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  1. Soul Edge II when?

    1. King Koopone

      King Koopone

      1998/1999 for arcades and the Dreamcast except its called Soul Calibur.

      Unless you are referring to a different Soul Edge


      or joking...


  2. Maybe I've been hanging in the wrong places but I've seen quite a bit of negativity towards this reveal ("looks like MN9", "2.D was a mistake", yaddayadda) and I can't really see it? I'll admit I'd take sprites over 2.5D any day but this looks like a pretty good transition that manages to capture the 2D Megaman visual feel to me, and as a matter of fact, I'd say this is what I expected MN9 to look like (maybe with a bit more lighting tweaks). That said, I also saw some things that I feel need changing. That running (more like walking) animation looks pretty bad, and Megaman both visually and audio-wise looks/sounds pretty emotionless. I'm sure the visual changes can be implemented in the coming year but I'm not so confident about the grunts. All-in-all I'm interested (which makes me a lot more hopeful about possible incoming Capcom announcements), but not quite hyped. But that's mostly because I've always been more of an X/Zero/ZX guy. EDIT: I'm totally getting that X collection tho.
  3. As I'm transferring my files to a new hard drive I've come to the realization that I have 500GB worth of video games on Steam alone.

  4. Spookiest skeltal

    1. Teoskaven


      Fun fact: they actually used an flute carved from a human bone to compose this.
      Mick Gordon is a blessing in composer form.

  5. So, now that the Switch version of Forces was also leaked. How long is the PC version getting delayed?

    1. StrickerXmas


      knock on wood lad

    2. Nix


      Double Denuvo.

    3. Blue Wisp

      Blue Wisp

      Denuvo Forces


    1. Santamus Prime

      Santamus Prime

      In response to forces?

  7. Grim Dawn

    I've been playing this game for a good year or so and I figured I could try my shilling skills for a bit considering it's getting an expansion tomorrow. Grim Dawn is an ARPG created by the same people who did Titan Quest, and it's probably one of the best ventures in the genre I've played (tho I haven't touched much, mostly limited myself to Torchlight and Path of Exile). The Steam page will tell you about a choice and consequence system and how rich and full of character the world is but if I'm going to be honest that's kinda false, there are some choices here and there but besides locking you from Gear they won't do nothing for you (and even then, you can backtrack from most of them in new game+ and ++) and the story/dialogue is as barebones as it gets (tho I kinda like the world, and I reckon the potential in two cosmic horrors fighting for the planet while there are more cosmic entities watching from the sidelines). Also, appearance wise the character customization is near null (armor + gender, nothing else). This game is certainly no Divinity: Original Sin II. Then why I've been playing this game for the last year? Well, the meat of the game happens to be on the gameplay. Grim Dawn gives you 8 (as of tomorrow) classes (or as the game calls them, masteries) to play with: - Soldier: Your usual tough guy, specialist in all forms of non magical combat, be it defensive (shields), one handed, two handed, melee and ranged. - Demolitionist: Person who really likes fire and lightning, can use both melee and ranged weapons and deploy traps as well as many types of grenades. - Nightblade: Master of all things edgy, can dual wield melee weapons and is efficient at melee, cold magic and poison. - Occultist: Person who is into that weird stuff, will summon pets, spread diseases all over with poison and bleeding damage or bring forth the forces of the beyond with chaos magic. - Arcanist: Know-it-all of all things that in other games would be called magic, can master the basic three elements or go a little further beyond and cast raw energy (Aether) itself. - Shaman: Dude coming from faraway lands who mastered the art of carrying heavy two handed weapons, ill use pets and rain down lighting on you, the class can also summon totems. - Inquisitor: Masters of the art of Gun-Fu, can dual wield ranged weapons and is armed to the teeth with seals and auras who can pack a rainbow of elemental damage. - Necromancer: Last but not least we have the masters of life itself, being able to take it away from you or throw it at you very violently in the form of spooky skeletons (among other magicks). You can play as any of these 8 masteries as they are, but the game allows you to mix and match two of them (any of them), and the game has a way of making nearly all of them viable! You can even go against type and have something like a Nightblade (melee) + Arcanist (caster) who specializes on ranged weapons and still do good at the game. It's the kind of system I always wished PSO2 had when they introduced class hybridization but never had because apparently if you want a melee caster you have to be bad at the game. >_> If you watched the video posted above you probably also saw Constelations, this is a secondary level up system that you get for finding shrines to the old gods scattered across the land, you can use them to either strengthen your chose skills even further or compensate for anything you might lack (a lot of builds I saw focus plenty of devotions on defense, since tankiness seems to be pretty appreciated in high difficulties). The amount of builds you can make is quite large, right now I have around 30 characters in the game (admittedly nearly all of them in a relatively low level) and I'm nowhere near the bottom of the game's well! The sky is literally the limit! Also, this game is very mod friendly. The devs openly encourage people to modify their game (it has a mod launcher in-game) be it by adding classes (there are LOTS of these) or maps of their own, I haven't played a lot of ARPGS in my life but the only other one I could compare in this regard is Torchlight II (but this one is kinda better since it has Workshop support, in Grim Dawn you have to install the mods manually) So, has anyone else played this game? Is any of you willing to try it? (I hope the game gets a bundle tomorrow)
  8. I can't believe I'll be able to play as the SRONGEST HUMAN team, I'd rather have Satan than Yamcha but for the time being he'll do.
  9. Sonic Mania Modding

    On that note (and sorry for keeping the "derail")
  10. Mania Glitch Thread

    I know there is one (or two) stages that are really hard to get perfect in. But just to be sure since everyone is using the gold medals as a measurement, are we talking about the regular stages? I'm pretty sure there are extra blue sphere scenarios when you pick Mania on the extras menu and maybe those could have what you are talking about.
  11. Sonic Mania Modding

    Can't believe no one posted this one yet. IMO the coolest one so far.
  12. Mania Glitch Thread

    Sorry in advance for not reading through the whole thread (all 4 pages of them! Again, sorry) but I just wanted to comment that this one hasn't been fixed in the PC version. And there seems to be quite a number of stages that has more blue spheres than the ones needed. It's specially weird when it happens with the stages that were ported from the originals (Sonic 3's 4th emerald stage has this one extra sphere, or rather, has this one less sphere in the counter required to clear it)
  13. ESL is streaming a live tournament at Gamescon right now! (actually, 29 minutes ago).
  14. Age of Empires IV

    Wait, what? I love the fact III is getting some love but what's this deal with II? It got a fourth expansion not too long ago (which I have and play at least once a week). I remember Zeroempires (AoEII's somewhat goto broadcaster) saying he was excited for some future announcements and I just assumed that it was IV related after the reveal but now I see he probably meant this. Wow, really curious about how all of this will turn out.