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  1. Happy birthday!

  2. Happy birthday!

  3. I think they were referring to the Unleashed/Colours/Generations/Forces Modern Sonic playstyle only.
  4. These are kinda meta ones rather than anything related to lore, but: I literally never noticed the discrepencies between Eggman's in-game sprite and cartoon/comic appearances when I was a kid. I thought the Sonic games for the Master System ALL came before any of the mega drive ones, because I assumed when a new console came out, games ceased to be made for the previous one (likewise thought the puzzle game Yoshi was Yoshi's debut, not Mario World). Lore-wise: I generally took a lot of the stuff Sonic the Comic presented as canon, since I only had constant access to said Master System games, and thus had no way of knowing what aspects of their adaptations of various storylines/elements from the Mega Drive games took artistic license, despite being familiar with those elements. For example, I knew the Chaotix and Special Stages came from the games and weren't comic creations, but I accepted Sonic the Comic's idea that the Chaotix came from "the Special Zone" as canon. Also Super Sonic being a seperate, out-of-control chaotic entity. Also for the majority of my childhood, I knew Metal Sonic as "Metallix". I always assumed Scrambled Egg from Sonic 2 8-bit as being set in outer space, like within the thick of an asteroid belt. The game's manual never states one way or the other, but it seems the fanbase at large considers it to be an underground cave setting. Personally I'll never unsee it as an outer space location.
  5. While I always imagined it originally as a character branch for a potential Sonic Adventure 3, an Eggman game where you use a transforming Egg Mobile to traverse stages, utilising both new and old contraptions (from boss battles in the main series game) to solve puzzles and fight enemies, that always sounded appealing to me. Like Nepenthe I'd love a Sonic Riders 4. I'd use the first game as a starting point and tries to make the gameplay a little less "fixed". I like that Mario Kart races can go in all sorts of ways depending on what items you get, but in Riders you mostly took the same route on every single lap dependant on what character you were playing. It felt more like a challenge to complete an obstacle course perfectly than engaging in a proper race. (Free to play?) Chao Garden mobile game with a downloadable 3D client for consoles/PC too (same functionality across all platforms though). Connect it with any current Sonic games to transfer collected rings and other goodies in the same way you would from your action stage gameplay in Sonic Adventure 1/2. Modern platformers, re-releases of classic games, Runners Adventure etc - whatever Sonic you play, you can use your progress to gain progress in the Chao Garden game.
  6. To be honest, while I would be impressed by their effort if Forces Classic had physics-based platforming gameplay like in Mania, and it would make me FORGIVE the act of including him... the act of including him would still bug me on some level, because it's once again a denial of a proper all-out 3D Sonic game using the gameplay that Unleashed pioneered. Like, I and many others want a 3D Modern Sonic game, but I only ever get half or less of one every single time. To suggest Classic Sonic in Forces is fine as long as it's fun would be to suggest that putting 3D Modern Sonic sections in Sonic Mania would be fine as long as they're fun.
  7. Merry burfmas!

  8. Classic in Generations was fun enough, but significantly less fun than proper, momentum-based classic gameplay without scripting that Mania is providing. It provides a surface-level reproduction of classic sonic gameplay that those who don't particularly care about the nuances of what made those games so special will enjoy regardless. But there are a huge amount of fans who that wasn't good enough for, the ones who truly understand and appreciate the feel of those original games and how Generations/Forces Classic Sonic isn't that. I'm not saying there won't be people who enjoy Forces Classic as a general platformer - I myself am likely to be among them - but there's no doubt in my mind that it's going to feel like taking a step backwards in fun factor after Mania - and I wonder if the world at large will appreciate the nuances more when they've freshly played a "proper" Classic experience. I'm not trying to imply any kind of "if you don't care about momentum you don't truly understand classic Sonic gameplay" snobbery here, but rather if you can acknowledge that such fans exist who want the proper experience or nothing, it shouldn't come as any surprise that Forces/Generations Classic isn't scratching their itch, and therefore they might as well just use regular Sonic or the Avatar for this imitation Classic gameplay that is essentially just Modern Sonic without the boost and homing attack. Many were seeing Classic and Modern teaming up as a one-time celebration thing. Seeing it in the next "regular" Sonic game feels weird and desperate to not let go of whatever worked previously, regardless of whether it's fitting for the direction of the game. This is a subjective opinion of course, but you were asking why some fans don't like it, and that's one of many personal, subjective reasons why, so there's no real arguing that "yes he does fit and you are wrong about your opinion" there. Honestly? I hope so, and I'm actually hoping for at least one or two other "messed up nostalgia levels" just so Green Hill doesn't stick out. But if they re-use locations from Generations I will be a bit disappointed if they aren't "extra" compared to Generations' stage count and we only get 6 or 7 new locations. Again, you asked "some fans" so you acknowledge that there are differences of opinion in the fanbase so I'm not sure why you're citing Generations Classic as if it was universally loved. You'll likely find a lot of people who aren't happy with Forces Classic weren't happy with Generations Classic either. There are plenty of people who liked Generations Classic "enough" but didn't want to see it twice, and there are also plenty of fans who liked it and still do but vastly prefer Mania's classic gameplay and consider it an act of utter laziness on Sonic Team's part to not make any changes in light of Mania's incredible reception (I'm in that last camp). I fucking hate how 2D Colours was and it drives me nuts how often it's cited as the best 3D Sonic game when it was barely 3D. I also hated that Modern Sonic had so much 2D in Generations as well. Now don't get me wrong, they weren't bad, I did "have fun", but it was so much lesser than my hopes for a full 3D Sonic game again. The 2D platformer scene as had a complete revival in the past decade, we're spoiled for choice on quality 2D games. I want to see the potential of 3D Sonic fully explored, and despite it's failures I'll always respect Sonic Lost World for attempting to tackle this idea much more thoroughly than Colours and Forces were/are willing to do. It is not a terrible thing to not want to be complacant and 100% accept everything the Sonic games throw at you as long as it meets a bare minimum threshold of fun factor.
  9. Plenty of people disagree with that first half, but to keep on-subject, a point here is that people feel Classic Sonic is being executed like ass here - he looks tacked on compared to Modern and Avatar, Green Hill's aesthetic and music feels wildly out of place with the rest of Forces' aesthetic, and now Mania appearing alongside it only exaggerates how inaccurate and missing the point Classic Sonic's gameplay is in Generations/Forces. Then you get the tertiary effects, for me as a fan of 3D Sonic gameplay, Classic being entirely 2D while both other characters are a combination of 2D/3D adds a dosage of ass-ness to the overall product by once again, making it so the newest 3D Sonic game is going to be about 25% 3D.
  10. Eggman had Japanese voice acting in Rio Olympics and Fire & Ice. Sonic wikia lists his voice actor as one Motomu Kiyokawa.
  11. No offense but in the Forces threads people have been giving reasons for why they dislike in Classic in Forces when they mention it (FFWF summed them up pretty well), if you're aware the board as a whole is hating on classic sonic in Forces yet have no idea why, you need to pay more attention. The one thing I will say is that logically you're right, Sonic Generations was popular, so of course logically it makes sense to just do that. Just like it made logical sense to make an edgier game aimed at 12 and up's about one of the current most popular characters from Sonic at the time. The logical direction is not always the most sensible when it comes to the creative arts, which of course video games, despite being products, still fall under. EDIT: Also forgive me for pulling reciepts, I was just curious about your other opinions on the franchise since you only had 9 posts to look at to discover that but: What the heck dude 12 days ago you agreed with the most common thought as to Classic Sonic's inclusion being unnecessary.
  12. Cool thing confirmed here for me by that track preview is that the soundtrack will have proper endings to the songs, not boring ol' fadeouts. Also possibly proper names for all the tracks, not just straight up "Level Name - Act 1" etc. Very happy about both things. Definitely gonna buy this, the price point is perfect for a collector's item and the digital download thing is great. I dunno how much you can fit on two vinyls, but if it's not the entire soundtrack, I hope the missing tracks are included in the download.
  13. This was overall a pretty fun, positive album, though I admit I found it a fair bit weaker than most of the previous Sonic OCRemix albums (my personal ranking being CD = 3&K > 1 > This > 2). The balance as a compilation of tracks from the whole series felt a bit off for an anniversary dealio, with so much love for the first three games then just a weird scattering of music from the modern games. Weren't really any bad tracks at all, but not that many stood out for me either - those that did were the more unusual picks such as Sonic Advance 3's Options menu and (funnily enough your one Faseeh) Rush Adventure's Coral Cave. Just found it a shame that there was so much from Sonic 1-3 when we've already had dedicated remix albums for those, and as said, while they were all good remixes, they're songs we've heard remixed billions of times before and only a couple of them did anything particularly stand-out memorable or new with said tracks for me. I will say though, despite it's overdone-ness, Green Hill's remix was one of said few classic tracks I REALLY dug here. The lyrics were kinda corny but the singing and whistling of the main melody was just gorgeous. And yeah, pretty much all the tracks from Modern Sonic games were great and a very nice, interesting selection of picks to remix.