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  1. Extremely disappointed, this game deserved so much better and has such a rich, vibrant world. A montage of sceneries and locations would've been fine but an OoT/MM/TP "where are they now" montage of scenes with NPCs living their lives would have been ideal - they could have even made it like MM where it only shows scenes for characters whom you helped. Starting the credits with the boring-ass Kakariko Village theme was so bizarre and such a downer. If space on the disc/time to animate cut-scenes was an issue, even just a realtime flyover of various places in Hyrule (moving around at whatever speed the game can load everything in using regular gameplay loading systems), would've been fine too.
  2. It's meant to look like an App Logo I'm pretty sure. The only issue I have is... why not "Ralph Wrecks the Internet?" I guess it doesn't have the same punch but it does make it more obvious that it's a sequel... I dunno. I don't hate it but it is a bit ehh.
  3. As someone who really didn't care about Fi as a character whatsoever, I can safely say no groaning happened here. Bringing her back in a way where she doesn't actually talk frankly feels like compensation on Nintendo's part for what they put me through in Skyward Sword. Also her theme song was the best thing about her so I am so incredibly game for that becoming a permanent lemotif for scenes that focus on the Master Sword's mystical nature in future games.
  4. I definitely liked SA2's but only really in the context of the speed levels. You were literally rewarded for doing them as stylishly and smoothly as possible, taking all opportunities to show off with optional tricks and that. But... that kind of stuff just isn't in the newer games really so I'm not surprised that they changed the way they did. Honestly? I'm not all that fussed. I didn't like what a vague challenge they were in most games. I'd rather just have a "target time" for each stage that reveals itself after your first victory and that be it. Maybe have a "speed run" target time as well as a "collect all red rings" target time, and award a medal or something when you beat them. Medals = prizes, etc. I feel it's much better to present these kind of "mastery" challenges as entirely optional on the side rather than annoying lesser-skilled players by tainting every victory over a level with a big fat E rank and showing Sonic falling to the ground into the fetal position in abject horror at the player's lack of skill each time they clear a stage. I mean yeah the "SLAM" moment of that S/A rank appearing on screen DOES feel good but we can get that with a simple target time medal system without treating lesser players to a big "SLAM" of a poopy stinkpoop medal for losers if you don't meet the target time. Mastery shouldn't be about finding the developer's optimised route through the level, it should be about creating your own. And those who aren't up to or don't want to take on the challenge shouldn't be mocked for the fact.
  5. I like Sticks (though not as much as having an avatar of her might imply, that's just my best Sonic-relevant art from recently so considering this is a Sonic forum it's felt right to not bother changing it every time I draw something else I like). HOWEVER she is very one-note - not entirely, but if you dislike that kind of one-note humour, you're not gonna stick around to see everything Boom has to offer when they do flesh out the characters a little. I can't really imagine how they'd handle putting her into the main series without giving her something else to define her personality, as her place in Boom really does depend greatly on the fact that the other characters all know her and are used to her ways etc. Other than that her personality is just... very Boom-ish, in the same way Eggman's penchant for observation humour and/or cranky-neighbour sort of personality being used in the games would be really weird despite that being his whole thing in Boom and it working for him fantastically there. Sticks appearing in the main series with no changes would feel just the same.
  6. The most bare-bones hint would be to continue seeking out stables to find Pikango (the painter). They're always on roads marked on the map so try and investigate ones you don't recall visiting (and of course consider revisiting ones since it can be possible to miss Pikango if you visited the stable at a point where he was moving inside to sleep for the night etc). The rough location of the stable you're after in particular is: The sad thing about my figuring out of this one is (spoilers of the contents of said memory so read this part later Mando lol):
  7. On my entire playthrough to the ending, I only used one right near the start where the game sort of implies you to learn how to get one (at Duelling Peaks stable). I used it almost all the way to Hateno where I managed to accidentally make it fall down into the river, where it swam to the tiniest portion of shore and wouldn't let me mount it due to the lack of space. There it remained for the majority of the rest of my playthrough, it's icon remaining on the map to remind me of my sins. About 20 hours of game later I realised you can board a horse without having it present and I saved the poor bugger. I've been mostly exploring by foot still, but since I got the two rare horses due to their side quests, which are significantly faster than any regular ones, I've been using them to scout flat areas faster than walking would take me (such as Tabantha canyon mentioned in my last post). I find myself dismounting them plenty to explore difficult terrain, but it's still overall faster than running from point to point, even with a speed elixir on the go, plus I you can horseride one-handed when on a path which is convenient for eating/drinking between explores without pausing the game lol. Ah yeah I thought it might've been this but found it way too loose. The tree one is definitely the hardest. I needed a hint for it, though thankfully all that hint confirmed was that I was already looking in the right general area for it at least.
  8. I can't recognise a Sonic melody here, that part of the tune at 0:42 actually always sounds like it's going into the Famicom startup song then abandons it halfway through:
  9. I do think for my next playthrough I want to try and do as much out of order as I can - head to the Divine Beasts and get them all done before meeting Impa for the first time - Purah/Hateno too, etc. I'll probably save that for Hard Mode though - I'm STILL working my way through getting all the Shrines. I've got about 6 left I think, have leads on about 2 or 3. Along the way though I've also been trying to just sort of give every location a "general explore". Every time I set my sights on a new place I scan around that location and try to recall if I've been to any points of interest I can see, generally using named locations on the map as a starting point, then looking around for other spots with unusual geometry that might be hiding something. Generally speaking, zooming in and examining whether I've found any Korok Seeds in a place is my usual way of telling whether I've given that general vicinity a once-over for curiosity-piquing spots in person yet. I've no plans to try and find all 900 of those buggers mind you, but I'd like to feel I've seen the entire some degree. Still, consistently, nearly 100 hours in now, I will often be astonished at how much this game can drain your time. I went from "let's explore Tabantha canyon from start to finish on horseback, that won't take too long". It didn't (though I did warp out halfway through as night fell to check whether there was a Blood Moon - and went to do the Blood Moon-related shrine because it was). But then I was like "oh, first time I went into the Forgotten Temple, I just paraglided to the end dodging the guardians, I can totally take them all on now!" I could and it was fun, though no new discoveries made. "Oh I haven't checked the top of the Forgotten Temple though". I did, surprisingly little to find other than a single well-tucked away Korok (as far as I could see). I check the map. "Oh up there is a road between Snowfield Stable and the stable up near the Forgotten Temple, I've never actually travelled that road, let's do that and then quit." I warp up to the Snowfield Temple, and start heading down, but there's a gap in the mountains. "Oh, I never explored the mountaside on the cusp of Hebra, between here and the Labyrinth". I do so. "And I've never been to the peak of the mountain on the right here", I do so. "Actually I've never explored the outer edge of Hyrule between here and the great Eldin Skeleton". I do so, and the path splits in two. I take the inland route first, which takes me to the entrance of the pitch black ruins. Already done those so I turn back around, but interesting to learn the "intended" entrance. I head back down the other way, killing a Lynel. I remember I ran from a Lynel at the back of Death Mountain near the great skeleton, the first time I came from Allaka direction, was it that one? The skeleton is nowhere near so I guess not - I press on. Again an opportunity to head inland, to a BIG moblin outpost this time. I have a grand ol' time wrecking their shit. I can see some ruins from here, but there's a shooting star back the way I came! I try to get over there but fail before it disappears. I warp into Death Mountain to shortcut myself back to where I was exploring and check out the ruins, which contain a Korok shooting gallery. After that I see one way is to the pitch black ruins and the other to a part of Death Mountain I remember exploring, so I head back to the outskirts and find that Lynel I ran away from first time to settle the score. Okay, that's everything right? I've reached familiar ground again! But wait... since I'm here... I could just quickly explore the outpost surrounding the Lost Woods tower, I kind of cheesed that the first time and just flew to the highest point of the tower I could. Oh god I've been playing for a whole extra hour. I save and quit here. Remember when the plan was "explore Tabantha canyon and then check out the road between Snowfield stable and the Forgotten Temple stable", the latter of which I still didn't do and won't even be immediately doing on my next session due to deciding on a new goal before quitting? This game.
  10. Also had a tutorial. Overall I enjoyed it, no issue with motion controls, even in handheld mode (though I did use the stick a little more there than I do normally, that's it). The map/jump thing does take getting used to (more due to me playing so much Zelda than remembering what the original Splatoon's controls are). Super-jumping is also very cumbersome, I wouldn't mind an option to double tap or hold the d-pad to super-jump rather than hold the d-pad and then push another button. After a while I got used to using the few seconds of killcam to check the map before I respawned though, and it's pretty much the same as the amount/timing I would look at it in the original game. Right now it's just deciding whether this game is gonna be worth the £60 price tag for me. I like Splatoon a lot but I did find it repetitive after a while, usually only enjoying half hour bursts of multiplayer on it (I didn't even play for the entire testfire period each session). Since Splatoon 2 is pretty much the same game (the fact that special moves were replaced rather than added to is pretty much the only thing that makes it feel like a sequel rather than DLC), I'm sure it'll start gathering dust a little faster than the first did for me. A big part of my apathy is the gear system - I really dislike games that tie aesthetics to stats, and I hate that it's all luck-based. I find it very very disheartening to enter a match and get killed by a player who has put tons of hours in to perfectly calibrate/max out their gear. I much prefer Overwatch's style where every player is on equal grounds every match and the game comes down to skill alone. I wouldn't mind a mode in Splatoon 2 that lets you play without perks. I definitely want to indulge in the new single player campaign though, I hope it's more story-driven this time with a bit more aesthetic variety and/or context for the various stages. Splatoon 1's very much felt like I was playing a poor man's Super Mario 3D World and the odd soundtrack, while fun, got old pretty quickly as the same 3 music tracks got used for all the "regular" style stages from start to finish. I'd much rather have stuff in style with the multiplayer music, even though I totally respect what they were going for with the Single Player soundtrack.
  11. My main tactic with the stealth section was that I would always drop a whole set of 5 bananas at once, usually at a spot that made them visible for two seperate guard patrols. I generally found while they were doing their animation of looking around and picking up the banana, their range of vision becomes generously small, and it was pretty easy for me to sail past them to a new vantage point. Extending that so two guards are (at least attempting) to do that 3 times in a row with a pile of 5 bananas helped a lot. I was even able to collect all the optional gemstones on that one's patrol route.
  12. If the canon plot of Sonic Mania is Sonic & Tails together, Tails line about not recognising Green Hill in Generations is going to be retconned to be even more non-sensical than it was before.

    1. VEDJ-F


      I kinda think Mania will be non-canon as well in the end.

    2. Kool Kirb

      Kool Kirb

      >300 IQ
      >Bad memory

    3. SenEDtor Missile

      SenEDtor Missile

      @Kool Kirb Eggman has the 300 IQ, not Tails.

    4. Kool Kirb

      Kool Kirb

      I thought Tails and Eggman had the same IQ level

    5. SenEDtor Missile

      SenEDtor Missile

      I don't think it's ever been confirmed as such. At best the general assumption is that Eggman has high IQ and low common sense, while Tails is smart when it comes to technology, but not necessarily on the same level as Eggman and he generally has more common sense marred by moments of naivety and childishness.

    6. Gabe


      Well, it could be a game canonically taking place after Generations, with the Genesis designs in use simply being a handwave for the developer's preferred art style (instead of the whole "classic Sonic = younger Sonic" crap). Or (speaking of which...) we can just ignore Generations' place in the canon. :v

    7. Cheawn


      @Gabe But Sonic is in the Classic Sonic shade of blue, not the Modern Sonic one. If they were really going for Genesis designs they'd use the same shade of blue Modern Sonic uses.

    8. Gabe


      @Cheawn I don't think you're understanding what I'm saying. I'm referring more in the sense of having new games using either the Genesis or Adventure/current designs, without there being a "canon" reason as to why.

      Like how Disney uses the "retro" / original design of Mickey Mouse (with the white skin tone and black pie eyes) alongside the current design of the character (where he has a tan skin tone and has white eyes with black pupils). Or how Nintendo continues to use the cel-shaded, chibi-styled Wind Waker designs of Link and co. in Zelda games alongside the traditional realistic design.

    9. Forte-Metallix


      Let's be fair: Sonic and Tails have gone through dozens of Zones throughout the years. Do you really expect them to remember them all right off the bat?

      I mean, realistically, Tails in Generations should've looked at Green Hill and went, "Oh, this is one of the 400 grassy areas we've been to. Emerald Hill? Seaside Hill?"

    10. Kool Kirb

      Kool Kirb

      What if Mania's a new adventure for Classic Sonic's timeline as a result of the timeline muckup from Sonic Generations?

    11. Cheawn


      @Gabe Ohh, that's what you meant. Sorry for the misunderstanding!

    12. RosaRosaRosalina


      let's just say that robotnik/classic eggman probably (veeery slightly) altered history thanks to whatever he's doing in mania to the point where the then modern tails would now actually have a bit less of a vague remembrance of green hill's existence 

    13. JezMM


      Yeah considering I'm adamant in arguing that Classic Sonic is just art style in Generations and not specifically "what Sonic looked like as a kid", I guess there's nothing that stops Mania taking place after some/all modern games until proven otherwise.

      I'd like to avoid going Zelda on the timelines until officially confirmed though I think.

  13. Just to respond to this, just because Sonic was in Green Hill, it doesn't mean the Time Eater specifically interrupted Sonic 1, before Sonic met Tails. Green Hill exists outside of Sonic 1's story, Sonic may just revisit it to clear out Eggman's patrols sometimes. I mean he's revisiting it in Mania after all.
  14. There really is no sensible choice outside of White Park, but honestly it'd rub so many people the wrong way lol. Also it'd imply that Sonic 4 takes place before Mania, those who are still adamant that Classic Sonic grew up into Modern Sonic and they aren't just art styles would have their heads blown wide open trying to figure that one out. Though Sky Fortress would be okay too if only because it's music is so way better than Wing Fortress, which like, I get what they were going for, it's intimidating and all, but it's just not as enjoyable as the pop music slant all the other songs have.
  15. My only complaint with the Yiga Hideout was that they didn't put in an autosave after the first of the two sections. Would have eased initial frustration significantly. Otherwise I thoroughly enjoyed it, it was kind of nice to actually have a closed in section that wasn't a dungeon that had unusual rules etc. There is something to be said of disallowing freedom but I think there is plenty of freedom in HOW you sneak past them. There are plenty of segments in the main quest where your freedom is more limited in how you go about something - boarding the divine beasts is an example. Plus honestly the sound design when they're chasing the bananas is just one of those utterly classic charming moments you'd never get out of a more serious open world game like Skyrim. So very VERY Zelda.