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  1. Art thread update! Here's some character designs for another idea I had for a sort of video game style story focusing an academy for a bunch of chosen ones.

    After this, I'm gonna start slowing down on the Art Thread updates, as I want to focus on getting a comic project on the ground. So I'll see you all when I see you all! 

  2. So... I'm just giving those of you who follow me a heads up, I might be taking a break from art for a while to focus getting my comic off the ground. I've gone as far to make an outline, but other than that, no significant progress has been made, so I want to try and put all my energy into that. That being said, here's some character designs from a different idea I had. Here's an unlikely pair, Scale the Pangolin and Yumi the Scorpion: adoptive siblings who are also prophesied heroes. But they're not the only chosen ones in the world. Nope for they have been selected to attend an academy for "Chosen Ones" from all over the world. Here is two of their classmates, friends and teammates of Scale and Yumi. On the left, Emma, a princess who also happens to be a chosen pirate of prophecy, and Jack, a chosen monster tamer and the biggest nerd in the academy. Characters returning are Bacon, the mellow lizard, and Egg, a short tempered spirit who took the shape of Bacon. Bacon is also a legendary hero, but she acts as their mentor and teacher in fighting evil. So yeah, an academy that takes young heroes who are said to protect their homes, and possibly the world. Inspired by the Sonic Knock-off mascot era of gaming, (Which was something that's been dancing around in my mind for a while,) I'd imagine this idea to be a sci-fi fantasy, with a tropical, pirate fantasy style enviroment. But yeah, that's what I have for you today. I'll be slowing down from here on out to work on my comic project, like I said, so I'll see you guys whenever I come back!
  3. Alright, I'm back from watching Detective pikachu. Man, that was great!

  4. Art thread update! 

    Trying to play around with poses and expressions. Couldn't resist using a scene from Into the Spider-verse as a reference.

  5. "Alright, we gotta have a good one liner when when we take old creepy by surprise. I could say the 'bigger they are' line, but that's too cliche. Hmm, I could say something about his red eyes, but I guess that'd be hypocritical. Hm." "One liners after an ambush... How interesting!" ***** Decided to play around with expressions, shading, and poses this time, since I usually draw character portraits or references. also trying to get into practicing drawing creepy creatures. I used this little scene from Into the Spider-Verse as a reference, because I love that movie:
  6. it's time for an update on my art thread!

    This time it's another piece with my paranormal superheroes. In other news, I finished writing down an outline for a story with these guys, so I'm really in the mood to draw these guys.

  7. 2nd draft of the Oddpine cover, this time in glorious color! Yeah, I wasn't feeling the ink coloring last time. I got some constructive criticism from the last one, and took the advice to try and improve this version. I'm still pretty crap at shading, and there's some things I'm not happy with on this one, but I like this one far better than the last one. Also, with this update, some slight revisions in character designs as well. In other news, I have my outline of these character's first adventure written down! I hope you guys look forward to seeing this group of freaks take on even nastier freaks of nature in the future!
  8. I appreciate the feedback! It's something I don't get enough of, so any advice is appreciated. At some point in my life I was decent and slowly improving on my perspective skills. But after a while I grew very rusty and it's gotten to a point where I cannot wrap my mind around it, especially when I try to put characters in there... It's a big reason why I've been hesitant to make a comic or draw anything with a background, and practicing ends up boring me to the point where I'm drained. I'm not saying this as an excuse, or "Oh no, I'm not good enough so I can't be bothered to try it." It's a matter of me trying to learn how to be more patient with my work, and the advice you gave me is very helpful, and will probably make things less tedious. Hell, I didn't even know of that technique until you told it to me. It makes it a hell of a lot better than the one I drew. I might actually do a redraw when I officially get started on my comic. Perfect timing too, because I just got started writing notes for the comic in question as well.
  9. Updated my art thread yesterday!

    Here's a cover for a possible comic I might start working on. Once I write down my ideas and figure out how to tie them together, that is.

  10. Weekly art topic update!

    Nothing too fancy as far as art goes. Just some traditional art inked instead of digitally traced. Admittedly, I'm pretty rusty on inking, but overall I like how it came out. 

    This is a cover of a comic I might start working on, so I hope you look forward to it!

  11. Now here's something I haven't done for a while. I want to make a comic pretty soon, and here's a cover concept for it. This may or may not be colored in the future. In the meantime, I tried my hand at inking. Not too happy with how it came out, but... I got some Practice I guess? Anyways, here's a cover of the paranormal entities who protect the forests and city of Oddpine from other, paranormal entities... the ones that do harm, anyway. Some of them underwent redesigns, especially Schrodinger, a former human who was the result of dimension hopping experiment gone wrong, and prefers the form of either a cat (The initial design you may have seen before) in public and a humanoid being while on the job. I'll update this or reupload when or if I get started on the comic.
  12. Endgame was great! I'm personally satisfied with it.

    But damn, I'm not gonna lie, I went in expecting Tony Stark to be one of the characters to killed off...

    But god damn, I was still not ready for that. I've gotten teary eyed over deaths in movies games and television, That's probably one of the few, If not only time I've actually cried over a character's death. I have Lots of good memories of watching the Iron Man movies, including reuniting with my high school pals to watch Iron Man 2.

    It's crazy how time flies by, isn't it? I'm curious to see where the movies go next. 

  13. At the theater to see endgame. 

    I'm so ready... But I'm not at the same time. XD

  14. Huh... so it looks like I'm off tomorrow.

    I guess that's as good a time as any to buy some tickets to see avengers tomorrow!

  15. Art Topic Update!

    So despite me saying I wouldn't do anything this week, I ended up doing a little something anyway. It's good for me to keep drawing no matter what, I suppose!

    Have a group of explorers from a world filled with magic!

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