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  1. Definitely looking too much into it lol. Hell it's engrishy enough that the developers probably didn't even think about it once the background art was complete.
  2. *Looks at latest thread*

    I mean... duh, he's obviously a dynamite, it says right there.

    1. SenEDDtor Missile

      SenEDDtor Missile

      His final move is to blow himself up, spreading Bean chunks all over his traumatized enemies.

  3. The funny thing is I didn't even read the Mania ending as Sonic going into a portal until I came on here and read about the whole sound effect/pose connection with the Phantom Ruby and all the theories about the connections. I just thought it was an abstract bunch of pretty colours and Sonic doing a cool pose because there wasn't really anything more to say in the ending other than "you did it, Sonic blew up the thing."
  4. It really seems like Forces will be a follow-up to Mania if this is true and not much more, Mania can still stand alone as is, much in the same way S3&K stands alone even though Sonic Adventure follows up the story and history of Angel Island with new additions. As someone who is interested in both games, cool. For everyone else, I don't think this is going to be any more traumatising than Sonic 4 following up Sonic CD or Shadow following up Sonic Adventure 2, y'all survived those just fine. I also personally don't see it as a cheap money-grubbing thing but rather... cool they're connecting games again.
  5. I just found this HUGE easter egg in sonic generations (sorta)

    San Francisco is a city famous for it's overall aesthetic, this is absolutely a case of two different creative teams for Sonic properties taking influence from the same real life source. City Escape was designed after San Francisco because that's where the development team were living at the time, and they found the scenery inspiring, not because it would be a reference to an obscure Sonic animated short. Cool coincidence, but nothing more I'm afraid.
  6. Does Sonic Forces make you nostalgic?

    I get it OP. This fanfic extravaganza of a game is the exact Sonic game I wanted when I was a teenager, edgy and serious but not grimdark like Shadow or super flawed like 2006 (which at the time, I enjoyed the story of until plotholes and stuff happened). I can completely cast my mind back to that era of Sonic and be nostalgic for it, I'm completely down with seeing the more lively, colourful and animated modern Sonic style be applied to that sort of game. I just hope it's good to play at this point, that's the only issue I'm currently concerned about.
  7. To be fair, while the "Sonic's been so bad lately" rhetoric opening every review has gotten old... nothing is TECHNICALLY wrong with saying "Mania is the best Sonic game in decades". That's not saying the others are bad. It's just saying Mania is better than them.
  8. I'd be pissed off but it'd be really surprising, this is primarily a kids game and that's kind of shitty if they hold some of the content just out of view.
  9. His heyday was just slightly before my time, but he was a consistent comfort presenter on TV who really felt like he'd be around forever for sure, definitely sad to see him go but at least he lived and entertained to a grand old age.
  10. Making us start over from Act 1 when get a Game Over on Sonic Mania was a good idea.

    Now instead of playing two zones before I go to work I get to play the same zone twice, the game is more fun because of this design decision.

    1. JezMM
    2. Ajavalo


      I guess they did that to make Game Overs actually mean something...

    3. JezMM


      Sending you back to the beginning of the act would've been fine.  I've already proven I can beat Act 1 without getting a Game Over.

      Just seems bizarre when the same team felt sending you back to Act 1 in 1/2/CD was too harsh and fixed that in the remasters, yet Mania is no different difficulty-wise.

    4. OcelotBot


      Git gud. Then you won't get a game over. I finished my Tails playthrough with a life count of 43...

      Mania is supposed to be a challenging game. Allowing to re-start the same act after a game-over would be pathetically easy.

      Besides if you go back to your save-file you can restart the same zone (from act1). That's easily generous enough.

    5. Marcello


      I'm glad you genuinely like this feature, Jez.

    6. JezMM


      How about let people enjoy whatever difficulty level they prefer?  Besides I was playing as Knuckles, whom bosses are always harder for due to his jump.  It was annoying to decide I wanted to play a couple zones as him before going to work just to be sent back to redo the whole of Oil Ocean, which I've already proven I can beat just fine the first time through, because I failed at the boss in particular.

      Like well done you turned what was a fun platforming experience the first time through into a punishment because that's how we did it in the old days regardless of whether that was a good idea or n


    7. Pawn


      Yeah, starting the zone all over again seems pointless in this day and age. It may not bother me personally, but for someone like my dad (whose reaction time is not so great) or a newcomer or just someone who wants to play a single act, it's a shame.

    8. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      There aren't any continues in this game? Huh.

      Maybe it makes more sense to remove them, tbh. Continues were tied to arbitrarily doing well in the game's scoring compared to lives, and this game practically throws lives at you if you do semi-well at actually preforming well throughout the game. Thought it was too easy and generous because of that, but if there are no continues I guess it makes more sense. Still feels wrong to see the life count tick up so high without even trying to make it, though.

      I really disagree with the notion that game overs should only send you back to the start of the level tho, lmao. Too tired to explain it right now, though.

    9. KHCast


      Did someone seriously actually use the "git gud" phrase in a serious manner? lol 

    10. MegasonicZX


      I can kinda see why but honestly I feel like lives in general would be redundant if when you lost them all you only got kicked back to the beginning of the act your in. Personally glad they did it this way (even though, and this is not to brag, I haven't seen the game over screen yet in this game) as it adds more weight to continuous screw-ups.

    11. JezMM


      The funny thing is I did totally fine as Sonic, no Game Overs, but for some reason Knuckles' crappy jump makes SO much difference.

      I just feel, if you want that retro challenge, play No Save mode.  I don't understand why the developers decided to be lenient in the ports of Sonic CD/1/2 but not here.

      Oh also like, defending the game by saying "it's not that bad, I never got a Game Over" is like... you're basically saying "the issue you're having wouldn't affect me whether it was fixed or not but I'm still gonna say no you should continue to not have fun" lol.

    12. MegasonicZX


      I'm not saying its not bad because I never got a game over, but keeping that thought in the back of my head makes me consider situations more carefully. Doing no save mode would also be pretty sucky just for this as its hard for me to play these games straight through without having to stop for other things during the day (mostly this one in particular since its so long which is probably why they don't just make you do the whole game over again) so i'm cool with where its at right now.

      Though you might be right, the issue probably wouldn't affect me all that much whether it was the way it is now or not, i'm admittedly pretty selfish when it comes to mechanics like this in games since I feel like a proper punishment should be handed out for repeated failure.

    13. JezMM


      I think if it was up to me, I'd make it so Game Overs only send you back to the start of the act, but you get a Game Over count on your file saying how many you've got.  I'm sure a "0" would be a badge of honour for most players to incentivise them to avoid it.

  11. Concepts/Things In Mania You Dislike

    Just in personal defense of things I DID like... Considering it only takes about 2 minutes to reach Metal Sonic, I think the idea they were going for is that the boss battle kind of IS half the stage. But I do feel Phase 2 goes on WAY too long for how tricky it is. Apparently there's a trick (just spin-dash into the Silver Sonics when they spin-dash, haven't tried it myself yet) but without that it takes super long. Overall though I really liked the encounter, and it sort of serves as a good "mid-game climax" in the same way Launch Base of S3&K has three phases to the boss fight (assuming you're playing Sonic 3 Complete or the two games seperately, at least). I felt the Gacha Machine boss for Metallic Madness made a lot of sense, the mini Eggmans that pop out directly referencing the mini Sonic antics from the stage (and of course, the Amy Dolls were hilarious and tied it into Sonic CD). The goofiness of that boss also kind of matched how quirky Sonic CD's bosses were generally, I felt it was perfect. Mirage Saloon has a proper Act 1 if you play it as Knuckles. I actually really liked what they did there and I'm glad they did manage to fit a Sky Chase level into the game, it's a pretty fun one.
  12. Concepts/Things In Mania You Dislike

    I find it weird you mention this because... that's exactly what it does. Only at full thickness, but yeah, you lose rings while it's active, even if you have a shield. Super Sonic is invulnerable from it though. Anyway for me it'd be the implimentation of Blue Sphere. I was really disappointed that we didn't get fun 20-30 second S3&K-esque checkpoint minigames with rewards that transfer back into the stage. Instead Blue Sphere is just kinda... there for the sake of it. And Blue Sphere is way too long to be interrupting the game every single checkpoint, and the long time period between getting to attempt a hard stage again makes for a lot of frustration - you'll make the same stupid mistakes about 6 times before you'll start to memorise the level, due to all the other levels and time between each attempt at one you're struggling on. It's literally the only part of Mania that I honestly think was a seriously terrible idea. It's super frustrating and not fun at all. I kinda wish they'd patch in an option to turn them off considering they don't affect the regular gameplay in any manner whatsoever. It's annoying when I accidentally get knocked into one that I don't want to play. The only other thing is I feel they took a step backwards by not allowing the mercy features of the Sonic 1/2/CD ports... namely, why does getting a Game Over send you back to Act 1 of a zone? Why can't you save (or load) Act 2 of a zone from your save file? Sonic 1 and 2 let you do this, clearly Taxman and co felt the old style was too dated for those games, why not Mania? To be honest I feel generally they could have made the game a little more accessible for those who don't have the time/patience for the difficulty of old Sonic games, but instead they let the past dictate certain game design choices regardless of whether they're good ideas or not.
  13. I'm fine with it because JUST Green Hill Zone would've been awkward, but I do have two conditions (which can be one or the other) to be fully satisfied: Either we have re-imagined levels that WEREN'T in Generations already, so they pretty much have the appeal of new stages for a pretty HD 3D game as is OR We get a good minimum of at least 7 brand new zones - ideally 9 as is standard by Unleashed/Generations, but I'll settle for a solid 7 I'm fine with them re-using assets from Generations (and Unleashed, if such a zone is included) if it allows them to extend the game further than we'd get with JUST new stages. But if we are gonna be retreading familiar ground that we've already experienced in this kind of fidelity, I don't want it to be INSTEAD of brand new content. In short, the more "made with modern quality visuals for the first time" stages we get, the more lenient I'll be about them eating into a typical zone count for a modern Sonic game (i.e. say, 5-6 new zones, 3-4 old, for 8-10 zones overall). Alternatively, if we're purely getting stages that benefit from having existing high quality 3D assets (stages seen in Unleashed, Colours, Generations or Lost World) I'm fine with it if it boosts the typical zone count for a modern Sonic game (i.e. say, 7-9 new zones, 3-5 old, for 10-14 zones overall).
  14. If any of y'all Classic fans say modern Sonic is too much trial and error while enjoying some of these Mania checkpoint bonus stages I s2g

    1. Dejimon11


      Classic sonic was always trial and error

    2. Ryannumber1gamer


      These stages take a stupid amount of trial and error, I'm just thankful that after you finish the playthrough, you can level select and use the same special stage ring to retry as many times as you need.

    3. JezMM


      Oh, I'm talking about the bonus stages, i.e. (I guess it isn't a spoiler since they showed them on official media) Blue Sphere.

      While there is trial and error in the regular gameplay, the worst punishment is taking damage.  In these stages, the only punishment is 100% failure, and you don't get to try again right away - meaning it'll be a long time before your next attempt and you'll likely make the exact same mistake again every time for a long time.

      It's not fun.  They did a bad job there.

    4. MegasonicZX


      I don't mind it too much, honestly while it does require some trial and error, i'd say about 70% of it can just be done as you go (just don't expect perfects on some of them) and I enjoy blue sphere's a lot more than I probably should so I don't mind constantly going back to them.