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  1. NieR: Automata T-Shirt!


    1. -Ace-


      I neeeeeeeed ittttt:wub:

  2. Happy "you are not playing Persona 5" awareness day, I guess...

  3. You'll play the English version to... ... And you'll like it. Probably. Anyway, it seems like the previews are starting to pour in since an hispanic reviewer also got to play the same demo posted above and got a little further into the desert, watch at your own risk because there be spoilers.
  4. Can't wait for Nier Tomato!

  5. As a self contained story you'll probably be fine since the game takes place like over 10 thousand years after the original NieR. With that said, there seems to be several references to past titles (and more importantly, the YorHa stageplay) so I guess it'll be a Revengeance-like scenario where you can get everything that's happening in front of you, but the context behind said occurrences might be lost unless you know the lore behind the series. Take for example the white haired guy who seems like he's going crazy on the story trailer, you don't need to know what the symbols appearing on his chest means but people who played Drakengard 1 (notice that's not even a NieR Gestalt/Replicant connection here) will know what is it all about and will properly chimp out like I did when I watched said trailer. With that said, there was a gameplay video published reently, it's 25 minutes and it reveals a few neat mechanics.
  6. Who else about to marathon Samurai Jack?

  7. Some people have been pointing out that the "bullies" on that trailer are a parallel to Team Skull... Is that a sign of things to come?
  8. Is it me or are the status updates being kidnapped by Candleja

    1. VEDJ-F


      Not this one. 

  9. Might not be very visible because filters, but the EG logo is also on the gun.
  10. Owlbro, I picked you since you were revealed and you haven't let me down since. Ghost starter! <3 Now I wait for the Decidueye initiative. Also, I really love how despite the leaks this game still has stuff to get me hyped for the release. Despite some negatives I have here and there this feels like it's going to be a great game/s.
  11. >Dat Mania footage

    >Dat Pokemon trailer

    >Dat NieR Automata livestream 


  12. You know, I've never been one to believe those people who kept telling me that Tails was cuter in the classics since I find his modern appearance to still be quite adorable, but these sprites man... I can't... Maybe is because it's the act 2 theme? Actually, have we ever gotten any confirmation about different acts having different music or that's just me assuming because Sonic 3 act transitions got confirmed a while ago? I still love the music tho.
  13. I really don't feel that the saloon and desert themes are mixing each other very well on the new level (so I hope the first part is mostly desert with some caves), but enough about me being a Debbier Downer. I just love how cool Knuckles looks on his victory screen. Even his pupils are animated!
  14. Here is a bit of a thought. Would you guys rather have Dark Souls (I'm pretty sure Bloodborne is exclusive) on the go, or would you prefer if From developed a new game for the Switch? (exclusive or not)

    Sounds like a silly question but I've seen a lot of people mentioning Souls and not the other possibility.

    1. Nix


      I'd rather have a new souls-esque game.