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  1. This is part for the course with game development as far as I'm aware. Unless they want to provide access to a new level, there's no point updating demo builds if the existing ones work fine. Every time they do they have to give it a bug testing pass and such that is not as exhaustive as, but similar to, bug testing the final version of the game, which is just wasted development time if, as said, there is nothing wrong with the existing ones. In short, the fact that the demo versions are old has zero bearing on how far along they are whatsoever.
  2. I'm sure I've said something to this effect previously but since it's relevant: Regarding Mirage Saloon, a part of me hopes that they used the Act 1 music in the demo version. We all know that song so well now, it'll be weird to hear the two acts in reverse order. Act 1 is forever going to sound like "the remix" to us otherwise, due to how familiar we now are with Act 2.
  3. I will say, I hope Tee Lopes doesn't fly off the handle with his Act 2 remixes - I'd like to see them have variety more in melody than in quality/instrumentation. That is to say, Green Hill Act 1 sounds very similar to the original, only minor upgrades - I want that to be observed in the Act 2 mix as well, as if Lopes was composing an Act 2 version "as it might've been at the time" - then with his little instrumentational upgrades on top. Just really hope with the retro zones we don't get a Generations-type situation where Act 1 is "the slightly upgraded original" and Act 2 is "full-blown remake" (regarding how they handled Green Hill, Chemical Plant, Casino Night, Mushroom Hill and Sky Sanctuary, I mean). Generations soundtrack was great anyway, and I'm sure Mania's will be too, but it's just a personal hope of mine that the soundtrack will have a nice unified feel. For example Tee Lopes' 2012 Green Hill remix is AMAZING: But if we had something like this for Act 2 it'd feel overly rich compared to Act 1. If he's going for the "keep a couple of instruments from the original" concept I hope that isn't abandoned for the sake of blowing us away with the Act 2 mix on each familiar zone. If that all makes sense. Judging by the consistency in atmosphere between the tracks we have so far, I'm hopeful this is exactly what he's going for, but we haven't had any alternate act remixes to know for sure yet... Regardless, the worst case scenario here is we have a slightly inconsistent but still overall amazing soundtrack like Generations, so no biggie.
  4. For my last post I checked the Sonic wiki in case there was an exact terminlogy for the big special stage rings, and on the page for them like... I get it's standard form on fandom wikis to use the latest appearance of something for the page image... but my god those Lost World Giant Rings were ugly as sin


    They literally look like a ready-to-go 3D art program asset or something


    1. Nepenthe
    2. Forte-Metallix


      Just looking at that thing gives me bad flashbacks- not just because it's poorly rendered, but the hell that it leads to.

    3. Soni


      lol yeah, those special rings look absolute shit but hey, those special stages are pretty fun. finally got a use for my swivel office chair 

    4. JezMM


      I too was a stunach defender of the Lost World special stages.  Terrible idea, especially for a game that may be played on the go, but super fun and satisfying if you embrace their demands and stand in the middle of a room and use your whole body like a moron to play them

    5. Soni


      or if you have swivel office chair like me but yeah, just give me traditional controls and nobody would even complain about those special stages.

    6. Fusion Ellipsis

      Fusion Ellipsis

      Why does this look like a thin onion ring what

  5. I'm not sure why so many people are insistent there won't be a story. The developers know the classic fans want a successor to S3&K in ALL departments, not just physics-play. They've already said "there is a reason Sonic is returning to past locations" and that the game will have S3&K-style cut-scenes and zone transitions. These two things added together strongly suggest there will be a narrative to enjoy. I don't expect the game to add some major thing to Sonic lore like S3&K did considering it's being made by relative "outsiders", but I'll honestly be shocked if the only real cut-scenes are the opening and ending and the rest is just "Sonic jumps onto a balloon and it drops him in the next zone" or whatever. I'm expecting at least a few moments that re-frame the action into a narrative like the fire-bombing of Angel Island, the Death Egg Launch, Knuckles sealing the Super Ring entrance in Mushroom Hill and Hidden Palace were in S3&K.
  6. I like Sonic 4 and have no issue with it's existence and was purely posting on a personal opinion basis and enjoyed the story episode 2 attempted up until it was left hanging. That's why I said "I know I know". All I'm saying is a small, personal hope of mine is that it doesn't clash with Sonic 4, nothing less nothing more. But not the end of the world if it does. I think Casino Night had this in mind though - Eggman moves VERY predictably, the only time he breaks stride in his pattern is when the player triggers it by passing underneath, which the player must then consider in their head regarding when they choose to jump. It's actually... kinda advanced really in the sense that you'd think this would be the 2nd boss in the series to set itself in a half pipe and rely on physics play heavily, where the 1st one just followed a simple pattern without any flair. Still, exactly why it's a good, challenging boss I guess.
  7. Actually that boss is kinda boring if you ask me. I think people only remember it because for a Game Gear game the instant act transition with the signpost dropping down and such was really cool, and of course, the music.
  8. It's easy to forget but we did have scrolling bosses in Sonic & Knuckles: Mushroom Hill Act 2 and the final part of Death Egg Act 2. Mushroom Hill Act 2 is actually a really fun example of one - it doesn't throw a crazy huge amount of stuff at you nor does it go ridiculously fast. I'm definitely not a fan of scrolling bosses where essentially you're just playing a regular boss but speed to the right hand side of the screen is 25% and speed to the left hand side is 300%.
  9. While I definitely agree it shouldn't have been called Sonic 4, I still consider it a main series game - it's a home console platformer set in the same continuity as the other home console platformers with no frivolous gimmicks to speak of, there is nothing about it that makes it a spin-off. I always felt it was indeed kind of it's own thing - an unnecessary but not inherently incorrect-to-have-attempted "bridge" game between the classics and Adventure. Right now the story is in limbo really, so I don't want to consider it non-canon until a newer game decisively overwrites something from it. Wow, I never knew that tidbit about Taxman... that is extra depressing lol (though granted, it would have been weird for Episode 3 to suddenly have distinctly physics-based play that felt TOTALLY different from Ep 1 and 2's more straight up basic bitch modern Sonic platforming (where they kept the game interesting by introducing a new toy unique to each level, but outside of that you were mostly doing the same stuff etc).
  10. True, I forgot about Metal Sonic being in Chaotix... I guess if I'm willing to let Sonic 4 and Sonic Heroes overwrite stuff that Knuckles' Chaotix established I can't really be precious about Sonic 4 just because I like it (I'm still bummed that we didn't get Ep 3 to be honest).
  11. JUST remembered I dreamt I got to play Sonic 2017 properly last night, not even my usual teasing dream where I start the game up then awaken. I played a good few levels, it played like Unleashed HD platforming-wise but with the criss-crossing multiple routes of Unleashed PS2/Wii. First level was the ruined city, & Classic Sonic talked in the cut-scenes (he had a unique voice actor that sounded like a young Roger Craig Smith Sonic).

    Was neat and weirdly vivid, I distinctly remember being hyped and having a bunch of fun playing it.

    1. JezMM


      Oh and the cast did acknowledge that Classic Sonic didn’t talk before, but it was just a throwaway “man you’re a lot more talkative than I remember you” joke that Classic was just “haha yep whatever” about.

  12. I'm not expecting to see Metal in Mania since I do feel SEGA considers him a "character" and they've said that Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Eggman are the only "characters" in Mania. But that's exactly what you'd say to hide a surprise so who knows. Despite everything though I don't really want Mania messing with the canon that Sonic 4 established. I know I know, I'm just saying from a lore basis it'd bother me personally to throw yet ANOTHER hiccup into the series chronology. But we'll see. Of course, no harm would be done if Stardust Speedway is a returning level and we fight him exactly there again. Honestly though, a new model of Silver Sonic or Mecha Sonic would be pretty darn neato too.
  13. With no Mario-related launch titles, backwards compatibility or virtual console, Switch will be the first Nintendo console I own where my first ever game on it isn’t a Mario one.

    Granted that little tradition of mine became jokes when I was forced to play a GCN game on my Wii and a DS game on my 3DS to uphold it, but still!

    1. Mando-Whirl-Wind


      We still don't know if there's going to be VC

    2. JezMM


      We kind of do though don't we?  The free game a month thing on my nintendo "but you'll have to buy it to continue playing after the month".  Seems odd they'd do VC JUST for the free games each month.

    3. Mando-Whirl-Wind
    4. Spin Attaxx
    5. Marcello
    6. Mando-Whirl-Wind


      Oh well, by E3 then. Also that's likely when we'll get that Yooka Laylee release date

  14. I'm afraid that's just the sort of franchise Sonic is. I would LOVE for Sonic to be 100% consistent, but it is a 25-year old franchise that has passed through MANY creative hands that all have different working knowledges of existing lore and different opinions on whether that lore matters or not for each new product in the franchise. Additionally, Sonic is primarily aimed at an audience that will be consuming the games in a very casual manner. So yeah, that kind of consistency just can't be expected of it and you'll have an easier time if you can find a way to personally make peace with that fact.
  15. Your "doesn't even take you 10 minutes to reach the end of a stage" is a perfect example of how an unrealistic passage of time is something you have to accept in the Sonic franchise. During Speed Highway, the sun manages to rise completely in the space of the 20 seconds that Sonic spends inside a skyscraper. What we experience will always be just an "artistic representation" of the real, canon adventure that unfolded in Sonic's world. Anyway to each their own, I can suspend my disbelief just fine. Character age is one of TONS of things in the Sonic series that require suspense of disbelief: Rings are everywhere and a form of energy but also currency? Highways and city buildings have loops built into them? Chaos Emeralds disperse after being used - sometimes exist in a mysterious realm and sometimes they're just lying around in the world? The amount of materials Eggman would need to amass for each of his schemes is completely ludicrous, even considering his various legit sources of income? (This one is a particular hole for the "all these Sonic games could take place in the space of a year!" idea). What the fuck even is Omochao? Character age not making sense feels like small potatoes compared to some of the stuff I can just say "well it's not that important" to enjoy what consistent lore IS on offer. Sometimes I feel it's better to just be able to say that when a rational explaination - be it canon or fanon - cannot be determined, especially for an overall mediocrely written/constructed lore such as Sonic's. If you disagree well... brace yourself for a headache I guess because the answers just aren't there for some things. The developers have made it clear in recent years that Sonic isn't the sort of franchise that has that kind of consistency, so while it's nice to hope, it's best to keep those hopes... dormant, I guess.