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  2. Wait a minute, TSR has a solo mode!?

    1. Bobnik


      It's been known for a while now, but yes.

    2. Jovahexeon Ogilvie Maurice

      Jovahexeon Ogilvie Maurice

      Yes, we've known that for a while.

  3. gato

    April Fools 2019

    Capcom wants you to fight the good fight.
  4. gato

    April Fools 2019

    Shaped like an enemy... Anyway, this holiday has become a bit of a salty one for me ever since Fighting layer EX got announced (and actually made) since now I see all the cool ideas done by some companies and I want them to be real. Like the Yakuza turn based game. Then again, we also get some cool events for certain sites or games so that's cool, apparently you can play Snake (the Nokia game, not to be confused with its Solid, Liquid, Solidus, Venom, Naked, Punished, Old among other varieties) on Google Maps but it's not as cool as the previous versions of the Map "prank".
  5. Hollow Knight is one of those few games I got on a sale thinking it'd be neat to try at one point and then proceed to get floored by how much value I got out of my metaphorical $10 bill. So I'm definitely getting this one at launch. Also, bug waifu Vergil is best Vergil.
  6. I feel like I'm going to like this year's batch of wallpapers!

  7. Ahh yes, this will replace that Illbleed boss in my nightmares. pic for reference.
  8. Well, it could be worse. SEGA could be making a video game adaptation of it.


  9. *goes out of cave*

    No sir, I don't like it.

    *nopes back into cave*

  10. *goes out of cave*

    *checks Motobug thread to see if they are going to be streaming TGA*

    *goes back in cave*

    1. Polkadi~♪


      we are streaming TGA


      there better be room for two in that cave of yours

  11. gato

    Mega Man

    This is a very good argument and I feel that an actual live action Megaman movie could work. But seeing as how the current efforts to transfer video games into movies are going I just can't see them not doing a completely different story than the one the source material has. Taking any cynicism I have towards the Sonic movie aside and just going by Capcom properties we have the amazingly bad Street Fighter movie (often contended to actually be one of the best video games movies because of how amazingly bad it is), the RE movies that picked a director who really loved his wife and Monhun turning into one of them Isekai animes that are so popular lately (mostly on Japan tho). I mean, it could still be great. But just don't expect them to follow the source that much.
  12. >No fixed camera/tank controls mode for REmake 2

    I expected it, but somehow, I'm still let down.

    1. Blacklightning


      why would you want that

  13. (Twitter)


  14. For those who haven't heard it yet. Capcom uploaded Nero's new theme.


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