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  1. Why is shadows voice better in the cutscenes than it the game itself Wha...what happened Also silver's new voice is ok
  2. Horns, a symbol often associated with the metal genre of music. You get it?
  3. I feel like you don't quite get what i'm saying, you suggest that my stance is misinformed and ignores the crossovers short comings. I'm not, those are also bad, i'm specifically mad as this other thing. Which was another short coming. Other issues don't invalidate an issue for me, and maybe I didn't explain myself correctly. If you wanna talk about why I feel it was a missed oppertunity my issues with the entire scenario and why it played into issues with the event and book in general and some of my personal thoughts. We can keep going, if not. That's also cool, its friday. Maybe you want to enjoy yourself, i'm not gonna burden you with that if you don't want it.
  4. The story seems far from what I seen, basic. Some of the voices are rough though Oh god knuckles.
  5. OK I take away my statement that was originally here. I still agree with it, but I feel like this argument is going no where. If yall feel like the game IP the reason the comic exists isn't more important in situations like this and my statements suggesting this are somehow blaming the characters. I'm not I'm blaming bad decision making. Im not even making the correlation that the ff's inclusion was at the exclusion of other game characters. But rather apart of a series of bad decisiona. But that's cool, you are gonna believe that. I don't think there's much of a logic there ian Flynn has spoken on it himself. But hey do you and have a good one. I do not wish to delve down into this topic again. And I don't think I need too, IDW exists so...not much else I can say really Have a good one I think there are more productive ways to address my issues with world unite
  6. Hey man if you got some joy out it, do you. Can you blame me for not being fond of it? I'm not furiously angry , raging or yelling at the ceiling for gods to tell me what I have done to deserved to be cursed. It just kinda sucked and I wanna talk about it and be sassy about it. Yes? No? On the poster Shadow and Zero are fucking flying at each other and I literally got way more hype for the archie comic than I had ever been. That's like edgelord heavyweight championship match, the only way it could have gotten better, is if vergil showed up. I tried myself. And I ended up liking Bunny and Antione, though that was because of flynn. but for the most part, I genuinely think with all of them gone, all of the characters from DiC and the pre-boot characters being gone, all in all for the most part nothing of value you was lost. To me , most of those characters never represented what I though or think sonic is. So imagine, reading worlds unite , and your favorite character is literally fucking dead and people you don't care about are participating in this crossover. Sufficied to say, I was uh... not pleased. But then is then and now is now. And hopefully they make better crossover decision in the future. This isn't an admonishment of the people who like those characters. If you do, cool that's chill. I just always felt like the comics often pushed the characters I liked in the back, or in the case of rouge even under ian's pen for a while characterized them in a way to fit a status quo I gave no shit about.
  7. ...you aren't alone. As adventure fan that shit summed up my entire interaction with the comic books for a good long time. The characters I like taking back seats to characters I do not care for. If I am to be so bold, those people should have been ignored. Like yo it's a video game crossover where a bunch of the sonic game characters don't show up. And one the most popular ones, the one you teased to fight zero, dies. But don't worry, here's characters from a cartoon a good chunk of the audience didn't watch Oh i'm so happy the new book is mostly game characters. Oh I'm so glad the sales of these new books are reflecting that. I'm sorry if I sound salty. I was hype and the entire event turned out trash, and and murdered my favorite character.
  8. Yo if they had to kill characters why didn't they kill the ff. Would have preferred they had more game characters hang out in the crossover
  9. I mean alot of shit in worlds unite was a missed opportunity. But I'm biased so Shadow and Team Dying.
  10. Yes he is an independent contractor , there are situations however depending on if they person contracting wants the person contracted to just go with how they feel because they trust them, or in voice acting cases might not give a fuck or have enough money to spend the time to give a fuck , will let the person do whatever the job they feel. They probably don't have to direct pollock or Smith. And maybe the figured because of the VA thing they did for forces, they didn't have to direct thorton. Maybe they need to direct thorton, But I can get with idea, that they don't know what they are doing. And that's probably the case. I wouldn't be surprised if in the next sonic game, more English voice actors were different Some lines are ok, some are uh... rough.
  11. If they aren't going to give him direction , they I would like someone who sounds better without direction. Because it sounds like they are just letting kirk do whatever
  12. I wish they changed shadow's voice holy shit he sounds bad
  13. PR lies all the time dude sometimes its their job Corporations and their employee's are not your friend unless you know the latter personally.
  14. This ain't it dog On the note on the game itself Out of context Asset reuse is some crazy shit huh And Infinite just strait up gone huh
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