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  1. I actually want to comment on this, I think this line of thinking is flawed. You ever watch Attack on Titian. I'm not gonna spoil it for you, but it craps on this entire idea. Simply put, leadership can be learned. It is a learned skill. It is something that can be acquired through experience over a short period of time, all the other traits amy or tails has over Knuckles...can't. And I would personally make the argument that knuckles needs those skills to lead effectively. So if the characters has all that other stuff, but doesn't quite know how to bring it together to be a leader, you put them in a position for them to learn howto be a leader. And IMO tails learning how to be a leader in a story line where he has to learn how to be independent and put the pieces together, sounds infinitely more interesting as a narrative than knuckles being the leader of anything. Same with a lot of sonic characters. Not dumping on you or nothing , but knuckles IMO is a really bad choice. Knuckles is a recluse who I feel doesn't really work in large groups, even among his immediate friend group he's still kind of a dense weirdo , let a lone of a whole army. You can learn how to be a leader, Knuckles can't learn how to be tails...or amy or anyone else with the personality , character traits or outright people experience that would allow him to be an effective leader. Like maybe if there was some whole arc where knuckles learned and grew and became a more well rounded person not interns of being nice but his way of thinking, then sure. But as it stands, he's aztech fuzzy lumpkins. And Like yeah , i'm calling fuzzy if i'm in a scrap . I'm not following him anywhere And this kinda leads me to my last point. I think the reason why this sort of choosing a leader logic is flawed, it ignores trust. Part of being a leader is people trust you and its seems a lot of people in the fanbase don't trust knuckles to do anything. Heck even amy doesn't trust him in forces and jokes about it. I kinda don't trust knuckles to do most things besides punch and find treasure. His whole deal is that he's gullible and bad at his job. And all the traits that you have listed aren't unique to him, and the other characters who do have that actually have better other traits to make them better leaders. For me personally looking at it as just a narrative thing, I don't really see the logic in making knuckles the leader. It just seems like the rest of the game, corporate. He's a cool rival boy character and the other one is busy. So that one, the kids like that one. Also Batman leads the justice league all the time? Like all the time? Like it happens frequently and other smart people do it too. The " leader " of that team changes depending on what that story is about.
  2. I don't think ShTh is a good example...because he's kinda that just with out purpose.On no team, antagonistic to everyone and only out for his own goals and only works with people if it benefits him. Also the guy who's in charge of sonic team, headed that game. For me personally I don't think is fear of shadow getting out of control, I think the guy(s) in charge have a very specifc limited view of what shadow is supposed to be. And even back in sa2, there were just writers around to fix it, and they kept fixing it writers/translators ect. And now those people aren't around anymore and shadow's back in some prominence and the lack of those people steering that ...motorcycle? Is noticeable. I don't think they are keen about carrying sonic battle forward in general. Which sucks because its neat.
  3. I mean it was a given considering infinite doesn't reference it in the game. That dlc and that comic were made much later to try and give a character who had been already split into two different directions due to development issues, some character. Unfortunately it split him into 3 characters. This combined with the poor reception they were doa. Even if folks bothered with infinite enough to make him popular he problably would have gotten his whole life rebooted killing them anyway. Cynical as a may be on this book. I get the feeling whispers group is the "not jackal squad" a similar concept they can do something interesting with.
  4. No you don't get. The playing it safe, is the thing you are describing. Making sure the characters stay very specifically in their rolls or in parts of importance even at the detriment of other characters or any type of cohesion is playing it safe. They want these characters in a box. A sexist box with limited depth, but a box. Sonic And Shadow are busy, and shadow's a loner. Guess Knuckles is the leader. Don't think about how they could boost another character or how its actually unfitting for the character used. That character is important, put them in box. This IS safe, well they think it is anyway. I mean I don't think its arbitrary. Most of the way. 90% of this descion I feel as though comes from a place where they are starting to invest more time into adventure call backs to the degree in which they are openly talking about adventure remakes. Sticks isn't from that era so she's just... not around. Now , you might be like. " What about Zavok's wack ass " and yes, his ass is wack. So this is why i said, 90%. The 10% is there just might not be people who care about her enough to advocate for her stay. Usually at like companies like these you need like... and advocate unless you are really popular or like a core part of the series. If it wasn't for someone advocating for ray or mighty, they might have not come back. So Someone might not be advocating for sticks, but advocating for the zeti because they made them for normal sonic and feel more of a connection. As wack as they are. Maybe one day somoene will get enough clout to will her back into existance, but not right now
  5. Oh they didn't care about any of that. Knuckles is popular and is a boy and a rival character, and a character they weren't using as a story beat. Vector isn't an upfront super popular character Amy is a girl and despite there being overwhelming proof a lot of the sonic fanbase is girls, they still present it as a boy focused brand. So unfortunately sexism wins And Shadow was being used in a poorly planned twist that resulted in nothing. Also Shadow does not do teams now, so decree-ith lord sega form on high. ( Dag now that I mention it , even in the comic shadow and team dark were given different delineations from the resistance itself. ) And They want tails to be a side kick only and with sonic not around they don't want him too independent They don't care about logic, or story cohesiveness . They care about brand image , if that hasn't been demonstrated enough over the past few issues. And will sacrifice ... anything , including potential parts of the audience to achieve that. Which seems...dumb considering that audience is shrinking. But I don't run sega so I can't tell em what to do. All companies are because they say so, for one reason or another. Maybe they just don't think she fits with the current brand, dunno. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Continuation 31)Bunny Rabbot will not show up in the foreseeable future 32)Would love the opportunity to finish his stories. He isn't gonna get hung up because it most likely will not happen. Lets focus on moving forward 33)He feels like the public is aware enough of GUN to not be afraid. 34)Weird Question. But I got out of this . Starline and Eggman are not in a relationship. Ian Flynn says that eggman doesn't have a romantic bone in his body. 35)Starline was making progress. He was getting him back to his old self. Metal Sonic just helped him skip parts of the process. Eggman would have come back, regardless. Metal Sonic is not the key to that narrative. Sonic's compassion vs Shadow's callousness is the point. There's no easy answer to the Sonic vs Shadow thing. He made it intentionally gray , he will touch upon it again in the future. 36)Don't send in fan ideas. Bean and bark basically had no characterization before Ian Flynn used them. And that characterization seems to have stuck. 37)No Sonadow allowed . Ian flynn doesn't even get it. He will let people interpret these two characters arguing over letting someone live as romantically as they see fit. But he doesn't get it. To him he doesn't seem like there are any characters that spring to mind immediately that would would work in a LGBTQ relationship. Ian Flynn is weary of the shipping wars and weary of them being pigeon holed into they dating. He's no avoiding, he's not opposed to it, he's just... tired of relationships Personal opinion: I think Amy/blaze, Vector/Espio work real good. 38)Lost hedgehog tales will reveal things. Like what would have happened with geoffry. When will it come out, who knows. 39)Russian popeye aside. Knuckles eats his spinach. Cream does. Mighty does. Tails Does. Eggman Does, he eats anything. Sonic and Amy do not. Charmy will not eat it with out a fight. Vector does not. Espio Does. Tangles does not eat her spinach. Whisper does not. 40)He does not work too directly with sega. He sends it to IDW editors. And then they send it to sega. The Sega of America people seem fine. He has asked Iizuka , and have gotten interesting answers. And answering those are not on the table, due to reasons. 41)Sonic is X and all previous spin off cartoons are off the comic table. Its dead . 42)SonAmy is up to sega. He has no horse in that race. He's passing the buck. He's tired of shipping. Its expensive. You gotta pay for package. Its a pain. International shipping. is expensive. 43)He has no idea what happened with the megaman comic. 44)No intimidate plans for more tangle and whisper. Don't want them to be a team. Don't want them to be attached eternally. Another miniseries about other characters have been pitched. Fan Reaction plays a big part in these books. 45)Ian Flynn does not think there is an explanation as to why amy have magic trick powers, he wishes there was and he showcase them. 46)Ian Flynn knows things bout the film. He does not know if he should know. He is cautiously optimistic 47)Ian Flynn finds young justice good but frustrating 48)Ian Flynn would like to work ongames 49)Mobian lifespans are comparible to human life span. 50)No intention of ending the previous book. Just happened. 51)Ian Flynn Generally avoids fanfiction on the internet and fan works for legal reasons. 52)He thinks blaze and silver are sibling oriented. I agree 53)Sonic riders happened in the comic universe 54)Classic sonic is weird and it there is no explanation as to what happened in generations in how they got ripped out of their respective universes. And now classic sonic is just an alt past... maybe? 55) Heroes made Knuckles and Chaotix not canon. He feels as though most sonic narratives in terms of continuity don't matter outside of the " adventure " period. 56) The explanation for how a child knows about angel island and little planet is " There are legends " how they spread from one world to another, I don't know. Personal opinion: Seems like angel island is animal planet only these days 57)Sonic isn't flash fast where he has a bunch of speed based powers. He's just...fast. 58)He wants IDW to be more streamlined, action oriented , and high paced. There has been a lot more positive response to character focused stuff. But he is focused on making it feel like its own thing 59)Ian Flynn and ABT are working on something called Drogoon? And its coming out this winter 60)Ian Flynn has not beaten a single game gear sonic game. Ian Flynn may have not beat sonic 2 without using Debug. Never finished TSR's last drifting challenge. That's about it for the interesting questions IMO. There are 40 more , but uh ya'll can go back and look through that yourself. Anywho , have a good one.
  6. Vector was an interesting choice though, didn't think of him leading. Makes sense though. Also I know sticks is divisive, but I think she's really cool and has potential interaction wise. I would like to see her pop up Again sorry for vanishing will finish when I get back home
  7. I got you, so questions that are not interesting or weird in a way in which I don't want to bother with i'm not including 1) book takes about 1-2 weeks to write 2) Bean and some other obscure characters he thinks can't be used. He has not checked, but he suspects that they now fall under the classic umbrella 3)Not sure if tangle and whisper can bigger merch , but ask sega 4) The metal virus would have been different in Archie. Nor was it a fleshed out idea 5)Ian Flynn thinks that Vector should have been the leader of the resistance because knuckles is a recluse he's not a people person or a leader. Vector has experience commanding people and being an effective leader. 6) Ian Flynn says that the idea of the comics being reflective of canon is a fine line to walk. Some characters are more tightly regulated than others. Specifically uses the example that he is free-er to use sonic and eggman and interpret them weird than shadow and germil . He tries to be true to those characteristics. He doesn't like to say the comics are canon in any capacity because the games take precedence and if the games changes something, he has to change it which will render his previous work untrue. He tries to be true to the game characters while putting what he think's would be a fun spin on them. As much as he can. 7)He hadn't thought about adding LGBTQ+ characters in the megaman book because most of the robot masters in classic megaman are presented as children. And didn't want them in any type of serious relationships. Iceman being interested in roll is is some cute kiddie stuff. Also most classic megaman robot masters aren't supposed to be sapient. The reploids in X are much easier to conceptualize relationships + them being older. He may have been able to add LGBTQ human characters. Maybe it would have been able to do it if it went on. He has knows not what capcom would have thought about it 8 ) Someone asked about things that would happen in a Sonic x Starfox crossover. Says it would depend on who would be approved. First thing gag he can think of is the starfox characters going " where are your pants " and the sonic characters going " why are you wearing so many clothes " . Slippy and Tails would hang out. Sonic and Fox would get on alright, but he already has a " sonic " and his name is falco and fox might not wish to deal with two of em. 9) Sonic megadrive overdrive seems lost to time, but not never... just don't hold your breath. 10) The splash damage ability of the zombots is something he wishes to address later, stay tuned. 11) The other zeti are not gone or off limits . He shrugged . He doesn't know . He thought they would be , he doesn't know what's going on. 12) Other characters can't use other looks from other series. No boom amy outfit as a one off thing. 13)Folks were wondering why did they say the M.E was hidden, then almost immediately they find it and you can literally see it. Sega had notes and changed that story and how sonic works around halfway through which I suspected. Personal Note: I suspect the Angel Island can't travel through dimensions as people may have suspected. 14) Does not think that the criticism of issue 14 is wrong. Weird discourse came out of it about shadow's personality he likes.They joke about shadow and the sonic characters in general having inconsistent characters. He wishes he could do something he had back in archie, but they don't want his character to be like that. So that's not where he is. 15)Will sonic actually deal with the notion that he kinda messed up the planet due to eggman leaving: Keep reading 16) Sonic does pay taxes because there is no such thing as money on sonic's world according to sega. 17)Sticks got turned down appearing in the book , twice. Ian does not think she's off limits forever though. He doesn't know what the issue is. 18) Ian Flynn hates robo-relationships. No i'm joking, uh his continuity's kept getting thrown away everytime he shipped a robot with someone. He wanted espio and nicole to be athing, people liked shard and nicole more. So he rolled with it 19)Where they left off in the old series, Sally and Nicole were not in love , YET. They had planted the seeds but uh, book died. 20)You are never gonna see buddy in the book. You cant define him enough and people got attached to their own buddy, just isn't worth messing with it. They exist somewhere in the world though. 21)Ian Flynn doesn't know when the arms comic is coming out. He wrote it, that's all he does. 22) NeoMetal Sonic could turn super because he framed it like mecha sonic turning super and they didn't mind. Doesn't know if he should have left it there, or go full on master overlord. Nicole being overclocked only worked because it wasn't a " super " form. They joke about it, it was a loop hole. 23) he hasn't been given any information on infinte. He assume that inifnite's age is 15-20 ish like most sonic characters. Aside from being the leader, he has no idea what relation he has to jackal squad. 24 ) don't think he will return to the slowburn style of story telling for sonic. He feels like a lot of Archie stories probably could have been much shorter. And upset that he wanted to do stuff and then book ended. Wants to approach IDW with a more fast pace action focused comic. 25)you will find out why whisper has the whisps she has, in the spin off book 26)If sega ever wanted him to write a game, he would love to. He probably wouldn't have the creative influence that he does with comic, he thinks. 27)Not gonna spoil anything for season 2 ( the question was about super sonic ) . Whisper likes poundcake. Tangle likes strawberries apparently? There was a question about a shadow arc, he didn't answer. 28)He doesn't feel like the retcon is much of a retcon with the two worlds thing. It was just never illustrated well. He doesn't know what the chaos emeralds are in terms of where they are from. They just hop from reality to reality , that's what he things. 29)Ian Flynn has read some of the star-wars extended universe. Didn't really of the new extended universe. 30)Jackal Squad is dead. Ripperoonie. Doesn't know if shadow killed them or just beat up some much they couldn't do anything. He doesn't know. The impression he got is that shadow killed them and why infinite has such an issue with shadow. They are off limits. Personal note: Which would explain the " I'm not weak thing " because he felt like he was too weak to save or avenge his friends. This is not communicated well in any media including these characters at all. Ok Got to go be an adult for a bit. Will come back and finish later. Reminder this isn't all the questions a couple have been skipped due to them just not being that interesting. i'm at 48 minutes 13 seconds. Will come back to finish later
  8. Eh I dunno , or maybe in the sense that iizuka is over here now. Not trying to deny other sega branches their part in myriad sonic related failures. But shadow in TSR's script seems.. the same. People bring this up with multiple TSR characters and honestly the dialog seems the same. Shadow as per the usual uses less aggressive diction but not because some script changes but because shadow's character in japanese is made specially different from knuckles by having him being kind of polite, but cool and a dick. But the script itself ... is largely the same? Even the fake interviews they had with the teams before they came out, the japanese interview had shadow be extra vegeta.In the game itself he's....fine. Infact he isn't aggressive enough? A lot of his dialog , despite apparent never having been a gun agent , is talking about formations and his character specific dialog is uh...mild? You figure someone like him would be extra toxic , but everyone else is a lot more aggressive in their speech and shadow specifically isn't for whatever reason. Boom was an entire other universe, and to its credit ( if you can give this to them ) shadow was supposed to have more to him. The game was rushed forced onto a console the engine didn't work well one and things were removed ( like shadow's story apparently ) and with the series effectively dying a quick death...we just never got to see it The series kinda collapsed , and a comedy show with no context was left to pick up pieces. Shadow's character is arrogant in boom, but its very obvious a whole story is missing ( along with a bunch of files that suggest this) and its clear he was supposed to have more to his character. But that's a mystery for the ages now. That isn't to excuse the characterization that resulted, the added context still would have been bad. But I think boom being unfinished and another universe seems like a bad example. Maybe there's some sega exec who really likes vegeta or something in the west, but I don't quite think that's the issue. During one of the sonic streams ruby shows up the guy who's in charge of getting that new IDW comic together and he specifically picked Ian flynn for being good at what he does and the fanbase liked him. That isn't to suggest that guy or his department couldn't just have done that but at the sometime have bad ideas about shadow the hedgehog. It just I dunno it feels like they were content with them doing their own thing. My idea for what's going on is simply put, iizuka...kinda. A lot of people forget but iizuka is shadow's dad, or one of his many dads. And he's always been the guy to ask about shadow lore questions and sonic lore questions in general. And his answers , much like with the two world thing, often are very contradictory to what everyone thinks is happening. I'm not saying its specifically iiuka maybe its other SOJ staff too, but it feels likes someone has a very particular view of shadow and isn't new. There has always been the potential for shadow to be this kinda of bad version of himself, particularly in his own game. But writers/translators/ect basically wrote him and other elements of the sonic universe in a way to compensate for the bad ideas they may have been feed. This isn't to say this couldn't just be some initiative by some SOA, who just wants to simplify everyone done and shadow just largely doesn't work that way. And eventually when this explodes they will just bow out and not take responsibility as is often the with higher ups fucking up that thing you like. But this feels like some George Lucas stuff to me, specially prequel stuff. Simply put, there's less of a barrier between the person wanting the bad ideas and the people who now have to execute the bad idea. But I dunno Maybe he wants more folks to see it? This shadow discussion has been , taking up space in the mind of the sonic fanbase for almost 2 months now. Maybe someone doesn't quite believe him and he wishes to put some spot light on peoples issues so he can show someone and go " people do not like this " while also being polite and not directly saying " Steve from accounting ruined shadow "
  9. I think its less when do we acknowledge when is the general public wrong and more so when do we, or rather sega acknowledge that there are " general public's " so to speak. A good example would be DC comics. Most people...everywhere have an idea who batman is yeah? But a chunk of those people if you asked them, might say robin sucks and shouldn't be around. In reality robin is why batman continues to exist. He wasn't doing well and the introduction of robin in his books lifted sales. Robin has always done well and there are periods like now where the teen titains/ Young Justice equivalents are more popular than the justice league itself. Now that guy who thinks robin sucks, there might be a lot of him. But you as company have ask yourself how much is he worth, because the other general public who likes robin makes you a lot of money. You have to determine which general public , which demographic is worth it in the long run. ( This doesn't account for say the personal preference of those in charge, for example robin makes money but DC films havent got the DC characters right untill...very recently and even then there seems to be no inclination that no one working on batman stuff wants to do robin. Clearly they don't think much of the character. But again there's no accounting for the guy in charge of the project being stupid) This is the sort of sentiment I feel personally indicates that you shouldn't listen to that person's opinions on games. But further more , if I were a company this is not the type of sentiment I would be catering to. While I would like to note that wouldn't shouldn't forget the multitude of failures on sonic teams part. I generally agree. Even with sonic boom, I thought the base premise was a neat idea but then you go behind the scenes and sega's meddling is how we got what we ended up with. But the core idea behind sonic boom or sonic synergy seemed sound. I really don't mind sonic trying to do new things. Yes I would like them to appeal to my nostalgia and yeah that desire has intensified because mania exists and I want my adventure equivalent. But that desire does not come at the removal of other elements .Some fans would prefer if whole other sections and takes on sonic were erased and that seems uh... narrow minded as you said. So does the overbearing nature of sega with their decreasing budgets and tendency to rush. Yeah, We are still feeling the " Shitty Friends " backlash, and now , and there have been new backlashes. We are just starting to kind of recover from the misinterpretation of that backlash and its over a decade later. Frustrating is a good word. If I may ask what games might you be referring to and what about them However if I may contribute to your statement " yes I understand that Forces and Lost world aren't technically as bad as sonic 06. They are just in everything but music , much much much less interesting and engaging as video games as this glitchy fuckfest that killed a bunch of peoples enthusiasm in the franchise in 2006. But its apparently its ok to you because egoraptor made fun of it less or something " This is weird to me. Maybe its because I like so many games and genre's that just aren't liked by the mainstream but I don't personally care. yes I care on the level of " hey if more people like sonic , he will keep existing " in a purely " I understand how capitalism works " way. I dunno man I'm just feel like... i'm too old to care. And I think we should just... stop
  10. Late but uh, ruby eclipse said a thing on twitter about a thing. Which may lend some credence to the sega mandate situation
  11. It sounded like from whispers tone that a lot of em seemed dead
  12. I'm not saying characters wont stick . I'm just saying I think this will be fairly self contained
  13. Ok. If you are talking about in terms of the comic as a thing in itself, It may result in more miniseries if succesful. However I think that was planned from the start. If IDW were pinning the future of spin of sonic material on two unknown new characters. That was ...really dumb to be quite honest. And I doubt they were. If you mean narrative I do think this comic will have any tangible effect on what the comic besides a possible explanation for something. I do not think that sega wants things not from their own characters having tangible lasting effects on the world that isn't the result of their own characters in some way
  14. If it isn't a sega character unless they are being actively assisted in some way , I doubt they want things that may have lasting changes on the world or the characters in it. I don't think the zombot thing happens without eggman helming it. That's my take
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