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  1. "It sure is isn't it?" Pixels smirked, "The hero life can be pretty exciting, but it's peace like this that makes life worth living." Pixels stretched and took in a deep breath. "Ah. If only there were more days like these, huh? Nothing wrong with a little rest and relaxation to calm the nerves... Hopefully our job saves enough lives so that they too can enjoy peace like this."
  2. "Yeah..." Pixels nodded with a small smile, "Even if he still insists he's a bad guy, I know we can keep him from becoming a worse one." Pixels cleared his throat, "But uh, anyways... what's this I'm hearing about Alter Ego? Is he okay?"
  3. Pixels sighed. That had to be the only way Robrainiac would have agreed to join LOSE. "I'm... afraid they really are that twisted." Pixels spoke up as he walked in, "I'm not sure if you knew about it or not but, you see... Before I arrived, there was an event that took place. The leader, Monokuma apparently locked he academy up, trapping many of our fellow students, old and new. "His goal was to force everyone into killing one another. Whoever was caught was treated to a demented execution. Several students never made it out. "That's why I think Robrainiac was tricked. He may be an evil genius, but he's not demented enough to participate in something like that... but if what you're saying is true, then I'm worried that if he stays long enough with them, he might end up turning into a complete monster..." Pixels scratched his head and sighed, "But I can't blame you if you thought you were fighting for the right side... If they swayed Robrainaic, even after all he's been through with us, then I'm sure almost anyone could have tricked. They must have some people with sharp tongues in that organization."
  4. "Hm..." Ella decided to try one for herself, picking one up. With a spoon, she took a big scoop and slurped it up. "Huh, cat food..." "CAT FOOD?!" Emiko gasped, grabbing a cup and frantically looking at the ingredients. "Who the hell makes this stuff?! This can't be healthy!!!" "Is it weird to say that I actually kind of like this?" "..." Katii strolled into the room, after hearing all the commotion, noticing the pudding Neptune was holding. "Oh, hey pudding." Katii grabbed one of the pudding cups, opened it and sipped it. "Mmm." Katii licked her lips. "Vanilla." Katii left the room while Emiko stared at her in surprise. "...I call bull on that." Emiko grumbled, her polite nature completely gone by now.
  5. "Well, as long as it's not Tapioca!" Inkwelle happily picked up one of the pudding cups "Thanks for sharing!" Grabbing a spoon, Inkwelle took a big scoop and stuffed it in his mouth. Initially, the toon appeared to be enjoying it... only for his eyes to bulge out of his head, shocked when he realized what the flavor was. "Is... is this Eel flavored pudding?!" Inkwelle said through a stuffed mouth. "Eel flavored?" Emiko eyed the pudding in confusion, "Is that even possible?" "Oh well... at least it's not tapioca." Inkwelle swallowed it, a little grossed out, but not horrified. "...I... am rather scared to try one right now..." Emiko shuddered.
  6. "Oh! Pudding?" Inkwelle licked his lips, "What do you have? Vanilla? Chocolate? Vanilla chocolate? Cookies and cream? Whatever you have I'll take it!" "But uh... unless it's tapioca. I hate that stuff, blech."
  7. Pixels watched the trailer with morbid interest. It really did look like something he'd see in a movie theater, only... with scenes of his friends and allies in dire situations. But there was one scene that made Pixel's stomach do a 180, A scene of someone he never thought he'd encounter again... A scene of someone he never wanted to see again. "Mayhem..." Pixels clenched his fists. "What the hell is he doing here?!" "Y-y-you didn't know?" Inkwelle said, "He... was in Katii's mind. I don't know if he still is or not... We met him during the bootleg case." Inkwelle trembled in terror. "But... goodness, I didn't realize he could be this scary. Without another word, Pixels left the room to find Katii. He remembered this creature all too well. A creature who latches onto your brain and feeds off your negative emotions... One that'll say anything to rile one up. Pixels couldn't let anyone else suffer the same fate as he did at one point.
  8. "A trailer for a Dedede anime?" Pixels scratched his chin, "Call me crazy, but I'd actually watch that." "Meh, I'm sure the original japanese version is much better." Ella scoffed. "Whatever." Pixels rolled his eyes, "I don't know about you but a southern accent suits dedede." "PIXELS! DON'T SUPPORT 4KIDS! EVERYONE KNOWS THEY'RE THE WORST DUBBERS IN THE HISTORY OF ANIME DUBBING! THEY GIVE CHARACTERS POINTLESS ACCENTS, THEY EDIT OUT ALL THE VIOLENCE, THEY CHANGE THE BACKGROUND MUSIC, THEY-" Pixels began to tune out Ella's anime fangirl rant as turned back to the television, "Hmm, I wonder where I can get the blu-ray of this show?" ********************* Meanwhile, Katii sat in a dark room, legs crossed and eyes closed and her hood down. In front of her were spell books of all kinds, and a few candles to illuminate the room. The catling had her hands close together, slowly forming an orb of magic in front of her. No one could say how long Katii was in this meditative state, but judging from the glow of the orb, Katii had been at it for quite a while. The room was quiet, with no sound other than the sound of Katii's breathing. Katii could feel her arms getting sore, but thanks to her taking the time to slow down and train herself, it wasn't as taxing as when she used magic during a fight. After hours of breathing and meditation (And missing the alarm for the oncoming PIRATE WORLD,) Katii could see a sudden flash of light through her closed eyelids. Opening them, Katii smirked at the sight of a glowing, see-thru object in the shape of a shuriken. "A conjured shuriken..." Katii smiled. "Awesome. Hmmmm I wonder..." Katii closed her eyes again and went back into her meditative state... only to snap out of it when she felt a burning sensation on her hands. Katii let out a small shriek when she saw that the conjured shuriken had burst into flames. "EEEK!" Katii dropped the shuriken and quickly stomped it out with her paw. As soon as it was gone, Katii sighed in relief, leaning against the wall. "Oooookay. I might need to read up on adding an element to that." "Buuuuut, hey, it's progress." Feeling that that was enough training for one day, Katii pulled her hood back over her head, picked up her supplies, and left the dark room... or rather the closet in her dorm room. "I wonder what everyone's doing right now?"
  9. "WOW... SO YOU AND FRISK ARE LEAVING, I SEE..." Papyrus sighed as he walked in, overhearing the conversation "I MUST SAY TIME FLIES..." Papyrus straightened himself up and put on a grin, "I SUPPOSE EVERYONE MUST LEAVE SOMETIME! I, THE GREAT PAPYRUS WISH YOU LUCK ON YOUR JOURNEY, FRISK. YOU TOO, METTATON AND KAY! JUST BE SURE YOU COME AND VISIT US SOON, OKAY?"
  10. "Yeeeps... What a way to go..." Inkwelle gulped, "Oooogh... I don't feel so good." "It looks like it's all over, father." Emiko sighed in relief, "I just wish it didn't have to end this way for her." Pixels frowned, Well good riddance to her. The less villains like her, the better. Pixels shook his head to get that dark thought out. He was a superhero, he shouldn't be wishing death upon villains... besides, if Shantae, Risky's arch nemesis, wasn't going to celebrate her death, then Pixels knew he shouldn't feel happy about it either. Deciding not to dwell on it, he turned to Ella. "Good call Ella." Pixels complimented, "How'd you know that the Kraken was gonna turn on Risky?" "Call it a hunch." Ella grinned, "You know me and animals, Pixels. I can sense these kind of things." "Well, you made a good call!" Pixels smiled, "Still..." Ella said, "Something tells me that's not the last we've seen of Risky." "Yeah. Unless her author's sick of writing her, of course." "Huh?" "Never mind."
  11. "Eeep!" Inkwelle gulped, "She's still kickin!" "What do you want?!" A blade popped out of Emiko's arm, "If you are going to attack Shantae, you gonna have to have a little more than that sword!" "Way to go! You jinxed it!" Pixels cried out."Get ready guys! Ella observed the Kraken for a bit and held up a wing. "Wait a second guys, this lil guy is acting... odd." "Little?" Inkwelle lifted an eyebrow, "Little is hardly the description I'd use for this monster!" "Shh!" Ella said, "Look!' Pixels, Inkwelle and Emiko looked at each other in confusion, before turning to the Kraken, readying themselves in case it did anything funny.
  12. Pixels took a look into one of the portals. One of them was the scene of a city, red skies, buildings in ruin and figures running around in the streets. Mugging, looting, and fighting filled the area. But the main thing that caught his eye were various villains from his world, overlooking the destruction and reveling in it. Pixels recognized the familiar shape bulky shape of Robrainiac, only the glowing red of his helmet and eye visible from his silhouette. It would seem that in this timeline, LOSE had completely turned Robrainiac into a complete monster, more vicious than he used to be. Pixels shook his head... This couldn't be his world... could it? This was the very thing he and his friends fought against, to prevent from happening. Pixels turned away. He couldn't bare to look at anymore. "Y-yeah, of course!" Pixels stammered, "We're more than happy to keep all this stuff from happening. See you later!" Pixels sighed, a little relieved and still shaken from the apocalyptic scene before him. The fox turned around to rejoin his team.
  13. "Jiminy you're right!" Inkwelle exclaimed, "We're wasting time standing around! I say we should get going too!!" "Right! Let's go kick some pirate booty!" Pixels smirked, but then he turned to Shantae, "Oh yeah, if you heard that crack about the newspaper and raid spray... sorry about that, I was trying to egg on Nega Shantae, none of that stuff was directed at you. No hard feelings?"
  14. "Lay down and die? Thanks, but no thanks. We've got important stuff to worry about!" Pixels quickly jumped to the side from Shantae's elephant form. "Shantae? Can you hear me? You're starting to weaken your evil twin! Keep it up and you'll break free! We're all rooting for you!" "He's right!" Ella added, pecking at the elephant with the beak on her mask, "When we get out of this, we can free Roxas and blow this popscicle stand! You can do it!"
  15. "Glad you liked it..." Pixels smirked, "Because there's 100 raid can's worth of snark coming at you!" Pixels shot fire balls at the spider-like Nega Shantae, While Emiko shot daggers from her mechanical arm. "Well! Can't say I was expecting that!" Pixels yelped as he ducked a beam shot back him, "I think projectiles might have been a bad idea!"