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  1. Updated my art topic again after a very long time.

    Here's a couple of characters I thought up of one day while working, based on the many lizards I always see around where I live.


  2. Emperor Robrainiac

    ARTWORK: Robrainiac's topic of mostly OC art, with a some Fanart

    Man, how long has it been since I've posted here? Well, work had drained me for... two months I believe? I dunno if I can safely say that I'm making a comback, but I don't really want to leave this thread in the dust. So here's a new character I came up with. This is Bacon and her companion, Egg. Bacon is a character I made based off many anole lizards I've seen around my house mixed with a bit of Sonic and the many wannabe Sonic-esque mascots of old. Bacon, a somewhat lazy and carefree person, doesn't see herself as anything special nor does she know what to do with her future... To her, maybe that's fine. Bacon would rather think of the present than the future, and until something interesting happens, she's just going to nap, eat, and maybe go to the movies once and a while. Bacon one day ate what she thought was a firefly... turned out it was a fairy, which gave her extraordinary powers with speed and fire... at the price of having the ghost of said fairy haunt her every day. Thankfully, the fairy, Egg, is rather naive and soon befriends the easy going lizard. After a corrupt mayor takes over their swamp, the two decide to set off to save their home... Much to Bacon's reluctance. Will she'll learn there's more to life than napping? Or is she going to go back to sleep as soon as her quest is over?
  3. Man, I haven't hit a creative block this bad in a looooong time. I just haven't felt the thrill of coming up with scenarios in my head and drawing them out or writing them.

    To the writers and artists here, what do you do when you've hit a block? Or just don't know what to draw or write about?

    1. Ferno


      when i hit a block it's usually because i feel like i've plateau'd or i'm burnt out, after which i usually try to get off social media for awhile and go on a quiet improvement frenzy, or sometimes i even try to take my mind off of creating and try to consume for once, be it games or movies I haven't seen yet, anime, manga, etc, to get the inspiration tanks filled again

    2. Terriful


      I'll watch movies, or play games and see if anything inspires me. Or read comics. They have some good inspiration stuff in them. Like the dark multiverse. That's a dope concept.

    3. DanJ86


      Often being exposed to something inspiration will be enough to get the spark of creativity going again for me. Playing games, reading books. Stress can also be a problem for me so I'd also try to find a quiet place with no distractions and listening to music can help too.

    4. Ferno


      sometimes all i need is sleep, too. its surprising what i can pull off during the weekend sometimes vs on a weekday after a full tiring day of work where i'm running on fumes to finish a picture

    5. Jovahexeon Pirate Ridley

      Jovahexeon Pirate Ridley

      Playing videogames, watching movies,  doing stuff out of the norm,  is a keen way for new inspirations,  especially when done with friends.

      If you ever need a group to hang with, SCWRM are viable with guests every now and then too. Friendly bunch. 

  4. Man, I'm usually feel kind of down whenever a break is over, but the recent news that came out about CA has really put me in a sad mood.

    1. Ryannumber1gamer


      You and me both. I've been feeling more and more sad about doing this. I really didn't want to unsubscribe. I held out some small hope that maybe, just maybe they'd realize that this was bad, and just own up and fix it.

      But their response last night sealed it and I finally unsubscribed. I honestly want fucking nothing else to do with CA again at this point.

    2. Speederino


      Yeah. I'm thinking it might be good to try (keyword: try) and look away from this trainwreck for a while. This is fucking depressing.

  5. Emperor Robrainiac

    Channel Awesome Was Not So Awesome

    I think I said this in a status update or a reply to a status update... but I'll say it again: Ho-lee shit, ever since "To Boldly Flee," every time I learn something new about this website, it's always gets worse. I just spent some time reading through the Doc and it hurt reading all of that. It really did. I remember at one point in my life, I finished watching Kickassia and thinking how fun it would be to become a critic/producer and become a part of the community... If I had only known. I can't belive how someone as cruel and immature as Mike could have this much power for so long. Eff that heartless bastard for trying to profit off of Jewwario's passing and Eff him for treating so many producers so cruelly. I got into Phelous's videos recently... While I can see why people wouldn't like his content (I do feel that his jokes can drag sometimes) I am enjoying them a lot and even watching one as I type. Jesus, I feel so awful for him over how he was treated during the making of To Boldly Flee. Hell, I feel sorry for everyone who was treated horribly on this website. I'm really glad many of these producers have departed from this toxic website and i hope they're successful in their future endevors. Reading through them made me want to watch some of their videos again and show some support. I knew they were gonna respond soon... and I knew it was going to be a half-assed "apology." God, why do most internet celeb apologies end up obviously being a load of bull? I mean, christ, how hard is it to say your sorry without making it seem like you're not in the wrong?
  6. Argh, what a stressful day at work... My first day too.

    Still, on the plus side, these are mistakes that I'll remember not to make again.

    1. Failinhearts


      Sorry to hear that, buddy.

      Just focus on that plus, okay? Now you know what to do.

    2. DanJ86


      Everything is a learning experience.:thumbsup:

    3. Kiah


      That’s unfortunate but remember mistakes are meant to be learned from. It’s part of the learning process with pretty much anything with trial and error. You already have the right idea but some repetition doesn’t hurt with things like this imo.

      Also remember that stressful first days at a new job are not uncommon as you are embarking on a new working environment. 

      Hopefully things will ease up for you from here on out and that this job will prove to be a much better experience for you this time compared to the last job per what you told us.

  7. "Orcs, huh?" Katii muttered as she folded her arms, "Of course it's orcs... when is it not orcs?" Katii turned to Aspen, whom was too focused on the figure of himself, wondering to himself if fur armor would look good on him, and if that was ethical or even practical. Katii then turned to Tenyew. Unlike Aspen, Tenyew looked interested in what was happening, but despite looking like she wanted to say something, she sat there, silent. Katii couldn't help but frown as she nudged the two, startling them both. "Uh, guys? Can we focus here?" Katii scolded the two, "Should we accept the quest or not?" Getting into character Katii turned her focus on the old man and gave a thumbs up, "You got it, pal! When we're through with these orcs, no other orc's gonna want to mess with this village or any other village!" "Huh?" Aspen asked, before realizing the game had started, "Oh! Yeah! Yeah, sure, monster slaying! yeah, no problem." "...Yes." Tenyew simply replied.
  8. Katii smirked, as she looked at her figurine, "There we go! Man, I even more like a professional thief than I do now!" Tenyew inspected her figure. Her funny looking hat curled in the shape of the hood she was currently wearing. Moving onto the robes, Tenyew noticed that they were much less threatening than the ones she wore right now, noting that her ribcage that wrapped around the hood was replaced with patterns similar to her ribcage. Tenyew couldn't help but wonder how this version of herself was keeping her insides in order. Deciding that that was not important, Tenyew nodded towards Nicole in approval. Wizard, huh? This should be interesting. "Thanks."
  9. Curious, Aspen picked up his figure as soon as he found it. He smirked as he admired the confident grin on his figurine... Well, Nicole got his looks down, he had to hand it to her. But the clothes were a little peculiar. Rather than his shorts, he was wearing fur armor and was weilding a club. "Hmmm... Am I like some kind of Fighter or something? Like a barbarian?" Aspen chuckled, "Huh, I can dig it." Katii on the other hand was impressed with her little figure, It looked a lot like herself, her clothing taking on a more thieflike appearance, a little bit different from her old thieves guild uniform... Instead of her green tunic was a green sleeveless shirt, and rather than her footwraps, she wore boots with her toes sticking out of it... Aw well, even in her fantasies she couldn't have proper shoes. Nonetheless, it looked pretty cool! "I know what I'm gonna be!" Katii said with a grin, "Hey nicole? I'm gonna be "boring" and go with a thief. That's what I know best!" Katii continued to admire the figure as Tenyew took a seat between Katii and Aspen. Tenyew looked around at the board, very curious as to what was going on. Was this a game where they fought dragons and explored dungeons? She remembered hearing about the game... it was all appealing to her, almost seemed right up her alley. But then Tenyew remembered... This game required a ton of interaction. Tenyew groaned in her mind... What the heck was she going to say? Would she have to talk in a fancy accent? Make decisions? Give out orders? Oooooh boy... maybe she shouldn't have come. But then again... if she wanted to own a bakery, she would have to make decisions and give out orders. Heck, she knew she would have to come out of her shell if she were to run a business and give out cupcakes for everyone. And if she wanted to do that, she would have to stop worrying about being around other people and see this "training' through to the end. Sighing, Tenyew picked up her figurine. Turning to Nicole, with her usual emotionless expression, she spoke up. "Magic..." Tenyew spoke up, "I want to have something with... dark magic. What classes are there that use that?"
  10. "Table top game? Learning valuable tricks?" Katii, leaning on a lamp post, tilted her head slightly in confusion as her tail twitched curiously. "Never really thought board games would be a source of training." Katii stretched as she moved herself off of the pole. As odd as it sounded, Katii couldn't turn down a game night, whether it be a board game or some gambling. Plus, hey, there might be some snacks there, too! Katii made her way to the HQ, hoping to herself that she wouldn't get too excited if she won an money, real or fake. Meanwhile, Tenyew began to notice many Skylanders heading towards the HQ after the announcement. After watching many of them depart, Tenyew shrugged and got off the bench. The grim reaper wasn't one for social gatherings, but she had to do something that day. Something that could get her mind off of work. Elsewhere, Aspen, who had been trianing with a punching bag, overheard the announcement. The mandrake teen lifted a curious eyebrow... a game that teaches new tricks huh? This he had to see.
  11. Well, it's been a month in my job, and I just couldn't get the hang of it. Having cars zooming towards you and your fellow, cranky, employees constantly bark at you for every mistake is not good for anxiety, so as of tomorrow I'll be leaving my parking job.

    Good news is though I have been given an offer of transfering to a custodial job that I have accepted, and the best part of it is that I'll still be working full time at Disney. Here's to hoping it wont be as fast paced as the last one.

    1. MightyRay


      Best of luck to you with your transfer! Hope your new job isn't as stressful.

  12. Katii scratched her head sighed. She couldn't help but notice a lot of her figures of speech was going straight over Yuta's head... It was a little amusing. While Katii's mischivous side tempted her to tease Yuta some more, the catling decided to leave him be. "Heh, I didn't mean...." Katii shook her head and waved her hand. "Forget about it. Anyways, I knew you were going out with Komaru!" Katii nudged Yuta with a smug grin, "You know I think you two are pretty cute together, not gonna lie." Katii looked up at the clock. "Well, I shouldn't keep you waiting any longer. You can't go wrong with a date involving Pizza and video games. Don't worry about it kid! I think you'll do fine!"
  13. Tenyew sat on a bench as she observed the valentine's day cupcake. The former grim reaper took time to observe the presentation of the cupcake. It was pink, covered in sprinkles, and had frosting on top... a bit too much frosting, actually. It was to the point where the big glob was beginning to fall off the cupcake. Not a very good presentation so far... Figuring she had observed the cupcake enough, she took a bite off of it. Taking her time to taste the cupcake, Tenyew chewed slowly. After finishing the cupcake off, Tenyew shrugged. Not bad. The frosting was a bit bland, and there was a bit too much for her taste... but the cupcake itself was pretty tasty! Tenyew made a mental note to inform the baker of her thoughts... Eventually... Someday... Hopefully? Tenyew leaned back on the bench... well... now what did she want to do? The grim reaper played a dissapointing game, tried a cupcake, which was pretty much the highlight of her day... now what? Hmmmm.... Maybe she should sit around some more. Maybe then something interesting would happen. Tenyew continued to sit on the bench with her usual blank expression, hoping in her mind that something interesting would happen any moment now.
  14. "Um... no, you see the sweeping off feet thing is just a saying you know... It means...Uh" Katii folded her arms tilted her head in deep "Eeeeh, you know what... Forget it." Katii approached her human friend and nudged him, smiling and winking as she did so. The catling had a feeling she knew whom the lucky person was. "So! You are seeing someone huh?" Katii said with a smirk, "So, what's the game plan tonight? I'm dying to know here!" Although she tried not to do so, Katii had a tendency to want to know other people's business. Maybe it's her awkward social skills, or maybe she was just a curious kitten... Either way, if Katii was interested, she would have the tendency to pry into business that wasn't really hers...
  15. Katii felt her hood, wondering if she should be offended. Yeah, she wore a hood, not a mask... but it still conceiled her face. Plus she did help magical girls, even if they were pretty good at their jobs... But still, Katii's insecure side couldn't help but wonder if she was not too different from the thieves that Yuta was mentioning. Katii decided to not think much of it as she decided to respond to Yuta's question. "Eh, not exactly." Katii shrugged as she stretched out, "I've never been one for romance to be honest. Not a fan... I'd rather use all that time to date and stuff for dungeon crawling and making gold...." Katii scratched her chin curiously, "Hmmm... Though I guess some of the things I find could make for great presents." Katii shook her head. "Ah, anyways... nah, I don't have a lot of plans today. What about you, kid? Anyone you wanna woo? Sweep off their feet?" ******************* Elsewhere, in a dark room in an igloo, Tenyew was having a date of her own with a tall and handsome man. "I have to say, Tenyew. This date was... unexpected." Tenyew thought carefully before thinking of what to say next. Once she thought it through, she finally responded. "Unexpected huh? Unexpected good or unexpected bad?" "I think you know the answer." The handsome man chuckled as he smiled warmly at his girlfriend, "Tenyew... We've been togher for so long. and well... I never want our time together to end. I love you." Tenyew smiled a toothy, fanged grin as she inched closer to the man. "I've dated many women in the past, but you Tenyew... You're different. I've never dated someone so... funny, so kind, so selfless... And hell, you have a great taste in fashion. " Tenyew giggled to herself as she straightened out her collar of her robes. The signs were all there, she knew what was he was going to ask... This was it... the moment she had been waiting for a long time... and on valentines no less! Tenyew continued to grin like a madwoman as she watched the man change his pose into a kneeling one. "Tenyew... will...wIll you, Marry me?" Tenyew jumped up and down on her seat squeeling with joy "YES! YES! YES! YES! YEEEEESSSS!!" ..... To see the full ending, purchise the the ending DLC to Heartthrob University! Coming this summer. "..." Tenyew stood on her sofa, her mad grin still plastered on her face despite her hands trembling furiously on her controller. One furious tantrum and a broken game disk later, Tenyew slumped down on her seat rubbing her eyes and sighing. "Geez... I can't believe I just wasted my entire day off playing this crap." Tenyew mumbled, "I could have done something more productive, but noooooo... I had to spend my day playing this stupid-ass dating sim!" Tenyew turned to her pet, a demonic three headed dog, Spot, staring at her with expectancy. Remembering that it was time for Spot's dinner, Tenyew walked into the kitchen, grabbing a few cupsof dog food and poured it into three bowls. The puppy cerberus stuck their heads into their own bowls, and a few times tried to steal from each other. Tenyew couldn't help but smile as she left the kitchen. "Don't kill each other guys." Tenyew teased, "There's plenty for each of you." Tenyew returned to her sofa, lighting up a cigarette and puffing on it. Well, that was half of a perfectly good day wasted... Soon she would have to return to her dead end job at the coffee shop. Ugh... She knew she would have to get some kind of experience in running and maintainig a coffee shop or a bakery, but she did not enjoy being barked at constantly by her bosses. That was pretty much one of few things she dreaded when going to work. What time was it now? Tenyew looked at the clock and sighed. Last year around this time, she was serving cupcakes at a valentines day dance... Sadly, this year, it doesn't seem like there's any dance around here. Still, it wouldn't hurt to take a walk around the town... She figured she might as well, there still was plenty of time left on the island. Stepping down from the sofa and switching the television off, Tenyew stretched, pulled her hood over her head, put on her sandals and stepped out of her igloo. "Spot, I'm leaving for a bit!" Tenyew said, "Don't chew anything up while I'm gone."

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