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  1. Real talk though I sometimes wonder how they would've remade Sonic 3 style special stages and/or what half-baked "lock-on" bonus they would've come up with for Episode 3 of Sonic 4 if it had happened.

    1. Wraith


      It would have been neat to see what sort of new mechanics they could come up with for Blue Sphere with less of an obligation to remain loyal. When it comes to Sonic 4 that's obviously as much of a warning as it is enticing, but still.

    2. JezMM


      Yeah it could've gone either way.  Episode 1's special stages feel awful to play but I'd say Episode 2's are better than the source material for all the new mechanics and ideas they add (for pure fun factor I'd say they're better too, unless we're comparing to the Taxman Sonic 2, in which case fairly equal footing there).

    3. Sean


      It's unbelievable how much better the Sonic 2 special stages are in the mobile port. For one, I can actually complete them

  2. Rather than do something obvious like Green Hill or whatever, I used the Sonic movie theme for my Animal Crossing town tune. It works pretty nicely.


  3. JezMM


    Chamomile #161
  4. Thank you @Dreadknux

    1. Dreadknux


      oh no what did i do this time

    2. JezMM


      Oh sorry this was in direct response to my suggestion of adding the breastfed movie quote yesterday (unless it was there already). I read that someone has seen it.

      I realise this was probably one of those "for you it was the most important day of your life, for me it was Tuesday" situations from your perspective

  5. JezMM


    Chamomile #160
  6. This is pure headcanon, but if I was tasked to explain this, I'd utilise the opportunity to give some nice little Team Dark character development stuff here. Omega turns to Shadow as if he's seeking Shadow's opinion on the correct course of action. Perhaps following the reveal of it being unclear whether Shadow was an android or not, Omega has been given pause as to whether it's right to destroy a more high-functioning robot like Metal Sonic, given his newfound respect for Shadow that's developed over the course of the game (with a little help from Rouge forcing the two to kiss and make-up every time they have an argument). I could see a conversation happening where Shadow and Rouge convince Omega that it's better to just toss Metal Sonic away like the garbage he is. Considering all the trouble Metal Sonic caused being way above your average Egg Pawn, I could see Omega being quite okay with the idea of Metal Sonic living to remember the humiliation of his defeat.
  7. Man the Sonic at the Olympic Games 2020 remixes are very cool but so teasingly short lol My Sweet Passion and Palmtree Panic were probably the highlights for me but there's not much to them. The Supporting Me remix is pretty awesome too (though it's mostly an original melody with some backing elements from the original song).

    Also wow they really went hard on the title screen theme lol, love it.

    1. PaulyBFromDa303


      I've peeped it a little bit, I haven't had too much time to play through it yet, but I do like it so far. What I really want is to know how to add friends and see that I'm last place out of all of them XD

    2. Faseeh


      There's some genuinely great stuff in here, I'm surprised they made so much music for this mobile game.

    3. DryLagoon


      I'm convinced the games are just an excuse for the artists to make as much music and remixes as they want. lol

  8. I'll start taking this concept seriously when the actual games do.
  9. Sonic 4 is probably the one I replay the most often. Not gonna lie, whenever I start it up, it takes me pretty much until the end of Episode 1 to re-adjust to the completely bonkers non-sensical sense of physics and momentum it has, but I enjoy it as a straight-up Sonic platformer. It kinda feels like if you took Sonic Adventure's level design philosophy and turned it into a 2D platformer like, just chunky but kinda speedy platforming with unique platforming gimmicks on every single stage. I have a genuinely enjoyable time with Shadow the Hedgehog whenever I do dust it off. The stage design is a little lacking, but I'd take that "not quite good enough" level design with Shadow's fairly tight character handling and gameplay over its sibling game Heroes' decent level design but terrible handling any day. The gunplay is fine too, feeling like just another iteration of the shooting gameplay from SA1/2, and again, being a vast improvement on Heroes' combat since the enemies having health bars actually make sense here (and they make sure enemies designed to be homing attacked across don't idiotically have multiple hit points). I can't see myself going back to it again much in the future, but for a while I played a lot of Lost World 3DS too, certainly 100%'d it, which I didn't do with the Wii U version. The parkour stuff is so much snappier and simple to do, it's a shame that each zone only has one really decent 3D platforming stage, with the other two in every zone always being a gimmicky puzzle affair or a 2D stage that plays like an okay follow-up to the Rush games but ultimately still not as fun as the main fast-paced 3D stage in each zone. Finally, yeah Sonic R is a fun time. If a "proper game" is a giant lego playset, Sonic R practically feels like a Polly Pocket toy in terms of scale, but there's something charming about that, and it plays fine once you get it into your head that the characters move like cars, not platforming characters. Even though I play as Sonic, I have a much better time with it when I use the optional accelerator button to move forward and "steer" him left and right only with the stick instead.
  10. JezMM


    Chamomile #159
  11. JezMM


    Chamomile #158
  12. While it seems obvious in some respects, really it makes more sense not to. The entire point of the movie is to tell a story that takes advantage of the medium, a story that wouldn't really work in a video game. That's exactly what they did, and part of the reason it was so well-recieved. I wouldn't really want to play a watered down version of that story, padded out with a bunch of extra locales and boss fights because the five or so settings and two fight scenes in the movie wouldn't really cut it for a video game. All set in fairly drab, realistic environments even when compared to 2006, which still at least covered most of the classic platformer settings like your snow and lava levels etc.
  13. To be honest, I do think sometimes people tend to gloss over some stages the other way around too when romanticising the classic games. Star Light is a beloved zone but it's literally just... a city at night. I guess the green colour scheme for the construction site you're crossing is kind of unique? To be honest, as long as Sonic Team design their "realistic" levels with one key colour or gimmick like that, there's nothing to fear for settings that are entirely based off a real world location otherwise. As an example, if Rooftop Run had only ever existed in it's Generations' form, it's pretty easy to imagine it as a stage made with classic design sensibilities "ah yes, the city zone with all the colourful balloons everywhere" is a pretty nice, memorable aesthetic. Of course, I'd definitely also love for them to be throwing in one or two off the wall zones like your Aquarium Parks or Collision Chaoses each game.
  14. I feel the series should MOSTLY stick to fantasy, but there is definitely space for more realistic settings too. One of Unleashed's biggest appeals to me was these settings that felt like places I could visit in real life (if I haven't already visited - Spagonia being a mishmash of the UK with other European countries after all) that I got to see: twisted into larger-than-life versions of themselves via the surreal geometry that a Sonic stage necessitates getting experienced through the lens of Sonic's ridiculous acrobatics and speed where I, a lowly human, would be forced to take hours of walking and climbing to cross the same distance I wouldn't want to see that abandoned entirely - I feel ideally, every game should have a few locations that are very reminscient of down-to-earth locations. However, they need to flesh out their fantasy locations to match that same sort of quality - fortunately Sonic Colours has already proven they're perfectly capable of this. I'd also like to see the continued idea of making Sonic games look believable even when fantastical - I prefer the likes of Sonic Forces' visuals to the likes of Lost World. Give us colourful, unique colour palettes and interesting lighting and effects as often as possible, avoid cliché, flat, bright colours for every single stage.
  15. Relistening to the Generations soundtrack... I know including a 2006 stage was controversial but honestly I don't want to live in the alternate world where we don't have these two Crisis City remixes. Best songs on the soundtrack.

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      The modern remix is nice, but the classic remix is where it's really at. I love that one.

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Also FWIW I still think that '06 was the most recent game that should have been included in Generations. Rooftop Run is of of my favourite stages in the series' history and Planet Wisp is very iconic of Colours (even though personally I prefer Aquarium Park), but those games were too recent and were already pretty similar in style to the boost games. Rooftop Run in Generations was lifted almost entirely out of Unleashed. It didn't feel new or exciting. And whilst it was nice to see Planet Wisp more fully realised without the limitations of the Wii, it wasn't all that exciting either. It was a weak way to end the game. Crisis City got a significant graphical and gameplay overhaul. It didn't really feel necessary that the two most recent and most similar games were included in the anniversary celebrations when other pieces of history got sidelined. Sonic 3, Sonic CD and Sonic 1 all got less attention that they should have done.

    3. Thigolf


      Rooftop Run Act 2 is one of the less interesting levels in the game because it just feels like they took parts of the unleashed level and rearranged it, but MAN I wouldn't want to miss the remix for the world.

      Act 1's track too, for that matter.

    4. Semi-colon e

      Semi-colon e

      The whole point of Generations was to go from the start to the at time present day to celebrate all 20 years. You can't do that when you skip Unleashed and Colours. And if Heroes and 06 get representation, Unleashed and Colours certainly deserved it. One of my favourite things about Generations is that it doesn't fall into the trap of only representing the early stuff because of nostalgia, like how Gamefreak jerks off Gen 1 in Pokemon all the fucking time.

      The fact that both versions of Generations used S&K levels and Sonic 3 barely got any love was a huge issue. They always pander to S&K despite Sonic 3 being just better, and I have no idea why they chose Sky Sanctuary, despite doing a good job with it, since it was only iconic because of story stuff. Sonic 1 just gets Green Hill, but that's not a Generations problem, that's a series problem. CD is just less iconic than the Mega Drive games and only got significant fuss in Mania.

    5. JezMM


      Yeah tbh CD is a bit too obscure in the GRAND scheme of things that I don't feel it was shafted by Generations thanks to having the most iconic boss fight covered. 1 definitely deserved a bit more love (though you could argue that including the entire game on the console versions of Generations goes some way to cover that - hey do 100% Generations speedrunners also include a Sonic 1 playthrough? lol).

      But yeah, 3 got very hard done by.  Rooftop Run Act 2 did feel way too much like they just took Act 1 from Unleashed and re-arranged it (and it flowed worse as a stage overall for it) but it was just too upbeat and joyous for me to hate.  My only wish is that they had made the time of day change and include a night section.

      Having said all this, I bet if they HAD omitted newer games to cover more old ones in-depth, it uhh... well, wouldn't have happened. I'm sure 2006, Unleashed and Colours being recent titles streamlined creating assets for those stages compared to the others.  Maybe even Seaside Hill, if they were able to borrow some stuff from All-Stars Racing, who knows. Like, axe those later stages and you don't get as much time/budget back as you would need to replace them with full stages for CD/3.

      Also ending on 2006 would've just been a total bummer.

    6. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      I understand that notion of Generations celebrating everything and not just the old, and it's obviously what SEGA went for. But I feel like it was spreading itself too thin. Giving equal representation to the original game in the series and one that was less than a year old felt just wrong. If they had to include Rooftop Run and Planet Wisp, it would have been good to see them further differentiated from the source material. More of the sewers, balloons, aqueducts, mountains and nighttime settings for Rooftop Run, and the pristine, untouched natural environment of Planet Wisp would have been greatly appreciated. 

      Who says that it needed to end on '06 anyway? The game only progresses forwards through time for the main levels but jumps back to something else in the era for the boss/rival fights (although for Silver it jumps to something the never happened). The final level and boss should have been in Final-Scrap-Death-Fortress-Egg-Rush-Brain-Carrier Zone or something. 

    7. Semi-colon e

      Semi-colon e

      Planet Wisp Modern would have been one of the best levels in the game with more 3D sections. It starts out so well and then goes to shit once you get to the tower. That was from Colours but they really got carried away with the tower.


      Ironically, Planet Wisp Classic actually has the big slopes most other levels were lacking, but was too focused on the Spikes wisp to really benefit from it.

    8. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Kenichi Tokoi really tried to make this theme suitable for a final level, especially one that's so mechanical. It's a great mix, and works a treat. I love it. Shame that the Act 2 track is basically just a mix of Colours' Act 1 and 3 mixes. It really misses the mark, by being too upbeat for the level and uninteresting as a remix.

    9. JezMM


      I do think that the Act 2 mix is better than the original, if only for letting that little emotional piano bit hang on a little longer and a little more atmospherically before the loop, but yeah it was too similar generally.  I'm not a huge fan of Act 1 as a music piece - it fits the stage perfectly and I'm fine with it lacking the emotional side of the original melody since it's used for the penultimate rather than final stage - but it doesn't appeal to me in a general sense, I tune out when it plays in the soundtrack.  BUT... it's definitely very different from any of the originals, and Act 2 needed that too.  I definitely wish Act 2 had been more heavy on the non-mechanical aspects of Planet Wisp for the whole stage - maybe even reverse the progression - start mechanical and end in the plains - would've been a much more triumphant finale for the game. With music to match, focusing on the "beautiful alien planet" elements of the song in the same way Act 1 focused on the "mechanical Eggman takeover" elements of the original song, it would've been gorgeous.

      And yeah, the Wisp usage definitely hurt these stages, making them feel odd and gimmicky. I do often wonder if they should've gone a different angle than chronological for the game, jumping back and forth between classic and modern content.

    10. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      Chronological order makes sense as a journey through Sonic's past adventures, but paired with the lack of variety in level themes for Generations it just doesn't add to the experience. A lot of Generations manages to feel half-baked. The concept of the game is so nice and really was a nice love letter to the series past (I'm talking as though it's 2011 where the only other thing like it was S4), but it really deserved a much wider scope. The game is so tiny, the story is so non-existent and the fan service is so spotty in places. No Special Stages, no classic Knuckles and Amy, no modern Metal, Classic Sonic rewritten as a silent protagonist in a really unnatural way, 9 levels to represent the entire series, no narrative tying things together in a meaningful way and a really inaccurate attempt to recreat Classic Sonic gameplay (although I have to stress that I do in fact really enjoy Classic in Generations)... The game deserved more, and definitely didn't deserve to be rehashed itself in the worst possible way with Forces.

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