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  1. Katii remembered... Mayhem was able to be sensed by many of the skylanders. He never seemed happy about it, and she could have only imagined how Mayhem would have reacted, possessing Maya. Though she did vaugely remember Mayhem grumbling something about how people really need to wait an hour after eating before performing a seance. Regardless, Katii turned to Maya and smiled. "Thanks Maya. I'm sorry to hear that... I've lost my brother a long time ago, and still miss him to this day. But, I guess the important thing is that as long as they're still with you in your memories, they're always there in some way." ********************************************************* Meanwhile, Inkwelle gathered his notes and straightened his hat. Walking out of the academy, he ran into another skeleton... this one much more short and stout than Papyrus. "hey." the skeleton said to Inkwelle. "Um... hey?" Inkwelle said, confused. "the name's sans, i'm papyrus's brother." The skeleton, Sans said, "i heard you and a few other guys helped out my brother. i just wanted to thank you for that." "Ah, it's no problem, sir!" Inkwelle said, "All in a day's work!" "heh. you know, it's funny." Sans continued "i can watch all these strange events happening here at the academy from afar, and yet i have no power change anything. i can't tell you how stressful it was, seeing my poor brother so psychopathic like that." "You could always join the academy, pal." Inkwelle assured Sans, "I'm sure there's always room for newcomers!" "heh, actually, i think the writer's quota's been filled. besides, i'm not really a fighter. best i could do is cheat and just dodge everything they throw at me, sure, but i'd imagine that a couple of higher ups wouldn't be very happy with the said writer. something about godmodding or whatever." "Eh... right..." Inkwelle said, not understanding what sans was saying. The lazy skeleton walked past Inkwelle "but anways, thanks again, i appreciate it. i'm gonna go check and see how my brother is with his new friend. catch you later... you might wanna scrape that gum off your shoe, detective, heh." As Sans left Inkwelle, Inkwelle scratched his head in confusion. "There's no gum on my-" Inkwelle smirked as he relized the pun. "Oh. Hehehe. that was kinda bad." With that, Inkwelle left to say his farewells to the people he helped.
  2. "Hmmm..." Robrainiac motioned for his minions to pour everyone in the room some grape soda, as he thought. "Heh, nice story Edgeworth. It really does show that people can change does it not? It'd make for one hell of a biopic, that's for sure." Robrainiac sipped his soda and sighed, "Me? If I can be honest, I've done some stuff I'm not particularly proud of... That lab I mentioned earlier? Well, one day it was standing, the next, my henchminions, my good friend Igoo and I destroyed everything and everyone in it. Many other villains praised my deeds, and consider it one of my greatest achievements. Me? I just wiped the few people who cared about me in this world, just because other, more superior experiments treated me horribly." "I can't call myself a hero after that, even if it is true..." The room remained silent, before Robrainiac spoke up again. "But, I suppose I could call myself a or villain-hero if you will. A madman who laughs manically, still is a bother and very out of place in the academy, but isn't above becoming an ally to his enemies. After all, an enemy of my enemy is a friend of mine, is it not?" Robrainiac held his hand out for a shake. "Eh, I'm not good at explaining. Kardia will probably explain better than I can later on." "WHagh!" Robrainiac nearly spilled his soda as the Tyrannosaurus Rex licked him. "Eheheh, okay okay, settle down, girl. Alright, all is forgiven, my fellow reptilian." As if on cue, a short, almost hunchbacked robot with a gooey head barged in. "Sir! I heard you wanted the henchminions" The gooheaded henchman said "Is there anything wro-?" Igoo caught a glimpse of Edgeworth and Rexy and frowned. "You... You two are the reason why Lord Robrainiac's so stressed out! Well, this ends tonight!" "Uh... Igoo?" Robrainiac said as he watched Igoo run up to Rexy, "Put em up! I've wrestled iguanas bigger than you!" What happened was what everyone expected. With a swing of a tail, Igoo was thrown across the office, knocking him out. "Um..." Robrainiac sighed, "That's my right hand man Igoo. I'll uh. Explain to him that we're on good terms when he recovers." Robrainiac held his hands out to Edgeworth and Rexy "So then. We in agreement? I'm your anti-hero friend to the academy?"
  3. Robrainiac chuckled before taking a sip of his grape juice. "Well, I observed your actions today, Edgeworth. Now, I'm not the kind of person who admits they're wrong but I have to say, I seem to have misjudged you. Out there in the court and in the conference room, I didn't see a bully. I didn't see someone who was just being a hero for the fame, money, or bragging rights. What I saw out there was an honorable hero, one who helped an innocent young (Albeit disturbingly horny from that gas stuff) anime girl from being wrongfully accused, one who managed to help out during that big brawl, despite being tied up in chains and a hole through his leg, still had enough power and will to help out his allies, including a villain like me. "Now, I still consider myself a villain. I still have a pretty bitter view of the world... But I gotta say, where I come from, the world needs heroes like that. Heck, my world needs more heroes like pretty much everyone in this academy here. If it did, there'd be a lot less goons like myself trying to enslave humanity." Robrainiac grinned after a sip of his goblet. "Really?" Robrainiac lifted his eyebrow in curiosity. "Well, call me a big softy, but hey, I forgive ya. Sorry for chewing you out there last week. I suppose you witnessed my tantrum out there, huh?"
  4. Robrainic motioned for the henchminion to pour Edgeworth a goblet before continuing. "It's funny, you know? I had this whole scene played out in my head, If I ever met you in here. You walk into your dark office, and then you're stunned and tied up by my henchminions here. I barge in, I gloat and call you out on your treatment of me, you and Rexy's as a matter of fact. Maybe you throw a few retorts at me, and then I go something like 'haha, yeah, but i'm not the one who's tied up' or something." Robrainiac observes a pen on Edgeworth's desk before smiling, "I would have ended up getting what I wanted from your computer, thanks to Kardia, and I would have made my leave... but before I did, I would have taken this pen and carved this huge picture on your desk, made a clever one liner, and made my way out. I don't mean to brag, but I am actually a pretty decent artist when I'm feeling pretty vengeful." "Oh, of course, where are my manners?" Robrainiac nodded as he motioned for the minion to fill his own goblet. He knew Rexy was in the room as well, and he knew he would have to speak with her before the day was over.
  5. Robrainiac chuckled as he made his way in front of the desk. "Watch it prosecutor. It's not smart to insult a man with armed minions at his side." Robrainiac took a seat in a throne, brought in by the henchminions. "But seriously though, Mr. prosecutor. Let's get one thing straight here. I know that you know that I'm not a hero. I know, I did a terrible job of hiding it. This is a first for me." A minion poured a bottle of grape soda into a goblet and handed it to Robrainiac. "You know, when I first met you... I really hated you. And I don't mean in a typical hero vs. nemesis way. I mean... I really hated you. At first, I thought it was because you humiliated me in front of a bunch of other heroes. Nothing's more humiliating than a supervillain being insulted in front of the very same people he opposes, you know?" Robrainiac took a sip of his goblet and sighed. "But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that it wasn't because of that... It was you were a hero. and yet there you were, yelling and berating all these people. You were a hero, yes, but I took you for a bully as well. A man who used his high status to look down upon people, praised by many but feared by his peers, afraid they'd get chewed out." "And I'm not gonna lie, I noticed you picking on me with the Ember stuff, you and rexy. That just added fuel to the fire... This wasn't regular anger. This was pure hatred towards you. I knew a lot of heroes who bullied people growing up in the lab where I was created. I guess you could say that's why I always walk around boasting about how evil I am, even though I don't really think so... Who in the right mind believes themselves to be evil? Honestly?" Robrainiac took another sip of his soda, and paused for a bit. "Ahem! Ah, I apologize, Mr. Edgeworth. I forgot to ask, would you like some of this grape soda? It's really tasty."
  6. As soon as the henchminions overheard the door opening, they all turned to face edgeworth, pointing their tiny arm canons at the prosecutor. "DINK. DINK. DIIIINK." One of the minions shouted out. "Knock it off men, no stun guns." Robrainiac said. "Get back to cleaning, will ya?" With that said, the henchminions lowered their weapons and continued tidying up Edgeworth's once totaled office. Robrainiac stood behind the desk and away from Edgeworth, Observing a broken Steel Samurai statue. "Heh. Steel samurai... What, is that like some kind of Power Rangers thing?" Robrainiac chuckled, "And you called me a nerd." Applying some glue to the figure, Robrainiac repaired the figure and put it where it once was. "But anyways, let it sit and dry for a while, and it'll be as good as new." Robrainiac turned to Edgeworth and smiled. "But please, take a seat, Mr. Edgeworth. We have a lot to discuss." Robrainiac said, pulling up Edgeworth's chair "Pay no mind to the henchminions, they're just picking up the mess made by the Joker."
  7. Papyrus hummed a little tune to himself as he placed another plate of Spaghetti down on the kitchen counter. He had heard from Undyne and Inkwelle that his so called 'nightmare' really did happen, Thankfully, there was no ill will towards him, but Papyrus still felt a little guilty... he remembered threatening many of his friends, including Undyne and Robrainiac. It was then Papyrus decided he'd do everything he can to make up for it and He offered to make Spaghetti dinners for everyone on valentines day. Everyone he asked (Well aside from Kirby and Katii) had said No. He was touched that everyone was worried about him, and didn't want him to stress himself over dinner, but Papyrus knew it would be the right thing to do. Besides, it was valentines day, and if Lady and the Tramp taught him anything, it's that spaghetti was the most romantic dinner to have. Best of all, his best friend Frisk was back and here to stay! He just couldn't not prepare a glorious feast for this special night! Just then, he heard a tapping at the kitchen door. Curious, Papyrus walked over to open it up, wondering it it was the metal sonics who usually worked there. Papyrus opened the door, ready to assure them that they needn't fret, for he had dinner covered. What he was met with was... unexpected to say the least. Instead of little robots with chef hats, it was a metal spear made from scrap. "What you do with her?!" The holder of the spear hissed at him. "What you do with Hiss's dimension cousin?! "WHOA! NICE SPEAR!" Papyrus said, oblivious to the threat made before him, "YOU KNOW, I HAVE A GOOD FRIEND WHO SPECIALIZES IN-" "What. bone. man. do. with. Katii?!" The creature yelled once again. "KATII? SO YOU'RE A FRIEND OF KATII'S, ARE YOU?" Papyrus said in surprise, "I LAST SAW HER TAKING A WALK OUTSIDE THE ACADEMY. SHE SEEMED KIND OF DOWN... I DON'T KNOW WHY." The tall, bug like creature lowered their weapon. "Yes... Hiss friend of Katii. Bone man friend of Katii too?" "WHY YES! I, THE GREAT PAPYRUS, IS A GOOD FRIEND OF KATII'S. AND IF YOU'RE A FRIEND OF HER'S THEN YOU HAVE THE HONOR OF BEING A FRIEND OF MINE AS WELL!" The creature smiled, holding her hand out for a shake "Yes, Papyrus is friend of Hiss!" "IT'S A PLEASURE TO MEET YOU, HISS." Papyrus asked, shaking Hiss's hand, "I'M SURE KATII WILL BE COMING AROUND VERY SOON. IN THE MEANTIME, COME HAVE A SEAT, AND TRY SOME OF MY SPAGHETTI! I MADE IT MYSELF!" Hiss grinned widely, "Ooooh! Food smell good!" And so Hiss followed her newfound friend into the kitchen, trying and enjoying Papyrus's spaghetti. Guess that makes three people who legitimately enjoy his cooking. HISS: THE COCKROACH ALIEN RETURNS TO THE ACADEMY! Element: Earth, Life Class: Sentinel Category: Supercharger. Bio: After the battle of Foundation Prime, Hiss had decided to travel the galaxies again with her old friends. It would seem that either their trip was brief or time went by faster than the dimension the academy is located. Either way, Hiss had sensed trouble not just from Katii, but also some more dimension cousins. Hiss, being the caring cockroach she is, decided to return to the academy to save Katii her fellow dimension cousins that she hadn't met. It would seem that she arrived a couple hours late, but oh well. Hiss is an alien from a planet known by her species as "The Great Nest," Where cockroach-like aliens thrive in garbage and junk. What would be a nightmare for humans is actually paradise for these creatures, for they are resourceful and almost unkillable. It helps that they've even managed to make an instant healing bandage from a special tree that is grown and cropped on their home planet. Hiss herself is a kind and gentle soul who usually assumes the best in people... Despite looking feirce upon first glance, you might find yourself wanting to hug her by the end of the day. Though if she senses her friends are in danger, or if the person themselves is not nice, she might forget her kind instincts and attack on the spot, as you saw with her and Papyrus. But more often than not, she's more than happy to make new friends. However, her kindness is her biggest weakness, and if someone treats her nicely enough, she could end up letting her guard down and could get taken advantage of.
  8. Katii decided to head out of the academy to get some fresh air. As the sun set over the academy, Katii let out a big sigh. "Valentines day already, huh?" Katii said, "Time flies fast, huh Mayhem?" ... "Mayhem? You there?" Usually, Mayhem would have popped up right next to Katii, lounging in the air, or leaning against the wall. Concerned, Katii began to look around, only to realize Mayhem was standing right behind her, staring out at the beach with a large bag and holding his thumb out, as if he was hitchhiking. With her concern growing, Katii made a dash towards Mayhem. "Hey! Mayhem! What's up?" Katii shouted towards her friend, "Oh, hey uh... Whiskers..." Mayhem smiled sheepishly, " "Hey, Mayhem. there's a valentines day thing going on tonight... I'm not usually interested in that kind of stuff, but I was wondering if you wanted to grab some snacks from there?" "Oh... funny you should mention snacks." "... What do you mean, Mayhem? And, why do you have that bag?" Mayhem turned away from Katii and sighed. He looked at the orange hue of the susnet sky. "Well whiskers, you remember what I promised you when we first met?" "Um, some great power, magic?" "That, and that you'd be a hero and loved among your peers... remember the court? Everyone said they loved you, they cared about you and didn't want you being a kleptomaniacal moron. They all wanted you back... they wanted to save you." Katii's eyes widened. She looked away, from her mythical friend, trying not to cry. "So... I guess the contract's expired huh." "Indeed it has, whiskers. Indeed it has." Mayhem turned to whiskers, "You're much happier, and even though I'm a nice guy, let's face it, I can't stick around with someone who's so positive." "I guess you're right..." Katii's eyes welled up, "But... we can figure something else out, right? You're much different from when I first met you! I know we can figure something out! I know you mayhem! You're clever? "You know me, whiskers?" Mayhem chuckled. He removed his glasses and turned to her, startling her. "Í'̛m a ̛m̀ale̢v͞o̷lent̵ g͝od͜,̶ ̡ẁh̸i̧s̨kers.͝..͠ t̶h̵er͏e'̸s ͡t͜on̕ś ̀o͡f̢ th̀i̴n̸gs̕ you ͘dòn͘'t ķno͜w͡ ab̷o͝ut ̀me. ̧Ba̡d t̕h͟i҉n͠gs.̨"͟ Katii was speechless... she was sure she never saw Mayhem without his glasses. This unusual form, his demonic voice... It sounded like a crowd of people standing before her. She knew Mayhem, well but it still filled her with terror. Sighing, Mayhem put his glasses on and walked up to her, patting her shoulder. "Look kid, I like ya. That's why I can't stick around... You're in a high spot right now, and I admit, I can't bring myself to drag you back down. Trust me, you're better off without me... Besides, you're not alone here. Everyone here has a ton of respect for the 'Katii the greatest thief!' People like honorable thieves." Mayhem walked back to his bags and continued to stick his thumb out. "It's been real whiskers. You've changed a small part of me, and that's something that I can't say many hosts have ever done for me." As soon as he said that, a black portal opened, and Mayhem picked up his bags. "Th... thanks Mayhem." Katii sniffled, smiling, "I couldn't have done it without you." "I'd say you did most of the work, whiskers." Mayhem tossed the bag into the portal and stepped in, "But just in case, I'll leave you some of my magic powers. Magic missile really suits you." As Mayhem walked into the portal he turned around with a smile, "Hey, better get going to that prom or whatever it's called. I sense an old friend of yours will be paying you a little visit." Before Katii could ask, the portal closed. What felt like hours was only a few minutes for the Catling thief. As soon as she was finished, she turned around and walked back to the academy. "Thanks Mayhem. See you again sometime..." ******************************************************** Mayhem walked through a realm between dimensions, looking in very high spirits. "Man, who'd have thought I'd actually find myself caring for my host?" Mayhem laughed to himself."I like that kid. I don't need to bully her into giving me my daily dose of negativity..." Mayhem approached a light. Stopping for a bit, he began to think. "Those other Skylanders though... Hmmm... Meh." Mayhem shrugged. "No attatchment. Nothing whatsoever... And a lot of them seemed to have emotional baggage of their own. Man, Imagine the feast I would have if I managed to torment all of them. That would bring me back to godhood faster tha- Mayhem stopped midsentince, as a familar sinister grin spread across his face. "Hmmm... I wonder how much bad energy I'd need to get a physical form in that world?" Chuckling to himself, he stepped through the light. He was ready to begin a new chapter in his life. But unfortunately for everyone else was already plotting out the chapter after that.
  9. "Um... Uh... I'm not buying all this." Inkwelle scratched his head. "This guy is the Joker after all. You know, one of the most notorious criminals ever known?" "I'm with Inkwelle, here." Katii added, "You can never trust an evil clown." "KATII! MR INKWELLE! I'M SURPRISED AT YOU!" Papyrus scolded. "IF HE SAYS HE'S CHANGED, THEN WE SHOULD GIVE HIM THE BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT. WHO KNOWS, MAYBE HE COULD BE A GREAT FRIEND."
  11. "AH! HELLO, UNDYNE!" Papyrus said, happy, if not a bit confused by his mentor's hug. "WHAT'S THE MATTER? YOU ACT LIKE YOU HAVEN'T SEEN ME FOR QUITE SOME TIME!" "Heh, you'd be surprised, Py." Katii smiled, "Like I said, I'll explain later." "FRISK?!" Papyrus called out gleefully, returning the hug, "WOW! IT'S BEEN A LONG TIME, MY HUMAN FRIEND! HOW HAVE YOU BEEN?" "You know this kid?" Katii said in surprise and amusement, "They did an awesome job helping us all out! Not bad at all for a kid their age."
  12. Mayhem looked around at the destruction around him. "Really did a number on this place... Who'd have thought objecting so loudly would create so much mayhem." "...Heh" Mayhem chuckled softly, "Mayhem. I guess that's who i'm supposed to be huh?" Mayhem returned to the realm of Katii's mind, expecting to be greeted by his furniture that laid in the darkness in silence. Instead, he was greeted by a bright light and sounds of all kinds... All of them were the Skylanders, all of them were praising Katii. Listening to the sounds all around him, he knew one thing was for sure. He fufilled what he had promised to Katii... Pulling a luggage bag from underneath the recliner, he took a look at the TV screen he would use to spy on others... On it, was Katii, joking, laughing and just having an overall good time with the many Skylanders around her. Despite this being against everything Mayhem was supposed to stand for... he couldn't help but smile. "Good going, whiskers."
  13. "NOOOOOOOOO!!!!" P'py'rus cried out as he was sent flying onto Kardia's shield. With a slam and a white flash of light, the bloodthirsty and cruel P'py'rus was no more... Instead, laying on the ground was none other than the Papyrus everyone knew and loved. After laying there for several seconds, Papyrus got up, yawning and letting out a stretch. "AH. OW, MY HEAD..." Papyrus yawned, rubbing the back of his neck. "I MUST HAVE SLEPT ON MY PILLOW WRONG AGAIN." After cracking his neck, he turned to his skylander pals , "MORNING, MY FRIENDS! I JUST HAD THE STRANGEST DREAM, WHERE I WAS ALL... MURDERY AND STUFF." Papyrus looked towards Inkwelle, "AH! ANOTHER NEWCOMER ARE YOU?" "Eh, not quite, buddy!" Inkwelle said, a little surprised by the once evil skeleton's sudden change. "I... well, uh. It's a long story..." "Ah, we'll explain later." Katii smiled, "Spaghetti sounds pretty good right now, why don't we go have some?" "AH, SPAGHETTI!" Papyrus grinned, "SOUNDS LIKE PLAN, FRIEND!" Papyrus and Katii walked out of the court, along with Inkwelle. As Kardia switched her holo-shield off, Robrainiac sat on a bench, deep in thought. "Sir? What's the matter?" Kardia asked "..." Robrainiac got up from the seat and made his way out of the courtroom. "Kardia, call the henchminions and tell them to meet me in Edgeworth's office. There's some business we need to attend to." Kardia was a little confused by Robrainiac's comment, but nontheless, she relented. As she got ready to call the henchminions, Robrainiac left the courtroom as well, his serious look still on his face.
  14. "Jumpin jiminy, we'd better get out of here!" Inkwelle cried out, "...That's probably a good idea." Robrainiac agreed, seeing what happened last time. "We have no time. Their move will hit us even if we're out the door," Kardia said, who had started typing as soon as she heard Phoenix and Edgeworth. "I'm setting up a shield for us three... I don't have time to make one big enough for everyone else, so they'd better find something else to hide behind." Katii didn't have to say anything. She remembered what her bootleg was almost hit by, and did not want to stick around to see how it felt. As Kardia's shield went up, the usually fierce and raging P'py'rus was starting to show some terror. "GRAH! ARGH! WHY. CAN'T. I... MOVE?! P'py'rus cried as he struggled to gain control of his legs.
  15. "It's like I said, Evil Terri, humiliation. Not torture." Robrainiac smiled, "Just as satisfying, less messy, less life changing, and easier to cover up." "Probably should have checked for the cameras as well." Kardia added "Rule number one of villainy, make sure no one's watching." "Hey! Quit giving him ideas!"