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  1. In case you missed it, I updated my art topic yesterday!

    This time, containing alien sharks, space, and pirates.

  2. Art topic update!

    This week, I made a poster for a scifi concept. I like how it came out!

  3. Welcome to Planet Queen: A gas giant with seven moons. One moon in particular, known as "Rings" is the crown jewel, of this lovely set of moons, and most make their home there. However, like with every planet, there's danger to be found as well... from corrupt leaders, bloodthirsty bandits, and deadly monsters. Of course, those who are willing to brave these things may find more excitement in their lives... excitement and treasure of course! Enter the Jade Hook Pirates, a ragtag group of misfits who were fed up with their ordinary lives and all met together with only one purpose: Excitement, helping the lesser, and of course, sweet sweet treasure. Pirates are very common among planet Queen's moons, and it's not unusual for them to attack enemy ships, be it from the Moons wicked rulers, or other fellow pirates. The Pirate captain: Talon, a shark-like being from the tropical areas of Rings. Sick of being bossed around and wanting to be more in life, Talon steals a spaceship and goes off to seek adventure. Very bold, but very reckless, and will feel very sorry for himself if he gets his teammates in danger or injured. Having a mechanical arm for most of his life, Talon replaces it with a legendary weapon from a famous Pirate, knowing that it would strike fear to his enemies and bring hope to those who need it. The Navigator: Zona, a sort of snail/jellyfish like alien from the seas of Rings whom wanted to explore not just Rings, but the many other moons of Queen, and wants to spread hope to those who are in need of it, often sharing her part of the treasure the crew finds with the poor. She is a very optimistic and kind person that has a very violent side to her as well. The Medic and Cook: Caution, a medical android who was formerly a Shark like Talon. In addition to being a childhood friend, Caution travels with Talon, knowing that traveling the seven planets guarantees fatal injures. This little robot gets a little too excited when he's faced with the challenge of patching up deadly wounds. And because they desperately needed one, Caution also serves as the ship's cook. The Engineer: Oriana, a moth-like being from the forests of rings. Oriana is a very hot tempered person, and a deserter from her army. Not knowing what else to do, Oriana joins with the Jade Hook pirates because... eh, why not? She already was wanted anyway. Although hot blooded and nuts, Oriana ends up becoming a motherly figure to the group, and always knows the right thing to say, even if it's blunt. The Pilot: Mark, a strange, stone-like being from the rings of Rings. Although Talon has a basic knowledge of Piloting, he still wasn't an expert. Enter Mark, the pilot of the ship and the one who keeps track of the treasures and maps they discover. Mark is a polite and eccentric person, and of all the Jade Hook Pirates he is the most formal. Not much is known about Mark or the rest of his species or how old he exactly is, but what is known is that he's pretty much a walking, talking encyclopedia, basically the group's go-to guy when it comes to the seven planets.
  4. Beat Super Paper Mario. And with that, my Paper Mario binge is over. 

    My final thoughts on this game? Kinda mixed on the story gameplay was kind of bland.

    The story was good, filled with twists and turns, a pretty good romantic plot (this is coming from someone who doesn't like romance), and really likable villains.I gotta say, they stuck with me more than the X-nauts or Ollie and the Legion of Stationary. Wish we could see them again in some way, shape, or form, but given Nintendo's current handling, I doubt that'll happen.

    However, I do think that the story was a bit out of place for a Mario game almost as if this was initially planned as a different game but Nintendo stepped in and suggest it be a Paper Mario game... I don't know, this happened before, maybe I just have my tinfoil hat on too tight. The tone, while good in its own right didn't really Mario-ish to me.

    The gameplay, though... I hate to say it, but it was very bland as a platformer, really with some really annoying parts. Exploration just didn't feel as fun or as awarding as the previous two Mario games and I didn't even bother looking for the extras this time around. And I can't say I really like the visuals of this game, that much... It goes for a geometic/digitalized theme for this game, but it just feels kind of bland in this one. I have to say, gameplay wise and visually, this was probably the weakest game.

    So yeah... that's it for Paper Mario for a while. What a ride! I have to say, I'm really gonna miss the classic style and the creativity of the designs and darker stories, But if this is the direction Nintendo insists on taking, then I think Origami King is at least step in the right direction, personal gripes aside. Here's to hoping the next Paper Mario game follows in those footsteps

    1. Titan Mecha Sonic

      Titan Mecha Sonic

      My fav is still the OG Paper Mario 64. Super Paper Mario as you put to eloquently, didn’t feel like a Mario game. I especially wasn’t fond of the partners this time around. 

    2. Emperor Robrainiac

      Emperor Robrainiac

      I agree, I think the partners were the most disappointing part of the game. The designs weren't too interesting, they remained silent after obtaining them, and some of them were very underused, almost useless at times.

    3. Titan Mecha Sonic

      Titan Mecha Sonic

      Have yoy played the Paper Mario games like “Sticker Star” , Paper Mario: Color Splash (Wii U), and Paper Mario: Origami King on Nintendo Switch? 

      I got stuck on Sticker Star one due to a glitch. 

    4. Emperor Robrainiac

      Emperor Robrainiac

      I haven't played sticker star or color splash, but I recently played Origami King, and I enjoyed it. It's different, but it's a style I wouldn't mind seeing this style of game used and impoved on in the future.

      I'm considering playing Color Splash some time, but for now I'm taking a break from Paper Mario games since I replayed them this past summer. 

    5. Titan Mecha Sonic

      Titan Mecha Sonic

      Origami King, what is it like? Is it turned based again or like Super Paper Mario? How’s the story and etc? 


    6. Emperor Robrainiac

      Emperor Robrainiac

      Origami King's gameplay is... interesting to say the least. It goes back to turn based combat, with puzzle elements incorporated. Basically, before you can get to the turn based portion of the fights, you have to line the enemies up in front of you or get them in a group of four. The stages are on a stage with sliding tiles where the enemies stand, while you're in the middle. During the bosses, it's reversed, with the boss standing in the center and you trying to make a path towards the boss in order to hit them.

      It's really hard to explain, and this part of the game is pretty divisive, with people either enjoying it or hating it. Me, it was kind of a mixed bag. It's pretty satisfying at times, where other times I found myself getting frustrated. There's an option to spend your coins and have Toads solve the puzzle for you and go straight into the combat, and if I wanted to move on, I would do that.  I'm having a bit of trouble explaining.

      Partners kinda make a comeback in this game. They're only available in one chapter, and they attack automatically. While it is a shame they can't tag along with you for the rest of the game, they do get some good dialogue, and they certainly much more memorable than Super Paper Mario's partners.

      As for the story: Considering all the strict mandates Nintendo put on the newer Paper Mario games, this is probably the best outcome they could do... And I really enjoyed it. I'd say its tone is between TTYD and SPM. Doesn't get quite as deep and jarring as Super Paper Mario, but it certainly gets darker than Thousand Year Door in some spots. I don't want to say much, but there definitely were some parts that surprised me.

    7. Titan Mecha Sonic

      Titan Mecha Sonic

      Thanks for answering my questions. That new Turn Based element of having to gwt to your enemy sounds like it’d be fun for a while and then get old.

      I am sad that you don’t get to have partners through the whole game. 

      I hope oneday they make Paper Mario 64 for mobile, it’d be easy to do turn based with touch controls. 


  5. And so it's official: Stanley's been appointed the protector of Crossington. He seems very sure of himself... will he be up to the challenge? After all, there's a strange blue blob with a cape hopping around town...
  6. Halfway through Super Paper Mario, the last game in my Paper Mario binge.

    I got a bit of nostalgia starting this game up... this was pretty much the first Paper Mario game I went in blind and I remember the hype of playing a new Paper Mario game.

    Gameplay is... kind of bland and annoying at some points. I find myself using Mario the most out of the characters given to me, even when there's times where I just wanna play as Bowser, or Peach (Haven't gotten Luigi yet.) Not to mention (Tippi Aside) the partners are kind of forgettable in this game, only having a few lines when you obtain them, then being silent for the rest of the game... It's a shame, because their dialouge shows they have potential to be fun characters.

    The story is where it's at. While I do think the plot is a bit too out of place for a Mario game, I really enjoy the twists and turns it takes.

    So yeah... It's a pretty So-so game with a plot that really keeps me going.

  7. Playing most of the Paper Mario games back to back, it's kind of interesting seeing all the themes they have going.

    The first two games have a storybook feel to it, the first one taking more inspiration from Yoshi's Island's storybook aesthetic.

    Origami king is, of course Origami, to go with the series focus on paper.

    And Super Paper Mario has a sort of geometric/digital theme, like the blocky npcs and level design, Mario's flip ability using a mouse to flip him and the equations in the sky in the first chapter.

  8. I remember i wanted a Hyrule Warriors sequel with the champions playable.

    Not only are we getting that, but its gonna be a full blown prequel to BotW? Sign me up!

  9. So replaying Paper Mario 64. It's fun but wow, it's more frustrating. In this game, your partners aren't attacked as much (They can only be stunned for a few turns, and even then it's not as common,) so every attack from your enemies are directed at Mario. 

    This can be a problem, since if you're up against a lot of enemies, your health can be wittled down pretty quick. This is unlike TTYD where enemies will attack both you or your partner, or Origami King where you're given a lot more health than the others.

    It's a fun nostalgia trip though.

    1. PublicEnemy1


      Think that's bad?

      Try the Master Quest mod.

    2. Emperor Robrainiac

      Emperor Robrainiac

      Eeehhh, I'll pass. I suck at games too much to even think of trying hard modes. :P

    3. Celestia


      I don't remember it being a problem on it's own, but I could see it being jarring after playing TTYD/OK.

    4. Nix


      On the flip side, having the right badges allow you to break the game pretty easily too.

    5. Plumbers_Helper


      Plus, Life Shrooms makes death only a minor inconvenience.  You can get Tayce T. to make you a Life Shroom with either a Koopa Leaf or a Goomnut + Super Shroom. A Super Shroom only costs 20 coins and both Koopa Leaves and Goomnuts can be found for free in Koopa Village and Goomba Village.

  10. Going through Paper Mario 64. I'll give my thoughts later, but... I love how salty Luigi is in this game, being left behind while Mario goes on another adventure.

    Every time I visit, Luigi gives Mario passive aggressive responses, his diary lamenting how he never does anything, and at one point is reading through Mario's letters, only to run out of the room when Mario sees him.

    I love it. XD

  11. It's back! I'm gonna try to be slower this time, uploading these pages, probably once a week, just so I don't suffer burn out... and possibly work out the rougher stuff. But anyways, we start off by meeting some new characters. Meet Stanley the Bugman and the Deku Princess! The Deku Princess is the mayor of Crossington. A bit snooty but a fair ruler who prefers to be called princess rather than mayor. And we have the town's newly appointed sheriff, Stanley the Bugman, a prideful fellow who claims to be a cousin of the Super Mario Brothers. He's awfully confident for someone who's just armed with a spray can.
  12. Well that was a good direct. Shame 64 looks the same, wide screen support aside, but some of the more reliable leakers who revealed this game said to not expect a full on remake, so I wasn't too surprised. 

    Still, I'm looking to see these games and 3D world to be coming onto the Switch.

  13. When it comes to ambitious fan projects, I tend to keep my hype at minimum.

    If it's not the rights holders that's shutting it down, it's usually the one running the project shutting it down, whether it be due to real life, loss of interest, or fear of getting shut down by said rights holders. I bring this up because I found a Paper Mario 64 remaster project that looked pretty promising, only to see it hadn't been updated since 2016.

    Of course, this isnt' always the case. Plenty of Sonic fan games have come out, and I'm always pleased to see that.

  14. So, I just beat Origami King. 

    My thoughts on it in the spoilers: due to a lot of stuff to say, and some potential spoilers as well.



    On the upside, With the restrictions to this series being well known, you can really tell the developers did their best to make lemonade out of lemons. And it works! The story's good and kept me engaged, and surprised me a few times with its dark moments. Like, damn, Origami Peach being unfolded and made into a part of the throne room as a piece of art? That's messed up. I know they're paper and all, but still, eeessh... To me, that was somehow more disturbing than Peach being possessed in Thousand Year Door.

    I admit, I spoiled myself, thinking that I wouldn't be getting this game... and yet the more emotional scenes, like Bobby and Olivia's sacrifice still got to me. They even got the bosses to be entertaining, both with their personalities and battles.

    This game even made me love Toads, and I always looked forward to what they had to say when I saved them. It kind of reminded me of Rayman 3, where the Teensies you freed from cages would say a lame joke which would always get a chuckle out of me. It was no different here, albeit with more variety with the dialouge, but with the same amount of cheesiness.

    I haven't played the last two Paper Marios, so I don't know if it was like this in the previous game but I love the visuals. It looks a lot more like it's made from scraps of paper than  

    I admit, most of my criticisms are based on personal biases from the previous Mario RPGs. As fun as the bosses were, I still wish their designs were more unique. Something like how the smithy gang was in the original Super Mario RPG, where it was clear they had a weapon theme to them, but also had an interesting design to go with it.

    In addition, I still miss uniquely designed partners, and the unique npcs and I think it would have elevated the game up a wee bit more. That said, I am aware of Nintendo's policies, and I've more or less come to accept that a Paper Mario like the original two is either highly unlikely or never happening at all.

    As for battles... Again, personal bias, but i do not like puzzle games. In small doses I enjoy them, but I don't particularly enjoy them if I have to play them for a long time. While there were a few satisfying moments, I found myself getting frustrated most of the time and ended up using the cheer function.

    I don't know why, but I ended up having more fun with the bosses. I felt like charting my path and figuring out a strategy that works for me was a bit more fun than having to figure out how to group enemies together.


    But to sum it up, it was a pretty good game, I'm not at all fan of puzzle games, and even though I thought I could tolerate it, I found myself skipping the puzzles later down the line.

    However, the story and characters kept me engaged enough to keep on going, and for that I'd say I'm glad I played it.

    I wouldn't recommend it if you're like me and don't care much for puzzle games, but if you don't mind or think it looks fun, I'd say go for it. Most of my criticisms are out of personal bias... 

    ...but I've come to accept that it's highly unlikely that we'll be getting another Paper Mario game like the first two anytime soon (or even ever for that matter) so if this is the direction the series is going... I'd say it's the right step IMO.

    Now then... I'm debating whether to play Super Paper Mario or Paper Mario 64 now.

  15. God, fuck 2020. This year sucks. Even my own personal life has been crap this year. 

    But with a deadly virus that's out there, the riots, the deaths, the lock downs and the overall climate... Jesus.

    What a goddamn wonderful way to begin the new decade.

  16. Some redesigns of characters I drew last year. Sometimes I like revisiting characters and seeing if I still like them or if I feel like they're in need of a redesign. Here we have three ancient villains who have entered the modern world... and through shenanigans are trying to save it. Fairclaw, the hot tempered dragon princess Hiss, the kindhearted roach witch Ghast, the patient ghost butler
  17. Something I noticed in Origami King. Spoilers just in case.

    So I got to a point where Luigi is following me, and i love the fact that he seems to be be slower (Keeps a further distance from Mario than the other partners) and jumps higher than Mario.

    It's common, I know, but I love callbacks to classic Mario games like these. 

  18. My sister has moved out of the state, and i think the realization of it just hit me.

    I'm really happy for her, but i am going to miss her.

  19. Oh, hey! We're back. Cool.

  20. Bought Origami King after playing Thousand Year Door. Probably a bad idea to do, but I ended up doing so. My thoughts on it?

    Well, the puzzles can be frustrating at certain points, and are kind of bringing down my enjoyment... but everything else? Pretty good so far! Lovely, colorful graphics, the dialogue gives me some good chuckles, the characters are likeable, and even the Toads have some funny lines. I'm always excited to find one if only to see what they say.

    So so far, I think it's pretty good overall. I doubt we're gonna get a classic style Paper Mario any time soon (If Ever), so if this is the direction they're gonna take, I think this is the right step.

    1. Emperor Robrainiac

      Emperor Robrainiac

      I forgot to say though, and this is a pretty common opinion from what I've seen: The bosses are actually pretty fun. I just beat the Water Vellumental and I had a pretty good time strategizing and learning from my mistakes during this battle. Whenever I lost, It was because I knew I screwed up, and made sure not to make the same mistake again.

      So yeah. It's been a decent time so far.

    2. altum_dolorem


      In my experience, I could tolerate the battle system to a certain extent, but at a certain point, it gets repetitive. I do generally prefer the boss battles but that only applies to the Legion of Stationary because they can be defeated in multiple ways. The Vellumentals tend to require one method to defeat them and getting it wrong can easily lead to death.

      I think the biggest thing that soured my enjoyment of the game was trying to 100% it. Your experience might be different when you get to it.

  21. Man, when Smash Bros Brawl was still in development, I would always wake up in the middle of the night, sneak to my parent's computer, and look at the Smash Bros Dojo to look at the updates. 

    When Sonic's reveal was dropped... holy crap, that was an experience I wish I could live through again. Being so late in the night, and having dreams like these, I found myself spending 30 seconds trying to make sure this was real.

    1. StriCNYN3


      Yup, I remember waking up at like 7 am right before going to homeroom and seeing that  Sonic crossover video on Smash Dojo. That shit was hands down the biggest reveal for a game in my entire life. It also produced one of my biggest headaches ever because of how it was so monumental and unprecedented. Many heads in my school was absolutely geeked out af seeing that, too lol. It just made that moment so much more special.

    2. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      Idk why its one of the most memorable things in my high school life.

      I just remember coming to school, going to library to pull a chair for one of the computers and pulled up the Dojo. Then it hit me.


      I really wanted to scream but I couldn't which suuuuccckkked but I was nudging the guy next to me that Sonic was in Brawl and just wow I can feel like that was yesterday.

  22. For those of you wondering, don't worry, the next part of Nintendo Kingdoms is about halfway done, and should be ready to be posted within the next month. In the meantime though, here's some character designs I made, one of whom is being used in the RP.. The idea is that these three are anime-esque heroes who travel the stars via magic asteroid in search of things to beat up basically. Gelada: The dimwitted fish-lady leader of the group who loves fighting matches and eating (Especially Pizza). Very good hearted and Peppy, but mess with her friends, and she will go full edge-mode and try to kill whoever's messing with them. Her favorite method of fighting is punching and kicking. Especially punching, with her oversized mantis shrimp claws. It's unknown as to which planet she came from, though she claims to be from the edge of the universe. Alice: A rabbit-like alien who has seen quite a few things. And let's just say these said things have made her very world weary, cynical, and apathetic. Of the group, she's probably the most mature, but probably the most jaded as well. She joined Gelada's group out of boredom and usually sits around the ship, bored out of her mind. Her prized posession is a fishing rod, which she uses for both fighting and fishing. Taro: A robot on a journey to find challenges, life lessons and friendship. Taro is a bit naive and quick to make friends, often getting him into trouble with people you don't want to mess with. Despite this, Taro seeks to better his life by experiencing something new, and with his long deceased brother's sword, and his deceased sister's arm cannon, and his new friends by his side, Taro feels confident and well prepared to take on everything.
  23. Wow, haven't heard this guy in a while. And wow, I actually mentioned Game Dude in my last post... There's one big rabbit hole of drama with that guy that's happened since I posted that, but now's not the time nor the place. That said, my opinion on Irate gamer hasn't really changed that much, he's just a guy that's there. Neither terrible or good, and a good watch if I have nothing better to do. Even so, i'm actually really happy to see him and James bury the hatchet after such a long rivalry, and especially after watching the video posted above. And the actual crossover video was actually a pretty good watch. So yeah, not opinion hasn't changed too much, but maybe I'll give the new videos a watch pretty soon to see if it does.
  24. I'm still surprised I don't see much discussion on Bug Fables. It's fanbase is surprisingly small. 

    I feel like it's because:

    1. it didn't get much advertisement from what I've seen. 

    2. I'm sure it's gonna suffer some hype backlash from people constantly bringing it up in light of Paper Mario: Origami King

    3. This one's probably a stretch, but there's a lot of people who don't care for bugs, and probably don't see the appeal in a game starring anthropomorphic ones.

    4. Or... people are just not plain interested. It can be as simple as that I suppose.

    1. Thigolf


      I think it's as simple as being a niche indie game. The game simply hasn't made much of a splash.

    2. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry



      ...Anyway, whole antro bugs thing was kinda already taken by Hollow Knight, if had any affect. And even if can be seen as Paper Mario's Freedom Planet, is best to remind yourself that PM is only one small section of the whole Mario franchise, which overall is in a much better shape than Sonic's whole franchise, where the mainline titles are the biggest subject of complaints. That's why there was much more of a drive by Sonic fans to seek a proper successor to the originals than PMs. Needless to say, while Freedom Planet had arguably failed to deliver on living up to it's potential, Nintendo's insistence of the new direction have made Bug Fables a suitable replacement for Paper Mario altogether. 


      Besides, Bug Fables is only one of several other PM successors Nintendo's basically given the green light to throw their hats in the ring:




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