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  1. Well crap. The projector broke while watching Captain Marvel and won't be back up until 20 minutes.

    Permission to make obligitory "Captain Marvel is so powerful she broke the Projector and Thanos stands no chance in endgame" joke?

    1. SupahBerry


      Put that right next to my "Ralph Breaks The Movie" incident.

    2. Sapphirine Wind

      Sapphirine Wind

      Reminds me of of the time that the audio for WALL-E went wonky and we thought that that was how the robots heard other people talk.

  2. Art Topic Update! 

    Meet a space crew lead by a bounty hunter/explorer of the unknown/star of his own show... Also considered  an outlaw on some planets as wel.

  3. Emperor Robrainiac

    ARTWORK: Robrainiac's topic of mostly OC art, with a some Fanart

    Far, far in the deepest reaches of space, is the Xolar galaxy, a galaxy filled with mystery, danger, and adventure. Despite the many populated planets within this galaxy, there are many planets and moons that remain unexplored or abandoned... some desolate, some populated by pirates and other criminals, others either shrouded in mystery, or are seemingly too dangerous to explore. Despite the vastness of the galaxy, many make a living exploring, bounty hunting, or being famous... sometimes they even do all three. Meet the crew of the Warp-Dragon, Talon X. Starzapper, the captain of the ship, bounty hunter, explorer, and star of his own show. Oriana, A moth-like woman who is Talon's manager, and smoker of cigars. Last but not least is Caution, Talon's happy-go-lucky robot companion and personal backpack. Talon has quite the ego, rushing into things simply because he thinks he can do it and is also very quirky and immature. However, Talon is an optimist and strong believer in heroism and justice, and is always happy to lend a hand, even if he isn't being paid to do so (Much to the annoyance of Oriana). Despite being famous on some planets, there are other planets who find him either a nusence or a bad influence, some of them even having bounties on the crew. Whether it be going on a new adventure or avoiding those who hate him, there's never a dull moment in the Xolar galaxy. *** After making so many characters, I realized I hadn't come up with a Sci-fi scenario for a while. This one is moreso inspired by Star Wars, with a bit of Star Trek thrown in here and there. I might do something with these characters soon if I get the time or still have an interest in them.
  4. Went to see the Lego Movie 2 again with my sister. While I still think the first was better IMO, I think I enjoyed it more than when I initially saw it.

  5. As someone who discovered Clone High years back and really enjoyed it, I gotta say, that Clone High easter egg in Spider-Verse really put a smile on my face.

  6. Preview for a Spider-Ham short for Into the Spiderverse home release! 😮

    1. Failinhearts


      The spinoffs begin.

      I'm ready.

    2. The Tenth Doctor

      The Tenth Doctor

      I'm lying... XD

  7. Lego Movie 2 was quite good! I think in order of Lego movies so far, I think this is the order I liked them.

    1. Lego Movie: I know I was critical of it for a while, but over the years, I find myself looking back at it or watching it and making me smile, even when I'm in a sad mood.

    2. Lego movie 2: Maybe it's a little early to say, but It was a lot of fun, and I'm really glad Lord/Miller got to write this one as well... but it feels like there's something missing from it. Slight spoilers here:


    Plus the twist added more questions to the first film's twist, time travel being involved in whatnot...  Maybe it's still too soon and I'll figure it out once it sets in more, but as of now, I'm not too sure.

    3 Lego Batman Movie: A good balance between a batman parody and a lego movie. Another really fun one.

    4. Lego Ninjago Movie: I really can't say I liked this one that much... while it had moments that made me laugh, it felt like it was trying too hard to emulate the Lord/Miller style of writing, and capture the charm of the first movie.

  8. Alright! Gonna be seeing the Lego movie 2 now. Looking forward to it!

    1. Bloxxerboy


      Have fun (and be warned of the Catchy Song)!

    2. Failinhearts


      Have fun (and be warned of the Credits Song)!

  9. Art topic update!

    Decided to go traditional for this one with pencil and pen. Here's a new character from a Fantasy/Post Apocalypse idea, that my thief character is from. (Some of you may know which character of mine i'm talking about.)

  10. Emperor Robrainiac

    ARTWORK: Robrainiac's topic of mostly OC art, with a some Fanart

    I character I drew up a few days ago. I wasn't in the mood to use my tablet at the moment, so I decided to just trace it with good old fashioned pens. This is the spellsword Zarrk Wanderer and his Robot Steel companion, Caution. Zarrk is a mercenary and explorer who is shy but is good at getting jobs done. Zarrk's prefered method of combat is using a sword and spells he can shoot from his right hand and (somehow) his left foot. Caution was found and adopted by Zarrk during one of his missions and is a formidable ally, fighting and carrying things for his master. Like Katii, this character was made in Skyrim, and I'm thinking of adding him as a part of Katii's universe as well. It seems like anyone I make in Skyrim is going to be in the same post-apocalyptic/fantasy universe as Katii is.
  11. Got to try some Taiyaki at Epcot the other day. You know, that pastry that's shaped like a fish filled with red bean paste?

    Pretty good stuff, I liked it. It's always fun trying out new foods.

    1. Failinhearts


      Your conversion into Kyoko Sakura is complete.

    2. Kiah


      I’ve had a pastry filled with red bean paste. But it wasn’t shaped like a fish though. I feel cheated. I wonder if it tastes the same as what I had was surprisingly delicious. 

      And agreed on it being fun trying new foods 😋

  12. Ugh, I had a very real nightmare this morning, and I'm feeling very anxious right now.

    1. Failinhearts


      Aw, that sucks, dude.

      I hope you can get over it. I know how bad they can get.

    2. DanJ86


      I've never really put much stock in the meanings of dreams and nightmares. Try not to let it bother you. What you would've seen, wasn't real and what isn't real, can't hurt you.

      I make that sound easy, but I understand that the human mind is a complex one. I'd suggest finding something to help take your mind off it.

    3. Kiah


      Sometimes dreams and nightmares are based on things that have already happened. It’s not all fantasy. It’s frustrating and even terrifying to have a recollection of something that has caused us deep distress or even traumatized us even if it’s in the past. 

      And those things can have you waking up in a terrible mood full of anxiety and even tears. That can really put a damper on one’s entire day with the lingering anxiety.

      Sorry that happened but try to keep your mind off of things. Hope you’re feeling better soon.

  13. My new playstation 4 is arriving tomorrow.

    It comes with Spider-Man, which I've been dying to play for some time, but does anyone have any more recommendations?

    1. Speederino


      God of War is excellent; and although I only played a little bit of Horizon: Zero Dawn that seems like a keeper too.

    2. Maxtiis


      I don't know what you're open to but Monster Hunter World, Bloodborne, and Dark Souls 3 are all popular picks on ps4. Persona 5 is good I hear. Red Dead 2 is good, and Resident Evil 2 remake is coming on the 25th.

    3. pppp


      Gravity Rush duology, Shadow of the Colossus, The Uncharted series, Ratchet and Clank, Persona 5, The Yakuza series, Until Dawn.

    4. Maxtiis


      I should have mentioned Yakuza.

      Ok, I can make up for it. Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise is Yakuza in a Fist of the North Star skin.


    5. Nix


      NieR: Automata is a must.

  14. I gotta go to work tomorrow and since I'm an old man who can't focus if I stay up late and wake up early, I gotta head to bed. 

    Oh well. 2018 kinda sucked for me, lots of stress, worry and anxiety. But I'm glad it's over, and here's to hoping 2019 year is a better year for me.

     Whether it's already happened or you're waiting for it to happen, Happy New Year!

    1. Kiah


      Turn 30 first and then we can talk about being old lol. 

      I’m about a half hour away from welcoming 2019 and I hope it’s a much better year for you.

      I empathize with the whole stress, worry and anxiety thing so I hope that significantly diminishes for you on all accounts. 

  15. Emperor Robrainiac

    Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (Lord & Miller, 2018)

    When it was first announced (Or leaked I believe?) Lord/Miller were going to helm an animated spider-man movie, I had no idea what to think... On one hand an animated spider-man movie? Heck yeah, sign me up! On the other, Phil Lord and Chris Miller are involved? Hmmmm. The two directors love what they do, and you can definately see it in their works... but their movies rely a lot on meta humor, and to me it sometimes gets a little old. So needless to say, even after seeing the trailer, I was unsure how to feel about it. However, after hearing the reviews and the praise, I decided to have a look see and see if it was worth the hype. My thoughts on it? Even though not a lot of people aren't worried about these two things but I still feel the need to say this... If you're not willing to see this movie on the movie just because it's animated, or because of the comedy, then you're doing yourself a huge disfavor. Unlike the recent Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon the film's comedy is pretty spot on, not distracting or mood ruining. Sure there's a couple references to Spider-Man memes here and there, but they're put in a tasteful way, and don't feel forced. And even then the comedy and the serious moments are perfectly balanced. As for the animation... Oh my god, this is some gorgeous stuff. In a way, it almost resembles stop animation, but a lot faster paced. This movie wanted to have a comic book feel, and the animators greatly succeded in what they wanted, from the coloring, to the comic panel transitions (Which the 2003 Hulk film tried to do, but came across as cheesy in that movie), to even having text boxes and thought bubbles in certain scenes. Not to mention, I would forget two characters, Peni Parker and Spider-ham were animated in the same cg style, when in some scenes they looked traditionally animated. I thought the story was a lot of fun, I've always had a soft spot for anything involving spideys from different dimensions, and seeing this story on the big screen was a delight. I loved the characters, and it was great to see Miles Morales have time in the spotlight. Hell, I know they didn't have much screentime, but I still really loved Spider-ham, Peni Parker and Spider-man Noir. I could go on and on and on, about why I loved this movie, but I think others in this thread said everything better than I ever could. I'll just leave it off by saying this: If you love Spider-Man, Animated movies, Superheros, or the works of Lord/Miller, then I can guarentee you'll get a lot of enjoyment from this film.

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