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  1. I cast my first votes, but two things! Two tracks are missing from the Sonic Chaos list. I assume the character select screen is intentional, but the other not so much: Electric Egg Act 3 has a unique song. It's the same dramatic tune that plays during the opening movie as well. Some game rips list it as "Final Level". Second thing is a question - in games with smaller soundtracks that I overall don't care much about, can I intentionally list them as lower numbers if at all? Like, Sonic Spinball Game Gear has such a naff soundtrack, it seems weird to give whatever song I consider least boring of those the same amount of points as songs I adore like Sonic 2 8-bit's Bad Ending theme. I wouldn't mind being able to rank the tracks I care about as just 8 9 and 10 on my list to give them a couple of points and consider the game accounted for without giving them a whopping boost in the overall rankings. I assume after all you ideally want each user to cover every game (with badge incentives?) but some soundtracks are just worse than others and it's weird that the best song from Sonic Spinball Game Gear would be considered on par with the best song from Sonic Adventure 2, etc. Sorry if that's a question that kind of upheaves the entire ranking system to propose.
  2. Awww man I missed out on a cute lil Amy badge by not having anything of value to add to the pre-thread, booooo. EDIT: Oh wait I did, noice. Hokay I'll try and do a few of these a day. Apologies for the little "1."'s in front of each spoiler box they're an artifact of applying spoiler boxes to the numbered lists and I'm too lazy to fix them coz it's a fiddle and boring to do like 6 times. Sonic the Hedgehog (Mega Drive): Sonic the Hedgehog (Master System/Game Gear): Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Mega Drive) Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (Master System/Game Gear) Sonic the Hedgehog CD (US) Sonic the Hedgehog CD (JP/EU) Sonic Chaos I'll be writing an accompanying post for this in the discussion thread regarding two matters, since I assume this one is meant to be kept tidy and for voting only.
  3. Peach very seriously firing a bulky laser gun is giving me life right now.
  4. I'm fine with it really, tons of franchises use a unique theme for each game. To be honest, if used just a LITTLE more often, You Can Do Anything is already sort of used a similar amount/in a similar way to the Legend of Zelda main theme. They only use it very occasionally in the actual games as a recurring lemotif, only serving as main theme for a very small handful of games (with most all having a unique main theme), and regularly use it to represent the franchise as a whole in external media, such as Smash Bros stages and Mario Kart's Hyrule Circuit. Compare to You Can Do Anything serving as the theme for Ocean View in All-Stars Transformed, despite the song having nothing to do with Sonic Heroes but rather representing Sonic's "main" stage in that game musically.
  5. What's wacky is Naofumi Hataya had nothing to do with Sonic Chaos according to the end credits, but I wonder if he assisted and they forgot to mention him. Regardless, the sound team did an amazing job of continuing the musical stylings of Sonic 2 8-bit in that game. Shame the same can't be said for Triple Trouble's soundtrack which I find largely forgettable and lacking in energy.
  6. I definitely saw that around online but it didn't seem to be as big of a thing due to the Zootopia characters not being particularly humanoid (unlike most furry characters). Maybe I missed a lot of it and that was a bigger deal than I thought. But the overall stuff I did see was "wow furries are gonna love this movie" rather than "Disney is making a movie for furries!".
  7. The Sonic 1/2 theme is definitely the most iconic but I don't think most would have any issue recognising Green Hill, as the OP asks. My chips go onto Sonic - You Can Do Anything though. I'm biased since it appeared in my first ever Sonic game, Sonic 2 8-bit, but yeah. Its melody feels the most neutral and "Sonic" to me somehow. God though, it appearing in the Sonic Adventure invincibility theme and the Sonic Heroes menu theme and me never noticing is blowing my fucking mind over here wow. EDIT: OH, and here's yet another one too (which kinda feels like an "Act 2" variant to Sonic 2 Green Hills' Act 1):
  8. Like... here's the thing though, there was never any stigma about Zootopia because people didn't see it as a furry thing like the internet has given Sonic. Nobody was ever concerned about it having animal characters because animated films have always had animal characters. The stigma is purely around Sonic and an overblown joke is still overblown and very visible. You're not wrong about a lot of what you said here but I don't think it's going to make people care about Sonic Forces. It's just another Sonic game to them and "lol they actually did an OC making thing wow". That's the vast majority opinion I'm seeing.
  9. Zootopia has NONE of the stigma attached to it that the Sonic franchise does, it was a powerful (for an all-ages title) film that used an animal setting to tell a story reflective of segregation and bigotry in our own society. Sonic is a typical good vs evil superhero adventure which dabbles in unique dramatic themes on occasion for story variety's sake but not much more. To suggest that the positive reception to Zootopia is somehow going to affect this game in any significant way is as daft as suggesting that Zootopia was a big risk because of the state the Sonic series was in at the time and people might not be okay with an animal cast because of that - Sonic was and still is a much more recognisable franchise than Zootopia after all. Also just, the general grouping together of the two because "animal characters" is as surface-level reaction-based as the blundering Dad who buys his son a hentai DVD because "you like these animanga chinese cartoons don'tcha son? I got you another one." Animal characters is not a genre like wild west action romps are.
  10. To be honest, I think as soon as people realise that the character creator doesn't let you make abominations using sliders (because I'm pretty sure it won't), people are gonna lose interest. Like I know Griffin McElroy said there'd likely be a Sonic Forces episode of Monster Factory but I don't think it's gonna be that kinda game. Regarding further anti-Switch fanboyism; the idea that the main appeal of an OC creator (and nay, the entire product) is online sharing of OCs as oppose to kids being able to play as their own hero alongside Sonic in the, y'know, actual game; as well as the ridiculous notion that Zootopia and Sonic have anything in common thematically beyond "characters wot are animals" (and even those have major differences in portayal) and that fans of the former are superficial enough that they will embrace all media that features cartoon animals unconditionally: And honest to god I think I've been pretty self-controlled by not responding to a lot of previous posts in the thread with this gif up until now.
  11. The last sentence of your post is likely true, but that doesn't necessarily mean the first sentence is. I'm saying they decided to move on then immediately backpedaled to safer ground as soon as that wasn't working out for them. For better or worse, we'll find out when Forces releases, naturally.
  12. I really feel this line of conversation is becoming less and less relevant to Forces, a single player game. All the examples given, be it real life baseball cards or PSO2 clothing, are cases where the random purchases have worth to doubles, in which you can trade unwanted items with other players for other items or currency. I sincerely doubt if Forces has cosmetic DLC it will be randomised (and as said I don't care how accepted it is, I would look down on both SEGA and the people who advocate it if they engaged in such a model for a Single Player offline game primarily aimed at KIDS) and if it did I can't imagine any kind of compensation that would be satisfactory. I know the pitiful amount of in-game currency Overwatch gives you for doubles doesn't at all feel like compensation to me, and I only deal with boxes I've actually earned through gameplay let alone actual real life money.
  13. Yeah it's a pretty common sample that's often very related to jungle/ruins setting music in soundtracks. Like I would have no idea what to "call" it but I'm sure it could be found on the internet as a standalone sample. Generally speaking when a Sonic game makes a musical reference they make sure it's very obvious.
  14. It's a common thing for licensed music to only be licensed for the TV airing of a show. It happens in all TV, and it's why you'll sometimes find a song is replaced in the DVD release of a TV show despite re-runs of the show on TV still having the original music. There are some even weirder more specific cases where songs have been replaced exclusively in Netflix versions of old TV shows because their original licensing agreements accounted for home media releases but not the future of online digital streaming services. Anyway I'm guessing either the director or the music director were fans of the band. The songs work really well in either case - the DVD replacements are decent and don't hurt the mood of the scenes at all, but the intended Off Course songs fit so much better. I still get super nostalgic for watching this show as a teenager when I listen to Natsu No Hi, like, to a ridiculous degree.
  15. Willingness/acceptance =/= enjoyment. No-one enjoys spending money on content that they don't feel is worth the price, but they still want the content badly enough that they'll begrudgingly cough up for it. You're suggesting any business practice is fine until it reaches the point where all customers literally refuse to adhere to it. Just coz SEGA COULD do something here it doesn't mean they aren't being shitty for doing it. You know what gets me to cough up money? A company who cares about making good, fun content for me to enjoy and prioritises my enjoyment as the key factor when creating a product designed for entertainment. The only people who would ever "enjoy" paying for Overwatch loot boxes etc are rich fucks with more money than sense. I personally refuse to and it pisses me off that people willing to do so will stage it as if Blizzard are doing a nice thing by giving you an alternative way to acquire items if you don't get what you want through hours and hours of playing. If extra cosmetics in Forces were paid for AND randomised then I would lose a shit ton of respect for SEGA and it would sour my overall experience with the game. Granted I think that's incredibly unlikely to happen. As said though, if there are options where you can get cosmetics as a bundle with actual tangible content like DLC stages, I'll find it a lot easier to swallow.