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  1. As the horror themed heartless began to appear left and right, the trio continued to fight their way through them. "Man, how man of these are there?!" Katii asked, kicking a heartless away. "They just keep appearing!" "WE MUSN'T WORRY ABOUT THAT NOW, KATII!" Papyrus said as he hit a mummy-like heartless "RIGHT NOW, WE NEED TO HELP OUR SKELLINGTON FRIEND CLEAN UP THE TOWN!" "Hiss don't mind!" Hiss said as she swung a ghost heartless around by their tails, using them as clubs against other heartless, "Hiss think the more the merrier!"
  2. "A FELLOW SKELETON NEEDS OUR ASSISTANCE!" Papyrus exclaimed, "COME ON, MY FRIENDS, WE SHALL AID HIM IN THIS TIME OF NEED!" "Hero's work is never done!" Katii said as she looked for her dagger. Right when she was about to worry, the Dagger appeared in her hand. "Okay! That's pretty cool!" Katii grinned, stabbing at a Heartless that was about to tackle her. She floated around, stabbing and slicing at the heartless. "Don't worry skeleton man!" Hiss called out as she stomped a Heartless and hit one with the flat end of her spear, "We help you!"
  3. "OH! A SKELETON!" Papyrus said, as he noticed Sayaka, "YOU'VE GOT GOOD TASTE MY FRIEND!" Papyrus turned to frisk, but his smile faded as he let out a scream. "AAAHHH!! FRISK YOU LOOK UH.. YOU LOOK..." Papyrus calmed down "QUITE SPOOKY ACTUALLY! YOU'LL FIT RIGHT IN!" Katii's toes wiggled a bit, making her realize her feet were floating ever so slightly above the ground. "Whoa... THat's, kinda weird... wait a second... can I fly?!" Katii held her arms up and leapt... only to find that she did just that... leap. "Well, that's dissapointing." Katii sighed, "Well, at least my legs wont hurt by the time this is all over." Katii had no idea what to say... It looked really cool, sure, but there was a chance she could offend Jessica if she told that to her. "Hiss think you look cool!" Hiss smiled, only to be quickly shushed by Katii "Well I... uh.." Katii fumbled her words "Well... Charn looks... tough.. I mean, I promised Lily I'd scratch his face, but uh...." "I'm gonna shut up now."
  4. "Well... That's not something you see every day..." Katii cocked her head in curiosity. "Hmmm... I wonder what..." As soon as Katii's paw touched the moonlight, she took on a different appearance. the wraps around her feet disappeared, as she felt her feet leave the ground slightly. Katii's tunic grew and turned into a long white gown, her hood fusing with it. Finally, Katii felt her the hair on her head grow out of her hood. Katii took notice of her right arm, the sleeve completely covering it. Pulling it down, she lifted her eyebrows in shock, noticing that her arm was skeletal. "Uh... Ew. " Katii cringed as she pulled her sleeve back up "Guess I'm a ghost. not my first choice but... Eh. Katii turned around to see Hiss and Papyrus, who had already left the gummi ship, also took on new appearance. "NYEHEHEH! FEAR ME, HE-MAN, FOR I AM SKELETOR!" Papyrus called out. "WOW. I DIDN'T THINK I WOULD CHANGE BUT... I LIKE IT!" Katii couldn't help but smile at Papyrus's costume. For some reason, it wasn't fitting, yet it was at the same time. Katii turned around to get a better look at Hiss... only to be greeted by two snake like creatures coming from Hiss's Mouth. "Look at trick Hiss can do now, Katii!" Hiss said, her tongues snapping inches away from Katii's face, "It cool!" "Yeeeaahhhh..." Katii said, "Nice disguise. Do me favor and keep those guys under control, okay?" Hiss nodded happily as she slurped her tongues back into her mouth.
  5. "Man. Talk about horrible." Katii muttered, "Whoever wants to kill people just for existing needs to be wiped from existence themselves..." "Hiss so sorry." Hiss said softly, feeling sympathy for the elemental. "That's why we're here though." Katii added, "To make sure asshats like that prevent the destruction of the worlds. We have your back Lily, and we ever run into this Charn guy, I'll be sure to give him a few scratch marks to the face." "Yeah... To think some writers will create people or things with no sympathy or conscience." Katii sighed "I can't help but wonder what goes through the writers minds when creating them... venting? Anger? Bad storytelling skills? Who knows... All I know is that it stinks that we have to be the ones who deal with them."
  6. "Ugh! He got away..." Katii grumbled as she put her dagger away. "I was looking forward to smacking some sense into him!" "It good thing he leave." Hiss said, "We all tired from fight with robot... We need rest before later fight!" Katii sighed as she folded her arms, "Yeah... I suppose you're right. It'd be bad to go into another battle so soon, huh?" Papyrus looked at Frisk with surprise and concern. This certainly was a side to his friend he'd never seen before. "I... UH... I WOULDN'T WORRY ABOUT HIM. " Papyrus said, trying to calm his friend down, "ROXAS IS OUR FRIEND! IF THOSE HOODED HUMAN THINGS TRY TO COME FOR HIM, THEY'LL HAVE ALL OF US TO ANSWER TO! WE WONT LET SOME FREAKY CULT PEOPLE CONTROL ROXAS'S LIFE, WILL WE?" "Hey guys... I'd hate to break up the conversation..." Katii spoke up, "But we're going back to the Gummi Ship before everything around us collapses! And with that, they followed everyone else into the Gummi Ship.
  7. "Geez..." Katii looked down at the broken remains of Data-Axel, "Pretty tough for a robot..." "Hiss don't think Hiss like fire..." Hiss said, rubbing off some of the singes on her shell, "But Hiss okay... Hiss a bit tired." "No kidding, I wasn't expecting that tough of a fight." Katii sighed, "But... at least that's all done and over with." "UH... GUYS?" Papyrus gasped as he pointed at a portal opening up before them. "Fat chance!" Katii spat, "Who do you think you are, Saying he belongs with some organization thing?" "Yeah! Roxas with us!" Hiss spoke up, "He no friends with LOSE!" Katii, Hiss and Papyrus got into a fighting position, just in case the hooded figure did anything funny. "And if you try anything, you're gonna have to answer to all of us!" Katii said as she had her hand on her dagger.
  8. "Watch out!" Katii exclaimed, kicking Hiss and Papyrus down, and shaving a some hair on her tail, barely missing the catling. "AH! CLOSE CALL!" Papyrus said shakining his head, "Grrr...." Hiss got up, looking very angry, "It not nice to decapitate others on Hiss's planet!"
  9. "Halloween Town..." Katii scratched her head, "Halloween... that's a human holiday isn't it? I wonder what it's like..." "It sound fun!" Hiss smiled, "Hiss learn about Halloween on space trip with friends! Hiss know what she gonna be!"
  10. "Anytime Genie!" Katii grunted, smiling. "Wow, Hiss, it looks like you got a rival in the bear hugging Game! Ow..." "Genie welcome!" Hiss smiled, giving a hug back, "We always help friends." "CAN'T... BREATHE..." Papyrus gasped.
  11. Here's Katii and Hiss for the upcoming Lion King storyline. Katii is either a lion cub, or her short stature carried onto her animal form, and Hiss has become... a hissing cockroach. How appropriate.
  12. Katii could feel a burst of magic flowing through her body. The catling looked at herself, noticing her flame pattern was glowing a bright blue. "Wow... It's been a while since I used this!" Katii smiled. Katii turned to face her allies, whose opponents were disappearing, and taking note of their powers. "Whoa..." Hiss said, "Hiss hands all glowy..." "NYEHEHEHEH!" Papyrus cheered, "THE GREAT PAPYRUS'S MAGIC HAS BEEN IMPROVED TENFOLD! PREPARE TO TASTE MY POWER, EVILDOER!" Katii pointed her palm at Jafar, readying a Magic Missile, Hiss conjured a magic spear in her hand, and Papyrus had a swarm of large bones surrounding him. "Ready.. aim... fire!" Katii commanded. Right on cue, the trio shot their powers at Jafar.
  13. Katii and Belegoth were landing and dodging punches. Despite his strength, Katii had her speed and height on her side, and was able to dodge many of the dwarf's punches. Belegoth, starting to lose his temper, was now throwing his punches wildly. "I am NOT losing to some goddamn cat!" Eventually, as Belegoth slammed his mechanical fist onto the ground, Katii stabbed it with her dagger, leaving the dwarven bully stuck. "AAARRRGHHHH!!!" Belegoth howled in pain, "YOU STUPID LITTLE KITTEN!" "You just lost to a goddamn cat! Now listen up." Katii pulled the Belegoth down by the beard, "I'm done with your bullying and mocking. Where I am now, everyone likes me and treats me with respect. Your words? They mean nothing to me, not anymore." "Go sit in a litter box, cat!" Belegoth spat, ignoring Katii's words. Katii rolled her eyes. "Not listening to words, huh? Alright. I tried to be nice." With those words said, Katii balled her fist and thrusted it between Belegoth's eyes, causing him to dissapate in a puff of smoke. "But no sense in playing nice with someone with a stick up their ass." Katii said, chuckling to herself.
  14. Meanwhile Hiss was dealing with problems of her own. Hiss was dodging punches from a face familar to her. "We could be together again!" Vrezz said sadly, "We could explore the unknown like we did years back... and yet you still want to be with these people?" "You not real!" Hiss tried to tell yourself, "Vrezz say he supported me! Our trip over!" "We wanted to do another one... and yet you refuse. How? You were like a sister to me and Maxis! Hm." Hiss blocked a chop from Vrezz. "I guess I was wrong. You're not one of us. You're a deserter. Shame... I really liked you." "Hiss not deserter!" Hiss shouted back, "Hiss know it not you!!"
  15. "Papyrus! C'mon!" Katii exclaimed, "It's a fake! Can't you-" "Ha! Yer one to talk kitty cat!" Katii turned around and her eyes widened, "Oh no... Belegoth..." Katii recognized this figure, a dwarf-like cyborg. It was none other than one of her two biggest bullies back at the thieves guild, Belegoth. "And you... The jester of the thieves guild! Thinking she's made it big by joining these wee lil heroes aye?" "Oh shut up will you?!" Katii growled, her claws popping, "You and your stupid friend are the main reason why I left the thieves guild in the first place! I've been treated much better here than I was there! Especially because you two aren't there!" "Prolly cause ya provide some great comic relief! GAHAHAHA!" Belegoth laughed, "Tell me, kitty poo... How did you lose that chunk of yer ear again? Wasn't it an old snobbish granny you were holding up that bit it off?" "Good infinity..." Katii blushed under her hood. That was a secret that nobody at the academy knew, and she prayed that nobody heard it. "You... you can't be real! You're trapped in my old world! You're just an illusion, just like Papyrus's opponent!" "Running away from yer troubles..." Belegoth cackled, "Just what we at the thieves guild expected from you! You probably spend time playing with that little ball of yarn of yers before getting dragged along! Face it, yer as worthless here as you were back..." Katii dashed over to Belegoth and slashed at his face. "ARGH!!!" Belegoth cried out, furious from the injury he recieved, "YOU LITTLE... YOU CAN'T ATTACK A FELLOW THIEVES GUILD MEMBER!!!" "I'm not a thieves guild member anymore!" Katii gritted her teeth, "And because of that, I can beat you up as much as I want!" "Oh really, GAHAHAHA!!!" Belegoth cracked his metal knuckles, "Big mistake, kitty-poo!"