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  1. For those of you who create things like stories, comics, or anything having to do with art/writing in general, do you ever get an idea for a project that you want to push forward with, only for you to get another idea for a project and lose interest in the previous one?

    I think one of the biggest reasons why I can never start a proper comic or story, is because I tend to lose interest and want to work on another one of my ideas. It gets really annoying at times.

    Hopefully for my latest comic, I'll be able to keep interest long enough to at least get started on the prologue.

    1. Solister


      Warning of big text ahead:

      Writer here and I can completely relate.

      And that's not even one of my main problems, currently I've been suffering on how develop better an idea and also searching for publisher and feedback (Even if in a very low scale).

      As you, the answer for that question worth a thousand dollars for me, but I think I can give some advice.

      First, if a story is not developing well, cut it at the roughest so you can focus on what you want and develop it better. It also can be interesting to try writing passages you already have in mind and then tries to link them.

      Secondly, and here I get more straight to your point is, if possible, mix stories together. I even heard notorious people talking about this (If I'm not wrong, it was Butch Hartman explaining the origin of Crash Nebula on FOP) and it can work perfectly, so works which I usually let aside a year or so now might have a new chance as a sub-plot for something new.

      Third, it might be useful to take that idea you had while developing, and write it on second plan, even if saving time as you finish you current work to work later or see if it really have potential and gets better than your currently project.

      In July, I published my latest short story, Lost Mabel. During the writing, I had an idea for a story set in Early 2000's but didn't went too far, right after I finished Lost Mabel, I had another idea which proof to develop better which I'm working on right now. The 2000's story still in background and likely I will try my best to keep as my next work.

      Other problem which I'm facing is getting time (And concentration) to work between the everyday hurry. I can't work if I keep thinking there's tests and school projects coming from everywhere. And I also don't think it worth just work on Vacations (Even Weekend are hard). By the way, that's a pretty interesting talk for me, if you want (Or anyone who reads this) feel free to send me a PM and I would be very thankful and grateful to talk about this matter and exchange advices.

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