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  1. Damn infinite still not in the game huh They are leaning heavy on nostalgia and sticks is a relatively new character from a brand that lost them a lot of money and failed. And they are blaming the things from the brand or just don't want them to be seen rather than going in and understanding where the failure occured. You know like they did with the adventure era shit before. And like before it wont fix their dev problems He may have gotten upgrade from that. Would explain the severe personality focus. That's what happened to knuckles, knuckles got mad stupid. Rambling aside you right
  2. You will get Knuckles I think. Tails is simple as hell and doesn't really require focus. Knuckles and his shit was set up film one, sonic 2 doesn't have enough story in it to dedicate an entire film to the premise. Knuckles is showing up,
  3. I think her introduction was strong. She was this cool new character who was powerful a woman, and was doing her own thing, had her own emeralds, had her own super form. I liked she had her own hang ups, and I liked that her hang ups was her desire to work alone. Says a lot about how she feels about responsibility, there was a lot of character there. And now its just... gone
  4. Blaze doesn't get to be written poorly because she isn't written. She's often left out or given lines so minimal or unimportant that its hard for her to be good or bad. Which is apart of the problem, again the women written by sega not only don't get to be written as well they often aren't that important or are used as satellite characters for other people. Blaze a character with her own world and lore in sega's eyes has kind of been reduced to " Silver's side kick kinda " because of her limited use. She's not in the worst position of sticks where its just non existence, but its not great. So that's what of blaze What of blaze?
  5. I think she's interesting personally. When she's written by not sonic team. Sonic generally do not give the women as much depth or righting flourishes as the males. When women are written by not them, they are generally really interesting and fine. Any issues I have with idw amy is more so where she is rather than her personality itself
  6. Forreal. I can be dour but I want folks to be happy about this thing I like. I hope whatever is instore can make a buncha people happy
  7. Yo you being this excited over tails makes me happy dude. I'm glad you got this
  8. Sonic's popularity doesn't really have to do with anyone liking the FF's. He could popular cartoon could have successful does not translate to fans of those characters. Also when I mean sales I don't mean how good the comic is doing. Because if you want to make that argument I would actually still be correct considering the new comic despite not really being advertised by sega, just like the old one has done better than the archie comic ever did. But what i'm talking about is the FF"s couldn't sell books by themself, Ian flynn outright admits this when he said he has to put sega characters on the cover to get people to actually buy them. This isn't the case with the newer characters at least tangle and whisper. I made no claim that just because the comic book wasn't pulling batman numbers was the sole reason no one liked the FF's you are either being disingenuous or not even reading the argument. There's probably a bunch of fan art of the FF's that doesn't mean that translates to most of the core audience being interested in them or them being potentially interesting to newer people. Its fairly common particularly in comic books characters that don't resonate in other fan bases or mediums but did for a time in one. No one said that That's nice, my argument it is that they are not really popular in what the sonic fan base is now. Nor are a lot of the old comic books. And a lot of them might not been that popular back then in some cases, but were just kids kind of dealing with what they got to get to the sonic parts. That's the same thing with sonic X we had to suffer through a lot of boring shit to get to the good parts of that cartoon. Doesn't mean chris is a popular folks wanna see back character or any of his friends. Ian Flynn likes to make use of what's there rather than outright destroy this is known yes. "And that’s before acknowledging the target audience they were marketed for in the 90s who largely weren’t bothered by that material compared to adults in 2020 criticizing it decades later. " Its literally not. Its literally not the same thing, or context or anything. IDW eggman hasn't actually taken over the world, its post forces. So its returned to the statis quo closer to the games actually. Even the zombot virus once ended, he will have not taken over the world. Or rather he will have taken over the world as much as he usually does. Which is a thing he does in the games. Not everything is referencing a comic my guy. Or this is just a common narrative reflective of sonic's fight the power roots which has been a thing since game 1. And a bunch of comic fans read way into sega a company who has long since stopped giving a fuck about those characters.
  9. Its not the same or presented the same. Which is my problems. The story isn't its parts and how its told, and how its told post reboot imo is better. Not just for shadow but for everyone he interacted with. It was more reflective who his character was and note the finished romanticizetion that fans thought he was. It enbraced his flaws and insecuruties in ways that just never happened prebiotic. Because that story was being told different, and characters portrayed differently and its players different. Shadows narrative in post reboot is less nice, the world he lives in his harsh and he's a harsh reflection of it. Its kinda neat
  10. He does emote post reboot, but different strokes. He actually emotes a lot, I would argue more interestingly than pre-reboot. His emotional outbursts, insecurities, what have you resonate more there imo than before
  11. Oh i mean, he kind of hasn't been much of a character to judge. I would argue this is a lot of everyone who isn't sonic or eggman. There's colors DS who , he's just there doesn't get to do much. Nothing of note The game that caused the pendering. I don't really like any of the characters and how they are in that game. Generations, from my understanding shadow doesn't actually show up until the end of the game. So you fight sa2 shadow and then normal shadow shows up, he does nothing and then stands around doing nothing at a birthday party. Boom, I mean he's bad but its effectively a different person. I think that series reflects more on what sega's intentions were going forward ( one thing i'm going to address in a second ), but its a different person. TSR , he's fine. Competitive cuz its a racing game. So all in all , I prefer comic shadow because he's a character that actually gets to do things and be a character , usually. Comic shadow isn't perfect, Ian Flynn on occasion likes to use shadow more as a plot device than a character, but he still gets to be a character there instead of not. But actually this isn't all in all. I forgot forces. Forces is weird. Shadow in the dlc actually gets to be a character, and its a weird version, its a mixture of SA2 shadow and Shth shadow. He's jokey and snarkey but also aggressive and extremely direct, there's not quite enough to gleam what this shadow could be. But on its surface its interesting. But my problems with that games " shadow " is less about shadow and more so team dark. Team dark isn't really a team in that game, shadow is missing for 6 months and rouge doesn't seem to like care, like other people are confused as to why he's evil, but rouge doesn't say a word. And both of them just let omega just rot in the dirt for 6 months. To be fair that games story the 6 months thing was added, but even in being a week if the guy she saw do everything he did in the past teamed up with eggman to do fascism she should have...words...but... no. And shadow should be trying to i dunno salavage his robotic best friend's coprse....but no. So its weird, shadow is weirdly kinda good and interesting in spots in that game, team dark is just ...not even a team. Which is reflective of how sega at the moment feels. Remember the intentions I mentioned, I think sonic boom is the first time it was made very clear that at least SOA has no interest in team dark just shadow, and I think that interest is more pervasive throughout sega than I thought. And I have a supicion as to why that might be , but that's off topic. I have rambled enough. My issue wasn't really that I was just talking about how he was characterized. There's a shadow like meter or spectrum, or line. On one end its " actually he's a sweet heart and he's fine now look at him smiling he has friend" and on the other end is " Darkness , rage, explosions , anime violence" and he's specifically neither of those things, he's both and he's in the middle. And I felt like pre-boot shadow tended to lean more towards the first thing in a way that was unsatisfactory. And reboot shadow is more so both
  12. Depends on the game technically speaking they are both preferential to the games because on a technical level, the writings just better than the game. I love sa2, but have you heard the delivery on those lines or just the giant plot holes and stuff. That being considered, if we don't look at technical writing. I hold post reboot shadow above all else. He is the perfect version of that character, its what cements my belief while I like Ian sometimes sega may actually need to push him away from things to make this series the best it can be. Just you know...not too far. The pre reboot under ian isn't the worst by any means, but it ranks below like 06 , or battle or heroes or sa2. It just feels like Ian trying to end this character and put him in a place and that feels unsatisfactory to me, its a mascot series that's gonna exist in perpetuity give him new interesting problems. Post reboot did that, it did it very well , while keeping him character. That moment when Shadow is fighting Knuckles and you think he's gonna say some edgy shit and he's like " You can find a new path, I found a new path " because shadow doesn't actually hate knuckles he seems to respect him a great deal but is pragmatic and out of concern, frames everything before that very different that's great. That says so much about his person and who he is and how dynamic of a character he is. Its actually the best and I hope one day comic shadow can return to that
  13. I prefer post reboot Prebiotic is imo too touchey feeley. Kinda feels out of character sometimes and attempt to give his character and ending that I myself and I feel many others didn't ask for. But I understand why folks like it Post reboot is more like his 06 incarnation and imo more accurate and interesting. Hes kind of a shut off dick, he doesn't know how to talk to people, he's quick to tell you about yourself and why you are wrong. But generally not only a good person, but one the best and often means well. And that dichotomy to me is fun. Both are preferable to his current comic incarnation though
  14. Irrelevance doesn't make the material less embarrassing or the association go away *points to my avatar's game* but unlike with that there's a bunch of other materials with different interpretations and takes for people to enjoy. The ff's are only absorbed in two mediums, a cartoon and the comic. The latter of which responsible for the weird stories and the thing that existed for so long there's isn't a lot of other matetial. Ian flynn coming in magically wasn't going to fix there problems because the characters at least the ff's didn't change much. People didn't like them. The ff's for one reason for another for a lot of people don't think they represent sonic and Ian when he took over trying to save that "lore" didn't help. People werent holding grudges it turns out not as many people liked those characters and especially stories as once thought. Not enough to sell books. That's bullshit. One I was a child in the 00's when these crappy books were coming out. Like many I just kept buying it hoping it would be good, because I liked sonic. Only to be disappointed. Those adults criticizing it decades later, like ian flynn and his wife were people who grew up with that shit then and hated it then. There are certainly others who enjoy the ken, Carl, shit but the idea the criticism spawed from nowhere is ridiculous bullshit This is some "game grumps made everyone hate sonic bullshit" That's not the same. You know it's not the same, stop being disingenuous.
  15. The FF's in general will always be more divisive because they have the... " bonus " of being divisive in the community. There are people who don't like shadow, or silver or rouge or big or whatever but they are largely things that have been generally accepted and in some cases extremely popular a lot of that divisiveness comes outside of the community and even these characters are popular there as well , at least some of em. There are a lot of sonic fans that do not like the FF's and archie in general, which would make their reintroduction complicated to say the least. Even more so now when the game characters are just starting to get reintroduced and core game fans might want them to focus on that. And younger fans may want the IDW characters. That last bit is also why I think the FF's wont come back or at least be introduced in game form. Sega was really hands on with the creation of this book, if they are looking for characters and concepts to scoop, it will be from here. I'm sure that VA really wants to play sally and there are some folks internally at sega who may like the idea. But I think the time to put them in was...before sonic adventure 1. There's an entire legacy of material more embarrassing than anything that exists in game that resulted in archie book characters not being able to sell a book with them solely on the cover which very much isn't the case for IDW's characters, at least for tangle and whisper anyway. I feel for archie sonic fans and fans of the FF in particular, I don't like most of them, but I understand y'all see potential in a concept its just that the time for that concept to be executed has long since passed. Sega dropped the ball or at least went in another direction and a sega not quite caring enough to get rid of them let y'all hope for more than that was ever going to happen. I dunno ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Unpopular opinion: Two worlds isn't that bad. And i'm totally fine with a sonic adventure with animal people NPC's and shit. I say this as a guy who's favorite character makes much much less sense under two worlds .
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