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  1. So im 29 years old. One year away from 30. Dont know how i feel about that.

    1. Bloxxerboy


      Happy birthday!

    2. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      You're 2 months older than me. Hahahah. Just try not to let it get to you and just enjoy yourself.


    3. Ferno


      Hap birth!

  2. After some silence, I come back with a minor update to my art thread!

    Nothing special, really. Just another draft of my comic cover, with some changes to the characters designs.

  3. After being quiet for a month, I bring you an update to the comic. Here's a third rough concept for the comic cover of my project. Currently, an outline of my the has been completed, and I'm about to get started on a script. Several changes have been made to the main characters: Dern, the bigfoot, now dons a fancy black suit as he takes his job in paranormal crime fighting very seriously. Specimen Y, AKA Schrodinger the shadow person, has a more humanoid form, used whenever he's fighting or flirting with ladies from out of this world... He's not usually successful, but he can dream. Sarina, the ghost, has changed less, except now she wields chain whips, has a baggier shirt, and now wears flip flops. Finally, Roswell. I just made him look more or less like a regular grey alien, and I wanted to emphasize his role as the inventor more. Anyways, I don't know when I'll post again, but I hope to see you all soon with more updates!
  4. I went to see toy story 4 today.

    There were some moments in the movie that kinda made me wish Toy Story 3 was the final one... That aside, though, I enjoyed it quite a bit. It was great seeing these characters again, and seeing how far Pixar has come in terms of animation compared to the first movie. 

  5. With this news of a live action Nightmare Before Christmas remake coming I've gotta ask...

    ... who do you guys consider worse as head of Disney? Bob Iger or Michel Eisner?

    I know a lot of people didn't like Eisner, but at least he took risks to try new things at times.

    1. QuantumEdge


      Considering how Eisner, despite whatever faults he possesses, was in charge during the Renaissance he's automatically beaten by Iger in that contest.

    2. SupahBerry


      This is basically how Cartoon Network went from Stuart Snyder to Christina Miller all over again.


      Many accused the former of making catastrophic choices on the channel (Live Action), but then the later comes along and even more controversial stuff happen under her control (disregarding how involved she actually was in any of it). So people then look back on the Snyder era and appreciated the more daring direction the channel had taken back then (Greater load of actions shows).

    3. AlphaRuby


      I dunno about the 'daring' argument.

      It's not a very good dare if the product is shit

  6. *Sigh* I guess I have I lot to say here. I'm gonna regret this...

    Okay, look I don't like expressing my opinion much due to personal reasons that I don't want to say... I don't even like posting anything negative, because I always find myself saying things I regret. but I'm just gonna say this:

    wanted to like Bethesda. I wanted to like this stream. Bethesda made games that inspired me creatively. They gave me inspiration when I was at one of my low points in life...

    I know about their reputation, though, about releasing buggy games at launch. I know about that whole Fallout 76 debacle that happened not to long ago...

    Me, being the hopeful fool that I am tuned into this stream hoping that there was some acknowledgement  and a sort of apology. Oh, there was Acknowledgement alright.

    Lies about taking critisism well and a "Oopsies, hehehe" from Todd Howard.  

    And that's it. Then they proceed to have these self rightous montages to make themselves look good and treat their fans good and aarrgggGGGHHHHH

    Look, you might I'm dumb for not expecting disappointment, from this stream, you think it foolish for me putting faith in a company that already had a somewhat seedy reputation before the 76 incident... And you may be right. God it sucks to be an optimist sometimes.

    Well... If there was anything I can take away I suppose Doom looked fun enough. And probably my love for Elder Scrolls speaking,, I guess that Elder Scrolls Online movie was pretty cool too I guess.

    1. SupahBerry


      Todd has descended into Teen Titans Go levels of "Look! We're aware that we suck! LOOOOOOOOVE MEEEEEEEEEEE!". 

  7. I hope you have a happy birthday! :D

  8. I love my family, but they're definitely the kind of folks who complain about others complaining. 

    It gets on my nerves sometimes.

    1. Emperor Robrainiac

      Emperor Robrainiac

      Also It also tends to rub off on me, which is one reason why tend to be reluctant to share my opinions.

    2. RedFox99


      Same. I tend to get annoyed when my dad gets very opinionated on car rides.

  9. Art thread update! Here's some character designs for another idea I had for a sort of video game style story focusing an academy for a bunch of chosen ones.

    After this, I'm gonna start slowing down on the Art Thread updates, as I want to focus on getting a comic project on the ground. So I'll see you all when I see you all! 

  10. So... I'm just giving those of you who follow me a heads up, I might be taking a break from art for a while to focus getting my comic off the ground. I've gone as far to make an outline, but other than that, no significant progress has been made, so I want to try and put all my energy into that. That being said, here's some character designs from a different idea I had. Here's an unlikely pair, Scale the Pangolin and Yumi the Scorpion: adoptive siblings who are also prophesied heroes. But they're not the only chosen ones in the world. Nope for they have been selected to attend an academy for "Chosen Ones" from all over the world. Here is two of their classmates, friends and teammates of Scale and Yumi. On the left, Emma, a princess who also happens to be a chosen pirate of prophecy, and Jack, a chosen monster tamer and the biggest nerd in the academy. Characters returning are Bacon, the mellow lizard, and Egg, a short tempered spirit who took the shape of Bacon. Bacon is also a legendary hero, but she acts as their mentor and teacher in fighting evil. So yeah, an academy that takes young heroes who are said to protect their homes, and possibly the world. Inspired by the Sonic Knock-off mascot era of gaming, (Which was something that's been dancing around in my mind for a while,) I'd imagine this idea to be a sci-fi fantasy, with a tropical, pirate fantasy style enviroment. But yeah, that's what I have for you today. I'll be slowing down from here on out to work on my comic project, like I said, so I'll see you guys whenever I come back!
  11. Alright, I'm back from watching Detective pikachu. Man, that was great!

  12. Art thread update! 

    Trying to play around with poses and expressions. Couldn't resist using a scene from Into the Spider-verse as a reference.

  13. "Alright, we gotta have a good one liner when when we take old creepy by surprise. I could say the 'bigger they are' line, but that's too cliche. Hmm, I could say something about his red eyes, but I guess that'd be hypocritical. Hm." "One liners after an ambush... How interesting!" ***** Decided to play around with expressions, shading, and poses this time, since I usually draw character portraits or references. also trying to get into practicing drawing creepy creatures. I used this little scene from Into the Spider-Verse as a reference, because I love that movie:
  14. it's time for an update on my art thread!

    This time it's another piece with my paranormal superheroes. In other news, I finished writing down an outline for a story with these guys, so I'm really in the mood to draw these guys.

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