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  1. Interestingly I first heard of this game on this message board on the status updates very long time ago, where some people were kind of skeptical and understandably jaded "spiritual successor" type of games after Yooka Laylee and Mighty No 9. I looked up, and I have to admit, despite my own slight skepticism, it already appealed to me on art design alone. I've always had a soft spot for anthropomorphic bugs as it's always fascinated me as to how people can make something as ugly as bugs look appealing to the general audience. And the characters I saw when I first looked it up had already won me over... "Paper Mario with cute bugs," I thought to myself "I'm interested!" When I saw how glowing the reviews were I was beginning to consider buying it off of steam, despite my computer running out of space. But wouldn't you know it, it was announced for consoles and as soon as the pre-order was up, I bought it, and I played it as soon as it unlocked. Did not disappoint. I'm two chapters in and I love it. It's always cool playing games where you're playing from the perspective of a small character, where things like grass, plants and the like are to them as trees are to us. It's really clever seeing things like pumpkins and cardboard boxes being used as buildings for these characters. Speaking of characters, I love all three of them so far. Admittedly, Vi took a little while for me to grow on me, but even then she won me over pretty quickly. I love the banter between the three, and unlike paper mario where it was only your partner speaking (And often speaking for the ever silent Mario) Kabbu, Vi, and Leif all have their own distinct personalities and dialogue. Kabuu as the heroic but often teased knight/fighter, Vi, the greedy and a bit tsundere rogue, and Leif, the stoic and sarcastic mage, all play off of each other very well, and make for some very entertaining banter with one another. One of my favorite features in Paper Mario is using "tattle" in the overworld where you'd get information on NPCs from Goombario/Goombella/Tippi, and get a little bit of worldbuilding, making the universe feel more lively. In this game, they take it a step further by not only incorporating that feature, but also having each character have their say on the NPC or what they do, providing not only some worldbuilding but more entertaining banter from the trio. It really makes me attached to them, and I'm still somewhat early in the game. Paper Mario is a series I grew to love, and it's a shame it's gone down a direction I'm not to happy with. Origami King looks interesting, sure, but I'm kind of in the camp that's cautiously optimistic, rather than hyped. If Origami King turns out to be disappointing, at least I have this game to fall back on. It's probably way to early to say, and I don't know if my opinion will change or not, but I really hope this game is successful enough to have a sequel or spin-off of some kind. Again, way to early for me to say, but I'm already in love with the characters and world to the point where I already want to see more of it.
  2. So I just found out Disney has extended their park closures, meaning that's another month I'll be out of work.

    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      I thought the plan was they were gonna creek open the gate just a little, with extreme limitations in place? Or am I thinking about just the hotel reservations? 

    2. Emperor Robrainiac

      Emperor Robrainiac

      Looking into it, I may have jumped to conclusions and they might just be rumors as of now. 

       dunno, though. Wouldn't be surprised if it does end up turning out to be true.

    3. PC the Hedgehog

      PC the Hedgehog

      Sorry to hear. What do you do there?

    4. Emperor Robrainiac

      Emperor Robrainiac

      I work at the resorts as a houseperson. From the rumors are true, then I would probably be affected as well.

  3. Well, I just got some good news. My old DA friend I heard caught the COVID-19 a few weeks back? I just got word he's recovering. 

    I'm really glad to hear this. He used to look over my stories and give me some writing advice, and I appreciate help he gave me.

  4. Good start to your story! I've told you before, but I'll say it again, I love the lore behind the RP and I'm really looking forward to seeing some more worldbuilding. I'm gonna be keeping my eye on this!
  5. Art topic update in case anyone missed it!

    I LOVE how this one came out.

  6. Art topic update! I really love how this one came out!


  7. I made these characters some time ago, but I ended up redesigning them after asking myself: What if a bunch of misfit video game characters teamed up to travel to other video games and steal items, collectables, weapons, and money? Enter the Exploits. Taking some inspiration from Wreck-it Ralph, The Exploits are a band of video game characters who hop video game worlds and stealing valuables. Why? Well, let's just say they've all had some rough lives and they simply wanna become infamous and stick it to those who have wronged them. 3V: Real name Victor Von Viper, is the main antagonist of his game. Bored of his villainous antics in his original game, he seeks to spread chaos to other games. Probably the craziest of the group, his hobby consists of inventing gadgets and creating mutants from the code of other games. He serves as the group's hacker and gadget guy. Slick: A character from a game that showed potential but didn't deliver on its promises. Feeling empty, this dancing robot seeks adventure and to get back at his rivals. Slick is a skilled dancer, and usually incorporates his dance skills when at work. Serves as the con man and second in command to the group. Romby: Probably the most famous game character out of the rest of them. Sick of all the bullies he sees in the world, he forms the exploits to get back at those who wronged his friends and to make a cool collection. Romby is a bit lazy on his off time, eating and sleeping as much as he can, but if a job sounds exciting, he's quick to get started on it. Many are often surprised to find that Romby is leader and the mastermind of The Exploits. Yuu: A rather quiet custom character from an RPG who was forgotten by her player due to being overleveled and boring to play. Her goal is to seek new challenges and fights in other games. Yuu enjoys drinking alcohol in taverns as well as fighting monsters. However, she does have a soft side, often paying visits to a game starring cute critters, and sharing her treasures with them. Yuu is the muscle of the group. Muerta: A very infamous game character, in which she would force players to pay a lot of gold in order to progress, which often lead to blows to the head, courtesy of a sword. Fed up, Muerta attacked and killed the player character. Knowing she broke the rules of the game, she fled, joining The Exploits. The reason? She already was a criminal so she figured she might as well do more crime. Muerta is the Planner of the group. I'll give free digital cookies if you can guess the inspiration of the artstyle. Bonus points if you can guess who's inspired by who!
  8. So... wow.

    I just got word I that a guy I used to chat with regularly and get writing advice from on DeviantArt a long time ago has just tested positive for Covid-19.

    This is the first time someone I know personally has tested positive. I really hope he'll be alright.

  9. Watched Onward on Disney+. Wasn't able to catch it in theaters, unfortunately, making it the second Pixar movie I missed out on.

    All in all, I enjoyed it. I liked the message and amused the D&D geek in me.

    1. Winston


      My parents saw it today and really liked it too. I was lucky enough to catch it while it was still in theaters. Pretty sad movie but it had a cool setting and the actors did a pretty good job. 

  10. Just bought Persona 5 Royal. I originally wanted a physical copy, but... well, i'm a bit too impatient to buy it online, and I don't want to go anywhere at this time, so I ended up buying it off the PS store...

    I was watching someone's playthrough of the original, and I stopped because the game interested me enough to want it. I can't wait to play it!

  11. Here's a little something no one asked for: A profile for some characters I made! At the moment, I'm calling the idea "Checkpoint canyon..." It my take on the "RPG world but focusing on the monsters/enemies." idea. It's been done, sure, but the hell with it, I like the idea. This one I can't quite pinpoint where I got the idea from. I really just like drawing monsters, humanoid or not. For this particular character, I just had a bunch of ideas in mind and threw them all together. The result... I kinda like it. I imagine this character to be a medical doctor/healing mage with a personality that's a cross between a mother figure and a mad scientist. Create an RPG style world for her to be in, give her some friends, and... well that's yet another story Idea I've created. I love and hate having so many ideas for stories. I've been wanting to come up with a skeleton character for a while, but couldn't come up with a design I liked... Eventually, I said, "the hell with it," and just made him a spine with half a skull and a hand. A pretty fun character to draw, actually. He's the main character's weapon, kind of a cross between the hookshot from zelda and whip from castlevania. When I first drew these characters, I envisioned them as being similar to Navi from Zelda. Just orbs with wings. But as I kept drawing them, I found myself coming up with designs I really liked and... well, here we are now!
  12. DAMN, how about that Steven Universe Future?

    I gotta say, I kinda lost interest in Steven Universe for a while, but this season really pulled me back in.

    If a form of media can get me anxious (In an invested sort of way,) then i'd say it's a success in my book. And I liked the way it ended personally.

  13. Art topic update from yesterday in case you missed it!

    Sort of continuing on from my previous drawing, this time showing the antagonist of this story idea I had.

    Now then, If you'll excuse me, I just got Animal Crossing today, and I'm gonna play for a while!

  14. What? An update on my art topic already? Yep, it would seem so.

    I drew another pic of the character I made very recently, this time confronting her arch nemesis.

  15. “It’s sickening enough you’re scamming monsters with this so called cure… BUT THIS SO CALLED POTION IS JUST APPLE JUICE?!” “Of course not! I put in a bit of dragon’s blood and a bit of sage in there, for that magic-y zest.” _____ In an unusual turn of events, here's a new picture I made already! A scene I envisioned with Dr. Neferet, and her arch nemesis, (And man antagonist of my story) Curall von Plasmius. Looks like this strange creature wearing a plague doctor's mask is peddling a so called "cure" to some unwitting monsters, and the the monster doctor is not having any of this!
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