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  1. Super Mario Run is heavily based off the NSMB engine and has Peach not just platforming like the best of them but doing forward rolls and somersaults n' shit. The "her dress would be hard to animate" reason has been proven dumb by Nintendo themselves.
  2. Nah, this logic doesn't work for me. Just put Yellow Toad in the Toad Houses and regular Toad playable. Let's not kid ourselves that a simple swap like that is on the same level as making Peach playable and having the story be a quest to save Blue Toad instead. (And naturally, I see no reason why Peach can't be a post-game unlockable since she could share animation skeletons with Peachette).
  3. JezMM

    Welcome to Animal Crossing - Switch, 2019

    New Leaf vs GCN was kind of like the New Super Mario Bros. U to the original NSMB. It made the games that come between feel irrelevant in comparison because it's like "oh this is what a sequel to the original should've been all along", with the other games being baby steps towards it. I played the original a ton too, and neither DS or Wii Animal Crossing quite hooked me in for a long time like GCN or New Leaf did. GCN is so classic and cosy, but DS and Wii just didn't add enough - while also making a fair amount of changes I didn't care for. New Leaf kept only the best of those changes, while also adding so many quality of life features and a higher level of customisation for the overall experience, not just your house and character appearance. Having said that, with a year to go, you might as well wait to see how the Switch one turns out at this point.
  4. I mean, I'm calling foul anyway because there's now no way to play a four-player game with everyone on equal grounds. Someone HAS to play as one of the two "easy mode" characters, and honestly having Toadette be the only character who can gain these bonuses - and only when in Peachette form - just feels kinda convoluted and out-of-place when the other characters are so straightforward and consistent. And it's still just kinda weird keeping Yellow Toad when they could've made regular classic red-spots blue-coat Toad playable again.
  5. JezMM


    Chamomile #74
  6. JezMM

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (December 7th)

    Only ones I'm desperate for are Mute City and Rainbow Road (ironically two very similar stages but I feel they're more fun than their counterparts Port Town and Mario Circuit). But I think I'd take some more new stages over them.
  7. JezMM

    Luigi's Mansion 3 (Working Title) - Switch

    I can definitely see the encouraged controller style for this game being detached joycons, like Odyssey. If that's the case, it'll have all the advantages of a Wiimote + Nunchuk Luigi's Mansion game and then some. I'm pretty sure I used to impulsively hoist the original gamecube controller up like a fishing rod when sucking up difficult ghosts in the original, regardless of the fact that it didn't make any difference, just felt good lol.
  8. I'm PRETTY sure I was able to 100% the game without a guide, but I can't remember exactly tbh. I might have had to look up collectible locations in a few levels. I do at least remember that 100%ing it was fun enough that I did so, because the unlockable stages were all really satisfying rewards.
  9. Yeah, the demo was early levels. The unindicated invisible secrets... if you found them, surely they weren't unindicated? That is to say, I think that, sort of like hidden blocks in 2D Mario games or hidden coin formations in 3D Mario games, the more you play, the more you just get a "feel" for where hidden secrets are, like a weird intuitive untaught language about level design as you progress.
  10. JezMM

    Luigi's Mansion 3 (Working Title) - Switch

    I can't really see that happening to be honest. The 3DS is still an active system, once Luigi's Mansion 1 is out, there's really no major obstacles getting in the way of someone experiencing the series so far. But yeah, this was the biggest surprise of the Direct for me, never expected a new Luigi's Mansion game right off the bat. Really looking forward to this.
  11. I'm kinda shocked to see complaints about Woolly World's music here. The main theme used for the handful of typical overworld levels is definitely kinda naff, but there are some friggin' JAMS later on in the game. (And for those willing to delve into tracks from secret courses): Definitely hoping we get more meaty stuff like the above tracks and less of the babyish crap used for the face of the game. But yeah, definitely interested in this. I always prefered Yoshi's Story to Yoshi's Island so I'm really glad Woolly World felt more like a follow-up to the Story while still sharing plenty of good stuff with Island. Both Yoshi's Island DS and Yoshi's New Island failed to live up to the original.
  12. The Toadette/Peachette thing is kinda bizarre when Nabbit already served as easy mode. Like Blue Blood I think it'd be dumb if Blue Toad wasn't included because without him there isn't any way to play a balanced four-player game where everyone has the same abilities. This is also kind of a missed opportunity - they could have included the many characters from Mario Run as a bonus or something, but alas. I also feel it's a missed opportunity in that a compilation of all five NSMB games would've been a great send-off for the series. They could've even called it "New Super Mario All-Stars" or something. Shame they took the more obvious route. The best NSMB game being portable at last is very nice, but without a significant amount of new levels, it's gonna be a hard-sell for me to double-dip.
  13. JezMM

    Sonic Games With Themed Zones

    I think it can go either way to be honest. Lost World didn't stick to a theme, and in fact had some stages that went completely against what seemed to be the established theme of individual zones - and yet it has the feeling of one of the most uninspired, boring stage theming in the series to date. Meanwhile, Secret Rings, a game that does stick to a theme, has some of the most creative and unique zone themes to date. The Arabian Nights theme informed the architecture, but most of the zones either went off the deep end in how they adapted locations from the stories (if I recall, Dinosaur Jungle is just based off a story about an island filled with ancient beasts or something like that), or it almost felt like they were coming up with varied typical Sonic tropes and being very creative in how they applied the Arabian Knights to it (how can we make an airship level in Arabian Nights? Bam, ruins flying atop giant manta rays in the sky, obviously!). I think following a theme for the whole game is fine as long as the limitations cause the developers to explore new ideas. It would've been so easy for the Secret Rings team to do the old favourites "but there's middle-eastern buildings in the background too" but they really went wild with it. Another good example would be Sonic Rush Adventure. When you think about it, Sonic Rush and Sonic Rush Adventure share a lot of themes: Jungle, Underwater, Industrial, and Sky, but aside from maybe the first, no-one would say SRA just retreaded three zones from the first game, thanks to the nautical/pirate theme making them think outside the box on those stages. Basically, I think a themed Sonic game can work great, as long as the "expected" idea of the trope is only used for a few stages (Sand Oasis, Evil Foundry, Night Palace), other inspirations from the theme's source are adapted in a creative (Dinosaur Jungle) or flashy (Pirate Storm) way and there are at least one or two zones that are just completely out there compared to what's expected of the franchise AND the theming (Levitated Ruin, Skeleton Dome).
  14. JezMM

    How would you fix Null Space in Forces?

    ^ Considering the red and black motif of the game's aesthetic, that would've actually worked really well. Both the main theme and the main aesthetic being a major part of the pre-climax climax would've been cool. But yeah, it really is as simple as just making them spend some dang time in the place. I'd say make it a fairly slow, quiet level to contrast the return to Metropolis too.
  15. JezMM


    Chamomile #73

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