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  1. If they do something cool narratively fine. I just hope the whole zombie thing blows over soon. Because one of the things I like about these characters is agency, and this sort of narrative deprives them of that . There are ways to do that , that don't do that. MK10 and 11 did it the best , they were zombies who were reflections of the worst parts of the characters. So you got all their insecurities and shit, but it is what it is. Hopefully it isn't bad
  2. May i propose a third option in combination with option 1, his continued screaming into the void trying to lay claim to some sort of legitimacy over a franchise , due to his own meddling has long since left him and and some other elements behind. And not only does his yelling make that process faster, and possibly ensure than not only his works but things related to his tenure never show up again. For the people making the new product... seems like a net gain. So he wasted time and probably money and connections trying to obtain characters that ultimately in the grand scheme of things will be forgotten fairly quickly just due to newer fans and a lot of old ones not being exposed or not being fond of the comics. And because of these gradually loosening connections has to make cynical drawings like above to justify these characters existence. Despite throwing a legal temper tantrum to separate them. And whilst floating away on his shakey raft of eventually irrelevance made of bad character designs, he screams about statutory rape and rants about sexuality proving he knows little to nothing about it. And myriad other things that kinda prove all the bad things you thought about his ideology were probably true. So I guess my third option is " This continued obvious cry for help and attention " but I guess that's more of an overarching theme
  3. Every time this thread updates I feel a genuine since of dread about why it has updated and what ken may have done. Ken's antics in the last few months has set my expectations of him, lower than they ever have.
  4. That would personally make my day, that's seeds for the future. The zombies could be fixed at the end of the year, that wound is still gonna be there for everyone and have consequences.
  5. ...what various folks with enough to give him the go ahead on things and to elaborate on lore. But as mentioned in more recent podcasts... he got to meet iizuka, so that now includes iizuka on rare occasion. No because one is from an old cartoon, and the guy we are talking about is someone currently writing the comics and is currently and is actively in contact with sega in regards of what he can and cannot do. he is not employed by sega directly , but he has contact with them as to how to use their material, which is the point my suggestion. Due to that, he could problably have some sort of insight on this type of thing since he has to ask what he can and cannot do. And considering this specific version of the comic is much closer to the games, now would be a pretty good. Not to be rude or nothing, it just seems like you don't like Ian.
  6. My issue is , I don't think I can think of anyone off the top of the dome that can replace iizuka. He's not the best, but he seems to give kind of a shit about sonic, and sonic as a kids franchise is prime to be saddled with people not giving a shit because the money is there. We are not garunteed to find ourselves a lauren faust. On that note, sorry I lied to you I can actually think of quite of few people who could direct sonic as a brand effectively some of them as far as I know not huge sonic fans but understand game design and branding in such a way in which the ball could get rolling... or the hedgehog so to speak. The issue is that would these people even be chosen, or it would be some guy from japan who doesn't care that much. And while it isn't the hypothetical dude's fault , I do blame sega's inability to seemingly vet or nurture and grow good talent working for them ... heck to go out and find it even when it comes to sonic. Sonic mania most likely does not happen without iizuka pushing for it. I don't believe in sega's ability to find people that can do good things about this brand , who care or at least are competent enough and takes enough pride in their work mask not caring too much. So I guess we are in a bit of a pickle , huh? I would make the suggestion that iizuka just kind of become a brand manger and they let other studio's do things. But that's just me
  7. ...What. Ian Flynn literally talks to sonic team now about what he can and cannot do in the comics. He's ..pretty close to direct as you can get with out getting the job than Ian Flynn or Aaron has and just talking to iizuka yourself. And that isn't kirk, that's aaron. Aaron writes that and kirk just says it, he doesn't have any insight on matters. Or as Eggman's VA put it on twitter " we just read the words in a way that doesn't sound like you are reading words " . And while the actor or voice actors perspective on things may yeild interesting results from time to time...kirk doesn't talk about shadow when he isn't asked to do his voice. He doesn't seem to like him very much and really likes voice orbot more... so I doubt there's anything you can gleam from him if you asked him about it. Unlike.. you know, the guy who's talking to sonic team and representatives about what he can and cannot do in the comics. The guy who through questioning dropped the " Team Dark isn't actually a team and never worked for gun " bomb shell because someone asked him. But apparently he isn't to be trusted for some reason. And in those twitter take over's shadow shops at hot topic, watches, kill la kill and eats coffee beans, its fun things for fun but you shouldn't be pulling anything " canon " from that.
  8. I don't think " everybody who matters" cares or even agree's with their previous statement at this point personally. But its whatever. But again, Ian flynn has a patroen. Hit him up, get some clarification , because he's been talking to " everybody that matters " and his queries often yield interesting insight on how sega or sonic team rather views things. I will instead offer that advice than an argument that is to be honest , going nowhere.
  9. I want to be very clear, In general i'm not assigning some greater meaning to...anything in that game. I'll be the first one to tell you how ...sort of nothing the plot is. You say minimalist I say vacant. I find this , what I am suggesting to fit into that. Shadow doing chaos control without chaos emeralds isn't some greater thing where he learned about his powers... I mean It would be tight if it was but nah. What I'm saying is , they literally did not care and are getting rid of elements that get in the way of their story telling. They did want him to do the cool thing he does, the fastest way possible. And they did not care that there were previous restrictions because those restrictions aren't being used and being moved away from/ they don't care. It gets in the way of the thing they are trying to do, it doesn't exist really. So I agree with what you are saying, I think what i'm saying falls into that. And i'm am in now way trying to suggest forces was anything other than surface, but their willingness to disregard things like that to maintain that surface, says something. That they don't give a shit. No joke, I wouldn't be surprised if in future games to just brush past knuckles shit, they just start implying the master emerald doesn't exist. They don't care.
  10. This , but this in combination with its kind of been a slow build if that makes sense? Like shadow has been casually using various chaos control moves with out an emerald... since 2005. I just think he's the leader he's concerned with other things... and just might not care and it might not even be an important distinction with where they are going with this franchise. Like @Diogenes said that just seems like a brand decision if anything, a good one too IMO. I think that's different. The classic sonic thing makes sense, and its something they should have done a while ago. Corporate meddling or no, seperating sonic as a brand and selling different versions of him to specific fanbases is ... a good idea. The movie is... its own brand of corporate failings I could get into, but there is a thread for that. That's fair. Sorry. I disagree? Kinda. There's one narrative implementation that with out it, I would agree with you.3d Sonic in general has just been moving away from chaos emeralds. Wisps in many ways both game play wise and narrative now make up your " magical gem " quota. So in your new world with less emeralds around generally do you just remove a characters ability to do the cool thing people want him to do ? Nah, he can just do it anyway. And I think its as simple as that really. And if anyone asks if he ever has one again while he does it , you can just brush it off by saying " Having one makes the effects stronger " .
  11. We been over this , but he legit did it with no chaos emerald in forces and increasingly has done chaos emerald actions over the years with no chaos emeralds whatsoever. I would like to posit that this is a result of them getting away from the chaos emeralds as plot devices. To go along with this , shadow despite being in a universe with no chaos emeralds like boom, could still use most of his chaos powers. While an alternate universe, apparently the people in charge had no gripes with him just using chaos control powers with out a chaos emerald. This is ontop of the comics, who increasingly over the years have to get sega approval over what can and cannot happen, and what goes on in there shadow can use chaos control with out an emerald. Now to be fair to you, even the recent comics has not gone so far as to have shadow use the time stop ability. But he could use enough to literally knock the super out of another individual with a chaos spear so.. yeah. I think the simple answer is , something that I myself had to come to terms with years ago with regarding iizuka , is that he just says shit and its meaningless. He changes his mind, he says shit to placate fans in the moment he doesn't really believe or care about... or doesn't really care that much and just says shit. And at the end of the day you have to look at the work he's putting out rather than what he's saying. And the work he put out is contradictory to his statements. You can try and say " Well we have to wait and see if says otherwise " we don't in this case. Shadow uses full time warping chaos control with no emerald. That's it. Full stop. If you ask me personally in simplest terms. I think there was an internal move to make chaos control " shadow's " powers. Technically speaking sonic and silver can also do chaos control. And some robots and chaos himself. And Knuckles I think. I think just at some point the move was made to focus on what makes the characters unique and special ( and flanderizing the shit out of them ) and chaos control became a shadow focus. I think that's it and they don't care that its contradictory just like the two worlds thing because its what they are doing now. The corperate machine beats out lore everytime However I may have a solution for you, if you really want to know. Now you might not get it strait from the horses mouth in this day an age because I don't think anyone else really cares to ask. However, you can ask yourself, Ian Flynn. The guy directly communicates with sega reps and even nowadays iizuka and sonic team. If you really want your answer, donate to the bumblecast and ask the question. Now that we have gotten past all this fantasy stuff , let me tell you the real answer. Shadow can do chaos control if he has petted a cat first. That's the new restriction. Basically if he pet big and blaze at the same time, he would be unstoppable destroyer of worlds. He is powered by cats, coffee beans and spite and he cannot be contained.
  12. Are any of the worlds officially named besides "earth"?
  13. Or he could be training to help people , his actual characterization Aside from that... shadow getting stronger because he's a weird alien baby + through training makes sense. If you wanna get weird, you could even suggest that the pod he was halted his development process for 50 years. He was only awake for like a week iirc. He could literally be growing stronger because he's actually a weird alien baby because he's like a week and some years old.
  14. That's what everyone though until forces. Right now it's just " he can do the thing better with chaos emeralds rather than by himself"
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