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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. IGN score: 58 IGN Italia score: 80 ?????? In all seriousness though, Sonic games getting bad reviews isn't anything new. Everyone knows that any title that tries anything new will be a love-or-hate gamble. This reminds me of when Sonic Unleashed came out and got SLAMMED by every other reviewer-- even fans were hating on it. But when I picked it up, I honestly thought it was brilliant. It's still close to my favorite Sonic to date, even over Generations. (The HD version mind you and yes, I LOVED Werehog. ) I'm not particularly hard to please when it comes to Sonic, I'm a die hard fan, I'll always see the magic in a Sonic game no matter how bad it is. Hell I was even able to squeeze out whatever enjoyment I could out of that abysmal Sonic 06'.
  3. I think the only time I remember Eggman making an HONEST attempt on Sonic's life is during the Egg Dragoon boss in Sonic Unleashed.
  4. Seriously. Like-- wow. This game is just flawless. It's been quite awhile since I've played a PERFECT game.
  5. So the gif you posted seems to imply that this "reveal" is going to blow my mind.
  6. Wait so like-- there's actually some kind of.. deep plot to this game? o.O Are we talking like-- Rayman 2 deep?
  7. Holy crap this is going to be the best friggin' game ever.
  8. Wait wait wait woah woah woah woooah. DREAMCAST games are being made? DREAMCAST?
  9. Hooo-lee SHIT. What the hell is this. Seriously? This game looks fucking amazing.
  10. ^ The demo has co-op-- and you should definitely give it a try.
  11. I can't believe we're complaining about load times after the monstrosity of 06'.
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