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  1. Why doesnt Sonic retain a theme Song

    In recent games, the theme song has tended to represent Sonic's adventure in that game as a whole, so it makes sense that it would be used as a lemotif for some of his more dynamic moments in the game. In addition, not every game has the same music team, and different musicians may want to have a go at giving their own take on a theme for the character, or want to do-over their previous attempt. There's also a case of how much a new theme is necessary. Eggman is always Eggman, so I'm not surprised the musicians decided to reuse his theme for Unleashed and Colours rather than write a new one. Meanwhile, "His World" is a very serious song that reflects Sonic's attitude and the things he goes through in 2006. Meanwhile Unleashed was a much more upbeat game about travelling the world, so it made sense to use an uplifting theme like The World Adventure as his lemotif during cut-scenes. At the end of the day though, I think people just get a little too hung up on what were once "traditions". Character theme songs were a regular occurance in every game, and some of them would pass over to subsequent games, some of them wouldn't. As the games broke away from the formulas established in Sonic Adventure, so too did the musical direction, and some folks just haven't really gotten over that as being a major part of the franchise's identity. Of course I sympathise, I have my own hang-ups too, I definitely missed having vocal themes for a few games.
  2. I doubt you'll find anyone who disagrees with this, it would've been inarguably better. Considering most missions unlock up to 6 pieces of gear as is, they could've easily just reduced that to 2 or 3.
  3. Did you 100% the game on the first day you got it though? Did you enjoy it enough to 100% the game? If yes to the latter one, then that needs to be considered as to whether you got your money's worth. They made more than 4 hours of content for you, they just didn't make it all mandatory to see the end credits. Would you have felt the game was better value for money if you had to beat EVERY mission to unlock the boss keys? How difficult it is to see the story aspects of a game through shouldn't be an arbitrary point of reference of whether a game has enough content to be worth money. By that logic, every game without an ending (Overwatch, The Sims, Animal Crossing, etc) either has zero hours of content and should be free or has infinite content and should cost infinite money.
  4. Oh, my earlier post was also made on the assumption that Puyo only had a digital release. I guess the fact that my only personal experience with it was the downloadable demo was what biased me towards that idea.
  5. Be careful, I wouldn't put it past them to just be distributing regular Sonic Forces cartridges here with a download code for Puyo Tetris included. Would certainly be the most sensible option from their perspective, to be fair. A physical combo pack of Mania and Forces wouldn't be a bad idea though on the basis that it'd prolly do a better job of getting kids into classic Sonic than simply including Classic Sonic in Forces did.
  6. I'm sure many people would have paid this much for Mania, but it is very much a person-to-person basis as to what is more important - quantity or quality. Sadly, my opinion that quality is more important doesn't negate the fact that most people deem quantity to be more important, so I don't have a solution there.
  7. In addition to what others have said already, another issue is presenting them side by side with expected Sonic gameplay (assuming it's executed well), means no matter how good the side gameplay is, it'll always seem less appealing compared to the Sonic gameplay. I imagine, even for those who enjoyed the overall package, there's probably a decently sized group of people who would trade in all five of the other characters in Sonic Adventure to double Sonic's stage count in that game (or maybe some would settle for even less than that, like 5 stages, I feel I would), even though that would OVERALL result in a shorter game.
  8. [Comic] Chamomile

    Chamomile #31
  9. Sonic Colors or Sonic Forces?

    I think in the long run I'll find both to be on equal ground, games I go back to because I love the aesthetics/music etc but then get frustrated that the level design is so challengeless and bland. Overall though I slightly prefer Forces for it's more exciting tone and sense of grandeur to the plot, even if it still duffed that up in certain ways. I'd say aesthetically they're fairly on par too, with Colours having more variety and creativity but Forces having the full-quality Hedgehog Engine pretties going on, and more stuff happening in the background. Despite how it fell flat in a number of ways, at least stuff happened in Forces story rather than a continous sequence of missed opportunities/self-solving problems (Tails' mind control, Yakker's disappearance, and the destruction of Eggman's superweapon) and the jokes didn't feel like they had a quota to fill. Gameplay-wise, Forces DID have a little more 3D platforming, if only a little, and the Wisps were much less intrusive. The bosses are about on par, Colours' were a little more creative but there were only three that were then repeated. Forces had repeats too but to a lesser degree. I'd compare the final bosses too but y'know. Musically it's a horrifically close call, but I'd side with Forces because I just love the melodies and in-gameplay vocal music as a concept.
  10. In an even darker universe than ours, Classic Sonic's introduction cut-scene in Forces used an orchestral version of the Sonic 4 theme instead of Mania's.

    1. RosaRosaRosalina


      what a fun universe that oughta be

    2. A hyper KING heavy engine

      A hyper KING heavy engine

      Sonic 4's theme aint so bad. I don't see how it's darker.

      The instrumentation is just bad.

    3. Ferno


      And it'd just be another modern sonic with a cell shader added to him

    4. JezMM


      I mean yeah it's an okay theme but it kind of represents the most brutal misunderstanding of what classic fans wanted from the series that they've ever done.  Both that song and Splash Hill Act 1 are the musical version of posting a gif of Sonic walking in place on a wall in Sonic 4.

      To use it for Classic Sonic's appearance as a royalty-free alternative to the Sonic 1 theme would be incredibly insulting, as if people aren't already insulted enough by the lack of effort put into Forces' Classic Sonic to make him properly physics-based lol

    5. Ferno


      Didn't they use sonic 4 music in Gens when they powered up to go super

      It was funny because it starts off with SA2 music, like an ultimate troll move

    6. JezMM


      Yes I hated it.

      I didn't mind too much there though coz it felt more like a bookending sort of "and here's Sonic's most recent theme song in vein of the original Sonic 1 theme", representing the franchise as a whole

      It's... just a shame that that was the most neutral theme they had to work with at the time

      (Though I also feel Jun Senoue just really likes his own music and simply HAD to squeeze some Sonic 4 music into the soundtrack somewhere)

    7. A hyper KING heavy engine

      A hyper KING heavy engine

      I Thought it fit pretty well to me.

  11. Sometimes it's worth considering that just because a game isn't canon, it doesn't mean character details aren't. For example, we know Shadow and Rouge work for GUN from 2006, but that wasn't retconned when 2006 was undone. While it was REVEALED in 2006, that event happened outside of the game. So while Colours DS may not be canon, we can still assume that if Silver and Blaze met in another game, they wouldn't recognise each other (unless a future game tells us otherwise, which will again be another painful Rush vs 2006 related plothole for the series). Likewise, Runners probably isn't canon, but the reveal that some of the Wisps liked Sonic's world and stayed there doesn't clash with anything in Lost World or Forces so we might as well accept that as canon. One of the good things Forces did do for the canon was finally confirm that the Sonic games contain a variety of architectural styles from realistic to fantastical. We see "City" and "Metropolis" co-existing in not just the same world but the same landmass. ...Yeah there's the whole two-worlds bullshit that I still refuse to acknowledge personally but to be fair even in the human world we have amazing locations like Space Colony ARK in outer-space so it's safe to assume technology can be that advanced on home-turf too. No real world space station looks as crazy as the ARK. I always thought the lack of Iblis release when the ship crashed was meant to imply that the future Sonic was already over there, leaping out the ship with Elise and sharing a very awkward wink on a sunny clifftop. Of course the whole time travel bullshit makes no sense anyway since if Mephiles was released by Shadow in the present that we see... clearly the present we see where Mephilis is able to successfully combine with Iblis upon his release is what happened... so where does the Mephiles of the future come from in order to convince Silver to go back and give it a do-over so Mephiles can successfully combine? He already did because a Mephiles that didn't sent him back so... Ugh 2006 mang.
  12. Boost Sonic is the only way to make 3D Sonic.

    Tbh I feel Mania has become the new standard for good physics-play in Sonic. It took the classics at their best and made almost an entire game of it, and the four new stages were full of fun new toys to play with. The conveyors of Press Garden Act 1 are my favourite.
  13. Out of interest why do you feel they can't take inspiration from Mania? Because I feel like that's what the majority of the fanbase REALLY wants them to be doing right now. "Taking inspiration" is probably an understatement that would lead to more Forces' Classic gameplay stuff though, I think people are more after "meticulously study".
  14. Boost Sonic is the only way to make 3D Sonic.

    While this video is a cool example of how much looser Unleashed was than the games that came after and what that freedom allowed you to do - this is not a normal way to play the game. The route this player takes would have required HOURS of trial-and-error testing, learning and memorisation in order to pull off effectively. The physics-play I'm talking about is that of the classics where you are encouraged to play and experiment, with rewards for success rather than punishment for failure.
  15. They're such hard characters to balance, because the solution is to put a whoooole bunch of walls and ceilings around, but it feels like the stage is antagonising against their abilities and it won't feel fun. The reason they were fun in SA1 is because they had the alternate gameplay rules: beat a character in race by making your own shortcuts, or find three randomised items. Breaking the stage was encouraged. For that to work again though, without having to design unique stages for them, they'd have to return Sonic to the SA1 style of level design too, where you wriggle your way through a fairly cube-shaped map, rather than a long corridor filled with non-interactive background scenery around it, as in the boost games.