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  1. JezMM


    Chamomile #126
  2. Here's my wishlist, making use of Tracker's template a little further up! 2B is TECHNICALLY the most wild here since she's never appeared on a Nintendo console, but it's clear she'd make a fun fighter. I don't have any particular ideas for her stage mind you. Shantae would make SUCH a fun fighter. Scuttle Town is known for being set on fire a lot and having walls with blocks pushing out and in as a platforming mechanic so I feel we could get some Mighty Switch Force crossbuzz here too - have Patty cameo if a MSF song is playing. Jade... well, I was all ready to have Rayman as my third pick but it took me so long to find the particular render I wanted to use that in that time I remembered how I loved BG&E more than Rayman as far as Ubisoft games go, so whoops it's all girls. There'd have to be some kinda intergration of photography into her moveset I feel. Her stage could periodically get attacked by Domz like in the opening hours of the game. Marina is my personal pipe dream pick. Having Neo, my fave song from the game but only appears in two stages, as a remix is also personal fanservice. I guess I could go all out and use the Cave world for a stage instead since it's my fave aesthetic, but let's not go nuts. D.Va... I feel if we're going to get an Overwatch character it'll probably end up being Tracer but I feel D.Va would be cooler, including the in-and-out of mech mechanic somehow. Man, can't you just imagine re-creations of her highlight intros playing on the victory screen!? I used the Joker DLC's music as a template for "three remixes, eight original songs" but take those with a pinch of salt since obviously Persona, Monster Hunter and Banjo-Kazooie all had wildly different music representation. Persona's feels the most "tempered expectations". EDIT: As a bonus, here’s a playlist of my music choices, mainly coz I wanted to listen to it myself while doing something ACTUALLY productive with the rest of the day. Used most recent versions of Burning Town and Boss Battle for Shantae, but I imagine those remixes taking from all versions. "Fight Medley" for Jade I imagine being a blend between "Fight" and "Fight (Arranged)", which are included in the playlist. The Lúcio Medley I imagine as a mostly original song using Lúcio's Speed/Healing songs + DJ emote song as a basis for different parts. The Map medley I imagine being a remix that would keep fairly consistent instrumentation but using melodies from all sorts of map loading themes. (Didn't include the medley stuff for OW in the playlist coz the lucio stuff are very short songs in their original context and the map themes... there are a lot of those. I feel Watchpoint and King's Row can stand on their own though, which is why they're Original song picks). FINALLY bare in mind this playlist is more aimed at those who have played the related games and want a reminder of what songs are what to appreciate my choices - there are final boss/ending themes etc in here that are better enjoyed for the first time in their intended context.
  3. JezMM


    Forgot to post yesterday, apologies to anyone who only reads here! EDIT: A... and last week apparently WHOOPS. Chamomile #124 Chamomile #125
  4. Somewhat relevant and worth sharing, an extremely good post from an anonymous game developer on why any kind of online fan consensus should be taken with a grain of salt: https://askagamedev.tumblr.com/post/149466049419/80-20-5 (The short version is - internet fandom makes up about 5% of actual players).
  5. I'm interested in the Switch version because I'd love a new couch co-op game my wife and I can play together, so as long as the co-op mode doesn't have awful performance that'll probably be good enough to justify the purchase, even without Nyakuza Metro... but if Nyakuza Metro DOESN'T come out that will be a downer for sure. I do actually own a Steam Link but after my use of it dwindled it became a hassle to set up (there's always a little bit of arguments about whether my PC wants to send the visuals to my monitor or the Link, and getting controllers to respond properly etc). The convenience of having it on Switch will be great as long as co-op has good performance - I know the PC game has incredible depths of optimisation options for visuals but you never know how well that will ACTUALLY translate to a console game in split-screen, and Sonic Forces/TSR has made me a little wary of how difficult it is or isn't to port a game down to the Switch's capabilities - hard to know if that's just Sonic Team being incompetent though lol (really Sky Road's visuals on Switch were such a letdown and split-screen framerate is incredibly sucky lol).
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    Chamomile #123
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    Chamomile #122
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    Chamomile #120 Also bonus thing:
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    Chamomile #118
  12. Just put the dancing in as a minigame or use it for some other purpose, like simple key puzzles (like ocarina songs in Zelda or something). Something cleverer than that as a proper tertiary mechanic would be cool but I'd settle for the former.
  13. JezMM


    Chamomile #117
  14. It's definitely not for me, the idea of playing some of the bigger AAA titles like Zelda and Mario handheld only seems insane to me, playing those for the first time on a TV was incredibly important. But... now that I've finished my first playthrough of them, I almost entirely play my Switch handheld, especially for more casual/non-atmospheric games like Sonic Mania, Mario Maker, Baba is You, etc. I completely understand that a LOT of folks just see video games as an entertainment to pass the time - playing their first playthrough on a TV for the atmospheric experience is not important at all to them. It's definitely a cool alternative to have for those who want it at a cheaper price point. The lack of kickstand is definitely pretty bizarre though, that's the only major fault I have with it - that one thing tips it over from encouraging single player to actively DISCOURAGING local multiplayer". Having said that, pretty much every multiplayer game I'm aware of has multi-console linking so PROBABLY from a business standpoint, Nintendo are more interested in encouraging family-members/friends to buy a Switch Lite each rather than extra joycons for one.
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