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    Bolt reacted to Mythical Panda in Archie Sonic Main Discussion   
    Wow...Archie finally acknoweledging it is one thing, but the very technical response ("we're in talks with SEGA") is another.
    ...is it bad this actually makes me a little more hopeful? I mean, surely if the worst was happening they wouldn't even be allowed to respond outside of customer emails on the subject, right?
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    Bolt reacted to Ryannumber1gamer in Archie Sonic Main Discussion   
    And look with that, official word from Archie that they're still currently in talks with SEGA regarding the series.
    So much for that insider's story that the comic is cancelled, dead, RIP and has been for months. Just another repeat of the previous four months I guess where we heard the same story from many various "insiders" and they ended up debunked.
    And before someone strikes back with "they could be just saying that", Well what benefit would there be to Archie finally saying something to bullshit? They'd either keep their mouths shut and not say a word, or they finally decided to own up to what's happening, and it looks like for all the panic and stories, we're right back to where we were with our speculation, that Archie/SEGA are still in talks.
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    Bolt reacted to RictalRose0 in Archie Sonic Main Discussion   
    Yes like everyone goes about the FF's. And I get that. But for me what does make me sad is the possibility of never seeing the Game Characters in the spotlight again because god knows the main games aren't doing that and Boom was a failure. And the way it's being treated in the US just makes me thing it will be over for the TV show too. I want to hope for Forces, I want to. But I just can't take game after game of just Sonic. He's a good character alright but there's so much more to this franchise. And they have squeezed every bit they could have of Sonic already. Please, let the other characters be relevant again. 
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    Bolt reacted to Nepenthe in Sonic Forces | PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC "The Next Generations"   
    I was happy with everything in the trailer until Classic Sonic showed up. It's disappointing that Sega seems to think that the modern branch of games can't live and breathe on their own without an old design tagging along every now and again as a separate character, especially in light of the fact that Classic Sonic is basically getting a true blue Sonic 4 with other distinctly-separate playable characters without stylistic interference from the modern era. Modern Sonic got absolutely shafted tonight and I don't blame anyone for being pissed off about it, if not worried for his future viability. But I am really interested in the tone though (lo-fucking-l at anyone calling this DBZ shit grimdark); with all the nearby destruction, the size of the robots, and the tagline being "Join the Resistance," I'm thinking either Sonic has royally screwed up again or Eggman finally got his shit together for once and is being serious. The context is highly interesting.
    Just, you know, wish we could have it without Classic Sonic butting the fuck in. 8'D.
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    Bolt reacted to McGroose in Sonic Forces | PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC "The Next Generations"   
    I was excited when I read "But even heroes need help" I instantly thought "Hell yes! Tails and Knuckles playable in a 3D game!"
    Than I saw Classic Sonic. D:
    This trailer surprisingly did nothing for me. That's actually something I didn't expect, to be honest. I thought that this would be the most exciting part of the event.
     Oh Iizuka, you're a clever one you, saying that this will be a totally original game and not a sequel. Maybe in the title, but I'm not so sure about everything else. :/
    How can someone look at this and not think it's a sequel to Sonic Generations? We see Sonic go through what's implied to be Unleashed style daytime level design, followed by Classic Sonic being with him and no other characters, fighting (Giant) Egg Robos. Hell, the setting is a city... just like the other half of Generations.
    Definitely excited for Sonic Mania now, but I really don't care about this. I feels weird saying that, but these are my thoughts so far.  What really puzzles me is how Sonic Mania has so many more dislikes on the reveal trailer than this trailer. I don't really want SA3, but what I want is a completely 3D Sonic game. I'm so sick of it being half Modern and half 2D. It's not even going to be half, probably more like 70-75% when you take in all of the 2D parts of Modern level design. I know that we haven't seen any gameplay, and I really hope that gameplay footage will make me excited and put my concerns to aside, but I'm doubting it.
    Crisis City Escape looks neat, I guess.
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    Bolt reacted to Speeps in Sonic Forces | PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC "The Next Generations"   
    This better be some sick attempt at a reverse Sonic cycle.
    Edit: Actually fuck it, there's a new world record. The entire Sonic cycle happened in that one video.

    I stayed up all god-damned night on my holiday trip to see this announcement only to get thrown under the bus when Classic Sonic appeared like that so of course I'm a little pissed. I mean, I loved everything leading up to it but all those adventure references only to get left with "SURPRISE! Classic Sonic"
    Why more classic pandering in modern sonic when they just announced a new classic sonic game in the classic sonic style? Fucking hell, Boom Sonic doesn't need Modern Sonic to hold his hand, does he?
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    Bolt reacted to Hero in Sonic Forces | PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC "The Next Generations"   
    Classic Sonic shouldn't have come back. Beyond that it looks like fun, I want playable characters beyond Sonic/Classic Sonic though. Shadow doesn't have much of a reason not to be playable at this point, to be honest. 
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    Bolt reacted to The Tenth Doctor in Shadow the Hedgehog - All 326 Routes   
    It's not that bad really. I did it myself last year. Had a good time with most of it (got a bit sick of Sonic saying 'Long time no see' over and over). Proof is in my sig. Good luck in joining the Shadow club!
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    Bolt reacted to Yumechan in Shadow the Hedgehog - All 326 Routes   
    Why not?
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    Bolt reacted to Yumechan in Shadow the Hedgehog - All 326 Routes   
    Hey guys!
    Around two weeks ago, I decided I'd try to complete all 326 possible runs of Shadow the Hedgehog, as I enjoy it a lot myself. Currently, I have 20 uploaded videos with 3 more done today and will be uploaded in due time.
    This is all done on actual hardware (on a Wii, GCN Controller on a NTSC version of the game). I try to have at least 1 video per day average, and try to make up for missed days whenever possible.
    I also intend to complete all A Ranks, grab all keys and do Expert Mode, before finishing up with The Last Way.
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    Bolt got a reaction from Hyper Enesephus in Sonic toy collection adventure game idea.   
    I'd probably love it, but I am also a collector, so it would just come naturally to me, provided we're not forced to use Sonic, I'd enjoy it quite a lot.
    None of the other games that use this gimmick have appealed me to me though...simply as I am not a fan of those franchises.
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    Bolt got a reaction from Zaysho in Popular and unpopular Sonic opinions you agree and disagree with!   
    If I had a dollar for every time someone laughed at me for saying I like Sonic 06 and Shadow's game, well, I'd probably buy every copy of those games I could find. >:P
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    Bolt reacted to Kaze no Klonoa in Moderation Feedback   
    I don't think the rules are bad, but I think the way the guidelines are written seems...kinda unprofessional?
    I don't see how comments like
    help to get a good word across about forum rules. They are important rules and should be written in a more serious manner. If I was writing those guidelines, I'd probably write it to clearly show what's right and what's wrong, but not while adding condescending snark.
    Like don't get me wrong I'm not against those rules, but whoever wrote the Guidelines made it sound kinda jerkish. It also becomes problematic for the mods to actually quote/use the rules, because of the language and tone the guidelines itself used. I also do not think they are enforced well. I've seen multiple instances where some members get away with breaking rules in a very offensive manner. As a example, there was a troll/member (leaving anonymous for a good reason) who was banned recently that made a lot of inappropriate comments. He was banned days after the multiple incidents he caused began, and got away with saying a lot of stuff that would had gotten other members banned, striked or warned in minutes. The guidelines have mentioned how the staff have zero tolerance for trolling, but if this guy has already jumped on the forum and showed obvious signs of trolling, then someone should had handled that faster. I know not all of the mods can get to a situation in time, but this guy was around for days with mods active across the board.
    The only real point I got out of that situation was that this kind of thing wasn't enforced enough to the point where anybody can somewhat do it and dodge the entire situation without a single warning. It doesn't matter if someone has high cred, rep or done something for SSMB. I can't confirm the fact that some popular members get away with breaking some rules, but this should not be a thing to 100% make or break a decision between striking/banning someone or leaving it behind as a minor offense with a minor warning.
    Now I'm not saying to go hog wild and ban everybody who makes a minor offense, but in more cases it's pretty evident how easy it is to stretch the rule-breaking just a bit, then there needs to be some reformatting and maybe something that will get a better message across of that the forum approves/disapproves.
    I'm hoping that with new mods the many dramas like the one that occurred today will end and be resolved much faster, but it's going to get worse. Let this be a lesson for newbies Zaysho, Monkey and Celestia - If you see it start to become a problem, consider taking action whenever possible. Always talk with your fellow mods before doing big actions like deleting the thread altogether, banning certain suspects, etc. but don't let the stigma stay too long.
    And I know nobody was around when the incident today happened but that cannot be happening. I know the mods can't work 24/7 but it's ridiculous that how with the right timing, you can get some ridiculous drama going without anybody being able to respond to it. More mods wouldn't be a good solution, but maybe giving volunteers or watch dogs (Is that how it's called? I dunno) to those constantly active abilities and authorities to help keep watch of the place and use extensive contact methods to reach a mod when something happens would help. BTW, this is just an idea I'm throwing out as a suggestion. If it sounds not-doable then fair enough
    TL;DR - Guidelines should be rewritten to help the mods better enforce the rules, mods need to enforce the rules better, and something has to be done in case mods aren't present and a major problem on the boards is happening.
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    Bolt got a reaction from WakanoBaka in Popular and unpopular Sonic opinions you agree and disagree with!   
    If I had a dollar for every time someone laughed at me for saying I like Sonic 06 and Shadow's game, well, I'd probably buy every copy of those games I could find. >:P
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    Bolt reacted to Toa Axis in Popular and unpopular Sonic opinions you agree and disagree with!   
    Some people just have an extremely hard time accepting opinions that differ from the norm. Wish I could knock some sense into them sometimes.
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    Bolt reacted to FriendBot in The Sonic Rivals Series.   
    Rivals 2 was my first Sonic game ever and I still really like it, a lot!
    The gameplay is pretty much a more polished 2D Sonic R so I guess, that's pretty nice I guess?
    The levels looked really nice and the music is pretty decent, though i love Race to Win!
    It's quite surprising that Takashi Iizuka was the one that wrote the stories for the Rivals series... and he's done a mighty good job, if I say so myself. Especially since he wrote Shadow's story and was credited for Free Riders' story.
    The cast plays off well against each other and it brought one of the more interesting friendships that is of Silver and Espio, Shadow and Metal is a pretty close second but would've thought that a ninja chameleon would be friends with a psychic hedgehog from the future?
    The Rivals games are not great but for what they are, they're pretty decent games to play.
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    Bolt reacted to shdowhunt60 in Popular and unpopular Sonic opinions you agree and disagree with!   
    Honestly, what made Sonic Advance the "true" Sonic 4 for me was the fact that it tried. It was ambitious. It was adventurous. It wasn't a cynical attempt to emulate a bygone era of games, by reiterating checker-hilled zones and crappy chiptunes. It was a legitimate attempt at doing something new and exciting.
    I'm not a fan of it either. I hate the level design with a fiery passion, what with rolling down hills into spiketraps, and that DAMNED rocket, but I won't deny that it certainly made me yearn for the halcyon days of DIMPS when it was an upstart little studio that tried to keep pace with Sonic Team in presenting something worth giving a damn about.
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    Bolt reacted to Hui in Popular and unpopular Sonic opinions you agree and disagree with!   
    Opinion: Even though Im not the fan in the world of this game, I find Sonic Advance to be more the true Sonic 4 then Sonic 4 Ep 1 and 2 will ever be.
    For me, if I want a true and unique classic-styled gameplay experiance, I would play this game. It has the same gameplay we all know and love built from the ground up, no relience on iconics such as Green Hill Zone.... yes the first zone is LIKE a Green Hill Zone but it is different and the game requires the player to have the right skills the finish the game. It also has replay ablities with its character selection so you can either chose to go the normal (Sonic), easy (Tails) or the more difficult way (Amy and maybe Knuckles). 
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    Bolt got a reaction from NikoS in Anyone out there with shameful Sonic-related secrets?   
    I've had more fun playing Sonic 06 than Generations. (Though I really feel no shame.)
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    Bolt reacted to Hui in 12 weeks of Sonic Games   
    well i did it after 12 attempts to finish this game. how do i feel about Sonic 1? Well.... me personally, I still hate it. Mostly because it feels boring to me. However I never thought I would say this but playing as another character in the same game makes the game feel a little more exciting and adds more verity. If you want a more challenging experiance I would play the Amy in Sonic 1 hack, if you want a adventurous experience, I would play the hack starring Knuckles and I used Tails because hes kinda normal though he is very slow but he can fly. 
    As a game on its own, its a pretty good game. Of course it is the first Sonic game that started the series, however playing it I am reminded as to why people used to love Sonic so much. When playing I notice that platforming as well as speed is everything and unlike the other games this game makes you rely on your skill level and how well know memorise to ensure a smooth sailing through your experiance. Also the physcics are there and I welcome this type of gameplay in any future Sonic game. I just wish that the game didnt bore me so much or else Id like it, but ..... I hate it. 
    But despite my dislike for the game, I respect it for what this game is and as for what it is trying to accomplish, its a damn good game.
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    Bolt reacted to Chris Knopps in *(My Thoughts On The Scrapped Shadow Franchise)*   
    One of the most debatable topics within the Sonic franchise actually doesn't relate to the blue blur having a starring role at all, but rather the dark dasher Shadow himself. In my opinion, I think SEGA should have continued releasing more games featuring him, giving Shadow his own franchise for fans to enjoy.
    With the Sonic franchise being more for the youth, I feel as though the direction it has taken from 08-now would have been much better had we actually been able to enjoy a series like Shadow alongside it, where many could have gotten their fix on story depth and something more mature whenever they liked via the newest Shadow title.
    The issue is, complaints revolved around it not being like the rest of the Sonic franchise, not being what fans expected of it. However the game really wasn't meant for your usual Sonic fan and was created as a means of giving the Sonic franchise more for people to enjoy, something to draw in a new, more varied audience, something BOOM has gone for, yet at the end of the day has only needlessly pushed for an extreme attempt at targeting more of the same audience Sonic always had in the first place.
    Despite the heavily mixed reviews of the game, some near the highest score possible while others remained low as can be, it was by and large a commercial success, reaching the half way point to two million sales in its time, with an additional over 400,000 copies sold when it received a greatest hits edition. I've always wondered what could of become of a Shadow the Hedgehog franchise, the places we could have gone, the characters we could have met, and what Shadow could have done for us where Sonic hadn't, and still hasn't to this day out of not being able to throw him in a direction they could with Shadow.
    SEGA really missed out on a golden opportunity to draw in teens and adults with a Shadow franchise in my opinion. If we had said franchise today, the Sonic franchise might not be suffering the criticisms it faces now because everyone could of had Shadow as their go-to alternative for an action packed, story engrossing, all around bad @@@ franchise whenever the need for something... More was felt.
    Sonic could have been the wise cracking blue blur and Shadow could have been your dark agent of danger, but sadly due to the companies focus on pleasing the minorities and critiques above the market/consumers as a whole at the time, that is a reality we'll likely never know.
    (Especially now that "ow the edge" exists... Agh...)
    Seriously, this franchise needs to branch out, it needs to grow, because all of this "roots" suffocation and trimming down to the trunk itself is killing the tree altogether now. Seriously, how do you cancel all plans for future Shadow titles after extraordinary sales just because of mixed reviews, THEN continue something like BOOM after the poorest sales in console history AND scathing reviews/remarks from critics and by and large fans?
    I mean yeah, "the cartoon" and all, and I'm a fan of the DASH 2 app granted, but I ask you, where's the sense?
    People often go after the games convoluted story more-so than anything, save for the weapon system integration, but the sole purpose of Shadow felt as though to wrap everything up from previous titles so the next game could have had your usual linear story, and revolving control issues and tone imbalance, just as with the Sonic franchise these are all things that had the potential to be built off of and improved upon
    I have, and always will, find it a shame we never got a franchise based on Shadow the Hedgehog, because at least THEN it would have made sense calling it a different experience than what we already had existing because of how actually different it was, especially in comparison with Sonic titles of today. For those seeking an alternative, Shadow could have been it.

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    Bolt reacted to Nepenthe in 2016 SSMB Posting Code of Conduct   
    Another thing I also want people to be aware of, particularly in the coming months as Sega starts revealing and hyping up the 25th anniversary game, is false rumors being posted around. Simply put, we don't want 'em. I actually made a post addressing this a couple of years ago in the Sega News thread but it's relevant enough to be reposted as general reminder of what not to do within the confines of SSMB when everyone and their grandmother starts making things up for the hell of it, as what happened recently with the whole SA3 incident. xP So to recap:
    "But Penth you dolt! What about leaks? What about credible sounding rumors that end up false? You're going to take away the fun we had during Generations and Smash!"
    Whoa, slow down there Skipper. These rules aren't meant to be zero-tolerance and all-encompassing. As I said in Faseeh's latest topic:
    The point of those rules is to stop trolls from trying to pull the wool over people's eyes and to curtail spam and duplicate threads from people more concerned about being first than being accurate. If something is posted by a reputable media outlet, is properly sourced, and is clearly marked as a rumor anyway, we're not going to halt the discussion because it's assumed they did their homework. At that point, it's considered actual news. It can change or not pan out, but we're not going to assume malicious intent or sloppiness on part of the member who posted it. You're even free to talk about rumors that are obviously false within reason, like Indigo's SA3 rumor, so long as there's a general understanding that it's a joke.
    Basically, don't be a dick and don't spam the forums with the first "My uncle works for Sega" story you see. Read the full article, do your homework, corroborate stuff with TSS staff if you're unsure, and ultimately don't try to fool people. That's all we're asking.
    Confirmed leaks like in the case of Smash Bros. don't count under these rules as they are by definition not rumors. Same with the Gens and Sonic 4 leaks as that info was dumped directly from demos.
    So just use common sense! We're not going to nail you for genuine mistakes or stuff that didn't pan out.
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    Bolt reacted to Kiah in 2016 SSMB Posting Code of Conduct   
    Staff has noticed some issues getting out of hand as far as posts and quality go. Notably along the line of spam with either one-worded or image-only posts which we have gotten a huge influx of both in various topics recently. That said, we would like to remind you of the already established rules and inform you that we are cracking down on this effective immediately.
    Per the SSMB rules:
    And of course the SSMB rule of being respectful towards others in your posts applies as well.
    Notice that infractions of any of these rules will result in the offending party receiving a strike at the very least. Staff has been extremely lax regarding these rules with usually only giving gentle reminders of the rules and/or deletions (the latter still may be done on a discretion basis) but that will be no more as this is getting out of hand and it is making the reading of some topics here a chore as well. SSMB is not a chat room but a forum that is for DISCUSSION. So please, stop with the spammy one-worded or image-only posts, put some effort into your posts and be respectful so that discussion here at the SSMB can be meaningful and a pleasant experience for all.
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    Bolt reacted to FriendBot in Archie Sonic Online/Mobius Legends - The Fan Made Continuation of Archie Sonic's original story (Mobius Legends #4 released!, Upcoming: Archie Sonic Online - Issue #250, Knuckles - Endangered Species #1)   
    This is a really cool fancomic and it's pretty nice to see what happened in the old Archieverse though my biggest issue with prelude is that some of the dialogue is hard to read, which is a big no-no for me. Curious to see more and DLL's cover art is just amazing, how come she isn't working for Archie yet!? XD
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