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  1. "AH, THE NOSTALGIA." Papyrus said as he walked into the room wipe a tear away. "SUCH A MEMORABLE AND PIVOTAL TIME IN OUR LIVES, WASN'T IT SANS?" "you said it bro." sans said, following behind his brother, "we still owe you one, kid. you really made our lives better!" sans really had an admiration for Frisk. After all, he was the one responsable for helping them leave the underground. However, there was something that still bothered the stout skeleton. sans sensed something bothering Frisk, and that sense was very familiar... From another timeline and another place, sans had the feeling he knew what it was. But at the moment, the skeleton in blue decided to ignore it. He trusted Frisk enough to not give in to that dark force. "but yeah, we owe you one. heck, i'll even lend you a hand if you need one." With that said, sans pulled off his left hand and offered it to Frisk. "UGH, SANS." Papyrus facepalmed. "ah don't worry about it bro." sans held up his right hand, "i'm all right now." "SAAAAANS!!!!" Papyrus groaned even louder more annoyed.
  2. Uh oh, another Sayaka? Hehe, that's gonna get confusing. Katii thought to herself "Ultimate hope and Ultimate pop sensation, huh?" Katii smirked, "Nice to have some more Ultimates around here. I guess you could call me the Ultimate thief... or an Ultimate thief, since there's more than one in the academy... All of us are pretty good at that." Katii quickly shook her head, "Er... nevermind! Hope you guys like it here in the academy."
  3. Katii and Hiss walked into the room to see the newcomers, Makoto Naegi, Sayaka Maizono and Aku "Oh hey I didn't see you guys!" Katii greeted "Sorry, I was giving some things out. Name's Katii Swordhand!" Katii took a good look at Maizono and Naegi with a curious look, "Huh, judging from your style, I take it you know eachother?" "Katii! That not nice to judge by looks!" Hiss scolded her catlike friend, before turning to the newcomers, "Hello! Hiss name His-" Hiss stopped in the middle of her introduction upon seeing Aku. The blue cockroach's eyes widened as she sensed the dark energy coming from him, causing her to slowly back away. She knelt down and tried to hide behind Katii, doing a bad job due to her large side. "K-Katii..." "Way to be hypocritical, Hiss..." "Sorry about that, sir." Katii said to Aku "Hiss is usually outgoing, but every now and then she gets all shy. It's kinda odd... maybe you could figure it out sometime?
  4. In Robrainiac's base, a table and dinner had been set up, courtesy of Kardia and Igoo, the latter of whom was told to cancel the plan. Robrainiac was honored to have a great villain like Crow rooting for him... but he knew he had to tell the truth to him. If the purple villain had a problem with it, then he would have to answer to the minions. "What?!" Crow gasped, accidentally shattering his glass in surprise, "What do you mean you're working with them?!" "It's exactly how it sounds." Robrainiac said as he sipped his grape soda, "I'm working with the Skylanders to put a stop to LOSE." "Well... This is rather awkward." Crow scratched the back of his neck. "See, I thought you were secretly gaining the trust of the Skylosers, so you can break in and steal any important information and stuff and send that leaked information to LOSE... I was just about to give you an invitation and recommend you to the higher ups there. I suppose I was wrong about you." "Indeed you were. Now, you know where the front door is. You can see yourself out, or you can have my henchminions escort you." "Hmph... I shall." Crow got up from his seat and was about to leave the room. However, Crow stopped dead in his track and turned to Robrainiac with a curious look. "Tell me, Robrainiac, why would you join up with a bunch of heroes?" Crow asked, puting a emphasis on 'heroes' in a mocking manner. "I could ask you the same reason as to why you're with LOSE." Robrainiac muttered. "I always thought you had more honor than that Mr. Crow. Sure you're a kidnapper of princesses, but even you have the decency to not tie them on the tracks or throw them off of a bridge." "Yeah? Your point?" "Do you even know what the leaders of LOSE stand for?" Robrainiac turned away from Crow, "These are the kind of people who are evil for the sake of their own amusement. They're the kind of people who will lock children up, give them a box of weapons and say 'go nuts.' The LOSE leaders are a bunch of maniacs, and I am not going to associate myself with anyone who causes mayhem and destruction for fun." The room was silent as Robrainiac stared at the wall. The silence was broken when he heard Crow speak up as he pat Robrainiac's armor. "Hey, I hear you, my reptilian friend. Yeah, I kind of agree, What that Monokuma guy is doing, is a little messed up. But what if I told you... We could overthrow him?" "Psh, right. Sure. If what I've been told is true, Monokuma has a backup plan for everything." Robrainiac scoffed, "For all we know, that little guy's will overthrow us before we overthrow him." "Maybe... But what if I told you that there may be others who oppose Monokuma? What if we convinced them to join us? "I... think I'd say you're full of it." Robrainiac said, "You know where the door is." "Would you just listen to me, you reptilian bucket of bolts?!" Crow reeled back when Robrainiac shot a glare at him, his brain dome flickering. "Er... I mean... I just think that... wouldn't be better to work with people who have similar beliefs and interests, rather than a group of goody-two shoes who's goals are to beat up people who have a different view of the world than them?" "Well... I... Uh.." "Come on! We're both considered bad guys here! We both want to take over our worlds, make it our idea of paradise? Trust on this, Robrainiac. If we lead the rebellion, we'll be the leaders of the new and improved LOSE! Just imagine being the leader of all those bad guys! An army of the dimension's most notorious villains at your command! Taking over your world and many others to create a better one for your well crafted minions!" Robrainiac was beginning to get lost in thought. That... actually sounded good... Not only would he put an end to the mindless torture of LOSE, but he would also have the potential to take over not just his own world, but many others! But what about his frie- Er, heroic allies at Skylanders academy? Robrainiac could only imagine their reactions and feelings of their seemingly reformed friend being the leader of the group the opposed... And to be frank, he didn't want to imagine it. He had just gotten the respect of Edgeworth and a dinosaur by the name of Rexy... "I... Uh..." Robrainiac, conflicted, turned to Crow "This is a pretty heavy decision. I think I need some time to think on it." "Hmph, you shouldn't have to think about it..." Crow muttered, as he pulled out a card and placed it on the table, "That said, take as much time as you need. You have my number, feel free to call me when you wanna join." And with that, the conversation was over. Crow left the base and Robrainiac with his thoughts. It wasn't long until Kardia and Igoo approached their boss. "...Robrainiac?" Kardia asked, showing a rare bout of concern for her boss. "Hmmmm..." Robrainaic said nothing. All he could think about was the choices, the possibilities, and the consequences.
  5. Robrainiac and Igoo came to the entrance of the cave where their base was set up, discussing what "Alright, here's the plan, Igoo." The supervillain whispered to his henchman, "If this guy really is leading me into a trap, I hold up this white flag and tell him I surrender. While I'm distracting him, find Kardia and quickly switch her on. Tell her to set the henchminions to attack mode and we'll all tackle him. Once he's tied up, I give him a speech about how I'm still a bad guy and no matter whom I'm working with, I'll always be one." "Oh! So did you come up with a speech yet, sir?" "Well... um... no. I'll wing it." With that said, the great Lord Robrainiac quickly fashioned a white surrender flag out of a twig and a tissue he had in his suit, and walked into the base, Igoo trailing far behind. Robrainiac opened a door into darkness. This was odd, the reptilian cyborg never had the lights off in this base. "Kardia? What's with all the darkness?" Robrainiac called out, "You know I like my base of operations to be slightly light, not fully dark!" "Slightly light... Hehehehe! Given the current position you're in, that sounds rather appropriate." A voice echoed through the room. Robrainiac remained silent as he turned to source of the voice, and quickly rose his flag to wave it. "Oh I see! You took over! Okay I guess you got me!" Robrainiac smiled, "If you're gonna declare victory, why don't you show yourself?" "Nice try, Emperor. but you can't fool me!" the voice called out again, "Unlike almost all the other villains, I know what you are doing, and I must applaud you for doing so!" "Um... Less talking more showing!" Robrainiac wasn't sure what to say at that moment. "Ah, very well." The voice sighed, "Excuse me for making the scene more dramatic." And so, a spotlight shone over the villain. It was a man wearing purple armor and a large mechanical arm. Robrainiac was speechless, as he recognized the figure before him. "I, the nefarious Crow, have heard of your exploits, and I'm going to make you an offer that you can't refuse!"
  6. "Oh! Yeah, that's a pretty nasty one too..." Grimaced Igoo as he looked through some of the messages Robrainiac was getting. "And they're still coming! I don't even know half of these people!" Robrainaic shouted, "Crimate the criminal primate? Dr. Robothead? Sargent Blob?! Who in the living heck are these people?!" Igoo and Robrainiac stood atop a cliff overlooking the sea and the beach, where Igoo was flipping through some of the messages. "It just makes me wonder Igoo... What am I?" "That's easy!" Igoo scratched his chin as he began to think, "You're a bad guy! Through and through." "Yeah, well according to these people, I'm working with these heroes... therefore that technically makes me a hero." "Of course you aren't! You're just a bad guy working with heroes to combat a common enemy! After all, it's like you said: an enemy of my enemy is an ally of mine." "Well that's what I've been trying to tell myself..." Robrainiac said as he kicked a rock into the ocean below. "But it's gotten to a point where so many of my enemies have gained my trust... Some of them are even calling me a good guy!" "Now now, I'm sure it's not that bad!" Igoo tried to reassure his boss. This effort was fruitless, however. Robrainiac pressed a button on his suit, playing some recordings of some of the Heroes "Still had some recorder devices planted from when I was going to rob them..." Robrainiac said, "That second one, she told me right to my face... That last one was Pixels of all people." "Pixels?! Wow, that is quite the change." Igoo lifted an eyebrow in surprise, "But... To be honest with you, sir... I'm not seeing the big deal here? I mean, don't you want these guys to be on your good side? After all, you both are fighting LOSE." "That may be true... But what happens after we fight LOSE? I still want the world. I still want to enslave humans and make a better world for you, Kardia and all of my henchminions... And there's no way the heroes will ever let me do that. I'm starting to get too close to them. Also, These villains that are sending me all this hate mail... I wont be able to form alliances with them either. I betrayed one side, and then what? Betray the other?" Robrainiac sighed, tossing another rock into the ocean before continuing, "Sometimes I wish I could live in my own world... one where there was no good and evil. Just me ruling over my robot empire. But that's just a wild, out there dream, you know?" "Well, I'm not a therapist, sir, and I wish I could say something that would make it all better." Igoo said, "But whatever happens to you, just remember, Me, Kardia and the Henchminions have your back. After all, I wouldn't be walking around if you hadn't built me this nifty suit! Kardia would still be a mere unpaid secretary to some greedy business man if you hadn't stolen his computer. And the henchminions! They wouldn't even exist if not for your brilliance!" "Heh." Robrainiac let out a smirk. "Well, it's good to know some people are on the 'Robrainiac' side. Thanks Igoo." "And besides..." Igoo opened up a letter, "It turns out, not all the letters are treats." "Hm?" Robrainiac picked up the holoscreen from Igoo and skimmed over it. "Hmmmmm. Intersting." It seemed to be a notice of a visit from a particularly nefarious villain. Rather than a threat, it was an offer to help. Robrainiac and Igoo made their way back to the base, not really sure what to expect when they got there.
  7. Robrainiac resisted the urge to say 'Season 2 was better than season 1 and season 3 will be better than the long awaited Incredibles season!' When he was still a villain, he'd often shout out controversial opinoins, even if he himself didn't agree with it. It was just his mischievous side trying to get people's goats. Unfortunately, he knew that he really shouldn't be pissing his heroic allies off. LOSE was a bigger threat and he needed all the help he could get to fend them off. As he was thinking, he saw a bag of coins tossed at him. "There you go, brainiac!" Katii said, "That's for turning to the side of good!" "Y-yeah... Thanks." Robrainiac said as he picked up the bag of coins and left the academy. Katii and Hiss watched him in confusion. "Huh, I was kind of expecting him to be all, 'I'm still a villain' or 'this partnership is temporary' or something..." Katii scratched her head, "I wonder what's eating him?" "Yeah... Hiss a little worried about him too..." The two continued their way into the academy as Robrainiac headed out to the woods. Pressing a button on his suit, Robrainiac switched his communicator on. "Hello! Robrainiac's future empire! What can you do for us?" Igoo's cheerful voice said through the communicator. "Hey, Igoo." Robrainiac said, "You got a minute? I need someone to talk to... preferably someone who wont reply to everything I say sarcastically." "Of course sir!" Igoo assured, "I'll meet you at the base!" Robrainiac continued into the forest, ready to back to his base and ignoring the flow of messages he was getting.
  8. Robrainiac could see the emblem on his chest was still blinking continually. The supervillain grimaced, and covered it with his cape. No matter how many emails he had quickly deleted, they just kept coming! Did word really spread around that fast? How in the world are they getting this information?! "Hey Brain!" Pixels greeted, "What's up? Something wrong with your armor?" Robrainiac jumped from hearing Pixel's greeting, before turning to him "Aaaaah... Pixels, my arch nemesis! Yyyyes! My armor's almost out of battery! Huh, guess I better recharge back at base!" Robrainiac turned to the other Skylanders, covering his chest and yelled out triumphantly. "Well, I would love to stay and chat, heroes. But uh..." Robrainiac turned around as fast as he could before anyone could catch sight of his blinking emblem. "I have some important business to attend to. Feel free to call for my assistance if need be." With a flip of the cape, Robrainiac left the room with an evil laugh. "Mwahahahaha!" "A good guy with an evil laugh..." Pixels rolled his eyes. "Guess old habits die hard..."
  9. "Boy... What a day." Mac sighed, "Poor lad. I hope he gets the treatment he needs." "Hm..." Leslie nodded. While she didn't know Sarge all that well, she was still very worried about the state he was in... Leslie felt bad that the sage had to be locked away, but she assured herself that it was for everyone's saftey and her own. Pixels, still exploring the academy, walked into the destruction that was the medical bay. Clearly, the young fox had just missed something. "...So um... anyone got a map of the academy I can use for future reference?"
  10. So today, I saw a bunch of police cars a block away from my house. I would later learn that a meth lab was found at the house they were surrounding and there was almost a shootout.

    Just another day living in the town that South Park dubbed "The exact opposite of Hawaii." 

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      Stay safe out there, buddy.

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      Hope everything is O.K. that is pretty wacked.

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      That's terrifying. Please be safe now and stay safe!

  11. Leslie glared at Mac as he visibly began to panic. "ACK NOW YA TELL ME!" Mac started to scarf down the pile of food. "DON'T JUST SIT THERE, SIS! EAT! WE GOTTA!" "I can't believe you spent all that money and you can't even eat it all!" Leslie said, "Give me one reason why I shouldn't tell Tenyew when we get back?" "NO! Don't do that!!!" Mac gasped, "I'm still grounded from when I ate her cookie dough! I can't be grounded even more!!!" After trying to eat the whole pile, Mac realized that he wasn't going to finish it in time. Mac ran to grab some shopping bags and began stuffing them as soon as he came back. "There ya go! Problem solved!" Mac handed a bag to Leslie, "C'mon sis, you gotta carry some too!" Leslie rolled her eyes, "Well, at least we wont have to worry about making dinner for a while." Robrainiac came out of the Junes building in time to see the portal home open. Robrianiac covered his blinking emblem with his cape, covering it in an almost Dracula-ish way. "Ah, my adversary allies!" Robrainiac smiled, "Shall we be off then?"
  12. Leslie stared in shock at the pile of food Mac had on his tray. Burgers, steaks, hotdogs, pizzas, pretty much any delicious junk food you could think of was piled up, top and bottom with a slice of white bread. "...Please tell me you didn't spend all of your money on that Mac." "Of course I did, sis! A true McGinnis does not simply order what they want. No, they order everything they like and eat it all at once!" With that said, Mac began to shove all the food in his mouth, "Mmm! Pepperoni Pizza wrapped in a hotdog! C'mon sis, dig in!" Leslie sighed as she simply pulled out a hotdog and began eating. "Thanks, but I'll pass. I like my digestive system undamaged from shoving all that down my gullet." "You don't know what you're missing!" Mac said through a mouthful of burger.
  13. "Aye, lucky we were able to help Celestia out in her time of need, yeah sis?" "I think we're calling her real name, Mac... You know, Taeko?" "Oh, right...That's gonna take some time getting used to, that's for sure." Mac scratched his beard, "Anyways, I'm starving. I think I'm gonna buy a few snacks, you want anything, sis?" "Oh, do they have hot dogs?" Leslie asked as she followed her brother out of the room. Meanwhile Robrainiac was browsing the toy section of Junes, looking around. "Hm... nerf guns, nerf guns..." Robrainiac muttered to himself, "Oooh, here's one!" Robrainiac pulled out a sketchpad and started drawing on it, "Multi blaster attatchment! There's something I could use in battle." It was then Robrainiac's chest emblem started blinking. Curious he pressed the button... A holographic screen popped up, revealing a message. ROBRAINIAC, I KNOW YOU'RE ON THE SIDE OF THE SKYLANDERS. I NEVER WAS A FAN OF YOU, BUT NOW I CAN OFFICIALLY SAY YOU'RE A COWARD AND A TRAITOR. REALLY? SKYLANDERS?! THAT KIDS GAME THAT RUINED THE CLASSIC GAME, SPYRO, FOREVER?! REALLY?!!! FROM NOW ON, YOU'RE OFFICIALLY AN ENEMY TO ME AND MANY OTHERS. WATCH YOUR BACK. LORD IAN. Robrainac sighed. Lord Ian was a fellow villain from his world, and a rather lame one at that. A greasy slob of a man whose base was in his mother's basement, He had the feeling the first hate mail would be from him. Typical that he would end up ranting about skylanders in his letter. But Robrainiac knew he was right. Working along side heroes, the supervillain had technically "heel face turned." And he knew there was more angry letters that would be on their way. For the first time, Robrianiac cursed having online that was strong enough to get messages from other dimensions.
  14. "Oy! Ya bloody coward!" Coughed Mac, blowing away the smoke from his face. "Wow... So that's Kaos, huh?" Robrainiac said, "Gonna be honest with you all, I was expecting someone a little... taller."
  15. Mac, Leslie, and Robrainiac look at the area they were now in. "Hm. Well, this wasn't what I was expecting the inside of a television to be like." Mac scratched his beard. "A lot emptier, that's for sure. "You thought about the inside of a television?" Leslie said. "You already know it's all a bunch of tubes and wires right?" "I mean as in another dimension, lass!" Mac scoffed, "You know, like a TV land... toon town type place... you know?" Leslie overhears the footsteps behind her, and she turned around to see the silhouette of a bear shape. "EEEK!" Leslie reeled back while forming a ball of ice in her hand, "IT'S MONOKUMA!!!" "Monokuma?!" Mac shouted as he rolled up his sleeves, "Alright beastie. I heard what you did to me sister, and I'm none to happy about it! Gimmie one good reason why I shouldn't beat the stuffing out of you!" Robrainiac took a long look at the bear silhouette and lifted an eyebrow. "Hm... Either that's not Monokuma... or he's got a serious redesign. If it's the latter, then I don't like it... completely goes against the character, you know?"