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  1. EDIT: I had linked some videos from Neo Hazard at Retro playing Green Hill and Studiopolis but they went unlisted so I'm removing them. But yeah, Green Hill isn't a 1:1 copy.
  2. In a way, for me this is like a smaller scale version of the NieR automata reveal, about a game that I never expected to see back despite SEGA's attempts in the last years to bring that charm back with very fluctuating degrees of success, and made by a team that seems to have just the right people for the job. If anything so far the only concerns I could think about would be about the amount of content the game might have (because Sonic 4 offered very little and Sonic 1 also falls on the short side and we are getting Green Hill Zone AGAIN), but as of now that's just me being a downer for the sake of it since there is no reason to think they wouldn't provide a game that's meaty enough (Sonic 2 long would be nice, larger would be better). And I think I'll leave it at that for now, it's 5:30 AM and should have gone to sleep a long time ago but man... It feels so nice to be hyped for a New Sonic game again (not dissing project 2017, it's just that I need to see a bit more than that teaser to get me going). Haven't felt like this since the Generations reveal.
  3. Just came back from a final. Are we going fast yet?

  4. Reading people say they have problems doing qcf+hcb or qcb+hcf inputs triggers me more than it should... Yet at the same time it's kind of an eye opener to see how many people actually seem to have this issue...

  5. The fun thing is that the fugly fish seems to have a pretty powerful ability (blocks priority moves, rip Talonflame) so if the stats are acceptable you are going to see it quite often.


  7. Dat everything... I genuinely expected this game to have a soundtrack similar to Drakengard 3 since it reminded me of Rising but it seems like we are going with something more close to home. As a little addon. If you haven't noticed it already, Emi Evans is confirmed to return for this game! This is truly a dream team. \o/
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      But does it come with a free Expansion Pak?

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  9. Considering Platinum is making the game, I wonder if it'd be reasonable to expect NieR Automata to have a soundtrack similar to its sister/mother/SomeWeirdIncestousShizYokoTaroMadeUp series Drakengard. More specifically, Drakengard 3:

    On another note, more people should listen to Drakengard 3's soundtrack. . 3.

  10. I'm going Team Rowlet for this one, the little bugger was made for being hugged and carried in the arms, Despite the description suggesting otherwise (being a fast kicker) I really wouldn't mind if the evos get progressively fatter and more totoro-tier cuddly And give him thick fat as a hidden ability.
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    Current Essay writing BGM... So chill...

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