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  1. I think I need a time-out here at this point. See ya!

  2. Wow, why are almost everyone here so uptight about a simple face-mask? Are your masculinity being threatened again? Geez, get over it! Besides, gijinkas are dependent on cosmetics and make-up. Cosplayers will eat this up. A fresh and healthy skin is crucial for good make-up results. This is, together with Sonic Styles, a very inclusive approach to the Sonic brand. Will attract a wider audience, I bet you. Give us more!
  3. Reaction: Shadow the Hedgehog making ASMR videos.

    1. Metal the Mario

      Metal the Mario

      "ASMR - Caring and Supportive Shadow the Hedgehog Gives You a Ride Home from GUN HQ"

  4. What if we just made disaster flicks as minimalist as possible and on top of that have the Slow TV approach to that? This, apparently.
  5. Those who are that desperate to hammer down on that SA3 FB page that they're lurking the "Visitor's Posts" for catchy counter-arguments have obviously never heard of "Sturgeon's Law" before. That means that about 90% of what's been posting there are "crap" and therefore irrelevant to the discussion here. I'm down for taking them down a notch, but it needs to be on equal grounds here. Neither visitor's posts nor forum replies should be quoted as a means to shape our perspectives of each other. Only official articles should do that, if we want these discussions at a decent level. Okay?

    1. FriendBot
    2. Badnik Mechanic

      Badnik Mechanic

      Does that apply to when the admin of the page posts something moronic?

    3. J&/MA/MC


      Admins posts and visitors posts are separate entities here. Admins do have to stand by their words. That's to be expected, but visitors not. Even if some visitor posts something tasty, it's still a visitors post and irrelevant to the discussions. That has to be respected. Outing and shaming is not, I repeat, NOT decent behaviour for either of us. Screengrabs is harassment, mildly speaking.  

  6. This is a pretty good documentary on Zootopia. Worth the watch!
  7. What a great opportunity to just lean back and soak in the present of what is considered funny then. This vid explains the tone of many critics out there. This is for both Soni and Roger. We all have to soak this in.
  8. You're an excellent fandom SOCIOLOGIST. and Sociology is a science. It's indeed scientific, just not on the level someone would approach this on. We're still operating on pre-Metroid: Other M levels of video game criticism here, which may explain the communication problems here. Your criticism derives from the Frankfurt School, which only places like Kotaku, Polygon and The Mary Sue operates on flawlessly nowadays. It is scientific, so don't pull yourself down. You're not worth it.
  9. When I lucid dream, I'm often in a GTA environment. Or in an aeroplane. Or in an abandoned mall. Or in a smaller mansion. The latest one though was in a very hostile environment. I was told backhandedly not to kill myself. And it went for a while 'til I decided to commit suicide in my lucid dream. Then I woke up shivering in fear. That was not pleasant. At all.
  10. Anyone listened to Twenty One Pilots?

    1. Biggs


      good dope days

  11. I think she became a meme that got snowballed mostly by people in the gaming community outside the Sonic fandom to acquire that reputation. I can guarantee you that outside of Sanik, Elise in her entirety is not that far behind on sites such as Memebase and 9gag. And again, women in gaming in general are less vocal about they like and don't like because they're shit scared (directs to the Gamergate thread in PD for further discussions). They're still fans though, just in the dark.
  12. Watching The Lion Guard right now. Fabulous, as that Zebra says it. And the Janja songs are always a blast.

  13. ...and apparently, he uploaded two more vids yesterday. He's like the James Brown of Newgrounders. The second vid is long, yeah, but he have gotten a LOT of requests of topics, it seems. Hope he doesn't burn out.
  14. 27 01 23.8 S 54 41 23.6 W?

    What does that mean?

    1. FriendBot
    2. shdowhunt60


      Wait, hold on, there's a place in Argentina that's actually called Sonic the Hedgehog?

    3. TCB


      Guys CLEARLY this location is hinting towards a possible inspiration for Sonic Adventure 3 the next Sonic game

    4. shdowhunt60


      That or a thing is happening on May 2.

    5. J&/MA/MC


      I'm at Street View now and I don't see any easter egg here. Where to look at?

  15. This is some next level sugar high cheese and crackers. Just listen and prepare your insulin pumps.
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