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  1. So, FGC personality Justin Wong has been doing a give-away of the recently released fighting game Samurai Shodown (great game btw). To enter, all you had to do was include the game's tagline #embracedeath on your replies.

    The giveaway was such a success that it got the tagline trending...

    Results have been mixed to say the least.

    1. Kuzu the Boloedge

      Kuzu the Boloedge

      I saw that last night. Twas a good laugh

    2. SupahBerry



      He could get a kick outta that. He likes it cold.

    3. Teoskaven


      Yeah, i'm sure that definetly respects the "core values" of the FGC.

    4. DanJ86


      So that's what it was about. I didn't know at the time. It was weird. 0_o


    1. Mad Convoy

      Mad Convoy

      Ah, first world problems...

      That aside, it’s gotta suck for him but at the same time maybe he should practice with people who are better at the game than him?

  3. >tfw I've only spent 5 years of my life in a world without Sanic.

    Makes one think.

    1. FReaK


      0.75 for me. and I cant even remember that.

  4. A bit of news. On an interview with Phil Spencer it gets casually dropped that PSO2 will eventually be available on "all" platforms (around the 40:41 mark). Notice that this comment is so off hand that I can't really tell what he means by "all" (read: Switch, Vita and the mobile versions). Sadly, still no news about an EU servers. Apparently Phil knows nothing about the situation and it might be up to SEGA to do anything about it.
  5. I kinda stopped playing after the Melee rework destroyed this game's compatibility with DS4 controllers. Is that still the case? Because I waited for a month for a response and I kinda got swept under the rug of new updates. EDIT: I should probably clarify since there's been multiple reworks. I'm talking about melee 3.0 phase 1.
  6. Silver Linings: At least this means Mega Charizard X is also gone, right?

    1. Ernest the Panda

      Ernest the Panda

      >actual dragon-type Charizard is gone.

    2. NegaMetallix


      Guess so. Always been more of a MegaZard Y kinda guy myself, though, so I'm disappointed to see he's gone too.

    3. Ellipsis-Ultima


      I liked Mega Charizard X

    4. Diogenes


      x was the good one y looked like butts

    5. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      Welp Charizard is gonna be a meta joke yet again

  7. Oh, I was thinking this was all about balancing since they are introducing a new mechanic that seems like a combination of two previous mechanics and didn't want to bring all that "obsolete" luggage with them, and then later slowly introduce the mons back (maybe not even in the same game, do it in future games with the chance of transferring Galar mons to the new titles). But they are outright saying each region is going to be a different toybox and you can only play with the toys you get on it huh? This is upsetting. You just know there is a list of "bro" Pokémons (and Ultra Beasts) that are not going to show up anytime soon because they don't fit or are not from Gen1. And this might even cause friction among fans since you know there are some controversial picks already in the game (I still love you Vanillite).
  8. That's... right... I know for a fact if content is up to date some of the bosses became outright obsolete since they were replaced with shinier purple-ier variants of them and those carry none of the context of their first appearances. Also if they want to keep the game up to date some of those quests should not show up at all (because people will want to farm for the most powerful item instead of an Elder Rod). A solution to this would be to make the old EQs regular quests that people can replay (maybe add a bit of a level to the boss only quests?) while keeping the new and shiny items on the weekly farm loop, new players would still be out of the loop but they'd be able to catch up. But that sounds like effort. _(:3」∠)_
  9. BTW We saw very little of Pokemon Sword and Shield in the direct but it lines up perfectly with a certain leak that's been around since before the previous Direct. If things keep going like this we are gonna get some pretty interesting stuff in the future.

  10. Reminder that No More Heroes 3 exists.

  11. I left the game before EP5 even started so feel free to correct me if I'm wrong about anything. But as far as I remember it went like this: Ep1 and 2: Normal progression, clear the tutorial and then you meet plot relevant characters just by exploring the lobby (you can be unfortunate enough to miss them for while but that's unlikely) and then you are given your missions and what to do about them, you play the story at your own pace. Ep3: Kinda odd, you are given the choice if you want to start right from EP3 and get the new stuff or if you want to progress through EP1 and 2 normally. The weird thing is that if you chose to start on 3 you miss on the tutorial or you jump from EP1's tutorial to a point way too advanced (can't really remember). Ep4: You make the character and you are already on the command room with a lot of people you don't know about treating you like their lifelong friend talking about facts you know nothing about because your character became amnesiac after being put into stasis following THE HAPPENINGS. Then you are dumped straight into a mission and you have to go through EP4's first chapters and after most of the relevant characters are introduced THEN you are given the choice if you want to keep going or go back to find out what the hell you did in the last years. I'm pretty sure at this point the tutorial is gone. I imagine EP5 is similar? (I wonder how did they pull skipping EP4)
  12. I'd like to add that PSO2 is already available for the PS4, but it's the Japanese version. As for my guesses as to why the English version isn't coming on PS4, I'm going to assume it was just an agreement between MS and SEGA since the latter didn't seem to be very interested into bringing the game over here.
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