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  1. The concept is the number would go up rather than down - if the "Tails saves you and you have infinite lives" thing is correct, the Tails icon represents how many times you have died, with the goal for serious players to have that number always be on 0. I think several games out there that have ditched the lives system have a "death counter" that goes up instead of down like this. So in the screenshot, the player has died once on that level before the screenshot was taken.
  2. I'm fine with ditching lives because if you care about a challenge, the S ranks are already there to encourage not dying (although the ranking system in Colours was stupid anyway, where messing around using Wisps until you maxed out the colour bonus was more important than playing the level in a cool and swift manner). Resetting your score to 0 is still pretty shitty for dying though so I think ideally they should make it a thing on the score screen where you see each "Tails" you've earned actively taking chunks off of your score. That'd encourage playing well enough if you ask me.
  3. JezMM


    Chamomile #214
  4. The idea of being able to instantly go to the shops and re-appear exactly where you left the ground seems really cool to me - even if you don't plan to return to the same spot after, it's still a faster way to get to the sky. If this had been a thing you can unlock in-game by completing a side quest, that's fine, but doesn't seem like it is (not that they'd really mention that in the trailer trying to advertise it). If that turns out to be the case... or some other new feature/content is announced that offsets this for me... or I'm just a coward and second-guess myself, I'll prolly buy the game and get the amiibo too just because it's a nice figure. But uhh... if not, if this is how's it's gonna be, fuck it, I'm out. Was looking forward to giving the game a second shot but this just pisses me off and if I'm not gonna vote with my wallet against a Nintendo game that I'm only partially excited for, what game am I?
  5. I pull this out a lot but it keeps being relevant to topics regarding SEGA listening to fans here lol... The people who are passionate enough about a game to go online and talk about it account for about 5% of the total people who play the game. It's good to cater to that 5% when you can of course, since I imagine we do a big part to keep a product floating around in the public consciousness by discussing it, doing video essays and streams of it, making memes about it etc. And of course, many game developers are in it for the art as much as they're in it for their livelihood and will do stuff for us hardcore fans literally just to make people happy. But we are unlikely to get "our way" with major decisions like gameplay directions etc if they aren't deemed to be important to the majority beyond our little 5% bubble as well. To answer the topic's question directly - yeah there already are. But as folks have said already, they won't change anything. To put the numbers into perspective, most fan petitions tend to get a few hundred to a few thousand signatures. Even if you got a million people to sign a petition saying "Sonic Forces was 100% rubbish - never make a game with any of the elements of Sonic Forces ever again"... That still wouldn't be compellingly conclusive evidence to SEGA that every player feels that way, considering the game sold over 14 million copies.
  6. It'd be pretty funny if we finally got a quasi-official vocal version of Green Hill Zone from the original composer and the lyrics were just about how delicious ITO EN brand Green Tea soft drinks are.

    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      En contraire


    2. JezMM


      I knew about Hard Times and the JxJ vocal version of Emerald Coast (and obviously, Sweet Dream) but how did THIS slip under my radar for so long, wow what an incredible re-imagine of the song.

    3. Ferno


      @JezMM this one is a fave of mine as well

      Sounds like Star Light Zone at points

  7. JezMM


    Chamomile #213
  8. Got my first covid jab, but unfortunately I won't be able to get my second one because I said "lovely" and "thank you" at the same time to the person administering it which of course resulted in "love you", so now I have to self-isolate forever

    1. Polkadi~☆


      are you fucking sorry

    2. Supah Berry
  9. JezMM


    Chamomile #212
  10. I actually went and looked at the Patreon page of the Sonic Omens team and uh... wow.  35 patreons!  Heist of the century!!!!!

    It's definitely an awkward issue as to whether it's okay or not but they aren't exactly making bank and it's not like the product is a low quality scam or anything.

    (And I use the word "product" to mean "the thing they are producing", not an actual like, product-product, because it isn't one.)

    1. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      Yup, and it’s so hidden that ironically the fans themselves are gonna cause Sega to take action sooner than anything. Might be good news to some, but for those actually worried about how SEGA will respond... yeah...

    2. JezMM


      Really doesn't seem worth bothering with, they're not charging for the game, the patreon is clearly intended as a tip jar, and they may be making as little as $35 a month on it.  The fact that there is the option to give money to the creators doesn't make it any more or less competing with official games than any other fangame.

    3. azoo


      If a sonic game came out exactly like this game (but without the “obvious fangame” qualities) the fanbase would be shitting themselves full stop

    4. DanJ86


      From what I've heard, Omens was originally called "Sonic 2020" and was more explicit in putting the game behind a paywall.

      If Sega caught wind of such activities, their is a risk of them pulling a Nintendo and killing the fan game community as a whole. I think that is a fair concern to have.

    5. Natie


      its not really about being considered a scam or anything, people are just afraid its gonna piss off sega and damage their relationship with fangaming, as patreons for other fan material have been DMCA'd and are technically against copyright law

      nobody would mind them making money for their work if it were allowed

    6. azoo


      Feel like if it were really that big of a deal sega would’ve done something by now. I dont even really support it myself but I also know fan art and remixes make profit and are in the same legal grey area. It’s not as deep as the wacked out and vocal side of the fan base are making it out to be, even if a bit dubious.

  11. JezMM


    Today is the comic's 4th anniversary! Did a few little things to celebrate! Here's the most popular comic on each of the 4 main places I post: The other treats mentioned above are a new trivia post (I post trivia every now and then on my art tumblr: oldest to newest / newest to oldest). And just for fun - the Chamomile Comic Character Personality Quiz! To keep things simple, not every character from the comic is featured, but I hope you get a result you can be proud of regardless! Thank you all for your readership/support!
  12. Since everyone was talking about Sonic Omens I gave it a try and man it's 90% impressive stuff but that does mean the 10% of annoying "fangameness" just is all the more frustrating.  It's wild how consistently fangames like this that come so close to feeling like official products just can't help but do weird shit an official game would never do like use the Sonic X dub lemotif in cut-scenes or give Eggman visible eyes behind his sunglasses or whatever.  Stuff like this are pretty minor pet peeves but they still take me out of the experience.

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      lol I noticed the X music in some footage and had a similar reaction. It's like the fan made Sonic OVA sequel (now cancelled) that went out of its way to make sure that we saw Sonic, Knuckles and Tails' bare feet, with all of them being uniquely design. That project never looked official, but it was trying to be worthy successor to the original OVA. I get it; these are all fan projects that and everyone is free to express their creativity any way that they see fit. But yeah, when they have such good production values or are at least trying to match the standards of official productions, quirks like these really hurt the whole experience. Eggman only ever had visible eyes in '06, but even then it was rare that you got to see them and Eggman had a very different design for that game. 

    2. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      Does this mean in the 2030s-2040s we're going to get a bunch of cutting edge Sonic Boom fangames?

    3. Soniman


      Tbh I'd love for character letimoffs to be used more in the series in cutscenes and stuff. But that fucking 4Kids Sonic theme is the worst one you could've picked. 

    4. DanJ86


      The idea of Sonic having a phone or living in a house didn't fit my head canon for some reason. Lol

    5. JezMM


      Yeah, the Eggman eyes were weird as hell in 2006 but they weren't so weird since it was a different art style (and they at least made the wise choice to keep the sunglasses opaque from the front).  This game seems to really want to look Unleashed-esque in terms of art style and then they make an odd choice like that.

  13. JezMM


    Chamomile #211
  14. Yeah this is fair actually, I backtrack my statement a bit. While I still think it makes sense that they're lowering the difficulty to appeal to kids and casuals, I concede that like a lot of other design choices they make, it's "sensible intent, wrong execution". There are definitely smarter ways they could be going for what they're going for if uh, they insist on going for it.
  15. This video on Amy's worth as a character was really nicely done and deserves more attention than it's getting. Worth a watch whether you like or dislike Amy I feel!


    1. Speedi


      The world could always use more Sonic character propoganda.

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