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  1. "I see you're enjoying your new looks guys!" Inkwelle said, running up to the skylanders, his face beaming, "Welcome to the old timey days, fellas! Isn't it the bees knees?" Katii looked over herself. It was almost as if she had been given a simplier design, as if it were done to make her easy to animate. Katii grabbed her tail to inspect it... only for the tail to detatch from her body! "AAA-" Katii quickly covered her own mouth upon seeing her severed tail in her gloved hands. "M-m-my tail! I-I'm falling apart!" "N-now calm down!" Inkwelle held his hands up to katii as he shushed her, "It's a gag! Back in the old days, we didn't do a lot of talking, so we relied mostly on tricks that are impossible for most toons!" "You... you mean... it's normal?" Katii finally let out, "Yep! You're fine and dandy! Just put your tail back and you should be okay." Katii obeyed, putting her tail back onto her behind. Much to her surprise, it popped right back on, good as new! "...That's, weird." "Weird, indeed," Inkwelle corrected, "But, this kind of slapsticky physics can reduce serious injuries for some!" "Mwahahaha..." Robrianiac chuckled, inspecting his cape, and twirling his mustache "My my my! I'm feeling rather dastardly right now!" "Ah! Looking spiffy, Robrainiac!" Inkwelle inspected the robot reptile... or rather now, the automaton alligator. Robrainiac's body, usually resembling the controller of a video game console, now resembled a movie projector. On his head, replacing his brain helmet, was a top hat, the number one hat for a supervillain. Over his once mechanical eye was a monocle and his snout now adorned a pointy, curly mustache. And finally, Robrainiac sported a pegleg, replacing his left foot "Spiffy... Indeed I am!" Robrainiac laughed, "Suddenly I have the urge to tie up a girl and put her on the train tra..." Robrainiac shook his head, realizing how sexist he sounded. "What the- Where did that come from?!" "Hehehe..." Inkwelle chuckled nervously, "Yeah... the old times? Not exactly the most progressive of times, you see..."
  2. "Golly! I guess when magic's involved, there's no limit to what you can do!" Inkwelle said as he turned to his friends, "I hope you guys are prepared to see what it was like during my glory days!" "I'm gonna take a shot in the dark and say you had hair back then, right?" Robrainiac chuckled. Inkwelle stopped smiling and tried to pull his tiny hat over his head. "H-hey now! Don't go making fun of my baldness! I... I just wasn't made for the hair thing, you know?" "Well, I'm looking forward to seeing this Timeless place, personally." Katii said as she walked towards the door, "If it's as wacky as you are Inkwelle, then I'm sure it's gonna be a pretty fun adventure."
  3. After helping the skylanders finish off the heartless, Katii, Inkwelle and Robrainiac turned to Scrooge to make sure he was okay. "Mr Mcduck, sir!" inkwelle greeted, "It's an honor, sir! I do hope you're okay." Unlike inkwelle, who was worried for Scrooge's well being, Katii and Robrainiac's minds focused on something else... "Hey, Katii... Didn't someone say that he was filthy stinking rich?" Robrianiac whispered, "Of course!" Katii whispered back with a greedy smile, "I mean... scrooge mcduck? His name just screams rich guy!" as if on cue, the greedy duo overheard the word they were hoping to hear. Katii and Robrainiac held out their hands grinning wildly, and Katii with some drool running from her mouth. "Here comes the dough!" Robrainiac beamed "moneymoneymoneymoneymoneymoneymoneymoneymoney..." Katii murmered in a trance-like state. "..." "..." Katii and Robrainiac stared at their reward in disbelief, their faces stuck in the greedy smiles that they had before reality hit them. "Yum! I've always wanted to try one of these!" Inkwelle said as he unwrapped the blue popscicle, "Thank you Mr. Mcduck! I needed this little pick me up! "...That's... not... money." Robrainic whimpered, his face still in a feigned smile. "Ehhh... Could have been worse." Katii, despite being a little dissapointed, unwrapped her ice cream as well, licking it. "Mmmm. Well, at least this is still pretty good... I can see why Roxas loves these."
  4. "Well! that's convenient!" Katii smiled as she twirled one of her blades with her telekenesis, "That saves us some trouble!" Katii's satisfaction was short lived when she noticed another glowing light. The catlings eyes widened to the size of saucers as soon as she saw the light below her feet, "GUYS! WATCH OUT!" Katii, Robrainiac and Inkwelle moved out of the way, unsure of what the lasers would do upon hitting them... but they were not willing to wait and find out.
  5. "Back to business!" Katii smirked as she pulled her jewel out. With a quick flash of light, Katii transformed into her master form. "Hang on, old guy! We're coming to help!" Katii dashed into action, targeting the odd balloon-like heartless. But right when she slashed at it, the shadowy creature began to thrash about, causing her keyblade to not only bounce off, but threw her back. The catling, landed on her feet, her claws digging into the dirt to prevent herself from falling. "Geez! Calm down, will you?" Katii grumbled as she ran back to the Darkball, hitting it with a few good slices with bother her keyblade and dagger as soon as it stopped flailing around.
  6. So... a haunted walkthrough attraction in Disneyland Hong Kong, similar to the ones you see at Universal Studios.

    Seems  a little lighthearted at first with the CDA agents from Monsters inc... Then... well... 

    Let's just say that I had to do a double take to make sure this was official.

  7. "Timeless river!" Inkwelle said with glee, forgetting Mickey's fate for a moment, "Wow! We're going back to the good ol days in cartoons! Back before color! Back before the viewers questioned cartoon logic! Back when toons were kings of slapstick comedy!" "So a cartoon paradise, basically," Katii turned to Inkwelle with a smirk, "Sounds like your kind of Place, Inkwelle." "Boy, I'll say!" Inkwelle said as he looked out the windows of the Gummi Ship, "People these days don't have much appreciation for toons like myself. We're "too old" or "too weird" for the modern audience... I'd be lying if I said I yern for the days of old sometimes."
  8. Well, I applied for a Graphic Design job that's actually in my hometown for once!

    Here's to hoping I get it. All the other job opportunities are miles away from my home.

    1. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile

      Hope you get it.

      I hear travelling lightyears to a different job in your galaxy is a pain.

    2. Mightyray


      Best of luck to you!

    3. Kiah


      Hope you get the job!

  9. Katii reeled back in horror, covering his mouth and trying his hardest not to vomit "M-m-m-Mickey! Your color! Wha- who- when-what's going on?!" "What in the name of-" Robrainiac frowned, "That's... that's disturbing, even for me." "M-m-mi-mickey... your-th-th- your ink it..." "Inkwelle?" Katii asked in confusion, as she turned to him, "What's wrong with King Mickey?" "H-hi-his ink!" Inkwelle gasped, "It's thinning! It's a toon's worst nightmare!" "Goodness... He's become a scrapper!" Inkwelle gulped, "Even the toughest of biker gangs would be horrified by this sight! Oh no... Oh golly..." Inkwelle began to pace back and forth, shocked by what he saw and wondering who could have done it. Scratching his chin, Inkwelle pulled out his trusty notepad, and skimmed through it. It was then a thought crossed his mind. "I... I wonder where..." Inkwelle muttered as he started to write notes. "Timeless river... Could it be...?" "There you go, talking to yourself again, Ink." Robrainiac frowned, "What are you thinking? Inkwelle didn't respond. He just had a look of concern on his face. Immediately, he shook his head. "No, no, no, that'd be silly if it was... It can't be." The toon detective tore a page from his notepad and put it in his pocket before turning to Robrainiac, "It's... uh. Nothing, nothing important."
  10. "Yeah... It's about time we head off on another adventure." Katii shrugged, "But, it was nice meeting you all! Who'd have thought the world of video games could be this much fun!" "Don't you fret! I'm sure we'll cross paths again!" Inkwelle waved as he was heading towards the portal, "And then we'll have ourselves another grand adventure! Sound good, new pals?"
  11. Robrainiac, Katii and Inkwelle all landed safely in the chocolate milk. Inkwelle surfaced and looked around with a smile, realizing where he had landed. "Wow! Chocolate milk?!" Inkwelle grinned as he took big sips from his hands, "Golly, I love chocolate milk! Mmmm! Now I really wish I lived here!" "Well, at least you're happy." Robrainiac said as he wringed his cape out, "Once this stuff dries out, we're all gonna be smelling like old cheese dipped in chocolate." "AGH! GET ME OUT GET ME OUT!" Katii scrambled to the surface, "I CAN"T DRINK MILK, I'M LACTOSE INTOLERANT! PTOO! UGH! GET ME OUT!" "Well, mission accomplished, fellas!" Inkwelle said as he pulled out a canteen and dipped it into the lake, "That's one world down!"
  12. Inkwelle thought for a moment before realizing... "OH! You hit a guy with glasses! Well played, my friend!" "Now's not the time to laugh at jokes, Inkwelle!" Robrianiac frowned, as he picked up Inkwelle "We need to get off this rock, pronto!" "Yeah, no kidding..." Katii spoke up, "Probably don't wanna be anywhere near a volcano when it's about to blow up!" "See you next year then..." Katii muttered, waving at him as she followed the Skylanders down the volcano.
  13. "Ah! Good thinking there, overalls!" Robrainiac said as he picked up his damaged arm and reattached it to his body, "Henchminions! Do whatever you can! Break the floor! Distract this bug King! I don't care what it takes, men! Let's finish this level now!" As soon as he finished barking out his orders, the robot reptile began to pound the ground with both his fists, alongside a few of his own henchminions! Katii decided to try this technique out as well, only to find that she wasn't doing much damage to the ground. "Urgh... I'm not strong enough!" Katii grumbled, before turning to a passing cybug, attracted to the lights Lumina, Ray and Mia were making. "Hmmm... maybe i don't need strength!!" Katii jumped onto the cybug avoiding its jaws and stabbing it repeatedly on its head with her keyblade. As it fell, Katii directed it onto the surface, causing it to crash onto the ground. "Hopefully that helps!" Katii thought to herself.
  14. "HA! HA! YOU THINK YOU GOT ME BUT... uh... I GOT ANOTHER TRICK UP MY SLEEVE!" Frantically, Robrainiac began to press buttons, hoping to do something. Inadvertently, he summoned Henchminions to his side. "Oh! Uh... Henchminions! Get your rears into gear and get me off of this thing! NOW!" With a salute, the henchminions gathered onto the claw and began attacking, trying to dislodge it from Robroainiac, and hoping to do damage as well. "Geez! We're not doing much damage to him, are we?!" Katii complained as she swiped away at one of the legs, "Any Ideas?! Anyone?"
  15. "Hahaha!" Robrainiac cackled, as he detatched his arm "Jokes on you! I've got spares back home! Now then..." Robrainiac pressed the buttons on his chest in a particular order, "I may be one arm short now, but I've still got some tricks up my sleeve! Pun intended!" Upon pressing the final button, the impaled arm cannon began to shoot wildly, sparks and blasts flying about, hoping to hit its target "Maybe next time you shouldn't rip off an arm canon that I still have full control over!" Robrainiac warned "Better destroy it if you don't wanna blast to the face!" "Don't get a big head, Robrainiac!" Inkwelle exclaimed, "You're gonna let your guard down!"