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  1. I actually got recognized at work today. 

    This is something that's never happened in Disney. I worked my butt off there, and yet you only get praise from the higher up if a Guest writes something positive about you. I've seen some toxic, snobbish assholes who constantly bully their co-workers and managers... and yet the higher ups never did anything about it, and awarded him because of how well he treated the guests.

    ...You know what? That's it, I made up my mind. I'm sticking with Publix. It's a much better environment than the toxicity of Disney.

    1. iambitter21


      you worked at DISNEY? I was about to congratulate you on the job, but now I think otherwise. 

    2. Emperor Spooky

      Emperor Spooky


      Oh boy. Where do I begin.

      First off... Do not judge me for whatever choices I make in life. By saying you don't want to congratulate me, you're saying I made a poor choice. I know what I am doing, and I'm gonna say this right now:

      If I have to give up going to the parks for free for the sake of my mental health so be it. 

      Second of all, Disney is NOT a good place to work. Do NOT let your love for it cloud your judgement, like so many others. As I said in the previous status update, there are Disney fans hoping to get the same magic the guests do, only to come out stressed messes 

      I can list so many things bad with working with this company you have no idea.

      -For one, the traffic flow makes it a very bad to work during this current pandemic.

      -They are handling the pandemic very poorly. My dad also works at disney and the managers knowingly let someone with Covid-19 work alongside him and didn't tell anyone until the person was hospitalized.

      -There is so much toxicity there, you have no idea. A majority of the cast members are unhappy. All I ever heard in the breakroom was how bad it was to work there.

      -Managers are on your ass 24/7. They will keep an eye on every little thing you do, and if you mess up you get a talking to, either a warning or a reprimand. There's little room for error, and some people have had panic attacks from the stress that was put on them. Myself included.

      -And even then, it always seemed like managers had no control over their cast members. I've seen them getting into yelling matches with one another, just escalating the situation further and causing more stress all around.

      -As I said in my comment, higher ups favor people who treat guests well, no matter how badly they treat their fellow co-workers or managers. Like I said, there were a few people I worked with who straight up bullied people into getting what they wanted and the higher ups wouldn't do anything about it because of how well they treated the guests.

      -It's just a toxic environment overall. I went into the job dreading getting in trouble by managers, dreading to have to work with awful disgusting people, and going back home dreading it all over again.

      This new job I got at the supermarket, everyone is kind with one another, the managers praise me for the hard work I do, and I don't feel like I'm constantly being judged. It should also be noted that this supermarket is in the top ten best places to work for in many business journals, whereas Disney is nowhere near the top in those lists... I can tell this is a much healthier environment to be in than Disney.

      So again, do not judge me because I quit a job that seems like a dream for many... because in reality, it was a goddamn nightmare. My dad and my sister are the same. They love Disney but even they agree that the way the company handles things is a frickin' joke.

    3. iambitter21


      I meant that I was gonna be happy for you, but saw that you weren't happy at your job, so I didn't. I didn't mean to be rude I'm sorry.

    4. iambitter21


      anyways, sad to see a company treat you so poorly.

    5. Emperor Spooky

      Emperor Spooky

      Oh, is that what you meant? Ah, I gotcha, sorry for the essay then and getting a little snippy at you then. But what I said is still true, Disney is not a good job to be at, and I'd highly advise others against applying if they expect a similar magical experience guests do. I still enjoy going to the parks, but my dad and my sister, who work in the actual parks, (I worked at one of the resorts) are now very drained and only go to them on rare occasions. 

      This current job I'm much more happier at was what I was trying to say in the update. The supermarket complimented me on my hard work and even recognized me, whereas I'd work my butt off at Disney and I'd still get criticized for things I missed. 

      Who'd have thought a supermarket would have a more wholesome environment than a company who prides themselves on being wholesome?

  2. When Terry was first announced for smash, I was pretty disappointed mainly for petty reasons. For one, he was a character I didn't know about, and I thought he would be kind of a boring character overall.

    Ended up playing as him shortly after getting him thanks to fighters pass, and I found myself having a tons of fun with him,

    And from what I can tell from tonight's game night it turns out he's probably my best character in Ultimate. So, yeah... it's funny how I went from disappointed to loving him very quickly. 

    1. Ryannumber1Scarer


      You wrecked with Terry tonight

  3. Did an interview with Disney for a displacement transfer process...

    ...I'm gonna be honest though. I'm seriously considering staying with my current job at the supermarket.

    For one, there's less guest traffic coming in, so there's less of a chance to catch the virus, as opposed to Disney's constant guest flow.

    Another thing... The way this supermarket treats their workers is how Disney thinks they treat their own. I feel so much more welcome at this place than I ever did at Disney.

    Finally, the environment is so less toxic than all the places I work a Disney. Many people at Disney are bitter, always complaining about the management and work... And a lot of the time, their reasons are justified.

    Disney works people like dogs here, with their managers constantly on the workers asses 24/7, which have lead me to near panic attacks at times. At least at this supermarket, I don't feel like I'm being constantly watched.

    Finally... This supermarket is listed in many top ten best places to work for in official business reports, whereas Disney isn't anywhere near that top ten.

    ...Yeah, I think I might stick with my new job.

    1. Playmaker0122


      I'm glad you're sticking with the job you enjoy. Sounds like working for Disney is an unending nightmare.

    2. Emperor Spooky

      Emperor Spooky

      It absolutely is.

      There are Disney fans who apply, expecting to experience the same magic guests have when they visit Disney parks, only to become very disappointed and stressed out messes. 

      Most just stay either for the admittedly great insurance benefits and getting into the parks for free.

    3. Playmaker0122


      Damn, sounds horrible. Good thing you were able to see past the pretty minor upsides and got out of there.

    4. Emperor Spooky

      Emperor Spooky

      I admit, I kinda made the managers sound bad in this... Really, I've met a lot of managers I admired, and I regret not saying farewell to some of them. For a while, Disney had a strict beard policy. You could have a beard, but you couldn't grow it while you were at work...but one of my managers was kind enough to convince her managers to give me a couple days to let it grow to acceptable size. I always thought that was cool of her.

      But anyways, from what I've seen, they're can be just as (if not more) stressed out and miserable as any other workers as well what with complaints from both the cast members and angry guests. And from what I can tell, they get hounded by their supervisors who are likely under a lot of stress from their supervisors..

      At the end of the day, working at Disney is stress piled on top of stress on top of stress, and every time I think about it, I want to go back less.

  4. Had to stay home from work due to a bad stomach ache.

    I hate staying home from work, but with this current enviroment, I don't want to cause a panic if I ended up throwing up, so...

    1. Shadow Chaos Control

      Shadow Chaos Control

      Sorry you are feeling bad. Rest up, drink fluids, and get some fresh air if you can when its not too cold or hot during your day. 

  5. Image:


    I tried touching up the monochrome colored art I did earlier this week, this time trying to make it so that the black doesn't blend with the other black colors.

    If I ever make a comic with these characters, I kinda wanna go for a manga style of coloring, so this was kind of a test-piece..

  6. Updated my art topic yesterday! This time starring a kickboxing octopus/anglerfish/mantis shrimp lady.

    Since this particular idea is more anime/manga inspired, i also took a shot at a black and white style. I think it came out decently, but i don't know. What do you think?

    1. GrammyUselessGram


      I like the look of it! I think if you practice on it some more it'll come out great!

  7. Art topic update!

    Trying something different with a more monochromatic color scheme, since this idea takes on a somewhat anime/manga-esque inspiration. What do you think?

  8. Here's a little something new, with a character I made named Gelada. Since this idea has a manga/anime influence to it, I made a black and white version of it, to give it a more manga-esque feel. Came out kinda good, I think. PLOT SYNOPSIS: At the edge of a galaxy lies a planet where peace once reigned. One day, an entity known as "Chaos" unleashed a swarm of monsters onto the world, leaving its citizens in fear, and uncertain of their future. Years have gone by, and the world has not changed, for many inhabitants keep to indoors, walled cities, and relocate deep underground, away from the strange creatures that roam the land. Fortunately, many who have become fed up with living in fear have formed a guild to hunt down these creatures and one day stand up to Chaos and return the planet to what it once was. However, one day, a monster who had been captured and tamed began to gain a free will. Enter Gelada, a once feared and bloodthirsty beast who had been tamed by a team of hunters, eventually becoming her village's guardian. But feeling that the inhabitants of the world shouldn't have to live in constant fear, Gelada trains every day in hopes of vanquishing the great Chaos that took over this once prosperous land. Along the way, she meets many allies to help her out, such as Aliss, the rabbit-like Archeologist, and first friend of Gelada who wields her guns on her boots, Sir, a curious reporter who wants to chronicle Gelada's journey to defeat Chaos, and Taro, the aspiring warrior whom travels with his older brother and seeks to become powerful. Many dangers and many foes look to stop this Fishy looking kickboxer, and some not trusting her or having faith in her abilities to stop Chaos. And there seems to be more to Gelada than meets the eye. Can she overcome these obstacles? Can she stop the monsters from overtaking the world? With Gelada's determination and her friend's support, this little group of heroes may very well be the ones to save the world from Chaos.
  9. Finished First day of training at my job a few hours ago. I've been so inactive during this whole quarantine and fulough period, that I'm am soooo beat. 

    At least I have a day off tomorrow.

  10. Finally got this little spook in the mail today:

    20201010 163854 by LordRobrainiac

  11. So, good news: just got back from a job interview and I got the job right then and there.

    Bad news: It's only part time.

    In the end, I think i've made a decision. If Disney calls me back, between now and the time I start, I'll accept the offer. I work full time there, and I'll feel better the insurance and benefits in mind, especially with these current events. If I'm laid off, well, at least I'll have a job.

  12. Well, the Disney's in chaos now with their layoffs, some workers arriving not knowing they've been laid off, and finding out later in the day.

    I'm jumping ship hopefully. I got an interview job interview for another place tomorrow, so I wont end up jobless.

    1. KHCast


      Fucking Christ how does a global powerhouse fall this hard 

    2. Graystripe2000


      The layoffs are mostly at the parks, from what I’ve been reading.

  13. A newcomer? Or someone familiar with a new look? Something strange is happening in his corner of the Multiverse, and many realities and people are disappearing from existence. This heroic pangolin, along with faces new and old are setting out to figure out what is going on. With the help of the Skylanders, they're sure to solve these strange happenings.
  14. Due to trying to save money, I've been experimenting with cooking a lot more. It's pretty satisfying.

    I'm not vegan or vegitarian, but Tofu is fun to play around with, because it's pretty much an open canvas in food form. You can make anything with it. I made my third attempt at  egg fried tofu, and it came out a little better today, but not quite where I want it.

    Just a while ago I made some Eggs in a Basket, but I ended up drying the yolk instead of making it runny. I'm gonna have to study this recipe a bit better.

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