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  1. "Wh-what's going on?!" Pixels cried out as he watched Masaru, he attempted to call out to him, not knowing what to say or do. Pixels was not used to seeing this level of brutality, and was beginning to panic "K-Kid! P-please!" Aspen could only watch the scene in silence, while Ashlyn turned her head away, looking down. They had a feeling they knew what was going on... They didn't know whappened to him but it was clear that Masaru was suffering, and going from his talk of being a hero, it was clear he was given a job that was far too much for the poor kid. What really had gotten Ashlyn though, was Monaca and Monokuma watching in amusement and joy as a child beat himself, hard enough to leave marks and bruises. This was a rare moment where the Mandrake sister couldn't even bring herself to force a smile... How dare they sit around and laugh at someone's suffering like that? How DARE they not do anything to help him?! Aspen put a hand on his sister's shoulder. Ashlyn looked up, her expression hollow, and saw her brother nod at her. Ashlyn didn't need to say or do anything to let her brother know that they would give it their all to help out. The Masaru before them may have been a fake, but if the real one is as similar to the fake, then they would see to it that he would never get into a situation like this again.
  2. "Not my ideal choice of transporation." Pixels said as he straightened out his coat and goggles, "But to your credit... I guess I can say I've been in worse." Pixels wiped a tomato off of his goggles and placed them over his eyes, hoping to hide his humiliation and frustration. Aspen and Ashlyn, after getting the tomato juice off of themselves as well, readied themselves for an impending battle. "Alright, you guys had your fun with our humilation conga!" Ashlyn frowned, serious for a change, "Show us what you got, and we'll show you a dance of our own!"
  3. I haven't seen people so worried about this anti-Net Neutrality thing since SOPA... I mean, I've noticed bills that threated neutrality has been going on for years, and not as many people has batted an eye as much as it has now (And SOPA as well.)

    I gotta ask, because I'm having trouble researching... What's got people so worried? Is it because it's a lot more likely it could happen than the last times it was proposed or something?

    1. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      It is a lot more likely yes

    2. Blacklightning


      Because the person currently running the FCC - which is, you know, the guys that are supposed to be regulating exactly this kind of fuckery - is a former Verizon laywer and a blatant stooge obviously acting only in the interests of his coporate masters. Add to that, the GOP currently controls every layer of government and both of them are trying to sneak this through during a holiday season, and they're quite possibly breaking the law by astroturfing fake comments in favour of ending net neutrality to make their stance seem strong.

      It's just a much more fucked up situation all around.

  4. "Just... Just let her have this, man." Aspen glared at Kyubey, "It doesn't really matter, as long as it keeps her morale up." Aspen felt a tomato hit the back of his head. Shrugging it off, he peels it off and began to eat it, thinking of a strategy as to what he and Ashlyn could do once they're set free. Considering this was a city they were currently in, it was going to be difficult to have plants aid them in their escape or impeding fight. Of course, they've fought without using their powers of vegitation. He knew they would have to wait and see what situation they would be in before coming up with something. Meanwhile, Pixels continued to scan the bars around the cage they were in, hoping to find a weak bar. He shook, trying his hardest to resist the urge to throw tomatoes back at the children, and tugged on the bars, hoping to find a loose one.
  5. "Oookay! They're playing music!" Ashlyn chuckled nervously, "How... fun! It's like a nice little welcome for us! Hehehehe!!!" "Heh heh! Naaah! I'm sure you're misunderstanding just another version of It's a Small world!" Ashlyn assured her friends, "It's an all time Disney classic! Come on guys sing along!" Ashlyn then tries to sing "It's a Small World" to the tune of the demented little ditty. Pixels sighed as he rubbed the space between his eyes and slunk down to the floor, the singing from Ashlyn and the children lowering his morale. "I dunno which is worse." Pixels sighed, "The fact that we're being dragged by our tails to a gladiator-style match with who knows what, or listening to a sadistic parody of a Disney song... and listening to your sister sing along with different lyrics... no offense Aspen." "Meh..." Aspen shrugged, sitting down as well. "All of them are pretty bad."
  6. "No!" Aspen cried out. Before anyone could do anything, or make an escape, the cage slamming around them. Aspen,not wanting to give up did all he could to try and make an escape for everyone. He tried bending the bars, lifting the cage open, and even attempted to punch through the bars. Unfortunately, when it comes to wood vs steel, steel will always win in the end. Aspen eventually stopped, resting faceforward on the bars. Pixels, who had gotten light power from a sandwich, tried to see if he could cut through, while Ashlyn attempted to bend the bars as well. Aspen shook his head, still resting on the bars. "Guys, its no use... We're trapped!" "At least we wont have to walk to the Killoseum, huh?" Ashlyn smiled, trying to lighten the mood.
  7. "Whoa... And I thought the last Monokuma were pretty weird looking." Aspen shuddered, "I mean, they were weird looking." Ashlyn said as she pointed to the Ball and Junk Monokuma, "But these guys are pretty darn weird as well Pixels kicked a piece of monokuma aside and turned his attention to the newcomer Monokuma. Pixels gulped as he lifted his fists in defense. He approached his new friends looking at them with serious eyes. "This is bad..." Pixels muttered, "I those last ones were pretty tricky... if we're combining magic and technology, then we're really gonna have to keep our guard up. Who knows what tricks a Monokuma with magic could have up their sleeve!" "I certainly wouldn't come to their magic shows, that's for sure." Ashlyn agreed as she got into a fighting position.
  8. "G-geez! Calm down kid!" Pixels said, surprised by Masaru's sudden change of mood. "Forget about it, Pixels..." Aspen sighed, feeling very sorry for the child, "Try all you want, but he's hurting... I don't think anything we say is gonna convince him otherwise." The trio then turned their attention to the metallic noises, and they got into a positions... Something big was coming, and they knew they had to be prepared!
  9. "Hero, huh? Oooooh, of course!" Pixels rolled his eyes, "Right, right. I forgot that heroes have dreams of mass genocide and take the negative from groups and label them as demons. My bad, I always forget that." Aspen walked up frowning at the little boy, while Ashlyn followed behind, frowning as well. They didn't have to say anything, everyone else said what they already wanted to say. There were indeed bad adults out there, the teens have had experience with them. They had no idea what happened to Masaru to make him think like that, but they both knew that he had no right in killing innocents, assuming that they were the same as the bad ones.
  10. "So, we're skipping all the puzzles and stuff huh?" Pixels thought out loud, "Hey, fine by me. Puzzles are for math geeks and stuff. I'd rather just get to the fighting ASAP." Aspen and Ashlyn looked at the carnage around them, pink blood splattered around the hallways as if it were paint sloshed from a paint can. Ashlyn and Aspen knew that there were many different colors of blood from many different creatures, but humans bleeding pink blood was something new to them. "Aright, I hate to ask a stupid question and all..." Aspen spoke up, "But are you guys human or some different species of human? Cause I gotta say, I ain't ever seen humans bleed pink before." "We're hurting people, huh?" Pixels scoffed as he directed his attention to a pile of corpses "I dunno about that... I think those poor guys over there would have thought otherwise."
  11. "Good thinking, Kyubey!" Pixels smiled, as he observed the dotted lines, "Looks like we wont be be wandering around aimlessly!" Ashlyn kneeled down to Kyubey and began to tap his head, curious as to how Kyubey's power worked. "Dude, that is so. Cool." Ashlyn gasped with awe, "You're like a cat-rabbit-hacker thingy with projector eyes! Can you play movies with them? Is there different settings?" "Hey, it could be worse. Like uh... uh..." Aspen paused to figure a scenario to reassure Sally, "We could be stuck in a... temple with, uh, adult psychopaths... and a bunch of actual grizzly bears out to get us! Eh? Eh?" Silence... that's all Aspen's incredibly half-assed attempt at cheering up Sally was met with. Aspen stopped smiling, sighed and his face met with his palm. "Yeah, I'm not good at this thing, alright?!" Aspen groaned, walking away from the princess. "I think he's trying to say that we can get through this." Ashlyn spoke up, "This adventure looks like a toughie, but... you know! My brother and I have your back... Heck, you have friends on your side! Believe me, if it was just you, it'd be pretty worrying. Ashlyn laughed awkwardly as she followed her brother sheepishly, "Well, that's what I think, anyway. I'm not the best pep talker either, but... well I tried."
  12. "Are... these the kids we're supposed to be saving?" Aspen asked, dumbfounded, "Cause... they seem kind of villainous to me." "Like I said, Aspen," Pixels said, "These are copies of the real ones... Although..." Pixels furrowed his brow as he looked at the girl in the wheel chair, scratching his chin as if he were trying to remember something. "I don't seeing that one with the kids before..." "Awww! I don't care how vicious and bloodthirsty they are!" Ashlyn cooed at the Warriors of Hope. "They're all so cute! I just wanna hug all of them!" "Cute huh?" Aspen cringed as soon as Monaca's demeanor changed, "No offence, but Playing with our corpses is not something I'd consider cute, sis." "Joke's on them, though!" Ashlyn boasted, her hands on her hips and and grinning widely, "When we die we'll wilt into a bunch of ash! Let's see them play with that!" "Yeah! Reassuring! Thanks for the thought sis." Aspen shouted at his sister, "Hmmm... Then again, they could easily use your ashes for a sand box couldn't th-" Aspen bonked Pixels on the top of his head, trembling with both irritation and fear. "NOT HELPING!" The mandrake brother cried out.
  13. "Geez, If there's a hell, I'm pretty sure this is what it would look like." Pixels shuddered trying not to look at the children, "Please tell me that's not children." "Well, this is supposed to be a world where kids rule." Aspen muttered, turning to Pixels, "This is gonna be an interesting challenge." Aspen and Pixels continued to walk, trying not to pay any attention to what the children were doing, especially since they noticed Sally's reaction. Ashlyn, on the other hand followed alongside them, smiling, humming and swaying her shoulders to the tune she was singing, and looking like she was about to skip at any moment. As soon as they reached the building, they looked at the screen with the sprite of Monokuma on it. "Psssh." Ashlyn rolled her eyes, "What is it with villains nowadays and using their faces or bodies as a symbol? I mean would a little creativity hurt? It'd be a lot more imposing if that bear made his own symbol with his black and white color scheme, something simple, but something that makes you think about your enemy when you see it!" "Nice critique sis." Aspen chuckled, "You ever consider art school?" "Man, so far, these are some odd, odd kids." Pixels folded his arms, "I gotta keep reminding myself that the real ones are... not as crazy." "No kidding. Even I'm getting a little spooked here y'know?" Aspen said as he rubbed the back of his head, "All in a day's work I guess..."
  14. "Yeeesh! What a mess! Was there a New Years party going on?" Ashlyn suddenly giggled. "I guess they shouldn't have had so much pepto bismol while drink-" "Ashlyn..." Ashlyn suddenly felt an arm on her shoulder. Turning around, she noticed Aspen with a stern but empathetic look on his face. He shook his head, not wanting her to finish her joke. "C-c'mon bro!" Ashlyn stuttered, her mouth still in a smile, but her eyes were filled with fear, "Wh-where's your sense of humor? I-I mean, heh. gotta keep our chins up, right?" "Sis, I know it's tempting and all. And you know I ain't gonna complain when I hear you joke, ya know?" Aspen said, "But we're around other people right now... And sayin' this stuff out loud ain't gonna make people feel any better especially with all this insanity happening here." Aspen pointed to the gory scene before them. Ashlyn's smile faded from her face, as she stared at the scene blankly... While scenes of death and grusomeness wasn't unusual Ashlyn and her brother, it still greatly unnerved her whenever she came across it. Scenes like these made her wanna cry, run away and hide... But she was always told from her father: Only cowards cry. And we all know you two aren't cowards, right? Upon hearing those words in her mind, Ashlyn quickly straightened up and her smile returned, "Sorry everyone! I'll keep my mouth shut!" Aspen looked at his sister with a worried expression. Sighing, he decided to focus on the task at hand. "Kill all the adults for a kids paradise huh?" Pixels surveyed the scene. "Sounds more like a Kids Next Door episode from hell than an evil plot... I really can't believe what I'm seeing here, guys." Pixels knew it was a digital simulation, but knowing that he was experiencing an event that actually happened, one he could never imagine happening in his own world, made him really fearful as to what they would be facing off against in this challenge.
  15. ARTWORK: Robrainiac's topic of mostly OC art, with a some Fanart

    A doodle (very loosely) inspired by a scene in the RP. Just another day in the life of the Mandrake twins!