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  1. Art topic update: A drawing of a lizard monk and her ghost friend.


  2. Emperor Robrainiac

    ARTWORK: Robrainiac's topic of mostly OC art, with a some Fanart

    Here's a new picture of the hippie reptile monk, and her ghost companion, slightly redesigned from the last time we saw her. Bacon, the brown Kobold monk who loves eating fruits(And maybe sneaking in a taco once in a while,) sleeping, meditating and training. A calm, collected, and easy going reptilian, Bacon always finds something good about her life. Although a pacifist by nature, lots of monsters and bandits invade her village, leaving her no choice but to fight. Her weapon of choice is a wooden staff, which she also uses to stand on for meditation and meeting the eye level of those who are taller than her...and that's usually most people. In addition to her staff, Bacon has the power to breathe fire. The power of fire was given to Bacon by a fairy that she accidentally ate during her fruit gathering. Feeling bad once she found out, she let the fairy's ghost haunt her, and the two became fast friends, the ghost gaining the nickname Egg. Egg has the ability to change size, make Bacon levitate for a short while, and give her the power to breathe flames. Egg is a happy soul thanks to Bacon's constant good mood, but a little paranoid thanks to his untimely demise.
  3. Emperor Robrainiac

    Media that Traumatized/Scared/Creeped You as a Kid

    Some of the things I'll be talking about, I wouldn't nessicarily say traumatized me... but they certainly moments that stuck with me. Admittedly, when it came to Disney movies or childhood cartoons, I wasn't easily scared. I was pretty much one of those kids Don Bluth talks about when questioned about how scary or sad his works got... As long as there's a happy ending, kid's can handle most anything. That rang true for me... I'd be scared of certain things, on my first viewings, such as the reveal of Judge Doom being a toon in Roger Rabbit, but after that I thought the combination of cartoon and real actor was the most awesome thing out there... That being said, while still on the topic of Roger Rabbit, there is a scene that I still can't watch to this very day, and that happens to be the shoe being "dipped" by Judge Doom. Basically, what happens is a crate of living cartoon props is spilled in a certain scene, and the main antagonist, Judge Doom, picks up a living cartoon shoe who's nuzzling against him like a cat. About to demonstrate a way to kill cartoon characters, Judge Doom picks up the shoe, and dips him into a barrel of "Dip" which can instantly melt toons. The scene that really gets me is the absolute horror on the shoe is in, trembling and making puppy-like whimpering sounds as he's slowly dipped into the dip, until he's nothing but thinned ink and paint. Just... Gah, just thinking back on that scene gives me chills. I think it's the fact how innocent and pet-like the shoe acts that gets the reaction out of me... and if the rumors I heard are true, the shoe was initially planned to be a cartoon kitten or some other animal. Oof, man. As a kid I figured that this scene wouldn't disturb me as much when I grew older... There's a lot of things I'd love to tell my kid-self but, telling him that the scene is still unsettling and even a little depressing is not one of them. Going onto TV... As I've said before, I wasn't really frightened by many Disney movies... But if there was anything that came out of Disney that kind of stuck to me it was a scene from the Little Mermaid tv series. There was an episode where Ariel goes to explore the deep sea, despite her Father warning her not to... that was pretty much many of the episodes of the Little Mermaid in a nutshell: Ariel gets curious about something, King Trition tells her said something is bad, Ariel goes off to explore anyway, gets into trouble and learns her lesson. Anyways, back on topic, from what I remember in the episode, Ariel is in awe by the wonders of the deep sea, but things start to get more and more unsettling... The scene that I remember the most in this episode was a part where after escaping sea monsters, Ariel runs into a sea witch (Not Ursula, mind you) who is carrying a bag. The witch tells her the bag is filled with something magical and offers her a look into it. Immediately, the witch opens the bag, to which glowing comes out and screams are heard. Ariel reacts with horror and quickly swims away. Now, it's not so much the scene that was scary, the scariest thing about it was me wondering what in the world was in that bag the sea witch had. It's that kind of scary moment where your imagination fills in the blanks, and it makes the situation much more scarier than it is. Moving on from that, There was a show on Cartoon Network called "What a Cartoon" which basically was a showcase of a bunch of pilots. Shows like Powerpuff girls, Johnny Bravo, Courage the Cowardly Dog, came from this collection. Hell even a prototype Family Guy made its first appearance on this show. It was really interesting seeing all these new shows and I always felt a bit of excitement when they were picked up as a full series. Then there was one short however, that actually made me change the channel. I can't remember the name of it exactly, but it involved the main protagonist is trying to prepare a dinner for a date. There's a scene where he's chopping carrots, and ends up messing up a chop when he hears the doorbell ring, from his date. What ended up happening was he ended up chopping his thumb off, and they actually showed blood coming out... Not a fountain of blood, but a splurt of it with every cartoony throb of the thumb. Looking back, somehow that's more grotesque than a fountain of blood you would see in any other cartoon. Antics continue as the protagonist runs into the bathroom and reattatches his thumb with gauze, only to find that he mistakenly attatched the top of a carrot to his stump rather than his thumb. Needless to say, my disgust towards blood was a lot stronger than it is now, and I switched the TV in revulsion. For a long while, I was afraid to go near any knives, and to this day, I still watch my hand closely if I'm chopping up food. Finally, Video Games... Kirby has always had a place in my heart as being one of the first video games I was gifted to. I recall having Kirby's Dreamland 2 for the gameboy and loving everything about it... The levels, the music and especially the animal friend mechanic. In this game you could hop on an animal, (A hamster named Rick, an owl named Coo, and a sunfish named Kine) and get different abilities when combined with them. I loved all of them and I was always careful not to get them killed. Then I ran into this little bastard. This guy, Propeller Bomb according to the game's monster roll call in the bad ending, seems like another Kirby enemy that seems so innocent that you almost feel bad for killing... They simply float in the air, minding their own business and giving you a happy smile every now and then. That is, if you're by yourself as Kirby. If you end up passing by this monster when you have an animal friend, then prepare for a fright! Once I was minding my business playing through a level with the hamster, Rick, when as soon as the Propeller Bomb appeared on my screen, his face went from a cute smile with little eyes to a maniacal one with bulging eyes as he flew straight towards me. Before I could process what was going on, I found that my animal friend had been killed in one hit, and now I was just by myself as Kirby. And sometimes they would be placed in areas I wouldn't expect. One time I was flying too high with the owl, Coo when all of the sudden that little freak popped out of nowhere and took my owl companion... Augh! The enemy would appear in later Kirby games even as recent as Kirby Star Allies. But none of them ever filled me with the amount of dread as their initial appearance Going back to it, this is a scare that I find more funny nowadays rather than still be unsettled by it... But I admit, I'm still hesitant to go up high in levels whenever I have Coo as my Animal friend. Lavender Town and its tower was another gaming experience that frightened me as a kid, as it did to many others. This one was partially because I was being raised in a pretty strict, religious household at the time, and I was afriad that my parents catching me battle posessed trainers actually calling out for blood would get the game banned in my house. The other reason was... well the fact that you were in a tower with posessed trainers, running into ghosts that scared your pokemon from fighting, and that damn music in the town itself... oof. There were nights where I would lay in bed with that song stuck in my head, and I would have trouble going to sleep.
  4. Ah, back home. I had a lovely time at Colorado visiting my grandparents. But right now, I'm feeling tired from the plane flight.

    Oh well, I the rest of the week off.

    1. MightyRay


      Glad to hear you've had a wonderful time! Enjoy that rest and have a nice rest of the week!

    2. TailsTellsTales


      That was fast trip. You was only in Colorado for what 2 days? How come you did not go and visit me since I live in that rectangle? Lol joking. If you are tired from plane flight then imagine 3 days on greyhound trip. Take care. Always nice to see family and get away from things you know.

    3. Kiah


      Ugh that jet lag...Hope it fades away quickly and you get well rested. 

      Glad you enjoyed yourself in Colorado and I hope the rest of your vacation will be an enjoyable one!

  5. So nice visiting my Grandparents in Colorado. Also feeling very nostalgic seeing all the old sights.

    It's gonna be a good week!

    1. Bloxxerboy


      I used to live in Colorado. Have fun!

    2. Kiah


      Enjoy your time with your grandparents!

    3. Failinhearts


      Have fun with them!

  6. Ah, it's gonna be nice having two weeks off from work. These past few weeks have been tough, and I'm ready for a break.

    1. Kiah


      Man I envy you...I had to beg to take 6 days off with my trip to Orlando as my managers are too incompetent to do cross-training at key positions. 

      Anyway, I hope you have a nice time off where you can relax and refresh yourself all around. 

  7. Well I'm gonna have to head to bed earlier than usual. If today was a rough day at work I shudder to think how crazy tomorrow's gonna be... seeing how Saturdays are my busiest days, I'm expecting a pretty eventful day.

    1. Failinhearts


      Night, buddy!

      Don't overwork yourself too much, okay?

    2. Kiah


      I empathize...hope you sleep well and hope tomorrow won’t be too stressful for you. 

  8. Art topic update! It's been a good while hasn't it?

    This time I've drawn an alien and his warrior companion.

    1. Ryannumber1gamer


      Mr. Sir reminds me of an alien Professor Layton and I love it

  9. Emperor Robrainiac

    ARTWORK: Robrainiac's topic of mostly OC art, with a some Fanart

    So, remember these guys I posted earlier? The ones I said I would be digitizing? Yep, here they are! Here's some more info on them. To the left, a warrior by the name of Kolga. Kolga is a part of a species known as the Selkie, known for wearing Seal-like clothing over their heads, and are skilled warriors and hunters. Kolga proudly wears her scars as if they were souviners of the many battles and hunts she’s taken part of. She resides on a planet of magic and monsters. (Really, she’s only a Selkie in name, being more Whale-like than seal-like.) To the right is an alien by the name of… Mr. Sir. Whether or not Mr. Sir is is real name is anyone’s guess, but one thing is for sure, Mr. Sir is from a place far from Kolga’s home. Mr. Sir is a Gentleman, Chronicler, and an avid explorer. Sir as a thirst for excitement, and writes his experiences down to share with not just his world, but many other worlds he plans to visit.
  10. Watched the trailer for Into the Spiderverse and... Eh, looks good enough.

    The animation is still gorgeous, but the Lord/Miller's sense of humor really shows in this one and when it comes to their sense of humor, I kind of have mixed feelings.

    But seeing Spiderman Noir, Spider-Ham and a completely random (At least to me anyway) anime Spider-Girl with a mech did manage to keep my interest.

    1. Failinhearts



      Let's all just appreciate Peni's Spider-Mech.

    2. KHCast


      How dare you not be as excited as everyone else

    3. Boomer


      @Failinhearts "Peni's" is very easy to misread.... :lol: 

    4. Failinhearts


      considering the kind of character she is and how certain people are... well...

    5. Ryannumber1gamer


      If I remember correctly, I think Peni made her debut in the actual Spider-Verse event. Been that long since I read it that I can't remember though.

      This movie was sold to me the second we got Spider-Ham as a Looney Tune though.

  11. Emperor Robrainiac

    ARTWORK: Robrainiac's topic of mostly OC art, with a some Fanart

    Long time no update. I haven't been feeling motivated lately due to work and stress. but since I've been in a bit of a drawing mood lately, have some sketches. Here's a character named "Poncho," a gun slinging jackelope who has a taste for beef jerky and a love for the great outdoors and playing the guitar. Here's another character concept... Basicaly my take on the Selkie myth. This is Kolga, a viking/barbarian selkie. And here we have a sketch of an alien gentleman. His name is Mr. Sir. A dapper fellow, is he not? Expect to see these sketches digitized in the near future... but I really liked these drawings, so I wanted to share them right away.
  12. I'm not feeling to great this morning. This seems like I've been feeling like this quite often.

    I've been feeling more and more alone lately, and I think it's starting to affect me more as the days pass by.

    1. RedFox99




    2. DanJ86
    3. Kiah


      Sorry you are feeling this way. I know there's a different between online and IRL friendships due to the physical factor more than anything but remember you are never alone as there are some on this very forum that care about you and are your friend.

      As for IRL, maybe start small with maybe your job or even your neighborhood seeking companions. If that doesn't work then maybe join a club or gym or something. You moved some time ago if I recall correctly. You still have friends back where you were, right? Long distance doesn't have to necessarily be a strain or even an end to your friendships so maybe go back and reinforce those if possible.

      I this was some actual help to you and I hope you find what you are looking for quickly as companionship is something that we all need and those feelings of loneliness disappear soon.

  13. Got back from seeing Christopher Robin and thought was charming as all hell. 

    It definately cheered me up after a pretty frustrating day at work.

    1. Failinhearts


      It is a pretty good pick-me-up movie. Glad you enjoyed it!

  14. So, after a very long time, I finally have my own car! Used, from a family friend who's also an engineer, so it's in incredible condition, almost feels like it's new.

    It's very satisfying to drive a car of my own, rather than borrow my mom or dads car like I have been this past year.

    1. Failinhearts


      Just lemme tell you something, son.

      The driver don't pick the car.

      Cars pick the driver.

      It's a... mystical bond between man and machine.


      Seriously tho, congrats!


    2. Bloxxerboy


      Congrats on your first car!

    3. MightyRay


      Good on you! Hope you enjoy driving it all over the place.

    4. Kiah


      Congrats! Just keep up with the maintenance and hopefully you’ll be able to drive it for a long time! But most importantly stay safe driving!

  15. jack_color_concept_by_lordrobrainiac-dcjlo62.png

    So here's a character I made, but I can't quite decide the color. I got some feedback, but I wanna ask to be sure.

    Which color scheme do you think is best for this character?

    1. Bloxxerboy


      I think the 5th color scheme is best, but it's only my opinion.

    2. Failinhearts


      The grey is the most easy on the eyes.

    3. Dee Dude

      Dee Dude

      Loving the design.

      Either grey or pale blue for me.


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