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  1. "QUALIFIED, YOU SAY?" Papyrus jumped out of the a cabinet, "THE GREAT PAPYRUS IS MORE THAN QUALIFIED TO GIVE MEDICINAL HELP!" Everyone stared at the skeleton in disbelief as he walked towards him. Papyrus was wearing a white labcoat, over his new "battlebody," a stethascope around his neck and those weird head mirror things you see doctors wear in cartoons. "I, THE GREAT PAPYRUS, HAVE HAD YEARS OF PRACTICE FROM PLAYING THE BOARD GAME KNOWN AS OPERATION, AND HAVE SPENT MANY A NIGHT PERFECTING MY DR. MARIO SKILLS!" Everyone looked at Papyrus with disbelief as he dumped out his bag, revealing things like scalpels, needles, bandaids, soap, and a rubber ducky, "NOW THEN... SHALL I GET STARTED?"
  2. Hey, uh... is youtube acting really weird for anyone else? It looks like it's appearing as the mobile version of Youtube instead of the regular one.

    1. Emperor Robrainiac

      Emperor Robrainiac

      I can't even watch the videos... Weird.

    2. Joseph Henry

      Joseph Henry

      Try another browser!

    3. Speederino


      No issues on my end.

    4. Yeow


      That happened to me a few days ago, I thought it was a (worse) update.

      It had reverted back to the previous / desktop format format the next day, though.

    5. Emperor Robrainiac

      Emperor Robrainiac

      Thing is... I kinda don't want to download another browser, I'm already running out of space on my computer. Not to mention, I don't like switching and having to get used to another browsers just because one thing is not working right.

      But anyways, I was able to figure it out... I had to clear some cookies from youtube, and it worked. Thanks for the replies, though.



  3. "Wow... You know, come to think of it, I guess writers make us as sort of an escape from the the simplier world they live in. Basically taking what the lives they find to be slow and mundane, and making it into a world they see fit. Something with more action, more adventure, more excitement overall." "Well, I wouldn't say all of them are bored with life." Pixels shrugged, "Maybe they just have active imaginations and they wanna share their daydreams with their fellow 'realworlders.' " "Phew, man. It's fun to think about the world outside of ours, but man does it hurt my mind, sometimes."
  4. "...You know, It never really occured to me, but hasn't anyone ever thought how boring the world beyond the fourth wall is?" Katii asked out loud, "I mean... No magic, no superpowers, the only people who exist are humans, no epic battles between good and evil in space, no aliens coming from the stars and zapping us, no eldritch horrors, no constant threats of doomsday, or super evil threats that only a few can defeat..." Katii stopped mid-sentence and thought for a bit. "Actually... The real world isn't sounding so bad right now..."
  5. "...You understood that?" Katii asked in surprise, "I'm from a world where Golems, guard all sorts of ruins and Infinity temples, and I can't even understand them!" "Golems?" Pixels asked Katii. "...Robots. I've been here for a year, and I'm still trying to get used to calling them Robots... Golems sound cooler, though..."
  6. "Never did have actual biological parents." Katii said after she gulped down her beer, and looked at the cards she had been dealt, "I was raised through most of my childhood in an orphanage in the corner of town. The owner was a cranky old bat who hated children. "Hey, don't go 'aw poor Katii' On me, though. It was here I honed my thief skills, met my 'brother' Vindicus, and trained him into being a great thief." "Heh... With all the stuff I stole and the places and ruins I snuck into, a part of me is kinda glad I didn't have parents... If I did, I'd still be grounded to this day!"
  7. Spooky was was too focused on playing a game of Splatoon 2 on her nintendo switch. "Goddamn Snipers..." Spooky grumbled, as she watched her team lose the match. Turning off the switch, she turned to Piper, "Huh? Oh, sorry about that." Spooky said, "I dunno what my writer's doing, but I was just playing this new game I got. Pretty fun. stuff." Without another word, Spooky goes back to her game, waiting for her writer to get off his lazy butt and start writing.
  8. "This is the part where I'd usually say something about me being a ghost, therefore not a mortal, and then use the opprotunity to insult you..." Spooky began, "But I'm kinda itching to get this game started. You get a free pass, Piper. Congrats."
  9. "A Poker game huh? Sounds like fun." Spooky said as she phased through the ceiling, "I haven't played in a while, but... What the hell, let's see if I still got it."
  10. "I'll take a soda," Pixels said waving towards Reinhardt, "There's nothing like a good sandwich with a can of soda!" "I think I'll have some beer." Katii said as she took her seat, only to find that she barely reached above the poker table, "And... some books for me to sit on, if you don't mind..."
  11. Pixels walked into the room, curious as to what Poker was. The fox figured he wasn't old enough to play, but surely it couldn't hurt to watch, right? Maybe he'll get a new hobby to pass the time while Ella and Mouseboy were dating... Pixels never liked watching movies with them, as they were mostly terrible low budget horror movies, and they would always talk over it. Pixels walked over to where the spectators were watching and took a seat, unwrapped a sandwich he pulled from his coat and began eating. It'll be quite the show, seeing all these people from different worlds play a game of poker.
  12. "Poke...her? I can't imagine anybody making it out with their fingers attached to them if I was the victim." Katii scratched her chin, " Anyways, I think you mean Poker... You ever hear of it? It's a card game..."
  13. "Poker Tournament?" Katii mused, "I don't remember hearing about a Poker Tournament. I guess that shows how much I've been paying attention." "I know a villain is organizing the event and all... but I just can't turn down a chance to gamble!"
  14. "So... sans got the Job as Robrainiac's Lab Assistant?" Katii asked Papyrus in surprise, "That's... not something I would have expected, No offense." "YES, MY BROTHER MAY NOT LOOK LIKE A SCIENCE GEEK." Papyrus replied, "BUT I ASSURE YOU, HE'S QUITE THE SCIENTIST! I IMAGINE HIM WORKING ON SOME AWESOME INVENTIONS RIGHT NOW!" "Uh... I hate to break it to you," Katii frowned, "But um... I just saw him not too long ago, selling "Robrainiac Brand Hot Dogs outside Robrainiac's house." "OH. WELL, MAYBE WHEN NO ONE'S LOOKING, HE'll BE DOING SOME SCIENCY STUFF." Papyrus and Katii walked by the group, noticing the commotion that was going on. "Hmm, I wonder what's going on?" Katii said as she turned to face the crowd." "OH, SOME SNOWMAN SOMEONE BUILT." Papyrus sighed, "HONESTLY, I PUT SO MUCH WORK INTO SNOWMEN DEDICATED TO MY LIKENESS, AND YET NO ONE..." Papyrus trailed off once he caught a glimpse of what... or rather whom they were looking at. "OH NO! FRISK!" Papyrus dashed over to the crowd, and towards his human friend, "FRISK?! WHAT HAPPENED?! ARE YOU OKAY?! SAY SOMETHING!" Katii winced... The poor kid looked like he was in bad shape. She knew he would probably need medical attention, and fast. The catling looked around and lifted her eyebrows, "Hey... Guys? Where's Kay?"
  15. So I have my TV on in my room for background noise, and it's on a sitcom from like the 70s.  A character says he downed a bottle of pills and is going to kill himself... The audience actually laughed at it.

    Yeesh. Times and views really have changed, haven't they?