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  1. Game is great and has some awesome ambitions, but can't say i love it for the following reasons: 1. Level designs, particularly the remastered or new levels, lack focus. The old games kept you on a clear main path with upper and lower routes placed rather sparingly throughout. The defined main path enabled each zone to maintain a unique identity and also aided in the progression and atmosphere of the story as it unfolded. Mania zones have this sometimes, however, typically the stage will have mutiple paths entirely throughout. 2. Couple this with the inconsistent story telling (Like others have mentioned) and what we get is a fun night out without any real memory of what actually happened.
  2. Im happy to see that pretty much all the veterans of this site supporting the gameplay and atmosphere of sonic adventure, over the modern sonic games. It seems that almost everyone who grew up when the adventure games came out prefer that style, whereas the younger newer fans leaning towards the modern style of games. I feel that you really had to be there when sonic adventure came out to truley appreciate the almost perfect game that it was for its time.
  3. Sonic team needs to hire Diogenes. Seriously, his opinions are always spot on in my eyes. Sega has used fans for their PR team and classic sonic game and its worked wonders. Fixing 3d sonic is all that's left
  4. With the new 2017 project game in the horizon, just thought id see where everyone's thoughts are now on the boost formula. I just had another stint on generations. An enormous amount of effort, detail and polish went in that game. Its fantatsic. Unfortunately, after 30 mins i was done. The constant high speed is great on one or two levels....and then gets forgettable and mundane after that. Controlling sonic is a nightmare for me, as he has the momentum of a thousand suns and the turning circle of shopping trolley, making the simplest maneuvering and platforming quite fustrating and bothersome. Even when there is a seperate path to take, i found myself battling sonic to get an accurate landing within the 0.005 second window of oppurtunity. Not to mention the 2d sections taking up almost 50% of modern sonic's levels as well, a well known trademark of the boost gameplay. As a sonic fan since 1992, its genuinely confusing and equally fustrating to me that others can see this style of gameplay as adequate in the long term. It lacks accuracy, depth, player input and room to grow amongst other things... Sorry if this offends any pro boost players, but a potential 4th game of this nature is a personal blow for me.
  5. Im not a fan of the boost gameplay...but i can see it being actually fun if sonic was slowed down dramatically (with and without boosting). Same speed as seen in the gif -Ace- posted. Also, if it was very limited to only be used to access specific locations or to maximise speed on downhill sections (also seen in the gif), that would actually be very rewarding.
  6. Sorry to disagree, but i really disliked the aesthetics in lost world and feel the world represented in this trailer was the best thing to happen in the past 10 years. Not to say that either of us are wrong or right, just thought i'd point out the difference in opinion. You're definitely right in the way where it needs some consistency though. I'd just prefer the world to be based on something a bit more realistic, such as this game represents. The genesis titles actually got more realistic settings as they went on, with only a handful of levels from the genesis era really taking advantage of that 'classic' colourful blocks level design. Going back to simplistic colourful settings would seem to be taking a step backwards from the progression made between 'sonic 2 and sonic 3' and 'sonic 3 to sonic adventure', which was arguably the forerunner of the graphical capabilities of those time periods. I say let sonic be the nathan drake of the platformer genre and show the world that sonic is once again in the lead!! Too ambitious?
  7. Anyone with a twitter account want to try asking aaron, gene or iizuka if the game follows the boost style of gameplay. I think a lot of this speculation should and can easily be put to rest
  8. I think Phos nailed it here. Exactly how i feel about it. Was really hoping for the elimination of all single directional gameplay and instead, gain a return to full 360 fluidity and control with no need for comprises.
  9. This is pretty halarious (specifically the date of the event and the name) And don't jump to any conclusions, as it's a real thing and part 2 was a real event last year. http://heyevent.uk/e Still...pretty darn funny
  10. Hmm... weren't the dates "4/1/16" And "3/21/00"? The first date seems to be commonly guestimated as the annoucement. If the second date, could be alluding to the sonic comic issue #177 which was released on march 21st 2000. It can be read online at emuparadise. There doesnt seem to be significance though... Edit: now that i read the front page again. It states "4 action packed adventures inside". The copy online only has the first. If someone has the rest of this issue it may lead onto something.
  11. is it just me, or does this game look quite boring compared to the rest of e3...ive started to lose all hype for this now. those gameplay videos look so uninspired and generic. the graphics too... just so simple... am i alone with this?
  12. damn. windy hill looks good. not digging the mario style gameplay really though. i would prefer adventure styled landscapes (aka realistic levels with progression, not abstract playgrounds). i wish we could run up mountains and traverse hilly lanscapes using momentum. the flat lanscapes with standard blocky platforming looks so dull. especially in the 2nd amd 3rd levels shown. its seems like they are gonna have 1 decent level and 2 filler levels per zone. typical really.
  13. i agree. the graphics are extremely minimal. i hope they beef it up at least with some lighting/shadow effects
  14. so this looks amazing. it does look kiddy, but its stylized and pulls back to sonics classic roots. Theyve pulled this off pretty well in my opinion. the guardians still look like balls unfortunetly. loving the new gameplay configuration as well 100% over generations already. looks like this game has great potential.
  15. looks like i caused some instant rage. The genesis games werent as kiddy as colours/generations. like the above poster said, there was always a deeper meaning behind the games, plus, the threats in the genesis games seemed geniune. i understand sega think kiddy sells games. but cmon, theres a line that shouldnt be crossed. those rayman looking creatures, stupid corny jokes from colours and gimpy ass story lines are crossing the line in my opinion. theres good kiddy (like pixar) and bad kiddy (like hotel castlevania). also, i loved the lost world concept art. looked awesome. the picture of the guradians has made me feel blugh. ill be happy with a sonic unleashed style. it was a pretty good medium.
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