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  1. Happy 20th SSMB :)

  2. I usually lurk these days, but damn if I didn't just get hit with nostalgia seeing my banner at the top of the site ahaha. That feels like forever ago now!

  3. Hard to believe this place is gonna be 20 years old, but then I remember I was still a child when I joined here ages ago. I can't remember the specific date but I wanna say I was like 15-16 (now I'm gonna be turning 30 this year ugh haha). All I know is it was a few years before the old site got blown up and we all had to rejoin in 2009. I mostly lurk these days just to see whats going on here and there out of nostalgia because this was one of my first online communities
  4. unlike (and subscribb) sanic i dnt chukle

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  6. I think I am one of the few people that really loves Labyrinth Zone a lot, the music especially is amazing to me. That remix you posted is incredible. I have no real doubt that the OST for Mania is gonna be amazing, I am definitely down for things getting the horns and strings treatment as opposed to tons of guitars this time around as far as remasters go. Studiopolis brings a lot of funky goodness to the scene too, so I am really on board with it all.
  7. Just popping into this thread quickly to say that this announcement has really rekindled a lot of what I loved about the series. I am beyond excited for this which is such a good feeling after not feeling anything announced since I finished Generations. Also I really enjoy the music so far haha! I can't wait for the soundtrack to this.
  8. Thank you :>!!! I am glad you think so! I love drawing and making stuff up, so I always try and give it my best!
  9. Heyyyyyyy. I haven't updated this in ages... I've had a bit of a busy year! I've done a lot of neat things so far, and here are a few pages from one of them. Those are some inks from the FCBD issue of Street Fighter! I don't have the coloured ones on this comp, they must be on my Companion or backed up on a drive. That is a page from Street Fighter Unlimited #7, I did a 4 page story in the book - its in stores now! Also this got announced (I did a cool pic of C. Viper scuba diving!). Also if you guys are into indie fighters I did a character design for Combat Core which I can't wait for the world at large to see (its the final boss character!). On top of that I also did a Mighty No.9 illustration earlier this year that I also really badly wanna post haha. Most of my personal stuff has just been sketches over the last 6 months or so. And here are a couple I have done within the last few nights. Yeahhhh :>
  10. Oh for sure, I have no issues fighting Pyrogen really either (especially not now) - but it is something players new to the genre or something may find irritating. The thing is it is -kind- of bad design to have Pyrogen's audio cues be cut at the time when the player needs them most, but its still beatable without it if you watch him as well since he has visual cues. It just is frustrating for a first time player I feel that doesn't know his patterns yet. Also I was recommending boss weapons because they seem to get a bad wrap when most of them are actually quite useful, but yes you can beat most things easily with just the basic buster - however you can save yourself time by using the appropriate stuff. Also is insta kill stuff really bad design? I personally don't think its bad design per say to have them. I am not sure where this thing of "killing the player in unforgiving ways" became such a bad design concept these days. Not saying that this game particularly did them well, but in general I mean. Insta kills have never bothered me in 2D games like this, also lives are now being considered a bad design choice too? I personally think lives and old concepts are still perfectly valid and have their place in games like this. Maybe an easy mode with no insta kills and no lives would probably be okay to add but I think otherwise it all adds to the challenge. Also as a tip for anyone who does find dialogue in the middle of the fights to be distracting you can also turn the text boxes for the dialogue off. Everyone will still be talking but there won't be any text boxes taking up screen real estate. Just as a heads up! So I guess if you wanted a completely voiceless run you could mute the voices too haha.
  11. I think the order I prefer is defeating Pyro first, he is the worst one to fight since he has that stupid OHKO move that he -does- telegraph but its hard to spot when the characters start talking to eachother. He does have visual cues but the sound is the best way to avoid it. Once you get him, and then move on to defeat Cryo with his weapon, the rest of them start going down extremely quick. Mostly because after Cryo you can go after Bat real easy and Cryo's power makes that fight a joke. Bat's weapon is one of the most OP in the game, so it helps clearing things easier (plus makes Seismic's stage a lot easier too). But I can understand the difficulty concerns - if it is too hard for you you don't need to keep playing! Also if you haven't already you can also set the lives count to start at 9 so it gives you more room to learn the bosses
  12. I won't say it can never happen, but I'd aim your sights on other places besides Sonic Team first. Go out there after you are done your writing course, and see if you can find positions at smaller developers as everyone has to start somewhere! The other thing is find places to maybe even write about games (yes, gaermz jurnalism) - it surprised me to know that a couple gaming websites I had frequented for news had writers leave that sector to go work in games via connections and a reputation of having solid work. You meet people that way and network! Also writing more than just games I think is key, expand out and do other creative things such as maybe trying to write for video series on the net or something too. My field is different but I have learned this somewhat- I want to work on games and do design and concept but I also have done comic book stuff too in the past on my own time. It opened up the doors for me to now work on some Street Fighter comics, and through that I have already been asked once to do a design for an indie game and I am not sure where else my future will lead me. I'm also 26 now, and I've been out of college for almost 5 years now. So it takes time to build it up and even though I am not where I eventually want to be, its all a stepping stone and I get to do some cool things as well. It's all about building up that body of work, that reputation that you deliver and you deliver on time and do things well. None of the big places will even look at you until you have that most times - so start small and who knows - it could always be in your future to write at Sonic Team or you may discover a totally different path that is just as rewarding to you. Good luck!
  13. I am probably one of the few people on the net who loves this game and hasn't really had any problems at all from the campaign. Yeah, the game is rough around the edges, but I took to it really quickly and even have a couple S ranks under my belt (and started Maniac Mode and Ray DLC but I haven't had much time for either). I even got some of my physical stuff in the mail already like the plush and the poster and two t-shirts. Maybe luck has just been on my side this whole time but I haven't felt conned out of anything *shrug*. Disclaimer though - I did get asked to do some freelance artwork for something relating to this game that isn't out yet (not sure when it comes out), but I've been wildly excited for this game before that even came up (I made the topic :V). I never TRULY expected it to be Mega Man and maybe that's why I am not super disappointed. The core jump and shoot is similar but the rest of the game feels wildly different. I actually prefer having a game that doesn't feel like a direct clone actually, it has a lot of potential to go in interesting directions compared to just being Mega Man. However I would really like there to be a sequel to really iron it out, to me in a way this feels a lot like how I feel about Mega Man 1 where the game is kinda there but isn't really at its full potential. That said, I do get why people are upset and understand my experience isn't quite universal, so I do sympathize with those who feel burned. Honestly I wish the launch had gone smoother and they didn't get super ambitious because while I do love it, it could it be a lot better all the same. Still I'm holding out for another one anyway. Also Ray is my fave.
  14. I am -really- looking forward to this game. While the first one was rough around the edges I still really enjoyed it, and this one looks to be at least more of the same (but with improvements) so I am totally fine with that! I like the way they reworked the SSJ transformations, I didn't like that they always felt super short but also could be abused like hell to win matches easily all the same haha Should be good!!
  15. I updated an old song of mine and now it sounds a lot better/cooler! https://soundcloud.com/laserbat/sunset-2016

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