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  1. Pixels stepped forward, pressing a button inside his coat. Popping out from the sides and to his arms was a type of material, going from the bottom of his coat all the way up to the end of his sleeves. These were wings to help him glide through the air... Looks like Pixels was going to try out his christmas gift after all! "I'm ready to go!" Pixels grinned widely, flapping his arms to test out his new gadget. "Time to mess with some bad pirates!" "I'm ready to go too!" Katii added in, giving a thumbs up, "But um... I might need a lift..." Pixels turned to Snow-Toes, asking if she was ready... Only to find her trembling and her eyes wide as she stared outside. Concerned, Pixels approached his mentor. "Um... miss?" Pixels asked, "Are uh... you okay?" "UH... well... I'm... uh.. Well, I am used to being high up... but..." Snow kept her eyes glued outside, "But this high up at a fast speed? I'm... I'm not used to it." Pixels lifted his eyebrows in surprise, for this was the first time he had ever seen his mentor this fearful. Granted, he hadn't known her for too long, but he didn't expect her to be this fearful. "Hey.. hey, it's okay!" Pixels tried to assure his mentor, "Us superheroes fly around all the time! Even at heights like this! There's no reason to be afraid!" "I... know." Snow nodded, "That's why I try not to let my fear hold me back. If anything... fear will keep me safe. That said... I'm more than willing to help if you need me in this wave." Pixels nodded with a smile. He got into position, ready to go when the signal was given.
  2. You know how people wake up in the morning feeling cranky? 

    It seems like these days, I wake up feeling very sad and worrying about a lot of things. Sometimes I feel better when work is done, other times it doesn't go away.

    I know my job offers free counseling for a bit... I'm gonna look into that.

    1. The drunkard from space!

      The drunkard from space!

      If you're feeling blue then yeah I recommend you talk to the free counselor. I hope ya feel better soon!

    2. Failinhearts


      Yes, please take advantage of this. I hope you get better.

    3. Kiah


      I’m with everyone else saying you should take advantage of it. Depression and anxiety and things of the like are terrible beasts and are just absolutely awful to suffer with. 

      That said I hope the counseling helps you and I definitely hope you feel better soon. 

  3. Pixels scratched his chin with curiosity. It looked like a Metal Sonic, but its color scheme seemed a bit... off to say the least. But from the colors the superhero Fox could only assume that this was a creation of Eggman Nega, the man they were currently after. "Geez, I should have expected the pirate would want the magical macguffin for himself." Katii folded her arms and tilted her head, "I may be a thief, and I can understand your dreams... but, uh... Yeah, right now, I can't really trust you with an all powerful item." Katii conjured shuriken shaped magic energy in her hands, while Pixels got into fighting position, as did Snow-Toes. While Katii and Pixels always were filled with curiosity when an all powerful artifact was involved, they knew that protecting the worlds from the corrupt was their top priority.
  4. Snow simply nodded in agreement as Pixels looked at the two with an understanding expression. Katii has shown quite a bit of skill in sneaking and stealing, but Pixels had never really noticed her lying skills before. The fox figured that the catling thief could possibly fool someone if they were as gullible as himself... But poor Katii could be in big trouble if she ever found herself lying to the wrong person. Meanwhile, Katii, who had heard Tron from the other room sighed. "Man... I miss Wilkins." Katii said, thinking back to her original world, "He never questioned my lie- er, tales..." Katii nodded, putting a metallic robot head over her own, "Sounds like a plan. We try to smooth talk our way in, and if they catch us, we beat the crap out of them and get in... Then we sneak around, until we find the associate and if we end up messing up there, our big guys can take care of it..." The catling remained silent, thinking for a moment before speaking up again, "Or, something like that, right?"
  5. Pixels let out a yawn before leaning on the wall, staring out the porthole. It wasn't every day he got to see the ocean through a submarine. He figued he might as well enjoy the scenery while they waited... After all, time passes by quick, and Pixels figured it'll be a while before he or anyone else with him would be experiencing this again. The fox turned to Snow, who seemed to be admiring the coral, the sea life and the terrain of the ocean. Along with metal ships Snow, had no idea that underwater ships existed as well. The reptilain monk never would have guessed she would be riding one in her lifetime! Katii on the other hand, was more focused on another task at hand.This was a mission that would involve going in disguise, right? Psssh! No problem! It had been a while since the catling had a mission that involced sneaking, and she was hoping that she could be involved in some way. Katii pulled out a box, and cut a couple of eyeholes into it. Satisfied with her work, Katii approached Pixels and Snow Toes and stood in a position that resembled a robot. "Beep boop beep." Katii greeted, "Hello, I am robot. How may I serve you?" "Wow, nice box, Katii." Pixels smirked, "If I hit my head, had soap in my eyes and had sand in my ears, You'd be one heck of a robot!" "Oh shut up. I'm just joking around... And testing my robot impression" Katii rolled her eyes as she removed her 'helmet,' feeling dejected, "It may not look like much now but... uh..." Katii looked from side to side and inched close to Pixels. "Don't tell anyone this but um... I'm damn good at disguises. Did I ever tell you about the time I snuck into a base of a greedy... aristocrat? Yeah, I did! I nearly lost my fingertip on that adventure! I dressed up as a... maid/bodyguard, since the aristocrat really liked deadly maids. Yeah, weird, I know. But that's what he liked. I managed to steal a bunch of gold and... gems after knocking him out with a... cup of tea laced with... Um... gunpowder! Y-yeah! I was almost caught by one of the maids guarding the vault... She had the biggest, heaviest hammer in the world! Remember I mentioned almost losing a toe? That when it happened! Oh yeah, I had a hard time walking after that... But, hey I'm back on my feet, I got the gold, and here I am!" "Really?" Pixels lifted an eyebrow in curiosity, "Man! That's awesome! I knew you were good, but I'd never imagined you did that!" "Awesome isn't it?" Katii put her hands behind her head and smirked, "I wasn't just awesome here... I was awesome back in the thieves guild too!" "You're lying." Snow Toes spoke up, "Lying?! LYING?!" Katii pointed at Snow angrily, "How am I lying?! That really happened! Look I got the scars to prove it!" Katii held her tail up and pointed, "See? Right from the hammer?" "Your tail?" Snow shook her head. "I thought you said it was your toe? Actually, earlier, you just said it was your fingertip." Katii gulped... she had been caught. "Uh.. uh... uh... right! I almost lost those too! It um... was uh.. uh.. uh.." "I'm in no position to tell you if you should lie or not." Snow said, "But please... Work on being more convincing and keep it consistant." Pixels, who had been looking at Snow when she spoke up, turned back to Katii, who had a look of irritation, defeat, on her face. "Y-y-yeah? W-well..." Katii couldn't form the words, "I'm... I'm... *sigh* I'm gonna go find a disguise..." Katii turned around to leave the two. Pixels turned to his sensei, a look of concern on his face. "Ms. Toes? I know lying's not cool and all..." Pixels turned back to the pouty Katii, who was now leaving the room, "But... don't you think that was a little harsh?" "It's not the lying that bothers me... Like I said, I'm in no position to tell anyone what's right and what's wrong." Snow informed her student, "But I do feel that if she's going to lie, she needs to work on it. Lies may come in handy when it comes to sneaking around... But if an enemy with a keen ear catches her, she's in trouble. I'm rather easy to fool, I admit... but even I could tell her lies were just that. Lies." Pixels remained silent. Snow Toes had a point there... still, he did feel a little bad for his Catling companion.
  6. Pixels jaw dropped at the sight of the large purple vehicle... Sheesh! It was big! And it had arms?! Even the usually stoic Snow couldn't help but raise her eyebrows upon catching a glimpse of the submarine. "That's a submarine?!" Pixels asked in shock as he looked at it, "I thought that was a mech that fought monsters!" "I really feel like I shouldn't be surprised by these things..." Snow scratched her chin, "But... I just can not understand how a metal boat that goes underwater works." "That's what you're confused about?!" Pixels asked with surprise in his voice. "Ah, who cares what it looks like!" Katii spoke up, "I mean... I think it looks pretty awesome, but that's not important right now! The important thing that we have our own submarine! This should help us a lot!"
  7. "Hmmm... Unusal situation we're in." Snow said as she accepted the handshake, "But I'm assuming this is a regular thing, judging from what my student has told me about the Skylanders." Snow inspected her new ally's sleeves curiously, wondering how she was able to fit all of that within them. Quite the impressive power this person had... The reptile couldn't help but wonder if this was something the ghost trained in, or if this was a power she had. Either way, quite impressive. "I go by Snow-Toes." the reptile introduced herself, "I can tell from our brief encounter that you too are well versed in fighting as well. How long have you trained?" "I've met Quite a few pirates. I guess in some way, I am one myself." Snow replied, "Every pirate seeks something, be it treasure or cargo... I seek knowledge, even if it means I have to tresspass... But I am not opposed to helping the regular treasure hunters if I feel they are in the right." Snow shook her head. "Of course... I don't like talking about myself that much. This ship belongs to you? I can't say I've ever seen anything like this in my world. It is quite impressive." "Hm, hm, hm... Toes... That would be a silly name. Hmph, the word "toes" is just a silly word overall, isn't it?" Snow chuckled lightly as she shook her head, "No, my name is Snow Toes... I was given the name by my once fellow monks. Toes for my skills in agility, and Snow because... well." Snow gestured to her arm covered in white feathers, with slightly blue tips on it. She then turned to Pixels whom she noticed looked like he had something to say. "Hey Miss! You should have seen me out there, saving the villagers!" Pixels said giddily, "I was lifting stuff up, putting out flames and saving Villagers! It was incredible! We managed to save all of them! And now we get to beat up some pirates! Er... well, uh..." Pixels turned to Tron Bonne, "Bad pirates, I mean."
  8. "That so..." Katii turned back to the ship with thinking of the all the possibilities. "Man, I can only imagine what my old thieves guild would have done with one of those... It'd be a lot more exciting, that's for sure." "And the crime rate would be pretty insane I'd think." Pixels said, walking into the ship, "Man, it's pretty hot out here. I think a good sip of water will do... be right back!" Snow felt a presence behind her. Without a moment of hesitation, she grabbed her staff and pointed it at the figure. The reptilian's face softened when she recognized who it was. While the feathered reptilian had never spoke to her directly, she saw her around the rest skylanders.... She meant no harm. "Oh. My apologies... I'm unfamiliar with where I currently am, so you will have to forgive me if I am a a bit nervous right now. Snow Toes wasn't too phased by Tron Bonne's outburst. The wandering monk had a tendency to catch people by surprise, especially when she found herself on property she was unaware was off limits... And even then, she was willing to tresspass if it meant more knowledge. Closing her eyes, Snow Toes gave a slight bow. "I apologize... I admit, I was overcome with curiosity upon seeing a ship made of metal." Snow said politely, "You said it was a pirate ship? I've known and traveled with quite a few pirates in my life and... I can't say I've ever seen a metal ship." Snow turned her gaze towards the dent on the wall as she rubbed where her head was sore, "Especially not one as fast as yours. Had I know the power, I would have packed a helmet or pillow." Snow remained silent, for she understood why they were suspicious of her... After all, she did sneak on board the ship. It was only natrual, wasn't it? Pixels, satisfied with the water he had, walked past Snow, Hsien Ko and Tron. "Hey, Hsien Ko, Hey Tron... Hey Ms. Toes..." It took a few seconds to process, but Pixels stopped dead in his tracks as he shot his head towards his sensei, "M-Ms. Toes?!" The lizard monk nodded, acknowledging her pupil. "Good afternoon Pixels. Good to see you."
  9. "Wow... Now that's transporation." Katii said, admiring the large metal ship, "If I had my own ship and crew, I'd kinda freak out of I saw that thing floating above me." Katii tured to Tron with a curious expression, "So um... are floating ships common in your world, or do pirates usually ride around in these big floaty things?" Pixels looked around at the island around him, now calming down and repairing after the battle that took place. As a protector, Pixels always felt a sense of relief to see things slowly returning to normalcy. But it was far from over, as Pixels knew that there was still business to be done. The fox hero turned to the rest of the group to listen to whatever plans they had. *************** Meanwhile, within the corner of the docking bay of the Gesellschaft, a figure on the floor slowly began to regain conciousness. Snow-Toes slowly lifted herself off from the ground rubbung her head. The lizard monk then turned to a slight dent on the wall which helped her jog her memory. Prior to departure, Snow had caught a glimpse of the Gesellschaft... ships made from metal were not a common sight in her world, so Snow couldn't help but wonder it was... Curious, the feathered reptile snuck in and began to inspect the ship, only for her to be caught off guard once it took off. In fact, during takeoff, Snow slipped and banged her head against the wall, leaving the dent she was now staring at. Snow felt where her head made impact... Thankfully, there was no blood, but it was feeling a little sore. Snow got to her feet and continued her trek around the ship, wondering where the ship went off to. Approaching the exit to the loading bay, Snow's eyes widened to that she was not only in a more tropical enviroment, but she also sew strange little beings carrying things into the ship... "What? Metal ships can't go this fast..." Snow folded her arms and looked to the ground, confused by whatever was going on, "...Can they?"
  10. Pixels and Katii looked around the village to make sure there wasn't anyone they were missing. The village didn't seem too big, but you never know when there's a few extra people that need saving. Once they were sure that everyone was out and safe, they both turned to the Professor and nodded. "I think we're clear!" Pixels gave a thumbs up, "Let's go join in the fun, and kick some pirate butt, huh?"
  11. You ever have those moments where you want to cry, but you can't because you don't want to alarm your family or because you just can't?

    Cause I do... life passes by so fast and yet I feel like I'm making no progress.

    1. Failinhearts


      I feel ya...

      ...But chin up. In time, you'll find your way.

    2. SupahBerry


      What makes you think you can't turn to your family for help instead?

    3. A Checker KING heavy engin

      A Checker KING heavy engin

      ....I feel the same...

      I've also learned that holding things in doesn't do you any favors.

      Take things one day at a time, one step at a time, even the smallest steps can lead up to conquering the biggest challenges in no time.

    4. DanJ86


      I thought things were looking up. You seemed happy about getting this job.

      Is somebody bulling you?? I will fuckin' kick their ass if they are!

    5. Emperor Robrainiac

      Emperor Robrainiac


      Because I know everything they're gonna say. It's not that they don't care about me, but they're words never really assure me... It's mostly the same "You're gonna be okay" or "It's not so hard to make friends" kind of things they tell me. They're not therapists...


      Nah, it's okay, man. There's no bullying involved. It's just the fact that I'm a man nearing age 30, cannot process when people are telling jokes, I can't carry or start a conversation, I have lots of trouble keeping friends... and have no friends and I don't know how to make them.

       I'm happy I got a job, but after the first couple days of training, it's starting to make me nervous and I'm questioning the line of work... I am working in parking in a state known for awful drivers, and I did almost cause two cars to collide in one another yesterday.  

      Maybe I'm overreacting. Every time big changes happen I find myself reflecting on what I don't like about myself, and begin to think how little I've changed.

       Maybe I will end up talking to my parents if my stress continues, but as of now... Ugh, i don't know.

    6. Failinhearts


      It's a struggle many of us can overcome. This is a common mental trait I've seen in people thanks to research, but is no way something that can chain you forever.

      But you do need help to do it. Please consult your parents.

    7. DanJ86


      @Emperor Robrainiac

      The very things you are having trouble with are similar problems I have too. Those played a part in my being diagnosed with something called, Aspergers.

      I'm not suggesting that it might be the same for you, but it might also not be your fault if you struggle to deal with social situations. Try not to be so hard on yourself and if those things are really bothering you, maybe you might want to ask somebody about it.

      I had mixed feelings when I was diagnosed. Happy to know there was a reason for my behaviour, but angry that I need to work extra hard to deal with stuff others would take for granted. Most conditions surrounding mental health are pretty new in terms of healthcare so it was possible any struggling you had been going through when you were younger, had been overlooked.

    8. Kiah


      More times than I could count. It’s one reason why I wanted to live on my own not only to live in peace but to even cry in peace. I’ve gone through A LOT in the past 2 years and many tears have been shed. The disappointment that I feel with where I am in life isn’t helping matters with me seemingly flying through my 30’s.

      To add on what’s been said try hard not to look behind you but keep your eyes on what is ahead of you and anticipate what is yet to come and make the most of it at your own pace.

      The same goes for the challenges you are facing as you should face them head on. It may take some time and effort but you can adapt and even overcome them.

  12. Pixels, Katii and Hiss watched in silence as the "sitcom" unfolded before them... They expected a wacky, corny sitcom, but what they got was a bombshell of a revelation. So Tsumugi, the insane cosplaying mastermind was once an ally to LOG. And the cigar chomping teddy bear was a replacement for her as well? Katii began to rub her eyes. This was a lot of stuff to take in... She felt like she had to let all this news settle in... either that, or have someone explain to her what the heck just happened. Hiss on the other hand was trembling with terror. She knew Tsumugi all to well, and Hiss feared her quite a bit. "Oh geez oh geez..." Pixels mumbled as he scratched his head. "This is some heavy stuff, seriously." However, among this little group of friends was someone who was completely lost, and that was Aspen. His eye darted around the room, noticing the concern and shock on everyone's faces. Not wanting to feel left out, Aspen raised his hand. "Um... Okay guys I'm totally lost here." Aspen spoke up, "Who is that blue haired chick?" "An old uh... friend of ours." Katii replied, putting as much sarcasm into 'friend' as she could, "We've had quite a few interesting experiences with her in the past..."
  13. "REALLY?! I mean uh... *ahem*" Aspen cleared his throat and tried to regain his composure after getting so excited. "Y-Yeah... that'd sound great." D-did I just get a date?! Aspen thought to himself, Uh oh... I've never gotten this far before.... What am I going to do now?! What am I gonna wear?! Katii inspected some of the toys that laid before them. The catling's eyebrows furrowed as she noticed her toy resemble a kitten with a hood, and Hiss was a monsterous beast. "Are you kidding? Some of these don't even look like us!" Katii rolled her eyes. "Do you really expect these things to sell?" "Dude! It's a toy of me!!" Pixels cried out, looking at an action figure with incredibly thin and flimsy legs, "I can't believe it! I'm actually famous!" "Hiss love her toy!" Hiss picked up her own grotesque toy and grinned as if she were a child on christmas, "Hiss want 20!" Katii couldn't help but stare in disbelief at her friends gushing over the toys, all of them picking them up and looking like they really wanted to bring them home... It was clear those two liked them, but to Katii, she wouldn't even want to steal them.
  14. Aspen frowned as he watched Teddie swoon over the newcomer. There was no way a giant walking children's toy was gonna get to a girl before him! Jumping off his chair, the teenage plant creature jumped in front of Makoto and landed in front of her, flexing the thorns on his vine/arm that was not bandaged up. After posing and flexing his thorns, he stood ups straight and turned to Makoto "Ah! Didn't see you there!" Aspen smirked, "I see youse stumbled accross our secret base! It's cool... it's all cool! You ain't in trouble! It's a place a champion fighter like me likes to hang out, you know? And do a bit of training sometimes! A hero like me's gotta keep fit, ya know?" Aspen gestured to his champion's fighters belt, hoping to impress Makoto. Clearly this was not going to work out... Come on, a plant monster with a human? When will that ever happen? Katii and Hiss looked at each other after witnessing Aspen's attempts at flirting, Katii looking very annoyed and Hiss looking confused. "That guy's seriously trying to compensate for something..." Katii rolled her eyes. "Hiss think plant boy not going to make friends if he talk about himself alot..." Hiss agreed. Even she felt a bit of second hand embarassment.
  15. Pixels walked into the room, nabbing the first open seat he saw. Coming in behind him was Hiss with Katii on her shoulder. Hiss sat down on a seat that was much to big for her and waited eagerly to hear the news. Aspen was next to follow, his arm that he had lost in his last adventure fully grown... albiet in a cast at the moment. Feeling pretty good, Aspen pulled up a chair and sat on it, propping his feet on the desk. "Hey guys, my arm's almost done growing back!" Aspen pointed at the cast and sling, "So... what's the news?"

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