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  1. Chamomile

    Chamomile #44
  2. To be honest as someone with no real nostalgia from childhood for SEGA stuff in general, I found Transformed's Sonic content kinda underwhelming (though for what little non-Sonic SEGA interest I DO have, I also found it annoying how such nothing franchises like Billy Hatcher and Samba Di Amigo got courses again while a long-runner like Phantasy Star Online, a non-Sonic franchise I am interested in, got nothing), so I'm all for a racer that gives him full attention. At the same time though it's gonna be another kind of "celebration" game if they use old locales, and probably have a lukewarm reception if they're all original locales like Sonic Riders. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.
  3. Is Mania After The 8-Bit Games? Theory

    The most popular fan theory is that the original timeline went: 16-bit games -> Sonic 4 -> Modern games up to Generations -> Sonic Generations In Sonic Generations, the past Sonic comes from a time after the 16-bit games but before Sonic 4. When he (and classic Eggman) returned with their knowledge from the future, it created a new timeline where they (or particularly Eggman) altered their actions, and Sonic Mania happened instead of Sonic 4. As this new past (Classic) Sonic is now from a history different from Modern Sonic's own, he could be said to be from a seperate dimension where things played out differently. Of course, there's no reasonable way Tails could just "know" this. Even with your 8-bit theory, there's no reason for Tails to not recognise Classic as the same younger Sonic they met before (and clearly he is, as he too is not surprised to meet Tails and Modern Sonic again). The truth of the matter is that the above is only the most popular fanon way of explaining the plot holes. Sonic Team probably didn't think about it this deeply, and more likely they just wanted to retcon Classic Sonic's backstory so they don't have to deal with time travel stuff every time they want him to show up in a Modern Sonic game (which I imagine, due to Generations' popularity, they want to leave the door open to be able to do). Anyway, the 8-bit games don't necessarily take place in a seperate timeline. They have a bunch of elements that clash with the 16-bit games but... hell, so do the 16-bit games themselves. Really, apart from the chaos emerald count confusing things a bit, they can easily just be seen as other adventures that occur at no specific point.
  4. What were your headcanons, as kids?

    The last update was about half a year ago but we did kinda have this thread already: Not meaning to backseat mod here or anything, I'll leave it to the staff to decide whether it's worth closing this one or merging it with that one, but I figure if people are interested in this subject they may wanna read through the old thread too (my post here would pretty much be repeating my post from there lol).
  5. I feel it's kinda like comparing an all-you-can-eat buffet to a small bistro with just one set menu. Sonic has done all sortsa shit and quantity-wise there is a lot of lore, but if you take it as a whole, you have to ignore SO much garbage. If you fill your plate up with everything the franchise has to offer, you'll end up with a total mess, and it's why the fanbase is so divided on which of the many different lore things Sonic has done is the most worthwhile. Meanwhile Mario usually tries a different angle with each of his main releases that can only be taken individually, but their quality is pretty fine-tuned. Some people prefer the quantity, and that's fine, but I feel it's misguided to say the quantity makes it objectively better. People both outside and inside the fanbase actively make fun of all the government conspiracy shit in SA2, one of the games that most fans would feel is a perfect example of Sonic's "superior" lore. (For the record, I like SA2's plot, but I can see how it looks from their perspective).
  6. Every time this topic comes up people will moan about Mario being objectively worse as a character just because he isn't a wise-cracking jackass like Sonic. A lot of his characteristics may be "typical" for a platformer hero, but that doesn't make them any less characteristics. Would someone with "no personality" excitedly yell "yahoo!" when they catapault up some stairs with their acrobatic abilities, or face adventure and danger with an optimistic smile? Would a "blank slate" go out of their way to help people they've just met simply because they're in need and at the mercy of a powerful injustice? Would someone who "is just an extension of the player" have such a documented interest in sports, good food, and parties, or take a nap or dance to nearby music of their own accord when left alone by the player? Like goddamn, play a Mario game and pay attention instead of expecting to have the information the world and characters provide spoon-fed to you. You don't need a character to have a million lines of mediocrely-written dialogue to learn what kind of person they are. Mario Odyssey goes above and beyond in these aspects, but they've always been there to some degree.
  7. ART: JezMM [Original Pin-Ups]

    Every time I post Sonic fan art here I think how I should do a general update with some of my other stuff, so here we go: My OC, Kay Sombra My OC, Brianna And some faves from last year: My PSO2 character, Beatroot My OC, Chamomile My wife's OC, Chicory My OC, Venus I also updated the OP with my "best ofs" from 2017 for both original and fanart, so feel free to check those out.
  8. Chamomile

    Whoops, missed an update here again, my bad. Chamomile #42 Chamomile #43
  9. The misconception that Sonic is killed in ‘06.

    I'm pretty sure it's just implied that Sonic was just briefly knocked unconcious by the Time Eater there.
  10. Cream's key art from her debut game: Side mouths have nothing to do with character age, it's just an art thing. The artists draw their mouths wherever "looks best" for the particular pose and expression they're drawing. The in-game animators have tried to replicate this concept from time to time, but they haven't quite nailed down any consistent rules for it to make it look right in 3D. The other thing is that artists can "cheat" in 2D art - it's easy to draw interesting poses or expressions that wouldn't make sense in a 3D space. While animators can also "cheat" by deforming pieces of the character in ways that don't look weird from the correct camera angle for cut-scenes etc, it's much more time-consuming and costly to do compared to standard character animation.
  11. With these additional reasons you stated, I think that's perfectly reasonable for you to not see it as being worth the money. Just understand that in the post I was responding to, the only thing you said that made it not worth the price was that the story is only 4 hours long, implying you were only disappointed only in the quantity of the game (which as said, I feel is unfair because the quantity of a game is not defined by how much they force you to play to make the credits roll). If you were disappointed with the quality as well, that's fair enough, and you can disregard my last post since it was based on only partial information of your feelings.
  12. What type of fanservice is next?

    Shadow with a gun, Sonic with a sword, and the Avatar actually lend themselves to gameplay concepts, which, short-sighted as those ideas turned out to be, IS the correct place to start with most game genres, platformers absolutely being one of them. But memes, god no. While the times that they're spot-on funny are worth it, even the Sonic social media only generally gets this right half the time. The thing about memes as well is that they are funny for five minutes and they age fast (this is why Sanic kinda has felt forced for a long time and I really hope they're planning to mostly retire the "joke" now that it culiminated in appearing in an actual Sonic game). You can't build a game around that, even like, literally games take years to make, and memes come and go within the space of days or weeks. As for humanisation, I don't think it's really something people care about seeing in the games. Drawing humanised Sonic characters is a fun artistic activity, but I can't really imagine any context that I'd enjoy it within a game, and I draw humanised Sonic characters about as often as I draw regular fanart of them. This one is more likely, as the MLP example shows, but it seems like a thing better saved for comics or cartoons. I don't think anyone really wants to play as a supersonic... human. Like memes, it'd be funny for five minutes, but after that I'd rather play as Sonic - you know, that character with a physical design so generally appealing he's managed to stay relevant and well known for 25 years.
  13. Tbh this concept, to me, just feels like another variation on the age-old "attempts at story in Sonic have been bad, so let's just nuke the entire concept and not have a story". People like the existing characters and want to see Sonic Team try to make them interesting and relevant to the plots. The issue is not that Sonic Team are trying and failing, it's that they're barely even trying.
  14. Who are the best villains in the franchise?

    I feel like Merlina is a little overhyped in the same way that Sonic Colours was heralded as the best 3D Sonic game when it arrived due to it's comparitve lack of flaws from what came before, despite not being all that impressive on it's own. My main beef with her is that her foreshadowing is so minor and yet so heavy-handed. It's such a jarringly out of nowhere single scene that quickly gets forgotten about, so when the twist does come you're like "what the fuck" with it only making sense LONG after the fact in which she explains her motivations in, again, a very heavy-handed villian monologue. Like... for Sonic? She's decent enough, and yep, way better than the likes of Black Doom and Mephiles. But whenever I think of her good points, I'm just like "so why don't I have any attachment to her whatsoever?" and I think what I've just about managed to put into words here is why. Tell you who was a good villian: all three Dark characters in Sonic Adventure 2. Aside from them doing a very poor job of explaining exactly how Gerald manipulated Shadow's mental state in the time between Maria's death and Gerald's execution, it's a fairly tight narrative for Shadow's arc. Eggman is of course, Eggman, and there's a reason he's so loved in this game. He's still kind of doofy in how he presents himself but manages to be a significant threat without going full SatAM/Archie overboard with it, and we get a nice touch of backstory in the epilogue for him. Finally, Rouge's role keeps you guessing the whole way through as to whether she's good, evil, or just out for her own interests. As a unit they made for an interesting ride.
  15. Random thought: How would you feel if a future 2D Sonic game such as a Mania sequel, gave Sonic a bespoke animation for running off of ledges?  His "running in mid-air with the same animation as he does on the ground" has kind of been an unquestioned series staple, and I wonder how people would respond to an alternative - either a simple arms up, legs still drop down or something more elaborate like a light windmill-ing of limbs like his falling animation from Unleashed Wii.

    1. MegasonicZX


      No idea actually, i'm so used to it now that i'd probably feel a little weird if they were to suddenly change it but I definitely wouldn't mind if they did something like unleashed wii (don't know why, I just really loved that animation).

    2. JezMM


      I kinda feel like it would give him more tangibility as a character in a place rather than feeling like the player's "game piece", but I concede it could be hard to pull off a good, clear animation that portrays his vulnerability of not being curled up without taking any sense of power away from him.

    3. Josh


      I thought it would be cool if the series had more transitioning animations like that. A few small things would make the game look and feel a lot smoother.


    4. Diogenes


      i'd be fine with that. adds a bit more life to the character.

    5. Shiguy


      It's a minor thing but I don't see any harm of adding a transition frame when exiting from a ledge while running. Plenty of fan hacks/games that i've seen replace the default spring jump animation with the "i'm outta here" pose from CD. Heck, LW and Forces even added a hilarious transition frame when free falling without diving for too long.

      Little touches of detail that bring out character is A "ok" in my book.

    6. TheOcelot


      Sounds like a good idea.

      Maybe something like this in terms of arms movement:

      Thumbnail for version as of 20:26, 23 August 2009

    7. SupahBerry


      I imagine that for running off ledges at full speed, I'd simply take the running mid-air animation and slant it downwards towards the facing direction, like running down slopes.


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