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  1. The Introduction Topic

    I'm Chacron, I was originally on Sonicworld.net from 2004 but that's sadly long gone and I've not been interested in this sort of stuff for a while but a combination of events brought me here. I think I was registered on the old board here for a while years ago but anyway... The important things about me are: I'm from the UK, I drink a lot, I've met a couple of people from the Sonic community IRL, one of which was by complete chance. From time to time I write a little fanfiction, just for fun. In fact I've written more than anyone else I've encountered so far, to the point where I barely feature Sonic anymore because I've added so many of my own characters to the mix, and I do fancy myself to be quite good at writing anyway. I'm thinking of starting some new material soon enough so I might put it on here if it turns out good. Games I play: Sonic 1, 2, 3, S&N, Mean Bean Machine, Spinball, and the Master System Sonic games. I played the Dreamcast stuff too and lost interest after that. Anyway that's me, I'll probably get myself banned sooner or later but until then....