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  1. This, this right here. They keep doing this. They don't see who they are getting in bed or just don't care to pay attention untill things are too late. If you want to curate their brand, curate that shit. You can't just let stuff occur and then over correct after the fact, at least this many times. And what's worse is that the over corrections to tend be limited in thier own way as well , so while I understand these over corrections, I can't really feel for them because they aren't great sometimes and the reason they are even doing this is their own fault
  2. The smurffs gave up and made a fully animated film And the MLP film was animated
  3. To be a fair to this film sega has even from sonic 1 , tried to make humans in sonic land a thing. Its just that outside of like Eggman, people thinking topaz from sonic x was okay , maria kinda and Prof pickles, its never worked and always has been weird despite them continuing to push it. And in many ways has contributing some of the most embarrassing and confusing elements of the franchise. So it baffles me, wait no it doesn't because movie studio's are dumb, so its disappointing to me that they chose to not only focus on sonic in humanland for the first sonic film , but to try and adapt his design to that world instead of at leastthe reverse
  4. I know we in are in " panic mode" But their decision to make separate products for different fanbases is actually a good idea. Trying to please too many fanbases with one product is usually why a lot of their bad products ... are bad.
  5. Are we seriously comparing that to sonic? You are optimistic, i'll tell you that. Those aren't risky ventures, that doesn't mean sonic isn't being sent to die.
  6. I wouldn't. Spiderman is a thing sony seems like they actually want to make money on. Instead of something a studio commited to making and has now placed somewhere that they could possibly make some money off of families who need to settle their children
  7. Not for this sort of thing, no. Well hmm. Sorry , i'm wrong. It is a major release period for studios putting films out to try and get some money out of projects they don't think will succeed . So you are right, technically
  8. Shadowlax

    Is Sonic still "cool"?

    No and No I'm gonna talk about sonic's personality because my opinion on the game front is " Maybe people would find him more cool if his games were shit less frequently " Now Do you need coolness? No and that's what being cool is in todays market. Have you seen modern protagonists? While I don't think this is ever confirmed, but there is a " Sonic is inspired by goku " sentiment in a lot of the fanbase. If that has any truth, that's sort of the issue. Our modern goku is a kid in green clothes who cries alot but is super into what's doing and is very passionate about people he cares about. What cool protagonist character is, in media around the world, is Dorks. Dorks are what's cool, people coming into who they are , learning and making mistakes. Dorks run shit, even edgy characters are dorks now. Seeing the dorky side of these characters allow for people to relate to them, kids in particular because they aren't perfect , and seeing someone like them who's a little weird is relatable. Sonic isn't that because Sonic Team wont let him be that. And for sonic to be cool in the modern day, they have to let him be what sonic's character would actually be. A 16 year old dork who makes mistakes, gets beaten up, but gets up and tries again and is kinda goofy. Sonic's obsession with being cool is some shit that should have been left in the 90's its time for sonic to evolve, its time for sonic to dork up. Its time for sonic to be questioned and to fuck up, and not fuck up like " I couldn't beat the bad man " but by sometimes being a bad friend and having to apologize, or being to arrogant. Its time for sonic to be what he should have been a while ago, a 16 year old dorky kid. Let classic sonic being a cool not talking customer, it works for him. But if you are gonna keep modern sonic around, you have to keep him modern. And that means updating him, and that means allowing him to be sort of a fuck up.
  9. Shadowlax

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    This is what I hope. I'm willing to give the book a chance. I hope the issues that occured in year one, stop occuring.
  10. Shadowlax

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    If I can speak for myself. I just want to see sonic think, there's a lot of mandates, or a t least a couple that people kind of over exaggerate the effects of, however I think the worst thing to effect sonic as a character isn't actually a mandate at all rather an implied restriction due to mandates that exist and probably editing from his the writers various bosses. And that's sonic inability to think, you might be like " Sonic Think's all the time , he thought up a plan in this last comic " that he did, but I dunno if he didn't think of that tails would have. Sonic doesn't really have a perspective on anything interesting, nor really gets his perspective challenged and that's sort of my issue. He never has to like... think about a thing. Prime example of this is issue 5 and 6, sonic coming to the forgone conclusion of forgiving eggman was gonna happen because no premise introduced was outside of wheelhouse enough to challenge him, heck we had this story before in archie.When shadow shows up at the end of the comic where he should said in response to sonic " Alright then, Do it " in response to sonic talking about all the bad stuff shadow did and how he himself should be destroyed. Shadow doesn't say that. Because sonic having his perspective challenged in any meaningful way just can't happen for whatever reason. Even though that happening to characters is what makes them interesting. Sonic can take punches to the face, get shown up, or have litteral pie in his face. But the simple thought of " So what exactly is my goal here , or what's my role here" is a thought so complicated that the comic or story will actually shit itself to actively avoid. There's a lot of gloom and doom surrounding this book in enthusiast circles, lot of folks talking about what if it never gets good, and the stories to fast and poorly written andthe characters. I think the thing that kills this book more than anything is sonic's lack of though. Because that shit is gonna get boring fast narratively. I think even for kids. In age where childrens cartoons cartoons have characters who are dorks and get their perspectives challenged all the time ( One of which is sonic boom a cartoon with sonic in it ) , this guy literally going through nothing of value is gonna get stale quick. They are gonna have to surround him with folks who can obfuscate the fact he cannot be questioned. Actually treat him like a character, get new books so you can just ignore that one. There are a lot of things lost in he Archie to IDW trasition. Sonic's ability to be questioned might be one of the most dangerous losses
  11. I wouldn't be surprised if no one knew why anyone liked most if not an of parts of sonic as a franchise.
  12. Shadowlax

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    That's about where I am at + I believe the dialog in the game itself might just not be that great
  13. Shadowlax

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    "Say you ever wonder if we talk about velocity too much? I don't want to annoy anyone, but its important to stay on brand " " Just Drive "
  14. Shadowlax

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    I like when sonic and shadow just break the 4th wall
  15. Shadowlax

    IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog

    But they weren't defining it before. Ok, so to go into the bit of the large post I accidentally deleted like an idiot. There's one thing I feel like a lot of you are forgetting, one element of the franchise that is key to all this, and i'm not mad at you forgetting. Because its speaks to how poor an idea it always was, and how terrible it was communicated every time, and how little impact it had. Humans. Sonic's whole thing, or at least the thing they wanted sonic to be and it never worked out, is literally your friend. Your supposed to believe you could hang out with sonic, he could be right around the corner ready to wisk you away on cool adventures around the world. That's sort of the point, that is what sonic had been sold as for years, in games, anime, cartoons comics this has always been a consistent part of his character. Animal world didn't need to be defined, or even separated because it didn't matter. Its not what they saw sonic and friends are, they are supposed to make your lives better. The character with the most complicated backstory has his backstory seeped in humanland shit for that reason. They want sonic and friends to relate directly to you. They defined the world and made it in some many ways similar to ours because of it, it has structure, government history and lore that does not exist in a lot of the animal parts of the world, or animal world. Because you aren't supposed to think about animal world, sonic is supposed to be your cool friend, don't worry about that. The issue is, it never worked. When they first tried to give sonic a human girlfriend, denied. Chris in sonic X? Even as a kid me and a lot of people I knew never liked chris or his friends, and didn't care about the humans except for like , topaz. Maria and Gerald die, and the only reason maria gets remembered is that she's a plot device for shadow, Gun general , Literally who? Elise? Litterally one of the most embarrassing moments in the entirety of the franchise and memed to this day. The only one of any note besides eggman is pickle. It never worked and it feels like the fanbase were more focused on making their own characters and living in sonic's world rather than having him and his friends come into their own. And I think Sega finally came to terms with this, or realized this because they were so incompetent they just missed what their fanbase actually liked... or a weird combination of both about... around colors. This is when definitive changes about how sonic is presented and who he's around came up. Classic sonic comes back, other characters come back . More focus on explore weird shit that exists in sonic's universe. And then you have like sonic boom, which I will say again is more indicative of what they want to do with the 3d part of this franchise than a lot of people want to admit. Its a whole new world, filled with animal characters, was going to have a chao world, had its own world and lore and was planned to be expanded upon. But that failed, but Sonic forces seems to picking up right where it left off in many respects. Sonic forces in its level design gives more world building to sonic's world that ... since like... sonic and knuckles. It confirms other animal people exist... and live places and have desires. I fully believe , unless i'm wrong , this will be the focus going forward doing stuff in sonic's world. The two worlds thing isn't a means to not define a world. Its a means to quite literally push the human world out of the way so they can define the animal one. Now some of you all might be like " Wow your hypothetical requires the belief that sega is so incompetent that they thought that being the cool animal characters wasn't the reason people liked this franchise with cool animals" , yes. I'm that cynical of them

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